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Suzi Blu

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Cat eyes.JPG
Christ look at the size of that fivehead!
Protip: put tits at the top, the article will look better that way.
Her sites are filled with this sort of gobblety-gook.

You know the type. She does whatever she wants in the name of creativity, she sits and ponders the beauty of a new set of dreadlocks, her clothes are covered in paint that she wears like a badge of honor to her femininity, her vulva exudes dark mystery from the hardy bush that enshrines it, and she’s an EMPOWERED WOMAN who literally SINGS with the positive energy she discharges into the sun-dappled, crisp blue air of each and every brilliant new day. For Suzi Blu, every day is a brilliant new day and that is because she hypocritically reinvents herself constantly to suit each and every botched situation she manufactures for herself. Situations like being a porn star, repeatedly “recovering” from her alcoholism, getting knocked up by some dude and having an abortion, and finally, ripping off her sheeple art student clients. Then, when it is even remotely hinted that she might be wrong or that she might have made a mistake, Suzi Blu does what every other typical wigged out dimbulb on the internet does…she deletes fucking everything.


Suzi, in all her dreadlocked glory.
Hey, I have a great idea! Put down the stupid paintbrush and smug cup of coffee and clean up your fucking room.
I just want honor and be treated like the goddess that I am.


—Suzi Blu, a needy sociopath, speaking to her cat.

Suzi Blu is a 42 year old arts and crafts teacher who lives in her parent’s basement in New Jersey. There are several reasons why a grown woman with an education might live in her parent’s basement. These reasons include: financial duress, recent divorce, Trollitous (someone who likes dark damp cave like places, cant stand direct sunlight and is antisocial) or some kind of unforeseen tragedy in her life that might cause her to move in with mommy and daddy. However, none of these reasons are why this hippy-wannabe man hater lives at home. She lives there because she is lazy, clings to a belief that she is somehow artistically gifted, has a large amount of mental instability, and all of her ex-friends are sick of her shit and are not willing to endure living with the mooching slob any longer.


Who knew that this young tot would someday grow up to be a master manipulator? Oh yeah, her father did.
I've suspected the true nature of Suzi Blu for quite some time now. I do believe the term her ex roommate used was: Sociopath


—Former Suzi fan.

How we get to “here” as growing human beings is usually a quite interesting story. Suzi Blu’s journey to “here” is not very interesting, it is a story of repeated failures and disappointments, but it is also a tale of warning, populated with quite a few speed bumps that should be noted by anyone who wishes to take one of her online video classes or even if they just run into her on the street; schizophrenia coupled with sociopathic behavior is never pretty.

Kind of a Lesbian

Suzi uses sex to befuddle her patrons.
In Suzi's world men are all the DEVIL...unless they have a fat wallet.
To Suzi, all men are "wolves" and she's been single for something like 6 years.


—Wolves indeed, but only because women like this drive men to kill.

Suzi Blu has an on-again-off-again flirtation with lesbianism. Like many things in her life, each person she meets is greeted with a different Suzi who adapts herself in the best way she can to profit most from the situation. She uses her sexual orientation for profit, and in a cases where beggars like Suzi are concerned, profit can be any number of things be it money, a place to stay, to gain an edge over a competitor, or to just lay ruin to some person she has just met. It doesn’t matter to Suzi, as a sociopath and a liar, she feels no specialness towards lesbians. To her it is just a game of leverage.

Suzi hates men and refers to them as wolves unless they're weak and homosexual. Suzi CHOSE to be a lesbian a while back, and now she is straight again so I guess she thinks it is a choice.


—Right. It’s a choice when there is money on the table.

A fan made video describing Suzi's real sexual preference.


Perhaps she gets her opinion of men from some of the acting she has done in the past.
Now available online!
So she went from doing soft porn and stripping, right to making cutesy folk art on youtube as this sweet, quirky lady who suffers from major anxiety disorder.


—Disgruntled and ripped off ex-student.

