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She's a man eater!

Talamajic aka: Rosalie Joy Dall (born July 22, 1987) is a sheltered little girl in a big girls world. She was born to an overprotective mother who shoved religion down her throat until she went to college. While at Wilson College she met a guy who took her away from all of that and showed her what a big black cock felt like. After using her as a cumdumpster, he ran off and left her waiting for the next man to give sex to and obsessing over massive horse cock.


Born to a Puerto Rican mother and an American father, Rosalie grew up with her two brothers and sister in a small town in the midwest. After her father treated her mother like she deserved to be treated, she packed the kids up and ran away to Severn, Maryland to try to hide. While living in Severn, her mommy dearest took her to church every weekend, trying to get her to conform and not become like she was. Rosalie got a job at a Petsmart so she could diddle the doggies in her free time and try to save up jewgolds to try to escape. This was finally achieved when she was sent off to college to learn how to clean the kitchen and cook dinner for her man.

College Life

While living at college, Rosalie found the fandom that is furry. She quickly became enamored with it all and gave herself a name: Talamajic. Since she was so sheltered throughout life, she was unable to fully decide on what to become and finally settled on a jagwolf (jaguar/wolf hybrid). While at Wilson, she hooked up with some lesbian friends who taught her all about sex and how to use a 12 inch black dildo. She got thrown out with the other lesbians when they got caught having sex in Feminism 101.

Man The First

Unknown: Screwed her, left her with AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, excessive ear wax and ran away.

Man The Second

E-dated for a while and then after moving in with him, decided she was sick of him and ran off one night with some fag, even taking their dog. The poor dog didn't know what was coming.

Poor Snickers didn't know what was coming to her

Life Falling Apart

*looks down* on that note...I also hope that I haven' lost 2 of my closest friends that I could ever have..*shrugs* I am making a few last attempts to right things what ever they may be but I don't hold out much hope that I can do anything else to rectify anything between us anymore........I am sorry for anything I may have said or done to them if they care to read this I hope you know who you are.


—LJ post about how life's not fair when you're a whore. Also spells like a middle-schooler.

Man The Third

Gary Freeman, who is featured here on ED emotionally abused her, sexually abused her and made her do unnatural things to the dog that was stolen from the above. After so much, she decided to turn dyke and ran off with a 40 year old woman.

Yep, this guy.

(Wo)man The Fourth

Not much is known during this period except that she cheated on her lover and decided to run off with...

Man The Fifth

Eudell was warned multiple times that she was a cheating whore but decided not to listen and bashed on the men (and woman) who came before him. The happy couple moved in together and soon after, fell in love. A couple of years down the road, what happens? GONE!

Latest Love

Her handsome hillbilly from Georgia.

After cheating on Eudell, she is now with a guy that goes by "MagnumJehuty" who is probably named William Mulvehill who is probably on Facebook and who probably lives at 194 Horseshoe Blvd. probably in Bloomingdale, Georgia and probably has a phone number of 912-748-4819 and probably works at Frames n' Games at 6 Towne Center Court in Pooler, GA. Apparently, she met this ponyfag on a webforum dedicated to molesting farm animals. She left Eudell broken hearted and, once again, with nothing.

Mr. Mulvehill Responds to this article

(user:Lala) sent this e-mail to the wonderful author of this article.

[email protected]

I dont know anything about this site, all I know is my name and the name of my wife has been added to the site. I wanted to take it down because I dont need something like that. Is there a way to do so?"



To which we answer: "No. Go away faggot."

She's a Hoosier!

Apparently she can't get enough of that redneck lovin' so she moved to a little place called Greensburg, Indiana and got a job at Walmart. Sadly, there is yet a new victim for her to get her red rocket fix.

Her boyfriend and her dog; a night to remember!

It looks like they are having issues, however, since she isn't whoring herself anymore. She also still spells like an 8 year old.

So rent is coming back up again... where did the month go... So the problem is rent is due and I just got my first paycheck from Wal-mart, a good whooping $32... and yes William got his paycheck over $400 but that's not quite enough for everything that has to be paid for. I think its just me and this time of month, but things are getting really dark before the light can get nice and bright. I am just hoping that when Will or I head into the bank that a solution can be found, that this will truly be the last time we will have to pay rent that is this expensive.

On the good side of things, once this bump on the road is crossed we have a month to finish out the contract, and a month to save up for the next place. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Edgewater in Greensburg. October here we come, just don't hurry up and get here like September did.


—Facebook post about how life is hard guiz!



She's a whore, a skank and probably has aids.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosalie.dall
Jewtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Talamajic
MySpace (does anyone even USE this site??): http://www.myspace.com/talamajic <--Set to "friends only"
Photobucket: http://s284.photobucket.com/profile/talamajic/index <--BALEETED
DeviantArt: http://talamajic.deviantart.com/ <--BALEETED
Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/talamajic/ <--BLANKED
Livejournal: http://talamajic.livejournal.com/<--BALEETED
RudeSpace: http://rude.com/Talamajic/ <--BALEETED
Her sickening "art".

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