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T-pain's attempt to count to ten. He'll get there one day.
T-Pain after a robbery.

Faheem Rasheed Najm, also known as T-Pain, is a highly gifted rap musician from America. Unlike most nigger rappers, his own orginality and artistic genius stems from his bird shit-stained dreadlocks and his "voice enhancement" machines. His only claim to fame originates from a collaboration with equally gifted Kanye West. Although his facial expressions tell otherwise, he has openly stated to have never used weed.

Tpain grew up in typical black style, mugging and robbing decent hardworking folk in order to support his habits, including smack, aids and being an all round nigra. He continued this well into his rap career also and actually used his stories of rape and aids to inspire some of his lyrics. "I want to rape you and give you aids" one of his lesser known b-sides won critical acclaim from his underground listeners, mostly niggers, that couldn't afford his albums. They would just tape what they could off any radios they could steal, or steal some unlucky white kids Ipod. Typically T-pains songs are sloppy piles of human effluent left baking in the hot sun that creates that vile stench that makes you want to throw up on yourself in the hope that it may draw your attention away from the offending cesspool, but they have been known to drop to a, semen from your grandfathers anus smeared in diareaha and covered in pustule juice freshly lanced from a 500lb fat chicks cancerous vagina level. But on the whole, most people agree this nigger is just out to steal your cash, one way or another.

Buy U A Drank

Note the Jew around his neck.
Rule 34 of T-Pain as a dildo. Why? Gothzilla drew it. No further explanation is required.

It is a known fact that T-Pain will buy you a drank. In the wake of his new single in 2007, a flurry of fans attempted to cover his song:

. The original.
Asian fag cover
Two fat black girls
A BBW cover. She obviously has no concept of what sexy means.
Apparently this is by professionals

A Challenger Approaches


One of T's many ballin' tattoos.

T-Pain has been the target of much criticism by concerned mothers from around the world, as well as the subject of several demonstrations against the corruption of the youth.

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