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Pussies Fighting.gif Sythyx is in an internet sissy fight with MilanaMill.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
Accurate representation of her.
(Left whale in pink with tiara) The hambeast in the flesh.

Sythyx, better known as Faggot, is an intelligent weeaboo hambeast- turned-dyke because no one was willing to stick their dick anywhere near her disgusting pussy, causing her to become borderline suicidal. Like most weeaboos, Faggot presumably has multiple mental issues, as simply disagreeing with her will make her threaten to kill herself. Sadly, she has yet to actually do so.

She constantly likes to over-react, her favorite expression of course being "There's no excuse for what you've done," even used for everyone who was just saying something mean to her.

Because of her definite retardation, Faggot has been involved in a multitude of drama, usually because she's over-reacted about something again. Faggot also used to run an artist gossip blog with her ex-scissoring partner Deviantart-favicon.png Asstrology, until someone said something mean to her on it. She then closed down the blog, and presumably cried while cutting herself like the emofag she is. She also blacklisted herself on all other gossip blogs so no one could hurt her precious feelings anymore. Nowadays you can find Faggot lurking around the new Artist-Confessions, where nobody's ever to say mean things to each other. If you do come across her there, make sure not to have an opinion that differs from her own, or she'll start a huge bitch-fight with you, and then claim to be suicidal. Apparently she's tried to kill herself eight times already. That's a feat only a special kind of retard can achieve.

She also lurks in the Artist-Confession chatroom, posting under NeinIsMyName or Sythyx, fingering herself as she reads the chat.

Give this bully a medal

Faggot's age is unknown. In 2012 she claimed to be thirteen, however evidence at the time suggested she was in her 20's. In 2014 she claimed she was sixteen, because she doesn't know how to add properly. She's speculated to be around 22 years old as of 2014. She's told multiple lies throughout the contact with her, giving over six different versions of her life-story and how bullied she's been, probably in hopes to gain sympathy. She constantly accuses people of bullying her, such as in the AishaxNekox drama, and used it as her reason for acting like a cunt in the MilanaM drama, as well as the Artist-Confession drama.

She is also considered to be a sociopath, the only difference between her and the definition is that she's a dumbass, so perhaps she'd fit better into a psychopath definition.

And remember to always believe someone when they say they committed suicide on the internet! Or else Faggot will get really mad, because it's her trump card!

Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.


— Adam Richman with perfect advice for Faggot

The Many Aliases of Faggot

Could also be titled "the many aliases of Assburgers."

Faggot has gone by multiple names on just Deviantart alone, in fact it is believe half of Deviantart are her accounts. The names of these accounts include but are not limited to: Deviantart-favicon.png raikiramarii, Deviantart-favicon.png Marikire, Deviantart-favicon.png invincible0139, Deviantart-favicon.png raitsurone, Deviantart-favicon.png abbyhop, Deviantart-favicon.png abbyanimegal, Deviantart-favicon.png doodlequeen12, Deviantart-favicon.png nincianda, Deviantart-favicon.png kamakui, Deviantart-favicon.png chuchamin, Deviantart-favicon.png glarthious, Deviantart-favicon.png thegayestelf, Deviantart-favicon.png glarichan, Deviantart-favicon.png niwa-pon, Deviantart-favicon.png polarbear-pon, Deviantart-favicon.png mysaoki, Deviantart-favicon.png maks4000, Deviantart-favicon.png maks4000, Deviantart-favicon.png skindle, Deviantart-favicon.png orochimaru444, Deviantart-favicon.png Kanaik, Deviantart-favicon.png zhyre, Deviantart-favicon.png glarmirius, Deviantart-favicon.png Touhou12, Deviantart-favicon.png Captain-Sythyx, Deviantart-favicon.png snapbang, and Deviantart-favicon.png Neinismyname. Faggot has been banned from Deviantart, so if you see her, make sure to report her for ban-evasion!

Here Chatango accounts include: NeinIsMyName, Sythyx, and Cypheria

Her Disqus accounts include: Lotia, Xaina, Syx, Nefaryus, Sythyx, and NeinIsMyName.

Her Youtube account is Animed200.

Her Tumblr accounts include: Captain-Sythyx, Sythyx, and FlutteringBones, both were deactivated, then reclaimed and password locked when they deleted Artist-Confessions.

An archived version of her history on Lotia can be found ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghere. Notably she's followed by ThatIncelBlogger, the man angry his mom wouldn't fuck him. Great minds truly do think alike. She also defended him on occassion, saying it was unfair to call him crazy for stating he regrets not raping and killing his Ex-Girlfriend, because Faggot believed the Ex lead him on. So remember, rape Faggot if you ever see her, and just blame it on her leading you on! Then she'll forgive you.

