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A talk page is a wiki contributor's best friend. Talk pages are great for explaining reasoning, having conversations and giving much needed guidance, information and the such. Lazy Wikipedians often use talk pages to attempt to get other Wikipedians to add something that they want to an article, but are too lazy to do themselves. 99.9% of the time, these requests are completely ignored.

Examples of Wikipedia User Page Requests

These are real Wikipedia user page requests, modified to protect the slothful:

  • Section only provides one view of the debate...The author provided their own interpretation of the events and not an unbiased view. Comments like something is "hard to understand" imply a position; please revise this.
  • This article is biased and needs NPOV correction.
  • This article needs a picture
  • needed: Article lacks even a footnote citing....
  • The rumor that the (game (whether lost or otherwise)) was banned in Germany has been debunked by (this site). Therefore this needs to be changed or removed. (grammar and spelling corrected)

ED Talk Pages

Talk pages on ED should be used appropriately. User Talk pages should be used for conversing between users, be it reprimand, information or general conversation. Article Talk pages should be used for discussion of the article/topic itself, either while the article is protected or when requesting moar.

Talk Page Etiquette

  • Sign your comments with four tidles (~~~~). Your signature should always be on the same line as the message text.
  • When replying to a comment, use the asterisk "*" to indent and keep discussion pages readable.
  • Always use the "+" (not the edit button) button at the top of the page to generate a new section header. This will be the start of the new discussion.
  • Do not remove somebody else's comments from talk pages or blank/vandalize other people's talk pages. This is punishable by ass rape.
    • The only acceptable reason for removing comments is if you are archiving them. In which case, you must create the new archive and provide a link to the archive easily viewed at the top of your page so people can easily locate their past comments.
  • New headings go at the bottom of the talk page. New comments under an existing heading go at the bottom of that heading.
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