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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.


Tatjana Fleischer is an 18 year old Kraut slut who in 2009 pissed off a lot of ED Users and ED Sysops and scored herself a lifelong ban from ED. Tanja is your typical, run of the mill attention whore and enjoys self-advertising, moral high-grounding and can often be found ganging up with her e-pals to instigate flame wars in various forums across the internet. Tanja loves to remind people of her political and social stances (anti-Nazi, anti-Autism and anti-Muslim). When she was fifteen, Tanja had the truth about autism shoved down her mouth, ass and vagina by a rampant autistic rapist. After the event she was highly eager to let as many people possible know about her recently developed fetish for autistic cock.

I blocked you because you add your name to EVERYTHING and spam shameless self promotion all over people's fucking talkpages. You made at least 20 different redirects to your own article. You spammed the fuck out of people's talk pages with self congratulatory bull shit. ED is not here to make you e-famous.


—Some guy, in one of his best ED.com era moments.

ED Mailing List Saga

Tanja mailing list.jpg
  • User:Tanja got banned for being a spammer, asspie, and faggot, and not knowing the difference between then and than.
  • Instead of waiting out the one-day ban, Tanja took to the list and a shitstorm of bawwing commenced.
  • Tanja, butthurt, tried pleading to Penni-piper, who reiterated that Tanja needed to go stand in corner.
  • More bawwwing, after Penni-piper pointed out that the ban was for one year.
  • Tanja appealed to Weev.
  • Raspberry Rush highlighted Tanja's fail.
  • Night181, who cannot figure out how to turn off Verizon BlackBerry notification, was chastised by Penni-piper for whining.
  • Tanja, realizing the gravity of her faggotry, continued whining.
  • Weev, offering a resolution, suggested that Tanja make a video outing Jews for the tyrants that they are, highlighting the fact that they did 9/11, and announcing Weev as the new messiah.
  • Lots more faggotry from Tanja.
  • E-police outlines why Tanja was banned, then suggests that Tanja follow Weev's instructions.
  • Tanja tries to weasel out of making video.

Alright. I need you to make a video renouncing the Jews as tyrants and blaming them for 9/11, and announce "Prophet Weave" as the new messiah. Then I'll remove your ban.


— Pope Weev

The offending spam

Originally posted by Tanja on various user's talk pages:

Info non-talk.png Rape Support Groups to Troll

The Youtube user AnonyMiss 403, who happens to be a feminist, has just given us a whole list of online rape support groups to troll. After you troll them, be sure to send AnonyMiss 403 a message telling her what you did. AnonyMiss 403 gave Tanja a long rant about not trolling them when she expressed interest in doing so since the rape support groups portray rape victims as emo.

The rape support groups can be found here.

Here's AnonyMiss's butthurt message to Tanja telling her not to troll the forums:

AnonyMiss 403

You know better than to troll the support websites - you and I know all too well that they have more
than enough shit to deal with in their lives. Yeah, they express themselves like whiny emo bitches,
but the difference between us and emo kids is that we genuinely have something worth crying about. I
think we all deserve to be able to whine, bitch, complain, cry, and vent in a place where we can be
anonymous and without being judged, and that's what those sites are for. Leave them alone, or laugh
to yourself about how pathetic they are in comparison to a strong girl like yourself.


If you think it's so wrong to troll rape support forums, than why are you a /b/tard? Many /b/tards
troll rape support forums. Anyway, if you have a real problem, you should talk about it with your
family and not random people on the internet; unless you're a despicable bitch who only cares for
herself and didn't report being raped. You have no idea how angry I am that you didn't report being
raped. The girls who killed themselves are idiots; there's no reason to take a 60 year solution to
a one month problem. Suicide is foolish and anyone who commits it deserves no respect. I hate to
think of all the girls who are going to be raped by Randy because you didn't report him.

How can she claim to love the Lulz if she can't handle the idea of rape support groups being trolled?

Funny she asked that question seeing how she has been censoring/deleting any comments relating to this incident on her YouTube channel.

