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Tammyslut, aka Tammytoe is a single mother infamous on the internets for creating YouTube videos depicting her suggestively-clothed jailbait daughters prancing around and performing staggeringly retarded choreography to various shitty musical tracks, in particular, the Insane Clown Posse. Consequently, all fans of her videos are pedophiles, and not surprisingly most of these aforementioned fans also happen to be Juggalos. This reinforces the already well-known fact that Juggalos are sexual deviants.

To Our Dearest ICP YouTube Fans:

Would you like to be involved in our next ICP video? If you do, let us know.

To those who decide to view this awesome video: This is acting. This is a form of art. I don't really care to hear anyone whine about how "they're too YOUNG to listen to ICP!" or how I'm a "terrible parent" for making this video. If you bitch about any of the above, I will most likely just delete your ignorant comments. Occasionally I may waste my precious time to enlighten you about life. To those who appreciate a great ICP video (not to mention a very cool mom!) then I say "ENJOY!" and welcome to the REAL world!



Evidently, Tammyslut believes that "good parenting" means "letting (and encouraging) your 12 year old daughters dress up and dance like strippers while filming it and putting it on the internet" (because as we all well know, the internet is a very safe and appropriate place for racy pictures of children, and of course it is highly responsible to teach your 12 year old daughters important life skills such as pole dancing). Some argue that she is preparing them for a typical Juggalette life of stripping, AIDS, and (ironically, like Tammyslut herself) teenage pregnancy . She is certainly asking for it].

Of note is that Tammyslut refers to ICP as "art".


...My mom did the recording. Yeah, lots of make up and sassy clothing can make anyone look older...


—Her fucktarded 14 year old daughter, on being taught by her mother to earn money by walking the streets

Thousands of Juggalos are forever grateful to Tammyslut for providing them with virtual CP which the sick fucks can fap to. They showered 'Much Clown Love' all over the comments page of her most slutty video.

Bear in mind when reading the comments below that not even a complete fucktard could think that these two whores-in-the-making were over 15. Clearly, these guys need a sit-down with Chris Hansen.

Maggothouse: "i think the tall girl is hot in leather"

HoTUsAGuY23: "actually the video was alright to be honest I was wrong the song is OK but next time add some nudity, like take your top off or some strip teasing and then trust me you will have everyone watching it but nonetheless good job "

WilliamVII: "lol too bad dude, Nat the older one is hot right, I wish the girls here looked like here I know what you mean, I have an ex-gf that looks precisely like her but she moved away and your right someone is tapping that and he is a lucky man dude, its alright its natural, we can be envious, I think that is one of the purposes for this video "

HoTUsAGuY23: "dude that's creepy, 18 years old and you find a 14 year old hot"

  • (...this coming from the guy who asked them to strip- Oh, the hypocrisy.)

My kids are amazing, and I don't care AT ALL what any person's opinion is regarding parenting. I don't need your OK or your acceptance to know that I'm the best parent that I know... My kids are happy, healthy, well-rounded, brilliant & loved. Wouldn't trade them for the World. And btw- my youngest son, at the end of this DVD,is 5... Not 10. What kind of parenting do you have? Are you a happy, well-rounded,and loved child? adult? How on earth could you mistake a 5 year old for a 10 yr old? Hm.


—Tammytoe obviously believes that creating pedo fap material of her jailbait daughters makes her the World's Greatest Parent.

BathTowelBandit: "Any ninja is down to tap that under-aged ass lol. The one on the right, not the preteen lmfao."

  • (Yeah- the one on the right, we got it. Thanks for clearing that up, PEDO!)

rambomoore9999: "What the fuck? This is just an embarrassment and disgrace to the whole human race. Its sad that some white trash "family" could do such a bad job raising kids. This is disgusting. It could rate better to maggots or maybe even shit. i feel bad for the future of these kids and the whole human race."

  • (Rambomoore9999, like his namesake, grasps the Truth.)

...I 'm not so sure she/he will get it. \I'd just ignore this person.


—When Tammytoe can't justify her actions...she just ignores the comment!!!

parrador: "older chick is hot, lemme get sum of dat cotton candy :) lol jm."

  • ('Older' meaning 14 years old rather than 8. This pedophile is 28. WTF?)

Needless to say, only a complete fucktard and probable sick fuck would deliberately expose their children to every pedophile on the internet. Well done Tammyslut, You fail parenting. Expect a visit from Child Protective Services.


Tammyslut has 5 retarded children to 5 different white trash fathers. She was formerly resident in a trailer park in Marin County CA, until, regarding an earlier similar video, a heroic /b/astard reported her to that County's Children's Services, with lulzworthy results. She is now resident in Milwaukee WI, and she claims to own a business and a house. However, like pixelbee she is a compulsive liar who almost certainly lives in a trailer and supports herself through prostituting herself and her daughters, and making child pornography for the many sick fucks who coincidentally like shitty music and retarded dancing.

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