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His completely unironic twitter profile picture

After being chased out of from Twitter only to return a mere days later, it quickly became apparent that Tauriq Moosa is a complete and utter fuckwit. Born to wealthy Indians in South Africa, this sand-nigger outshines both suicide-bombers and shit-on-the-street crazies of India, by advocating that incest and necrophilia should be made legal, and since he is friends with Sarah Butts it is only a matter of time before he also starts advocating for the legalization of pedophilia. Somehow this deluded rich kid gets hired to write about games even though he doesn't give two shits about them, and he regularly complains about how he can't afford any games, despite his parents paid for expensive education, so it is like much else he writes - complete hogwash. Before he was a sub-par writer for FreeThought Blogs and various shitty games magazines, that you have never heard of, he wanted to be a comic book writer. His writing is downright abysmal, and the only reason that he hasn't been covered by Bad Webcomics Wiki, is simply that nobody has ever heard or cared about any of his shitty stories. He is overtly obsessed with Megan Fox and he is just waiting for the day the slut dies from OD'ing so he can fuck her corpse.

Defending incest

Because he is now an atheist, Tauriq no longer have any moral guidelines to abide by, so it is only natural that he would defend the long-held tradition of sand and curry-niggers to fuck one's siblings. Especially now that he believes he won't get punished for it in the afterlife. He wrote a long article about how sad it was that people were attacking the sister of a brother and sister relationship. In true social justice fashion he did not give two shits about the guy involved, despite he was actually victim of more than a few harsh words from normal people, who find incest to be fucking disgusting.

Why should sharing genetics make it a crime – or rather, something so monstrous that this young lady deserves to be treated like a diseased monster?


—Tauriq explaining to his dad why he had his dick inside his sister, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngFucking weirdo

Defending corpsefucking

Moosa's dream.

If you thought that you couldn't go any lower than thinking sister-fucking is a-ok, let us tell you about progressive Tauriq Moosa. In another TL;DR post he laid out how he thinks that fucking dead people is also a-ok.

Deadwing Duck Tauriq Moosa Corpsefucker.jpg

Some might say having sex with the dead is unhealthy. But then so is smoking, driving, drinking, which we allow. Besides, corpses can be cleaned and can be made more hygienic than many living people.


—Sounds more like lived experience than hearsay, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTauriq, seek help

Kill all the children

If you thought that you couldn't go any lower than sister-fucking and corpse-humping, you were sadly mistaken, because neither is enough for the moose. In order to outdo himself, this sociopath actually condones the murder of children. In yet ArchiveToday-favicon.pnganother TL;DR post reading like it came from /pol/, Moosa goes on to explain the best ways to kill young kids, and how it is justified using his insane religion of atheism.

It should be clear that advocating for killing these newborns is justified, just as other forms of killing are justified


Baiting people into believing he was upset about #PCMasterRace

Before being a contributor on FTB, Tauriq was quite content with the phrase PC Master Race, it didn't bother him in the slightest. He was indeed so not interested that he acknowledged the point of a PC having superior hardware to that of his shitty Playstation 4. But suddenly when he saw an article by Zero Punctuation defending the phrase, ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghe was quick to jump on it, just in order to earn some clicks for FTB. So of course it didn't take him long to reuse this tactic to once again bait ignorant #GamerGate retards into buying into his bullshit, and clicking his links.

Tauriq Moosa Whats A Framerate.png
Tauriq Moosa Whats PCMasterRace.png

As you can't spell Tauriq without taqiyya, Tauriq was lying in order to promote his newfound religion of feminism. As it turns out, Moosa is acquainted with memes from PCMasterRace, a familiarity he showed in one of his millions of ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtweets. And before he became a mouth piece for feminist drivel, he was actually a game journalist commenting on games, and how they were to play, not just how many diversity quotas they filled. He even ArchiveToday-favicon.pngreviewed Alan Wake on PC, and unless we are kidding ourselves, he played it on Steam. And before that he was complaining how he couldn't ArchiveToday-favicon.pngplay The Witcher 2 on his lemon PC. And when he wrote his infamous The Witcher 3 review he was also writing about Rust, a shit game only available on Steam.

Fire Emblem Supports Gay Marriage, Tauriq Supports It. Except He Don't

Tauriq Moosa Fire Emblem.png

Because he has now gone complete SJW, Tauriq gets a little chubby in his pants whenever he read abouts gays, and so it was with the case with the Japanese shit game Fire Emblem. A game that Tauriq had never heard of, because he lives in a mud hut. Somehow it went around the blogosphere that you could gay marriage in the game, and Tauriq was quick to jump on the support band wagon. This is funny however, coming from a guy who ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdon't actually support the rights of faggots to get married.

Tolerance means we should not interfere with their laws, which don’t infringe on ours. Thus, if in a religious denomination they cannot recognise gay marriage, I can accept that. It is no business of mine to go ahead and change some religion’s law


Funny how that doesn't apply to video games with white people

Obsession With Megan Fox

Like almost all media critic hacks Tauriq has an obsession with Megan Fox. But whereas Moviebob Chipman's obsession could be considered healthy for a 13 year old boy, Moosa's obsession is completely sickening, to the point of him needing to mention her in every fucking article, and how much he wants to go on a date with her. Yeah, totally not creepy at all.

Tauriq Moosa Obsession With Megan Fox.jpg

His shitty comic

Before he became a despised video game retard, Moosa was busy writing shitty comic book stories.

being something of a closet-goth, the idea of the sea at night and a beautiful woman is highly appealing


Perfect for Bad Webcomics Wiki About missing Pics


After Tauriq showed himself to be a complete retard on everything including gaming knowledge, some of the GamerGate autistics were quick to jump on him, and ask him how the fuck he could call himself a gaming journalist when he had absolutely no clue what the fuck he was talking about. This was before these retards realized that he was just pretending to be retarded the whole time. The pressure of basement dwellers telling him mean things on Twitter, became too much for our brave warrior, so he decided to opt from Twitter for 3 whole days, like a modern day black whatever Zoe Quinn. Prominent ho-mags like TheMarySue were quick to defend this retard in his absence, because why would someone with multiple degrees be able to defend themselves from a mass consisting mostly of neckbearded virgins? So in true SJW fashion, a hashtag was created to show their support for Tauriq, a hashtag is easier than an e-mail guis. Of course like so many times before this hashtag quickly got taken over by said neckbearded virgins, and they started posting obscene amounts of porn, verbal assault and other funny things to where they blocked out the support for Tauriq.

The Witcher 3

The article which started the all was named "Colorblind: On The Witcher 3, Rust, and gaming's race problem" in which Tauriq whines about how there aren't any black people in 14th century Poland. Yes, seriously. Despite that not making any fucking sense. Moosa cares not one bit about your mythology and you should be able to not allow gay marriage if it is your religion, but if you write about religion/mythology you better include nignogs. If you knew even the smallest thing about The Witcher, you knew they are based upon the books cykl wiedźmiński, and the lack of any blackies should be directed towards author Andrzej Sapkowski instead of some retards making a video game about the books. And you will notice that Tauriq had nothing against the TV-show that featured nothing but white people:

The main thing should be whether the performer or artist is bringing pleasure to someone’s life. If that pleasure is not harming anyone, it is bigoted and arrogant to mock that individual for enjoying it. We’re not the deciders of what is “real” or “proper” music, art, film, and so on. Shaming should cease so we can all listen and enjoy whatever we like – while recognising we are all capable of enjoying more and enjoying things in new ways. We just don’t have to.


—Tauriq on something that wasn't The Witcher 3


Tauriq Moosa Rich Fuck.jpg

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