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Tabby = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

The fap material of every basement dweller.
Queen Tabs, every day she's hussling.

It is a known fact that 4Chan and Anon have never and will never learn from past mistakes and so history will always repeat itself. A prime example of this would be Tabitha Marie Bryns Ridiman, aka Tabby - an attractive 15 year old girl from the Bluegrass region in Kentucky that enjoys taking pictures of herself and annoying the fuck out of you.

Tabby's major video "i gotta ferret" came out in late July 09. It didn't receive any large amounts of attention whatsoever until September when her video washed up on the shores of /b/ in the form a of a "YOU RAGE YOU LOSE" thread. Once again, newfags were stunned by her hawtness and proceeded on to make a fuckload of Tabby "queen" threads.

As of yet, no massive newfag-induced shitstorm has occurred as many predicted. Probably because they still remember what happened last time. But nonetheless, all that has truly happened is some hyperactive brunette has been replaced by some blonde hillbilly.

I'm so stupid!




Her reaction to angry /b/tards

NEW VIDEO! January 2010

January 4th, 2010 - Tabby's back in a formulaic new video that will surely please many gentlemen. It was then later removed for violating terms of service, LOL.

Attention Whoring: A Family Affair

Tabby's mom seems to have started this online exhibitionist trend in the family. A detailed blog has shed some light on /b/'s new queen.

JB, not CP

That's right, you fucking pedo. She's only 15 according to her mom over 12 and you're good to go!


This is legit...

The former Queen of 4chan is back!!

Praise ALLAH!!!!!!!

YouTube Favicon.png tabs24x7Official

Pregnancy drama

Rumors of Tabby being knocked up are still unconfirmed, according to this recording of her mother Kas, warning Jacob Nicholson who is a friend of Tony to not show up at her home or face the van and statutory rape charges lulz! Yup, in Kentucky they start em young, from JB camwhores to mothers before they can legally drive. All we can hope for now is an ultra random video of the abortion with lipsync video of some awful unfunny song.

Tony speaks about the drama

A butt-hurt anon called Tony to confirm that he was the one who hacked Tabby. Tony confirmed that he hacked her and that he deleted everything. This all happened because Tabby was going to kill his unborn child for the lulz, Tony wanted to stop her. Tony had to GTFO of town to avoid the van picking his faggot ass up for knocking up the redneck queen tabby and for being such a massive faggot.

Tony got himself a lawl suit

Tony is now going to court in a lawlsuit relating to "death-threats" he made towards the redneck queen IRL on June 2nd. Tony claims he never made any such threats and that Tabby is simply trying to frame him because he knocked her up. Tony missed his first court date. If he misses the second a warrant is to be served for his arrest and hopefully he'll be pwned by the van.


she's like 19 now and that's totally her right there. picture seems recent but according to her "official" site she's on some family cruise or something with no internet or gardens since the 16 of august (2013). also she's covered in tattoos rednecky enough to combat hannah montana's dream catcher. that's totally her.

From the whorses mouth

Origin of the Ferret

Mandy brought her very adorable ferret with her, and we are now wanting a ferret. David somehow thinks we have enough animals. Go figure. LOL


—Kas Ridiman, with some wicked foreshadowing


We have contemplated putting Tabby in school for the spring semester in our new home, as a way for her to meet kids quickly and as a form of shock therapy (she is doing precious little except hang out on the computer when we give her access to it.)


—Kas Ridiman, aka Nostradamus

And we would not be able to control WHAT kids she met at the middle school--which is one of the reasons I wanted to move and get her out of the inner city.


—Mama Kas, introducing her to 4chan instead

Wait... inner city? In Kentucky?

Her name is Tabitha. Tabby is a nickname, But she is NOT a stupid, dirty animal. She is taking college classes(note every class in high school is at least a college course, the higher being university classes, so tabbys mother clearly has a case of USI. ) at fifteen years old, learned to read when she was two...but she is an animal. We're all mammals.


—Tabby's mother

There would have been THREE of her?

My twelve year old daughter is a surviving triplet. And my four year old is a surviving twin. Both lost their wombmates in utero because I had an incompetant cervix complicated by lupus. Tabby in particular seems to miss her triplets--she is close friends with two sets of twins (one set is a surviving triplet set, too.)


—Kas Ridiman, in 2007 - DO THE MATH

Wait, you're saying it was actually lupus?


Fuck morality... get fapping homo!

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