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Tammi Reynolds is the author of a bunch of books on retards. She's an incredibly butthurt 39 year old white knight for the subhuman abominations known as the autistic. Upon reading the ED's incredibly accurate article on this blight on humanity, Tammi did what any mouthy failed writer would and decided to lead the aspie cavalry on a campaign to rid the internet of this site.

You can help by contacting her and giving your honest opinion of her actions, or perhaps giving her books some unbiased reviews.

  • Tammi Leigh Reynolds, maiden name Gordon.
  • Birthday 12/26/1969
  • Husband Shawn A. Reynolds
  • Phone numbers: (412) 728-0423, (724) 728-0423
  • Address: 781 Fezell Rd in Freedom, PA
  • Two daughters named Aubrey and Calla.



Tammi became a work at home fatass and internet writer on autism, after daughter was diagnosed PDD-NOS, or "fucktarded and broken" in English. Her greatest achievement in life is writing one of those shitty 101 books on how to spot whether or not your offspring have autism and should be terminated. Feeling the need for e-fame the self-righteous whore sent self-righteous bawwing emails to ED as if anyone gives a fuck about what she has to say. Unfortunately for Tammi, her big fucking mouth extended to her own personal details which are liberally strewn across the internet as well as her daughter's. Unfortunately for anyone in Pennsylvania, her astoundingly fat ass will eventually cause the Appalachian mountains to crumble. Fortunately for the rest of us, we will no longer have to deal with dumbasses from Appalachia.

Attacking ED

Aspie hotlink Fail.
It was such srs bsns that ED even RT

On 2 September 2009 aspie news website theautismnews.com ran an article with the title - NEED YOUR HELP – Encyclopedia Dramatica must be taken offline calling for a personal army of socially retarded shut-ins to spam the hosting website with false abuse claims just because of their butthurt about a single page on a wiki they didn't like. It also suggested that the keyboard warriors shouldn't even actually go to the website to look at what they are protesting - advice they presumably took, since it is obvious that ED is a satirical website. Tammi, champion of the terminally retarded received and - seeing this as a chance to get e-famous - quickly retweeted the whiney plea, before sending her bullshit threats to ED.

I'm bringing this page to your attention. http://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Asperger%27s_Syndrome

I'm sure that a legitimate company would not want to be associated with this.


—Tammi Reynolds <[email protected]> threatening to attack ED

Sadly for Tammi, had she actually looked at the site she was ordered to be offended by before running her cunt mouth off, she would have realized that, when attempting to defame and harass people on the internet, a large community comprised of full time sick fucks, pedos and trolls is one of the last places you should try. Since being a freelance online writer is 1% content and 99% shameless self promotion, to get people to click on your articles and make you money you have to spam the fuck out of your stuff yourself. The result is that for an insignificant piss-ant, Tammi has a larger web presence than most nobodies. Within minutes of hearing her hilariously ineffective threats, trolls had found enough of her dox to fill one of her shitty little books. And, responding in kind, the good people at eBaumsworld commenced life-ruining tactics. In addition to this, it was noticed that she was hotlinking an image hosted on the ED server on the main page of her website. This was promptly replaced with scat porn.

Within a day, her article had been taken down. There was no movement for taking ED down and everyone was laughing at her.

ED Responds

September 3, 2009, ED mentioned her in an announcement on all pages of its website and said to "GIVE A DUMB CUNT HER COMEUPPANCE!" Now, considering that she is a white knight for autistics, and there is an autistic guy called Chris-chan, who is desperate for a girlfriend, we were less than surprised that he had this to say:

Uh, it just feels so good, unngghh, and because me being a virgin, I would let you keep your mouth over my penis and then sooner than expected, I feel my comeuppance [emphasis added] and I come into your mouth, my semen is inside your mouth and you'd swallow every drop.


—Chris-chan, who suffers having no sweatheart because he's autistic

ED issues the following challenge to her: Drink Chris-chan's comeuppance or admit that you don't really care about autistic people.

The Problem with Mutant Sympathizers

Unfortunately for this hefty lol-cow, she doesn't realize that the First Amendment protects all forms of speech, specifically opinionated speech. Like the people at the r-word campaign, she fails to understand this. Proper procedure dictates that whenever dealing with mutants in her presence ((assuming she hasn't eaten them yet)), let loose a volley of verbal pwnage, say retard like hail mary's, and generally please the God Emperor for your dedication in the extermination of the heresy known as sympathy for mutants.


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