In the mid 1990s Suzi was involved in the soft-core porn industry (selling her body for profit…are we seeing a pattern here yet?) and has been very vocal about her experiences in that profession. She has outted herself on her own webpage in an attempt to disarm any future situation that might occur if one of her pissed off customers should discover that she was at one time a stripper and also an actor who was raped by a tree. When a disgruntled student came forward and posted some images from the films on Suzi’s Ning page very quick LOCK, BAN, DELETE action occurred. For some odd reason, nobody was surprised. Suzi answered all of her naysayers about this new development by posting all of her sanitized pictures and explaining that she was out of the industry and had not performed in a porn film since at least 1996.

Then somebody found out she was in a porno flick in 2005. If you so desire, her videos are still available through RapidShare (see below for link) and are on sale at several seedy pay-per-view sites that cater to magical tree rape.

Gallery of Pornography

Something that I might think of as degradation, you might think of as a Friday evening!


—Suzi, discussing her pornography and stripping…er no, her artwork.

Ripping Off Her Roommates

Suzi moving out...or is it moving in. It doesn't really matter, that stuff isn't her junk anyways.
Lulu...the stolen dog.
"That poor doggie..." - Girlvinyl
Poster that eventually led to the capture of the thief Suzi Blu. Seriously...who steals a dog?
When I started watching her on Youtube, about a year ago, she was just moving in with a woman, Melissa, in Virginia. Not long after that, she posted a video where she's crying and saying this woman fucked her over, stole her dog, was in love with her, etc, etc.


—Another miffed and scammed art student of Suzi’s.

Down and out, Suzi Blu was invited to live in Virginia where she could make a fresh start of her ruin of a life. A friendly, honest, and charitable acquaintance took pity on the aging ex-porn star and decided to allow her to live with her, where the two of them could compose artwork together and live the life of creativity that both desired. To Suzi, this was nothing of the sort. Sure, she could live with this person and do all those creative and imaginative things, but why do all that? It would be easier to just mooch off of another benefactor and lead another well-meaning friend down a path of rage.

Is it fair that you are not living your dream because of money?


—Suzi from one of her several thousand YouTube videos.

The relationship soon soured because to Suzi, not paying for rent, bills, or food was her idea of artistic license. She was free to create whatever she wished (such delights as havoc, misery, and anguish) while somebody else paid for it and she wasn’t going to let silly things like a rental agreement, courtesy, and human decency get in her way. Something must have tipped Suzi off eventually, because several months into this twisted symbiosis, she packed up her shit and stole away in the middle of the night like the cowardly panhandling tramp she is. She even stole her (now) ex-roommate’s dog. WTF? What kind of loser steals another person's dog? Oh the kind that's concerned about leaving a dog with white trash.

Melissa, shocked and confused by the situation, was left a note written by Suzi telling her to keep or sell anything she has left behind, as if her shitty artwork is enough to pay for the food, rent, and utilities that she failed to cough up for. Melissa, distraught also by the theft of her dog, called the police. The police then went after Suzi and relieved her of the dog and returned it to Melissa. Suzi swears that the dog and the artwork that she left behind were stolen by Melissa and her fans and routinely attack Melissa for this…even though she is no longer a part of the community. To Suzi and her pack, Melissa is a mantra. To others, outside the fold, Melissa is a warning for other people who might be fished in by this chameleon of bedlam, moochery, and criminal behaviour. Who knows? Considering the fact that Melissa vandalized Suzi's site, which then led the drama to spread, who's side can you take? She talks like white trash, thinks she's bad ass, filmed her dog eating a toy..., could very well be an attention whore, and treats anything like high school drama. Both of them aren't sane and could very well make shit up but for the dogs sake...let Suzi take care of it.

no he never eats the squeaker , he just goes into some sort of trance, his eyes roll back and he becomes fixated until the squeaker is out, then its all over

ha, literally


—(Melissa's reply to people concerned about the dog)…Okay there Melissa...

Melissa keep doing what you do best; holding grudges, posting tons of comments and videos about Suzi, WRITING IN CAPS and acting like an obsessed ex-girlfriend. You're no better than Suzi and you have a bitter pussy, sprinkle sugar on it next time.

