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This grudge-holding pedo really, really hates Niabot's futanari art.

You can help by reminding him of its existence.

TGcomix claims to be transgendered. This could just be another attempt to elicit sympathy.

TGcomix (aka. CPcomix) is, for all intents and purposes, a pedocunt. He spends his days posting his shitty lolicon artwork and standing up for his rights. Despite claiming that he would leave DA because of it's unfair censorship, TGcomix just can't stand leaving his non-existent fanbase from DeviantART. Doing so, he constantly ban evades despite complaining about the mods and other users that "don't give him the respect he deserves". This dear boy suffers from a case of U.S.I. and thus has set out on a crusade to defend DeviantArt from the tyranny and unjust censorship of the mods!! He is from Wisconsin, born 02/04/92, and writes stories.

These days, he's busy "trolling" Tinychan and ltamake's "ghey fuckbuddies" (as he calls TC's users), and whiteknighting fellow pedo TehBigToaster.

Once Upon a Time...

TGcomix shows us his knowledge in facial structure.

TGcomix is yet another pedophile who thinks he possesses some form of talent. Since TGcomix thinks that he is a king and that the internet is his throne, he suddenly got the idea that every single thing he touches turns into gold. Of course, since TGcomix can't attract real women, the only way that he can get over being a lonely faggot is to draw-you guessed it, lolicon. And what's better than lolicon than panty shots of said lolis? Spanking them would be the answer! TG has many obsessions, one of them being young girls with horribly unrealistic anatomical features being spanked by older women. He considers these to be "professionally" made games even though they only consist of two frames and are made with a shitty FLASH imitator.

One of TG's shitty animu games. And this sick fuck believes he's some kind of artistic genius.

TGcomix lived in Bang-cock, Thailand until he was arrested for soliciting underage ladyboy prostitutes in 2013 or 2014. He got a got a criminal record in Thailand and then got extradited to the US. He now lives in Cambodia, since he is banned from Thailand.

Besides being a pedophile, TGcomix is also infamous for acting like a total cunt to people who thinks his gallery is filled with loli. In that case, TGcomix would also hate the truth, since he is too fucking stupid to realize that people are actually smart enough to tell when pedophilia is present. When people do find his gallery to be repelling, there will eventually be a comment pointing out the loli in his gallery. The comment will start off as reasonable; however, TGcomix will take comments too seriously and will always reply in a blatantly angry way. Because TGcomix gets extremely butthurt over comments that don't agree with his viewpoint, TGcomix will pull a failed attempt at looking badass. By "looking badass" he would pretty much use the vocabulary of an angry twelve-year-old with down syndrome and would throw shit rebuttals. Certain ways he shows his autism is using caps-locks, the words "reeking asshole" and other words commonly used by young boys who can't come up with intelligible words.

Being too much of a butthurt crybaby to admit their obvious defeat, they create a small army of sock-puppets to take revenge on their opponent.


—Can YOU spot the irony?

TG is also well-known to include statements in his arguments that reflect more onto him than the person he debates with. Since he is too concentrated on owning his target, he will always assume that he has done nothing wrong and that people that oppose him are always wrong. In other words, TG thinks that others did actions that he is guilty of. The truth is that he has created a number of sock puppets simply because he was too butthurt over getting banned from 4chan, DeviantART, JewTube and, of course, Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Censorship war with DeviantART

TGComix's dA faggotry in a nutshell

It all started when TG was craving attention for his vast amount of pictures depicting young girls who voluntarily takes off their kawaii pantsu for creepy old men. Because everybody knows that if you draw moe characters with unrealistic anatomy, you can guarantee some notoriety, right? Of course, the notoriety he has received didn't go as planned. Instead of people hailing him as a great god for his vast talents, his submission of suggestive pictures only lead to people accusing him of pedophilia and reporting his pictures.

