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There is art. And then there is the gay shit that is drawn at Suta-Raito Oekaki Advance. Pretty much all members of DevianTart fap to the idea of being a member there. The owner, Kuitsuku, is one of the most popular artists among the widdle furfags that lurk across the internets.

In order to contribute to the animu furrie fuckfest, one must try-out by drawing three "best effort" images. All that the noobs want to do is just hang out and draw with them, but apparently stick figures don't cut it. Lulz are often a product of trolling in this area.

Suggestions on Try-Outs

  1. Draw an anatomically retarded kitsune.
  2. Draw an anatomically retarded portrait of Kagome.
  3. Draw tacos, lots of tacos... they love tacos there.
  4. Draw a picture of a hawt bishie. They schlick to hawt bishies.
  5. Draw 3 pictures that display an entire body (head to feet people), experiment with the art tools, and try really hard with the shading (After all, a penis has to look 3-D).
  6. Write "so am i in????"
  7. Even if you aren't accepted, begin drawing anyway.
  8. Draw any kind of penis.
  9. Draw the Burger King King, 'cause Burger King is good and you should eat more of it.
  10. Draw wet nipples bulging through a wifebeater, eggbeater, penisbeater, any kind of beater really...
  11. Draw some hot girls with pigtails in a pin up fashion... maybe redheaded?
  12. Draw buttfuckery -- gay stuff for those of you who do not understand compound words.
  13. Basically draw anything that adds to the "lawlz".

So What Is SROA?

SROA is an "advanced" oekaki that has approximately 2750 members.

Things you will find on SROA

You're doing it wrong.

Yes, some of the greats from Deviantart lurk and even draw here. Vanillakitsune draws here quite frequently, and usually gets a lot of comments on her lovely drawings of dog dicks. Of course, her long-winded emote-riddled replies to said comments give the appearance that people actually give a shit about her art. It's all be part of the asspat game that works a lot like tag but much more amusing to watch.

SROA and teh Gay

Every single male character on SROA is gay. There are no exceptions. Except for this one time when a character was about to bone his girlfriend, but then Phoenix Wright came along and he was like "Objection," and she was like no way, so he didn't bone his girlfriend. There are many theories as to why this is, but the most prominent of these theories is that every member is so ugly and retarded and unlikely to score that even thinking about fucking someone of the opposite gender makes them orgasm. Instead of having to clean themselves up every time they pick up the tablet pen, the wiser members choose to draw fags. Another theory is that girls like sensitive guys, but guys are not sensitive if they are straight, therefore they make them gay. Delicious cock.

However, it should be mentioned that a recent weekly theme was to draw pin-ups, and quite a few women were drawn. Even a male character was drawn as a woman.


i hate drawing women. actually that's a lie they just frustrate me because they always just come out looking like little boys.


— a comment that reflects the inner thoughts of every SROA member. But some like drawing teh gay little boy cock.

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