Minor Update

Since the events of this article have been detailed, a new incident has occurred concerning Suzi and her old roommate: Suzi has "lawyered up"in an attempt to "get back" some more of the junk she supposedly left in the attic. To pay for her legal fees, Lulu the Stolen dog has made an eBay site and is selling some of Suzi's old junk in an attempt to recoup some of her wasted time. Good luck with that Lulu...I can't see somebody paying good money for her crap.

suzi has sent some hack attorney after me to collect her "personal" shit that she was "storing" in my attic and "inadvertently" left behind. they can both kiss my ass. and i surely hope that he was paid in advance


—The old roommate. By the way, did I mention that there are Suzi Blu pieces still available on eBay?

Art Class

You gotta be kidding me...I paid for this crap?
Comment left in response to a suggestion from a casual blog reader.
Suzi blu has left a trail of disenchanted people in her wake. Those who don't see that are blind and foolish. Suzi blu is about one thing and one thing only, her own self-preservation. It is a shame that people get sucked into her bullshit but what can be said about that except the fact that you live and you learn.


—Art Class should be about learning. Learning about art, not scams.

Soon after the fiasco with Melissa, Suzi moves in with her parents and takes up residence in their basement. After a bit of contemplation, she decides to make YouTube videos displaying how to make her brand of art. It has often been said that “there is no account for taste,” and in this situation that old adage is quite true. Suzi’s crayon scrawling and doodles strike a chord with fellow feminists and dingbat housewives who have nothing but time on their hands and their husband’s credit card. Soon her video classes start taking off. Suzi creates a Ning network and begins the slow trip to success through internet hucksterism.

During this time, other internet artists see her ridiculous amount of success and a lack of anything to fill all the artistic voids that YouTube is so famous for so they begin to construct their own Nings and their own YouTube instructional videos. One such internet artist (and I use the term artist rather loosely here) named Jared Knight hooks up with Suzi and the two become friends.

Everything is sunshine and cupcakes until they all begin offering up classes and now Suzi has to compete. NINGGATE happens.


—A curious onlooker.

Once Suzi figures out that many might leave her magical and empowering site and spend their magical and empowering dollars on some other artist’s better instructional videos, she puts Jared on her “not friends” list, and then proceeds to remove anything remotely related to any other artist who might wish to advertise instruction from her site, even though she had encouraged it in the past. She also starts banning people who she feels might “imitate her artwork” but this soon devolves into arbitrarily banning anybody who might disagree with her. Speaking out loud of creation, magic, vitality, energy and empowerment aren't so empowering unless you are the one who holds absolute power over your zombie like automatons who robotically sit, stay, and attack at your slightest whim.

Hey guys, I know you paid for class, but could you stop working for a minute and take some time to help me get some free advertising?

In more recent news, Suzi has decided to scam her students into getting her some free advertisement from Somerset Magazine, a two-bit rag that caters to the kind of subhumans that Suzi knows she can bedazzle. Suzi recognizes a meal ticket and knows that she can use the backs of her hard working "girls" as stepping stones to get a job, get a free blurb, or at least get some notoriety for her next round of rip-off classes. She is currently asking her students to take pictures of their dolls they are making (yes, dolls) and to include perhaps a little sentence or two about how great Suzi is.

she's asking her "girls" to post pictures of themselves, holding their completed Petit Doll, to her via email, as well as to submit a little something about how great this class was. But, she's saying that she's looking to submit these pictures and these blurbs all to a Major Magazine Publication. Because, ya know, Major Magazine's always like to give away free ads in their publications, in the form of articles, right?


—Suzi should be teaching class, after all, her drones paid for it.

Suzi and her Vulva

One of many complaints about the closing of the VULVA.
A whole lot of angry vulva.

After all of the wreckage and discord of that situation, Suzi moves on to create something else. At first glance, it would appear that she is attempting to create an online magazine called “Vulva” that will be a tongue in cheek feminista manifesto with pastel doodles and scrawls mixed in. She then picks several of her inner circle to moderate and create this online rag and sits back, egging them on from the wings to hurry up and Create! Create! Create! Again, we see this pattern with Suzi. She does no real work herself, unless painting old grocery receipts and fashioning misshapen clay “earth mothers” could be considered work; she prefers to use up her ass kissing friends resources and talent instead of actually working on something herself. Finally the WOMYN POWER ezine is finished and presented to queen Suzi the Libertine for her perusal and acceptance.

