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Jump to navigation Jump to search's Official Mascot: Down Syndrome Cathy , till 2005 known as TV Tome, is a part of one shitty community of retards using the same CNET webcode as the horrifying Gamespot or GameFAQs, and masturbating over television characters. Not a Stalinist website that persecutes members.

The Community, basing their structure on their heroes, the Nazis, have attempted to create the First Internet Reich:

  • Admins and Moderators- spawns of Adolf Hitler.
  • Editors- guys who were studying the works of Josef Mengele, but instead of editing Jews, they edit the work of other people and claim it as their own.
  • Trusted Users- guys who suck Editors' cocks and are fucked in the ass, just to be better than those puny, tiny, Nobody users. This makes them similar to SS soldiers.
  • Users- idiots still hoping that they will contribute something useful to the community, and are skullfucked by Editors and ridiculed by Trusted Users, because they are simple underlings. That makes them all jewish.


Forums on are swarmed by 13-year-old boys and 16-year-old girls, who write fanfiction, love Furries and lick each others balls. Any constructive critique makes them call for a lawyer, piss their pants and whine to their moms about how this is such cruel world we live in. Many cliques and subcultures, like Emo Kids, junior Goths and teenage rebels, occupy and terrorize forum pages of shows they love, like rival gangs in an electronic city. For example: Old farts like Captain Planet, Emos would die for Full House, and Azns fap when they see Teen Titans.

Beside forums dedicated for specific shows, there are also the so-called General Forums, which include:

  • Ideas- where Admins get a blowjob each week from every single editor and trusted user.
  • Welcome New Users- Where Jews say their last words before being cremated by Editors.
  • User to User Help: Hints and Tips- Where older Jews fuck younger Jews.
  • General User Support- Where Editors lure Jews to go into the showers.
  • User Submission Support- Where, as the name states, Jews are tied up and used as gimps.
  • About the Forums (Ask the Mods)- Here moderators answer every question with a catchphrase, mostly saying I know this, but I won't tell, because it's the site's secret.
  • Technical Support Board- Where everyone can learn what's fucked up with the site's code, and why nothing works properly. There's never any answer about bugs being fixed.
  • General TV Discussion- Forum for dumb fucks who can't decide which show is their favorite, so they discuss ALL of them.
  • Off-Topic- As anyone can predict, that's the place where teenagers without the right to vote discuss politics, virgins tell about their sex life and fatties cry about how fugly they are to create some drama.
  • Shows in Development- Forum about shows which will never be finished.
  • TV Show Fun & Games- Where community users describe their sex experiences and what fun and games you can have in bed. Noted as most popular among Simpsons fans is pissing, while the anime fandom sticks to the traditional Asian game of bukkake.
  • Drama- Do I have to say more?
  • Comedy- That's where they call Dharma & Greg and Full House "comedy", which is obvious proof for lack of trustworthy information on
  • Science-Fiction- Ideal place for nerds, geeks and other trekkies.
  • Reality- Brainwashing thread, where everybody says that cop shows and Jerry Springer are for real.
  • Animation- The home of basement dwellers who get a boner seeing Kim Possible and, of course, Otakus
  • Soaps- Ironically, it's a forum for those who don't use it.
  • News/Documentary- very similar to Off-Topic, swarmed by same users LOL I GUESS THIS IS WHY THEY CALL IT RANDOM
  • Talk Shows- If you have to know how Oprah's shit tastes like, this is the forum for you.
  • Children- Ideal for pedos lurking for their new best 5-year-old friends.
  • Sports- Where plumpies act like olympic champions.
  • Ask the Editors- Ask them when it's your turn to give them pleasure, maybe you'll get the Trusted prefix.
  • Editor's Lounge- If you ever wondered where and how Editors relax, this is the place. If you enter, be prepared to have your asshole in goatse style.
  • Television Hardware- read: "Why HDTV is overrated".
  • Downloading Television- Or, as people call it on the internets: Where can I find a torrent for the new season of Lost?


Last Thursday, was sold for some money. CBS raped the design to blind everyone that uses the site, just for the lulz. In response, users gave CBS the finger.

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