When his deviations do get deleted, he will blame everything on the people who finds pedophilia to be abhorrent, since logically, everyone is a suspect when they disagree, right? TGcomix will tolerate none of this anti-pedophile injustice, and has posted an egocentric rant over the censorship of pedophile erotica. All of his arguments looks as if they were typed by someone who has a malfunctioning caps lock button and the cussing of a retarded pirate. Because if your argument is 100% bullshit then that automatically means that you have won your debate. Of course, thinking that he is right in every way, he stated on his Hentai-Foundry that he was banned from DeviantART for "stating the truth". The irony behind that statement is that he stated multiple times on his deviations that his characters were over eighteen, yet his gallery on Hentai-Foundry is literally filled with lolicon and even admitted it on his userpage (which was eventually erased).

Besides his great war against the evil online censorship, TG is also a white knight of MaruMariMaru. Since he believes that EVERYTHING is an art form, even if a person didn't actually make it. If someone just so happens to not kiss her feet for her hard work, he will declare them as a talentless prick who is merely jealous of Maru's popularity. This shows how TG is truly retarded, because saying shit like that contradicts his views on art.

However, the great Maru Defense Force is a weak one-man army facing against a whole club against tracing, best known as the Anti-Editing Club. TGcomix, being an internet tough guy, declared war on them. Many of his bullshit claims against them is that their reasons to protest against Maru's tracing consists of vague arguments. But really doesn't take a genius to tell if her artworks are traced. Ironically, TG shows no proof of the club being jealous, Maru being talented and his ban for telling the truth. You really have to consider the following; why would deviantART ban someone who harassed others, ban evade and upload child pornography for such a vague reason?


TGcomix has signed up for more than just the sex offender registry. He joined Encyclopedia Dramatica not once, not twice, but THREE times. His first known username was Krazypyro77. He used it to fag up the AnonIB article and, of course, failed.


TG's excellent vandalism skills.

What made TG HAET Encyclopedia Dramatica was when he made his second sockpuppet, Crim2. During this time, TG was known as ChanceBlackTown and was fighting a mighty war with the Anti-Editing-Club to save his beloved MaruMariMaru. After noticing that he had his own article, he registered as Crim2 to trick EDitors into thinking he was a sockpuppet of the author Crim.

TG made yet another mistake, unfortunately. When it comes to editing Encyclopedia Dramatica, one can simply call him "misinformed". The only experience he had with wiki format is cheap poorly-made wikias, and lord knows that migrating from there to ED will not end so well. Editing Encyclopedia Dramatica requires a certain writing skill that contains vast amount of lulz and hilarity. TG can’t do either. TGcomix, himself, has admitted that he has never even read ED:101, an important Bible of ED. But don’t forget, this is the same man who thinks he is a genius. Therefore, like his art, his articles are absolutely unbearable to look at.

Hi. I'm an extremely butthurt ED user who was permabanned for posting incredibly unfunny crap.


—TGcomix sucking up to an Illogicopedia SysOp.[1]

After thinking that he was unstoppable after a few edits, TG's first target on ED was Crim for adding him into Maru's article. Although Crim's identity is ambiguous, TG labels him as a dirty Anti-Editing Club member and a person who is jealous of Maru's amazing tracing skills. This then led to Crim creating an article on TGcomix, or known as black person. The article was already in bad shape when it was first created, however TG soon discovered it and was obviously pissed off because Crim just can't kiss his feet. Still cloaking himself as Crim, he made an article on The Anti-Editing Club.

Crim2's last two edits.

But this didn't go unnoticed for too long. Although some SysOps have left messages to him, he deleted them from his talk page to make it look as if he didn't do anything wrong. Eventually, Zaiger saw his shitstorm and deleted it all to stop its aids from infecting other potential articles. Because he threatened to delete them, TG was down on his knees begging him to allow his bitchings to continue. TG eventually made an agreement to improve his articles hoping that they would stay for his entertainment only. Unfortunately, since he couldn't save his own article, he was banned and left with shame.

