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Take the meat bridge is not so much a meme, but a philosophy of life set forth for those who possess enough intellectual prowess to comprehend its god-tier wisdom.

Grab your reading glasses and a cup of coffee before you attempt to interpret the deeply-nested knowledge this article attempts to transcribe.


Meatwad providing a path for his misguided pal.

The bridge in illustrated, physical form is represented by none other than Meatwad, a character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which is arguably one of the greatest shows to ever come out of Adult Swim. The scene it's featured in occurs in the 2000 pilot episode of the series, titled "Rabbot."

This was back when the show was following its original plot of having the 3 main characters work as detectives, as the writers knew they would never get a contract with the concept "three fast food items do random, stupid shit to themselves and their neighbor." Master Shake was inquiring how he could go about entering a restricted zone of a store in the mall where the gang was investigating for clues after a giant robotic rabbit had recently destroyed it. Frylock, having the ability to hover, had simply floated over the counter blocking the area, leaving Shake frustrated and jealous.

How did you get back there?! That's for salespersons only. I want to get back there. Get me back there!


—Master Shake, seeking advice from an intellectual superior

To a close-minded viewer, this would be interpreted as "Shake is dumb. Why doesn't he just jump over the counter? LOL." But to the philosophical mind, it can be viewed as someone who has come to a road block in life and seeking a detour from his wiser, more life-experienced peers. The counter represents this road block, and "sales persons only" denotes a restriction to those who have achieved enough mental enlightenment to find a way to pass.

What happens next is where this phenomenon originates. Despite being the wisest member of the 3 (and the only one behind the counter thus far), Frylock ignores Shake's query. It's the dimmest, most naive member of the gang who steps up to provide an answer for his flustered friend.

"Here. Take the meat bridge. It's right here!"


—Meatwad, morphing into an unprocessed set of meaty steps for his pal

Unfortunately, Shake refused to even consider the idea, on the sole premise of him regarding Meatwad as a brain-dead imbecile. The very thought of taking advice from a life force he deemed to be less brighter than himself prevented his safe passage to the other side. Instead, he decided to run head-on into the counter, crashing loudly through it and leaving a big mess behind him.

The likely event of physically injuring himself could have easily been avoided by allowing his mentally challenged friend to help him out. This scene serves as a perfect illustration of anyone barreling down a dangerous path in life and deciding to ignore a simpler path presented to them on account of ignorance, instead choosing to carelessly wreck through it, destroying anything in their path.


Other problems that present themselves are the fact that some are willing to acknowledge the existence of a simpler, wiser path in life, but are unable to comprehend how exactly to go about taking it.


The overweight woman in the video above would very likely fall right through the bridge, injuring herself more than Master Shake did when he charged through the counter at the mall.



Safe passage to the other side. Safe passage that I can provide.

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