The queen is displeased. Suzi Blu doesn’t like what her minions have worked on and presented to her. She then exiles her workers and deletes all of their work. Because she is obviously the only person who really “gets” her, she decides to take up the work herself. Vulva as an online magazine soon titters away into another boring online community called"A Lovely Dream.”

Here, Suzi discusses her Vulva project in a 30 minute bore-fest:

<video type="slutload" id="56tbxtyLaUW" width="540" height="406" desc="Cha Cha Changes..." frame="true" position="center"/>


View of her pigsty. If you look close enough, you can see hardened dog turds and empty bottles of Thunderbird.

Summing up all of the proceeding drama, insanity, and bullshit, one might wonder where all of the scatterbrained behavior comes from. Addictive behavior might be an excellent explanation. In an attempt to “open the air” with her pod of twisted fellow snobs, Suzi has come forward to explain that she is a recovering alcoholic. This affliction quite cleverly combines and sums up all of Suzi’s actions and behaviors. Only an addict would allow herself to be raped by a tree or be sold into phony slavery in a cheap porno film for pay unless they were looking for money for their next drink. Only an alcoholic would steal a dog in the middle of the night, regretting it later when the police show up. Only a drunk would be paranoid enough to slam everybody and everything in her online community for perhaps being as competent as she is where creation is concerned. But all of these things, they are what an alcoholic does. An alcoholic, usually in the height of drunkenness and passion, makes incredible blunders and only regrets them when they become sober. Some never become sober long enough to ever regret their misdeeds, living the sociopathic life of chemically induced neurosis, obsession, and denial.

Suzi explains that because of her new energy and creativity that part of her life is passed and she is in recovery…has been so for three years. Is this more sunshine and unicorns from this lying faux-artiste? Some of the people who live near her think not.

Many people with antisocial personality disorder frequently indulge in alcohol or drug use. They may use these substances heavily as a way of heightening their antisocial personality. The sociopath sometimes sees the world on his or her own terms, as a place of high drama and risky thrills. The sociopath may suffer from low self esteem, and the use of alcohol and drugs is a way to diminish these feelings.


—From a blog post located here. Perhaps posted by a neighbor?


Quirky? No, insane and living with her parents at 42.
She also wants to relive her childhood...while living in her childhood home.
but it's like groundhog day in SuziLand. The same crap day in day out.


—Anonymously posted on that huge blog entry that had 1200 replies.

While one peruses her sites and discovers Suzi, one will find an outrageously large number of quirks that will drive the average person batshit insane. If those quirks aren't enough, the syrupy saccharine nature of her art and her art playshops (she uses that term instead of workshop because she doesn’t like that word) will most assuredly push the reader over the edge, causing nausea, trembling, rage, and eventually death via aneurysm.


For context, please see here.

Suzi baits and switches her paying customers. A prime example of this is when she was to host a very expensive workshop in San Diego. The workshop, touted as being held in a beautiful cottage by the sea (owned by another art workshop teacher who she managed to con) turned out to be nothing more than Suzi’s backyard with no ocean in site. Have fun playing in the sprinklers and eating vegetarian hot dogs off the grill people, you have just been had.

On other occasions, she has banned several of her paying customers for openly disagreeing with her or, for something as simple as describing an alternate method for artistic creation. By doing this, Suzi does not need to produce her art videos while spending the money that hard working people have paid for them.

There have been some rumors of Suzi defrauding disability, but since nothing concrete has come to light at the time of this writing, it will only be mentioned here because it is hurtful and may get some of her drones to put down their happy paint brushes and realize what kind of double-crossing deceiver they are dealing with.

None of this should be surprising to anybody, she has stolen in the past and will steal in the future. What is surprising is that the same people (her retarded followers) will continue to allow her to do so. How empowering!

Exchanging Words

it's like chicks who think they are photographers because they have cameras and vaginas. bitch, you aint no photographer! just a cunt with a camera!


—sub_evil, switching out his own words and phrases concerning Suzi.

It has been mentioned above that Suzi will switch out words when she finds a word or phrase that she considers ugly or counterproductive. While this may appear to be “cutesy” and frivolous, it should also be remembered that Suzi is a liar and has, in the past, twisted words around like so much barbed wire to strangle her opponents. Also, to a bum like Suzi, words like “work” and “sacrifice” are quickly turned into new words like “play” and “refusal to allow oneself to give in.