Teaming with Carbide20

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Failcyclopedia.

TG reveals that he is one of those people who just can't operate a normal wiki.

It is without a doubt that TG's butthurt has quadrupled after that. He later found his next lover, Carbide20, the creator of the infamous Failcyclopedia. It is not surprising that he would fit in well with the other rejects by complaining about the mods and thinking they were superior. In fact, he was even promoted to SysOp level just because he held a grudge against ED. This time, he was under the name of his favorite SysOp to whom he still obsesses over to this very day, Zaiger420. Even after months after his ban, he just can't move on from his pitiful mistakes of the past. Within time, ED users discovered the existence of this abomination and successfully raped it to death.

TG then took over and created his own wiki, the Hateline Wiki, Failcyclopedia's successor. What makes this one fail even harder than the last is that it was hosted on a dumbed-down version of Wikipedia and only one article existed. However, not even Wikia wants him there to poison them, so his wikis were deleted. He also went on DeviantART wikia to host his articles, but unfortunately for his end, an admin banned him.

He then recreated Hateline Wiki, and served as the sole admin and the only non-troll contributor. It lasted about six months until he stopped paying the hosting fee.


Rizden's userpage vandalized (and getting locked) successfully by the big kids.

After the birth of the ED Forums, many tartlets hung around the DeviantART board ranting about other shitty artists. One day, they discovered TGcomix and his blatant faggotry on DeviantART. From then on, tartlets from that board decided to debate with TGcomix on the topic of his pornography. After going through his entire gallery, and reporting all of his submissions, TG was banned yet again from DA. This then led to TG coining the term "flaggot", and often using it to describe every single person he hates.

Eventually, this very page was created, and his enemies directed him to here through his Hentai-Foundry. As a response, TG made another horridly bad article on them on Illogicopedia. However, even TGcomix, himself, knows that it will never faze them one bit since it was hosted on a crassly made wiki. TG has yet again registered on Encyclopedia Dramatica under the name Rizden and pretended to be an eager contributor and vandalize the pages of his enemies.

Doing the exact same thing that he has done before, TG slowly turned this article into an exact mirror of it's predecessor; the article on Chanceblacktown. That task, however, required no efforts, since TG archived every article he attempted to create on various wikis he joined. In addition to that, he ported many of his old and new attack articles onto his userspace.

This was not enough, however. He continued to update the article, and it continued to suck. He then proceeded to "archive" it - by which he meant remove it from his talk and user page - and offer the "olive branch of peace." He reminded the user that he was simply "hazing" him, though generally when one imagines hazing one thinks of a simple and collaborated effort against a single individual. Which is ironically exactly what TGcomix, *ahem*, Rizden brought on himself.

However, since Zaiger was no longer a mod, Rizden thought that he had absolute invincibility. Even to veteran EDitor, TG still thinks that he is a genius when writing ED. Unlike his previous account, other users have noticed the cancer dwelling within him. Many EDitors teamed up with each other to mock and vandalize his page. Although he could simply revert these edits, the mods were also disgusted by Rizden's mod sass. Both his user and talk page were vandalized and locked; causing TG to be butthurt and cry back home to Hentai Foundry. Despite his most current user not being banhammered, the attacks that he have received were too much for him to handle and thus leaving ED.

Orain and All The Tropes (Inclusionist wiki)

Inclusionist is a euphemism here for lolicon.
Google Blackshade9 and you get TG's infamous drawings of little girls.

After having most of his pedo wikis shut down on Wikia, he tried to set up shop of the Wikia branch of All the Tropes (the Tv Tropes fork with all the porn), and the admin there told the pedophile he wasn't welcome on either All The Tropes branch for being a pedophile.

Of course, he accepted this maturely.....just kidding, he decided to troll Orain when his account was globally blocked, and keeps sockpuppet ban evading, letting them know how butthurt he is.