Although it's uncertain at this point if Sythyx/Syx and Faggot truly are the same person, they're often a team in their butthurt-capades, and even when they were posting under different names, they were constantly accused of being the same person. Faggot denies such claims, and instead says she's her new scissoring buddy. But because Faggot is too crazy and too ugly for someone to willingly be with her, it's assumed that she and Sythyx are actually one and the same.

Artist Gossip

Good reason means "hurt my feelings."
Calling out their shit.
2 edgy.

It all started when two lovely young women, Faggot and Deviantart-favicon.png Asstrology (known as Satan on the blog), decided to do what women do second best, which is sit on their fat ass and gossip on the internet. They made an account on Tumblr AKA aspie central, the only place that would accept them. Taking the URL Artist-Gossip, they proceeded to post gossip about random losers no one cared about. Every so often an occasional Tartlet saw a post about themselves and got butthurt, providing a small amount of lulz. The site was blacklist-free, so Tartlets were unable to stop people from saying they disliked them on a blog, causing even more lulz.

Until one fateful day someone made a post about Faggot and Satan. People had found Faggot's and Satan's Deviantarts, and were unhappy that the same people who made fun of shitty kawaii animu drawings also drew shitty kawaii animu drawings themselves.

Faggot deleted the posts out of butthurt, crying and talking about how necessary it was. In the comments of said post, people started to call her out on it. Multiple people had asked for vicious posts about them to be taken down and got no reply. Yet when it was hurting Faggot's feelings, the posts went down ASAP. Seeing the commentators clearly upset over the fact they were giving themselves special treatment, they decided to make a blacklist and put their names on it.

Unfortunately for them, people still called them out for only making a blacklist when it was their feelings that were being hurt. In return, they threatened to post dox of the people in the Disqus.

Upset over the hypocrisy, a new gossip blog called FreedomToGossip was made without a blacklist. When it opened, a multitude of people started to gossip about Faggot and Satan. Offended, they took it upon themselves to take down the blog, because gossiping about them on the internet isn't allowed. Eventually they got ahold of the blog, and all that's left of it now is the edgy message "This is ours now."

After they stepped down from Artist Gossip, another person took over the blog and began running it. Faggot also blacklisted herself from the new blog, and still lurks, waiting to write a TL;DR to anyone who says something about her.


Why are you popular and not me?!

Sometime during her rule of the Artist-Gossip shithole, Faggot wanted more attention. Unwilling to become a camwhore, she chose to attack a popular artist. She decided to start shit with the super talented Deviantart-favicon.png Aishaxnekox, who also has her own page. Posting with the account Marikire, at this time she claimed she was 13.

At first Faggot tried to suck up to Aisha, in hopes her senpai would notice her and make her famous. Another user at the time, named Deviantart-favicon.png Sofine127, decided to make a lame tracing accusation against another artist, which got her massive amounts of efame. Jealous of the attention Sofine got, and because Faggot was getting nowhere sucking Aisha's epenis, she accused Aisha of tracing, and not deserving her popularity.

Three years in jail for sending mean emails

A whiteknight of Aisha, called Kas, saw her comment, and got extremely upset. So they did what a whiteknight does best, act like a retard. The whiteknight allegedly hacked her account, and sent Faggot death threats through email, and unlike any normal person, who would've just laughed at it, Faggot decided to cry about them. To even prove that Kas was real, Faggot showed a link to her Facebook, and even a birth certificate. When one dug further into the Facebook account, it was found that it was created the very same day Faggot used it as proof she existed.Plot twist! Faggot sent herself those emails and hacked her own account.

This caused outrage, and many of Aisha's fans came to console Faggot because of the emails and hacking. Happily basking in the limelight, Faggot said that she caught the person who was sending her those emails, and said person was going to jail for three years for sending a death threat. Sofine joined in at this point, making a journal explaining all the unsavoury drama, causing an even bigger stir. Soon after the email drama, her and Sofine started to accuse Aisha of tracing, using poorly made evidence and their major popularity because of the previous event, many people thought it was true.

Eventually as more people came to their senses, people started to doubt the story of Faggot and Sofine. People saw that the evidence they had was shit, and questioned why someone would get 3 years for a death threat. Soon it came out that Faggot had made the whole thing up, using multiple sockpuppet accounts to further her story and back her main account, Marikire, up, she sent the emails to herself and was never hacked.

