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Tails Doll

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Tails Doll will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Oooh, yeah, you're real scary!
There's nothing scarier than the graphical limitations of late '90s vidya games, is there?
An artist's impression of the horror.

The Tails Doll is quite possibly the least scary thing evar. If your jimmies are seriously rustled by this, you are probably an autistic Sonicfag or a 13-year-old boy.

Nothing more than a mediocre character from that crappy old vidya game from over 9000 years ago that nobody cares about anymore cared about ever, Sonic R. To describe the Tails Doll, he's just a dumb toy with a robot skeleton. As for his appearance in Sonic R, the character has the worst speed and the worst turning, just like Sonic himself. He's basically just a Sonic clone. You know, just like every Sonic character ever. Trust me, I've played the game before.

Apparently, some retarded sperg thought he was being funny scaring little kids by turning the Tails Doll into a boring, unoriginal creepypasta. Later, as is typical of things of this calibre and because Sonic in general is such a deep, intricate, many-layered franchise with so much about it to discuss, this phenomenon attracted many furries, Sonic fanboys and autistics on YouTube, DeviantART and many other dens of faggotry on the Interwebs.

The Curse

The same dude that made the meme also made a ridiculous curse about the character. People say to beat the game 100% and the Tails doll will come out of your TV and kill you. You know, just like that real scary movie, The Ring. The one that came out about ten years ago. The one everybody's seen before.

Another version of the curse requires you to tag Super Sonic four times to bring about the same thing. There are many curses, but these ones are just quite simply fake. Just as fake as chainletters.

Hell, some faggot actually created an account on YouTube called BloodyTailsDoll, claiming that he was the real Tails Doll, which is fucking impossible since Tails Doll isn't real. GOT IT?

The Haters

Some people try to convince the drooling spastics that believe this garbage that the curse isn't real. However, the true believers get butthurt and post hateful comments and videos in response. Still, today, people attempt to explain them the truth, making videos that prove that the Tails Doll is nothing but a stupid scam, but the believers still continue to spread drama all over our Internets and ruin it for everybody.

Some argue that among the people that dislike the Tails Doll are the sane Sonic fans, but this is unlikely, because not unlike the Tails Doll, sane Sonic fans do not exist.

Fuck, next to that idea, the idea of the Tails Doll seems plausible.


I'm pretty sure that if the curse was real, nobody would fucking buy Sonic R because they would be scared to death just because of one character. And also, the FBI and the CIA and pretty much all of the other intelligence of the world would be investigating this shit and confiscating the games. As a matter of fact, if the curse was real, Sega would be sued by now, as to where people would get butthurt about innocent little kids dying from a character from a retarded video game for children.

How to troll a Believer

The Tails Doll is terrifying... If you have autism.

Trolling in this case is easy:

  1. Say that Tails Doll isn't real.
  2. Say that Sonic R sucks.
  3. Say that Tails Doll sucks.
  4. Post hate videos on the Tails Doll.
  5. Make a rant on the Tails Doll.
  6. Make a video of you smashing Sonic R.
  7. Give Sonic R a bad review.
  8. Watch them get butthurt.
  9. ????
  10. PROFIT!

Tails Doll Faggotry


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