After going around denying that his "Inclusionist wiki" was for his child porn drawings, he immediately went and made it with a different wiki host,, and the front page is full of his lolicon drawings which he denies are CP. He claims they are "art" and "harmless drawings" and even denies being a pedophile.

His Sysop name there is Blackshade9, as seen from the main page history, and his contributions there show his biggest obsessions:

  • A lot of his drawings are tracing and he defends the practice by calling opponents "13-year old weeaboos, butthurt dramaskanks, and anyone else with an IQ in the negative digits": Tracing

His wiki later was banned but the links above go to archives.

Related Misadventures

Despite ragequitting Encyclopedia Dramatica and paying for a site to host his rage pages, he still tries to remove this article from afar.

Can anybody here delete an ED article?


Careful there bucko, that sounds a lot like a personal army request. Domain name expired 10/2/2012

vs. Tinychan

A long time ago, the Tinychan article was a shitty piece of advertisement. Now granted the original article was complete shit, TGcomix decided to rewrite it. What was once a shitty advertisement for a shitty site became an incoherent mess of TG's catch phrases like "ghey fuckbuddies". TG thought that his rewrite of the Tinychan article was epic win and he quickly came to Tinychan to brag about it. While no one really paid any attention to him back then, it laid the foundation for what has blossomed into a love hate relationship with Tinychan. Last Thursday, TG returned to Tinychan to white knight for TehBigToaster after to4str took Tinychan down with a CP attack. When Tinychan recovered from toaster's attack, they went back to business as usual. TG then moved over to The GHOUL Forum, where to this day he can be seen talking shit about Tinychan and licking Matt Miller's asshole. It's extremely easy to pick him out when he posts anonymously. His posts are meticulously formatted (probably from all the time he put in at AnonTalk amirite?) and he likes to use the same words repeatedly, i.e. "butthurt" and "ghey fuckbuddy." Calling him out when he posts anonymously results in lulz as he is both an internet tough guy and an assburger. The most funny part is when he uses psychological projection and tries to claim that he's not being trolled, but he's trolling TC's users. Sorry TG, but you'll have to do better than that. He also believes he is still relevant in the BBS scene.

TGcomix later become a moderator of, a forum for scat fetishism that even includes feces as its icon. Scatchan's owner, "Scatman" has a history of allowing child molestors to be moderators. His first moderator SuperNegro even raped a 15-year-old girl who frequented the forum and was never unmodded. Another moderator "kitteh" is in prison for child molestation. So choosing TGcomix was a no-brainer.

Since becoming moderator, TGcomix has deleted any scat fetishism conversation and banned anyone for making it, subsequently killing the board. He uses the names "Josh" and "Johnny G", but prefers to post anonymously where he makes constant rage threads about trolls from Tinychan including Matt Miller whom he cannot keep banned. The Josh article isn't him, but the subject is also pedophile as well ironically enough. TGcomix is mostly called CPcomix and he is always defending his drawing of CP as "harmless pictures" while making a dozen posts an hour about how Matt is a pedophile. People who post TGcomix's "artwork" are banned because the site's webhost does not allow drawn child porn. TGcomix's second favorite rage target is a troll called "The Doctor", a fat hikikomori from England who despite using Doctor Who in his trolling, has not seen a single episode of the show and never understands Doctor Who references. TGcomix also fills the board with photos of penises, usually photoshopped onto people's faces--TGcomix loves cock. is now filled with nothing (since TGcomix deletes everything else) but TGcomix posting gay porn photoshops of Matt Miller (his desire) and posting as 20 anonymous posters, all agreeing with him. Everything else is deleted so Scatchan's entire userbase has fled. Not a single person posts there, not even the site owner so TGcomix made a thread "TIME TO CELEBRATE" and his idea of a celebration is an entire thread devoted to gay porn. But he quickly became butthurt over the lack of userbase to abuse so TGcomix now in addition to posting gay porn shops of Matt on Scatchan all day, goes to the forums people fled to and spends all day spamming them. All day because he doesn't have a job.