The Emails
Skindle is Faggot

As this was happening a person named Deviantart-favicon.png Skindle, came to defend Faggot, stating she was a friend of her in real life. Soon after it was revealed Skindle and Faggot were the same person. Skindle's art was even uploaded in Faggot's Facebook, as her own. It was also confirmed by administrators that Skindles and Marikire were both owned by the same person.

Aisha received multiple notes because of Faggot, many of them telling her to kill herself. Faggot likes to finger herself thinking of those notes.

Sofine has since realized what a crazy bitch Faggot was, and has made two journals detailing what went down.

More faggotry in comments, here, here, here, and here

MilanaM Drama

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: MilanaMill.

Sometime after Faggot claimed to have left Artist-Gossips and all gossip blogs for the 3rd time, she returned as disqus user Xaina. She submitted an anon post saying how people shouldn't critique someone's art if the artist is a 'higher level' than them. Of course people disagreed, causing Faggot to lose her shit again. At the time it was unknown that Xaina and Faggot were the same person as she insisted she didn't know who Faggot was. She would often post in the disqus of the posts, calling the blog "mean", and a terrible place. At some point, possibly to get rid of her crazy ass, someone (suspected to be Milana) reposted Faggot's "no critiques plz" confession to Artist-Confessions. Xaina, and another commenter named Lotia(Sythyx) then came to Artist-Confessions- which at the time was much like Artist-Gossip- saying the same things, and getting in fights with the other comment posters, who laughed at her idiocy.


She soon became very focused on one of the commenter's at Artist-Confessions, named MM. She started to stalk her DeviantArt page, and would start giant TL;DR fights on her posts. In an effort to troll MM, she even started to draw ugly caricatures of her, along with IQ dropping comments, which can be found here and here.

Whiteknight me my 22 watchers!

Eventually MM grew tired of her shit, and wrote a journal saying someone was upsetting her, but she didn't name who. This deeply upset Faggot, like it would any two year old. Instead of doing her normal TL;DR comments, she decided the best course of action was a TL;DR journal.

Like all great pussies, Faggot wrote a call-out journal, in hopes that her watchers would come and defend her. So using one of her many accounts, Faggot sent her 22 watchers after MM, using the account Niwa-Pon. Sadly, no one gave a fuck because no one liked Faggot anyway.

Soon after, the drama of making ugly caricatures of MM, and making shitty call-out journals about MM, made Faggot want to kill herself. According to Lotia, Xaina tried to kill herself. Sadly, it didn't work. Multiple commentators told her that she should just step away from the computer, but being the hambeast she is, she can't even make it through the door.

She also wouldn't listen to anyone who had an opinion that clashed with hers. People tried to explain that MilanaMill only made a journal, and didn't bring up any names. Whereas Faggot made art, and journals, all linking back to Milana. When people called Faggot a bully, she retorted saying that drawing caricatures, making journals asking people to attack her, and linking back to Milana's page wasn't bullying. She said the journal Milana made about how someone was getting on her nerves, but didn't say who, or link to her, was the real bullying. Adding more to crazy to the mix, Milana explained how those pictures reminded her of a very bad time in her past, and Faggot replied "Your past doesn't matter in this!", and then proceeded to talk about how her past was awful, and the drama reminded her of it. She also blamed Milana for not asking how she felt because of all of this. She accused Milana of not caring about her, because she only contacted her to get the pictures taken down. Obviously, she should have asked how Faggot felt while she was harassing Milana.

It all ended when Faggot tried to kill herself for the 300th time. Lotia(Sythyx), came to defend Faggot while she was supposedly in the hospital. Lotia passed around a screenshot of a wristband to show she had been hospitalized, apparently she had tried to kill herself because of the MilanaM drama. It didn't work, most likely because she never tried. Lotia blamed Milana for not thinking about how hurt Faggot was, because of the journal she made. She said that if Milana had just walked away from the internet fight, Faggot wouldn't have tried to kill herself. Many tears were shed over Faggot still being alive, the Gods were too cruel and decided to keep her living, to punish everyone else in the world.

The issue with Faggot and Milana was only resolved when the DA administrators banned their accounts for ban evasion. They even banned Sythyx(Faggot) for it, even though she said she'd never been banned before. Furthering the idea that Faggot and Sythyx are the same person.

An archive of Faggot/Niwa-pons profile for more faggotry here You can read half of the Xaina/Lotia crazy pack here


I gave out my bank account info and I'm blaming it on this blog

Tumblricon.png Artist Confessions started off as just another shitty artist gossip blog, but with the added feature of "confession" posts. Which were just anons BAAAWING about how their art sucks. Overtime it gained over 14k followers.