Mixed Media

you're a painter.....BITCH PAINT MY HOUSE!


—Choni explaining how he would discuss artwork with Suzi.

The majority of Suzi’s online artwork are collages of crap that she calls “Mixed Media.” These amount to no more than several layers of scrap booked trash that she has found floating around the environs of her parents house. She then glues the pile to a book or a poster board and then tries to sell it. Usually some dipshit with a fat wallet, no brains, and a membership to one of her pay sites will pick the garbage up for around thirty dollars.

Mixed Media Gallery

Is it crap? Is it Crayola? Whatever is going on here, fools take classes on how to do this stuff.

Clay Dolls

When Suzi isn’t busy stapling pictures of her fucking dog to plywood boards and then covering them with electrical tape, she will mold little dolls that look like they were made out of Pla-Doh. Occaisionally, she will paint these dolls and then talk to them, giving them such names as “Goddess” and “Glitterboy.”

Video Delivery

When performing her tutorials that attempt to teach the gluing of rubbish and debris to notebooks, Suzi will “slut up” the process by giving wanton glances at the camera, putting close ups of her braless tits in the screen, and interspersing her artwork with commentary that sounds like it is being delivered by either a 13 year old girl or by a 45 year old prostitute who has smoked Kool cigarettes for the last thirty years. It becomes apparent that this is all an act when a video of Suzi is seen where she is acting like her normal, tired, hung over old self.

The Dread Queen

During the formation and construction of the Vulva online magazine, Suzi got it into her head to make dreadlocks for herself. She then went out and purchased several hundred dollars worth of fake hair and made herself over to look like a white Rastafarian dipshit who had been vomited on by a elf who had eaten too many rainbow cakes. Happy with this outcome, she simply ignored any work or questions concerning the magazine and toyed with the idea of branching out and making videos that would teach boneheaded chicks how to weave crappy looking hunks of colorized hair.

Mentally deficient simpletons will probably shell out ten bucks a video for this tripe and grin happily with dull smugness as they walk down the street with their new neon green and pastel purple hair extensions, not knowing that the majority of humanity views their wrecked coiffure as a sign of unemployment, mental instability, and extra chromosomes.

Fake Emails

Like people care about this shit anymore...c'mon Suzi!

From time to time, Suzi will post some outlandishly foolish email on one of her 37 blogs. The email will be so contrived and so obviously made up, you will be able to see right through it and understand that yet again, Suzi is doing something forced or strained because she has a soapbox or cross she wished to climb upon so that she can give a sermon.

So you don't like gay people lady. Do they creep you out? What exactly bothers you - the kissing part, the anal part, the vag touching vag part? I want to know what part of the human to human contact gets your panties in a bunch? They are bunched up, I can feel them from here. Giant baggy panties holding closed all your love goodies. Protect you they do. Get em on tight. Cover yourself up!


—Suzi admonishes somebody who is not there.

Things About Suzi That Will Piss You Off

What do I wish for? A hand gun right about now.
Bitching about non-existent problems.
You probably could use a "C" button besides a new place to live.
If you think my philosophy is not good for your daughter by all means, have a talk with her. Tell her suzi blu is CRAZY and is 41 and LIVES IN HER PARENTS HOUSE IN HER OLD BEDROOM. I mean, what the hell do I know?


—Suzi, explaining her success to a worried mother.

One might only watch one of her insipid videos or listen to one of her droning podcasts to discover new found rage within seconds, but to forego that trauma, here is a list of stuff you will hear and see should you choose to view or listen to one of Suzi’s media files:

  • Buzzwords like: dreams, drive, empowerment, love, respect, freedom, permission, ambition, make it work, glitter, get back on that horse, emergence, forget, morality, and IT’S MY LIFE I AM FREE TO DO WHATEVER I WANT.
  • Constantly referring to herself in third person.
  • Discussions about her hair-shedding cat.
  • Discussions with her hair-shedding cat.
  • Jittery and out of focus videos that are meant to instruct.
  • Brief diatribes concerning religion, war, politics, tattoos, dust mites, and gasp, men.
  • Lengthy diatribes concerning religion, war, politics, tattoos, dust mites, and gasp, men.
  • Pictures of her incredibly stupid and rat-like dog.
  • The same calliope music clips played ad nauseum to give the viewer an atmosphere of “whimsy.”
  • Instructions on how to write down your desires and dreams.
  • Several things that will suck the time right out of your life!
  • She will speak in an incredibly high voice that will rape your ears like a chainsaw held by a very small, but cute, fairy covered in pink and teal paint. She has been known to call this her dolphin voice. Avoid it at all costs.
  • She teaches her paid classes with the use of stuffed animals and finger puppets. Acting out little dramas that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.
  • Describing men as wolves constantly.
  • Her constant moralizing on every subject.

Pedophilia…or at Least Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

Rumors of bestiality and fur faggotry swirl around her as well.
I remember when she encouraged one 14 year old boy to watch the L Word. Actually NO! Forced him. He kept saying he was tired and needed to go to bed and she kept saying, No! Watch it till the end it gets really good! (It was a graphic sex scene) I also remember her giving him links to viberators and telling him sex at his age is cool. Sure this kid is cool and very grown up acting, but Yuck. A 40 something year old woman talking to a kid that way is just wrong and gross.


—Anonymously posted in the comments section of the Ning diatribe against Suzi.

Reverting Possible Vandalism

Suzi pulling more of her "delete fucking everything" bullshit. Sorry honey, this isn't your shitty YouTube or retarded Ning page, its for real.

As predicted, upon the upload of this page to Encyclopedia Dramatica, Suzi was told of its existence and she quickly tried to get rid of anything said about her here on ED's learned and hallowed pages. Unfortunately for Suzi, she ran into Mysterybot, Marukomuru, and That Thing There who quickly realized what kind of dope she is and promptly laid the smackdown. Hey Suzi, its a wiki, you can't pull your shit here!

Since she is banned, she probably won't see this, but on the off chance that she does...or sends one of her queer white knights, make sure you spam her talk page.

What can we predict for the future? Considering the fact that she is a huge drama queen, she won't be able to leave this one alone, expect legal threats, lolyers emails, DMCA's and whatever this dingbat can think of.



Excusemewtfrudoin.jpg STOP!

It is perfectly acceptable to have dox in articles. There is no rule about this anymore. For moar info, please ask a Sysop.
If you knew this already, save us some time and tell your friends.

Suzi occasionally wants to be pen pal sluts with various people she finds around the net. If you happen to be one of the lucky few she chooses, you don't have to wait for her to text you her address, you can just check it out here...

Suzanne Pepe
1855 Freda Lane
Cardiff By The Sea

Cell Phone: 732-585-0099

This address is perfect for launching complaints about her shitty services, if you are the unhappy recipient of such trash. If you call and a guy answers, don't worry, that's the guy who actually owns the house, but is never around. Just leave a message for Suzi.


Stacy. It is tragic that this sort of housewife is allowed to breathe.
Note the confusion.

Stacy is one of Suzi’s more impressive brainwashing jobs. Suzi can literally yell “Jump” at her and Stacy will reply “How high?” Actually, it is even more desperate and disturbing than that. Suzi can openly insult Stacy online and Stacy will eat it up like it is chocolate covered vanilla ice cream covered in Suzi’s boogers. She loves the con artist that much.

In one particular example of this sort of extreme carelessness and blindly following Suzi’s directions, Stacy was told to paint her own vagina and then press it to paper to make prints. Briskly and without question, Stacy did this and was met with Suzi’s scorn. Suzi spent several hours heckling, mocking and making fun of Stacy, at one point even telling the woman that her vagina looked like an elephant’s ear.

Stacy didn’t care though, she basked in Suzi’s contempt, exhibiting her own mental instability and managing to look like a retarded puppy in the process.


The first section deals with an epic diatribe posted on a blogspot located here. The second section, denoted in the morphquote, are quotes taken from Suzi herself.

I'm not anonymous because I'm afraid of Suzi. Why would I be afraid of a 40 year old who couldn't get her shit together if she tried? I'm anonymous because I don't want the drama on my doorstep. Just know you're not alone and that a lot of people see that fake ass bitch for what she really is.