Desperate attempt to become relevant

TGcomix's legacy, according to him.
One of the site admins admitting to being Rizden from
TrikiWiki admin Starstick makes TG a sysop.
TGcomix and Matt Miller plot the downfall of Tinychan.

Last thursday, TGcomix decided to start up a new parody wiki known as TrikiWiki. While the owner of the site is relatively inactive there, he did give TGcomix what he has always wanted -- to be a sysop on a parody wiki. TG immediately ported all of his fantastic attack articles over to TrikiWiki and immediately protected them. Besides a few of his articles about various DeviantART and ED users, as well as his special word, flaggot, the sole purpose of that site is to host attack articles about various namefags from Tinychan. Of course these articles are classic TGcomix -- brimming with unchecked rage and full of TG's rancid and over used catchphrases. Aside from the attack articles about Tinychan users, he wrote his own self-congratulatory article about himself. Here now, I am going to share with you some of TGcomix's choice quotes from the article he wrote about himself. Also pictured are screenshots from various talk pages confirming both Starstick and X to be TGcomix. I guess since he was having such a hard time getting people to flock to his cause, he decided to make his own personal army out of samefags.

Simon Kirby, aka TGcomix, Gauis Marius, GM and Chance Blacktown is a true internet warrior, a fallen hero who faced down an army of hate for the sake of artistic freedom


—TGcomix, in an ultimate display of USI

...but it gets far worse, my friends

TGcomix was a major contributor to both TC and Minichan, ushering in the Epic Threads Era on Tinychan 2.0 and successfully trolling various mods and administrators with complete impunity.


—TGcomix, reflecting on his many pedophile threads on Tinychan and how he successfully trolled the mods and admins by repeatedly getting banned for pedo threads.

...and finally

Despite the lies and rumors spread by his enemies, TG continues exposing the Chans' flaws and weaknesses at every opportunity, generating extreme controversy with his wry observations of interboard drama.


—TGcomix, the *chan messiah.

Despite TG thinking that finding a place to host his attack articles is epic win, not even the subjects of said attack articles give a fuck, because, TG, you're still not relevant. Furthermore, TG has stupidly tipped his hand and already made his motives for starting the wiki crystal clear with this little gem on his talk page.

The point of the article is to generate lulz and traffic, which it appears to be doing. The fact that I'm a sysop here will attract numerous EDfags out of sheer curiosity, and this article will make them rage like butthurt faggots.

I'm also planning to praise up Depressionman, Toastr, Kimmo, and MaruMariMaru for the sole purpose of pissing off their enemies. The result will be massive lulz and increased activity as gibbering fucktards pour in from all ED, DA and TC to vent their asspain.



In short, TG has laid out exactly how he plans to become relevant again. If you want to see TG trolled hard, then completely ignore him and DO NOT visit his shit wiki under any circumstances.

Psychological analysis

File:TG Child Abuse.jpg
TG's compassionate views on childrearing.
MOETAN: the only TV series in history to use panchira as a teaching aid - indisputable evidence that Japan is the most advanced society on Earth.


—TGComix, captioning a fanservice screencap like it's an academic critique

TGcomix is a curious pervert, often relying on lies and hypocrisy when reality fails to suit his needs. For example, he complained about a transphobic conspiracy to purge him from DeviantArt and then attempted to organize a hate mobs of his own with predictable results.

He also claims to be a transsexual, and posted traced images of young boys being forcibly emasculated on TG Comics before they wised up to his previous antics. This could go either way - he might technically be transsexual in that he wants to be anyone but himself, gender notwithstanding, or just be lying about his sexuality so he can retaliate with accusations of transphobia when criticized called out on his bullshit.

TGcomix probably has a form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and sociopathy, as he will spend hours on attack articles intended only for their subjects. Make your own conclusions about someone who devotes eight hours at a time to an endeavor which, at worst, would mildly irritate the recipient.