In March of 2014, the owner and only moderator of the blog decided she wanted some help running it. Like the asspie she was, she decided to hire two people who didn't even comment on the blog, with Tumblr accounts less than a week old. She gave over all of the account login information to them, and trusted them blindly. Giving them complete control of the blog.

Behold: Shit

The two new moderators she hired were Faggot, and Sythyx(Faggot). The community welcomed them without any hesitation, although the community too had never met them. Less than 2 weeks after they were hired, much of the community started to dislike them. Faggot couldn't keep her crazy personality in check, and it showed when they were talking in the blog. She even deleted a comment because the poster said someone was acting like an "arse", which she considered bullying.

On April 6th, they decided to strike. Claiming they hacked the blog, they deleted everything. All the posts, comments, and followers on Artist-Confessions were lost. They then reclaimed the URL, in hopes of making a new Artist-Confession under their control, which looked like a sparkle-dog took a shit all over it. Fitting for an emofag. They also made another tumblr just to gloat about taking down Artist-Confessions. Faggot, Sythyx(Faggot), and a person named Turnip all signed the post, and admitted it was them. Turnip is presumed to be Deviantart-favicon.png littlerainbowbottle, who was even too stupid for the admins standards, so he wasn't hired.

The retarded admin who hired them kept trying to get the old URL back, and had a lot of TL;DR chatlogs with them. Faggot even started to send anon asks to her personal blog. But, when Faggot realized the Artist-Confessions community wasn't sticking around for her new rainbow-vomit blog, she decided to strike a deal with the admin, to give back the URL.

Faggot and the admin had a Skype call that apparently lasted over 5 hours. During that time, Faggot revealed her "true" reasons for taking down Artist-Confessions.

A long, long time ago, a post about Faggot was made on Artist-Confessions. Because of said post, Faggot was bullied, because apparently she was too retarded to change her account. Her friend at the time decided to hack her bank account because of the post, and steal all 10 dollars in it, which she was going to use to move out. This all happened when she was twelve.

Which is a lie because Faggot is in her 20's, and the blog didn't exist when she was 12.

Eventually, after a night of crying and having their periods, the admin and Faggot became friends. Faggot gave back the URL and was appointed as a moderator again, which meant she had full access of the blog once more. This made much of the community very angry, rightfully so. Many of the commentators chose to leave Artist-Confessions because of this, unlike the admin, they could see she was fucking nuts.

Don't worry, they only have access to everything

In the Artist-Confession chatroom, Faggot cried about the community not liking her, even though she had blatantly stated the community was a shithole. She droned on and on, about how all she wanted was a fresh start for the blog, to make it what it should have been. When asked by a user if she wanted a fresh start, why didn't she start fresh as well, she refused to answer without it being asked multiple times. When she did answer, she stated the question wasn't necessary to answer, and said she only wanted a fresh start for the blog. Because starting over from scratch is too much work for Faggot. Which is why she eventually reveals herself in every new account she makes.

In an effort to get ass-pats, she asked the opinion of other blog members, about how they felt about the situation. When many blog members said they were unhappy, or had an opinion that wasn't "Faggot is God", she told them to shut up, or she'd ban them for starting an argument. When an attempt to take screenshots of these posts, users found the chatlogs were gone, deleted. When asked, Faggot played dumb. Yet only the posts she didn't like were gone.

This all happened while the original idiot admin babbled about how Artist-Confessions would rise from the ashes, once again proving herself to be a dumbshit.

Before almost half of the community left, Faggot decided to step down from the blog, revoking her admin status. Though many people have pointed out she could have done this far earlier, but only did so when they were losing followers, not because she truly realised what a cunt she was.

As of today Faggot still lurks around Artist-Confessions, and will try to pick fights with any commenter who doesn't kiss her feet.


More from a faggot About missing Pics

How to Troll Faggot

  • Have a different opinion than her.
  • Don't agree her opinion is the only right one.
  • No really, it's that easy.

How to Make Faggot Attempt Suicide

  • Same as above


Actual Whore Cactus
Her reaction when looking in the mirror

Satan's old DA Deviantart-favicon.png Satans-Cactus, and her new one Deviantart-favicon.png Asstrology. Satan was the brief scissoring partner of Faggot, before Satan dumped her after realising how worthless she was. However, that doesn't excuse Satan for being a faggot.

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  • Deviantart-favicon.png evangeline-star - Feel free to give her plenty of critiques while it lasts.

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