—Anonymous on the huge comments thread.

Omg Marylin! I was in the chat room that time vulvazine was thought up! I actually really, really wanted to be a part of it. But unlike you girls, Suzi didn't really take to me. It really bothered me at the time, but damn I guess I'm glad now.


—lia from the 1200 post comments section.

Lia, I'm glad you got to stay in the goddess class. I got banned for filing a PayPal dispute!


—Sunny crying about five bucks...five canadian bucks.

I am wondering, do sociopaths always refer to themselves in the third person as Suzi does? I always thought it was strange for her to talk about herself this way, as if she were referring to someone else. Suzi's true colors are showing very clearly to me.



Bravo! I also took Suzi's first class and felt a bit disenchanted with her "air headed" behavior. When I received the first set of materials, I was a bit surprised at the lack of thought that went into them - I mean things were actually spelled incorrectly! Although that turned me off from a professional standpoint, I - like so many others - kept to it because I had already spent the money.



Have you read all that passive aggressive bullshit Suzi is vomiting all over her youtube? And is it any wonder that you can't speak your truth on her youtube or blog? She only let's certain comments through.



Admittedly, there was some pretty stalkery creepy shit going down on the ning site before she started to shut it down. Someone called "Suzi boo hoo" put up a bunch of pictures of Suzi from her stripper days with cruel captions. It was just so disgusting and demeaning. Made me sick.


—Trolls Remorse from Erica

some of us see suzi's faults and yet still want to learn art from her....without a need for friendship or approval or anything else. some of you need to grow up and move on with your lives.



I just said bye-bye to all my friends on Suzi's Ning as I will not be following her to her paid site. She literally said in her video that if you can't afford the $10 (and who is she to decide whether or not that's not a lot of money) the friendship must end. I've never paid someone just so I could be friends with them....


—In Suzi’s world, the price of friendship is ten dollars.

suzi, i have to tell you. i am disappointed in your blog. i really thought it was about the art, not vulvas and strippers and lesbians. you do such great art. what happened to it? I live in NYC, so don't think i am some sheltered girl. believe me, i am not. i just think you need to get a check on how you want to be represented. corporations don't really wanna be associated with vulvas.


—sincerely, a concerned fan.

Marie Antoinette reminds me that all of life can be a party. The way I put on my make-up, the way I do my hair, how i set the table for breakfast, everything can be creative and theatrical if I want it to be.


—When you don’t have to pay for anything, life can be a party.

I want my clothes to matter.


—Only if somebody else is paying for them.

I gotta tell ya - it feels wonderful when I get emails saying oh oh oh Im ready can you please show me how to make pretty art and then sell it.


—Then Suzi realizes you are a competitor and makes up bullshit about you.

Sitting in bed with horrid period pains and gigi refusing to eat her dryfood and picking at her chicken, a brand new beautiful idea has dawned on me. (long boring stupid idea) I will put up my Legendary journal entry as soon as my Aleve kicks in.


—Blogging about her twisted vagina and its monthlies.

It's humble drinking tea instead of coffee but I realized that not having the shakes all day long makes me easier to be around. When I was 28 the ambulance guys were entirely sick of me calling them with FUCK I CANT BREATHE


—Yet another sociopathic symptom of her schizophrenia. Also, how are those alcohol shakes treating you?



Not Suzi's work,
but her sites are literally covered in menstruation blood.

Not flattering. Somebody made this to piss Suzi off.

This is a video of the note that Suzi left her roommate...
right before she ditched her and left without paying the bills.

Glibness and superficial charm...victims of Suzi unite!

I DONT THINK THEY ARE CRAZY! Holy shit this girl is crazy!

Videos of Suzi Doing Stupid Shit

If you are one of the lucky suckers that subscribes to Suzi's lunatic asylum videos, this is a small sampling of what you actually get when you pay for her outlandishly inferior instruction videos...and yes, you get to pay Suzi to tell you about how her little rat of a dog takes a shit.

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RapidShare of her softcore porn movie "Slave Girls on Auction Block 1313." She appears briefly and is molested by a WOLF!...

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