Gallery of Butthurt

Return to ED

What Tanja wants you to believe

Last Thursday Tanja returned to ED as user:AnonymissMadchen. She began posting all her supposed 1337 trolling exploits to many ED pages and was quickly spotted for her attention whoring ways. She was promptly given two choices and chose the latter.

Tanja's trolling technique

  1. Pick a forum that has group of people you don't like, make sure they are either Nazis, Russians, Aspies, or Aspie Russian Nazis.
  2. Write a tl;dr rant against your target. An example would be that you wish your Nazi Russian mother was raeped by an Aspie.
  3. Receive responses asking whether you are a fucking retard.
  4. Spam all the ED pages and ED talk pages with the thread
  5. ???
  6. Profit


In 2010, Tanja joined Wikipedia as "Anonymiss Madchen" and saved Wikipedia from evil Holocaust deniers who dared called Night a "novel", only to be undone by SlimVirgin, who must've been a Holocaust denier in disguise. Later, Tanja attempted to removed "Communist, AKA 'closet Nazi,' propaganda" from the "Rape during the occupation of Germany' article, a topic which would become Tanja's raison d'etre on Wikipedia and later RationalWiki.

In September 2010, Tanja claimed to be German and married to a Yiddish individual. By late October 2010, Tanja was claiming to be part Russian – a claim that she felt the need to repeat multiple times. In November 2010, Tanja claimed to be Yiddish herself and was calling female Russian soldiers "whores", and by December 2010, Tanja was accusing male Rusasian soldiers of being loli-fuckers – perhaps Tanja should "remind [her]self of the progress [she's] making to stop hating them".

The fact of the matter is that Tanja is not any of the things she claims to be, and in July 2011, Tanja created a new persona: Sascha Kreiger, but that account hardly lasted a day before being blocked. Even so, Sas[c]ha would become a staple of Tanja's pool of pseudonyms.

In February 2012, Tanja was banned from Wikipedia for good.


In August 2012, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTanja joined RationalWiki as "Inquisitor Ehrenstein", and in November 2012, she attempted to create an "Rape of Germans during World War II" article, but ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwas foiled. After months of toiling in her userpage and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngbroadening the subject matter to include all war crimes against the Germans by the Soviets, Tanja made a second attempt to create a mainspace article, but ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwas foiled once again.

In July 2013, Tanja / Sasha was speaking about how he or she was going to create a hit piece on RationalWiki user "EnlightenmentLiberal". Among those involved in that thread was Tanja's friend "Arcane", who would later aid in Tanja's RationalWiki misadventures.

In August 2013, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTanja requested "tech" rights, and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTmtoulouse foolishly fulfilled Tanja's request.

By September 2013, Tanja returned to her old habits and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngbegan attacking autistic individuals.

On January 8, 2014, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTanja changed her username to Sasha and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngstarted another flame war about autism. Things began to hit the fan when Tanja began making comments about handling and owning firearms and then adding the following message to his or her userpage:

This user has Autism and a semi automatic rifle. They will be applying for a full auto permit just to fuck with ignorant bigots. This user also has an interest in buying a Sturmgewehr 44, after obtaining this permit, for the historical value.

On the 9th, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTanja began sharing plans for vengeance with Arcane and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngcreated a blog entry attacking two RationalWiki members. On the 10th, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSasha claimed to have everyone's dox and was blocked for it, but ArchiveToday-favicon.pngshe was bailed out by her friend Arcane on the 16th.

In February 2014, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTanja was finally banned for good from RationalWiki.

Even Arcane tells Tanja to fuck off

In this March 2015 blog post, Arcane (also known as GethN7) tells the world he finally learned of Sasha AKA Tanja's full history of starting shit, asked her to tell the truth about it, she ran like a little bitch, and he got butthurt and told her never reenter his life for any reason.

He confirms she was a dumb slut who he tried to be a moralfag to and convince her not to be retarded, but all the shit she pulled pissed him off so much he officially quit trying to white knight for her ever again.

Tanja's bullshit videos

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