He has also doctored pictures of little girls to have breasts and posted them on public websites. He then feigns ignorance when they are removed for looking like 9 year old girls mutilated with breast implants. He then lashes out at his many critics because "lolis don't have breasts" and hence anyone who reported him was a pedophile, rather than the guy who modifies pictures of little girls. The jury's still out on how many types of crazy this guy covers.




HE'S A GENIUS U GAIZ. Cached from his userpage on the (now dead) AdultAnime Wiki.

If they have breasts, they aren't loli.


We've heard that before.

Anyone who maliciously goes hunting for images to report should be banned until the end of time.


We've heard that before too.

What's that? Don't Like what you see? Then STFU and GTFO!! There: problem solved for everyone, you lying little shit!!!


—Following in the footsteps of his favourite hero.

Which pictures in my gallery do you consider 'underaged'? They're all depicted as teenagers with anatomy appropriate to an 18-19 agegroup.


—18-19 months.

As most of my regular visitors already know, I'm transgendered. I fantasize about being the girl in that picture.


—Any surprises?

Look at Egon Schiele. The sick bastard fucks his own sister and he's hailed as an artistic genius. I draw one fucking spanking pic and everyone calls me a pervert. Where’s the fucking justice in that?!


—Why would a transgendered pedo be considered a pervert?

[I] underwent psychological evaluation for a gender reassignment programme and was turned down for being a sick fuck asshole.


—TGcomix on how he wants to be the little girl. His plans after he lops his cock off are unclear.

Oh, hey NOTHALCYON. I see you're still a cocksmoking dramacunt with a terminal case of USI. But seriously, I was going to ask your advice on one of my articles...


—TGcomix on making friends

...I'm planning to do an expose on that hideous ginger skank, Draconis-wyrm. If you'd happen to know how many cocks she can fit in her mouth and whether she swallows or spits, leave a message here and I'll add it to the article. Bye for now


—More TGcomix advice on making friends

I guess you can't take a joke without feeling insulted. Sure, I said "shine your shoes too, guv'nor" and I called you a "pushy little bastard", but it was all in good fun.



—He's turnin' on that pedo-charm!




—TGComix, scaring off 3rd graders in school.

I'm planning to do a piece on Officer Dustin Bradshaw of the Kansas State police. This unmitigated prick should be buttfucked with his own billy club then be sent to share a prison cell with Bubba for the next eight years. Son of a bitch tasered a 10 year-old girl in her own home. Read the news report then let me know if you'd like to collaborate on an article about this child-abusing sack of shit...



—TGcomix on child abuse with pants on

I'm planning for the game to have three parts[...] In part three, you can choose the location (home or school) and sexually assault [the lolis] under the pretext that you're conducting a genital 'health inspection' as required by Japanese law.



—TGcomix on child abuse with pants off




—What everyone else in the Internets hear him shout while fapping to loli.

Artists have rights. Flaggots do not.



Advocating free speech while negating free speech.

Midnight68 is an incredibly talented graphic artist who has donated his brilliant artwork to wikipedia commons for use under GFDL. If you need an illustration for some lolicon-related article, leave a message here and he'll get back to you if he thinks you're worth it.



USI at its finest.

He needs to be kicked in the testicles for every time he says "butthurt" and "bawww."



—-EDF poster voices out a Final Solution.

Being too much of a butthurt crybaby to admit their obvious defeat, [flaggots] create a small army of sock-puppets to take revenge on their opponent.



—TGcomix on integrity

Gallery of loli fail


TGcomix on Tinychan July 2016
As noted in a previous thread, the Japanese have been producing child-shaped sex dolls for some years, proving that they are one of the most socially enlightened cultures on the face of the planet.


He actually says this.


The world through his eyes.
Just wanted to drop by and let you know that nobody likes you. <3


—Zagier, on TGcomix's user talk page.

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