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Susan J. Elliott

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Susan J. Elliott = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

DAMN! Can you believe this looker is single guys?
Susan J. Elliott
Given Name(s) Susan J. Elliott (real name), $u$an J. Elliott
State Of Being Soulless Attorney
Nationality American
Born November 19, 1956
Occupation Attorney/Psychologist
Classification Cyber Bully
Residence New York
Reasons for her hate of you Dislikes your religion, Your Bad English Skills, Can't sue the internet, Thinks you're an idiot because you disagree with her, You're an X-Mas Tourist in New York, You say Will-Shy-Err and not Vil-Sher, You didn't vote in her recommended way

Ytuser|YouTube Favicon.png GettingPastYourPast

Accuse others of doing the same as you before they can accuse you of the same and you will always appear to people as an underdog hero, being seen as the only one who is actively looking out for their interests and blowing the whistle for them.


—L. Ron Hubbard

Have you ever met that one person who just keeps talking and talking because they feel they've earned some entitlement because some mail order university gave them a degree?

That alone describes Susan J. Elliott. In short, she is another run of the mill, bat-shit insane, all around Feminazi libtard suffering from Unwarranted Self-Importance that should be barefoot, Pregnant and have never left the kitchen, because Men are hungry and she should be making them sammiches and bringing them beers rather than trying to succeed in her secret man-hating club goal of either boring all men to impotence or destroying them with her secret power up move of giving out Brain Tumors, like they were Halloween candy, through her incessant use of Social Media because an alleged Uncle had to go and convince her she was interesting when he was making Small Talk during one of his ostensible attempts at molesting her that he called an ice-cream party.

Actually believing him and his supposed conversations - she is still convinced that people, especially men, actually care about what she has to say and still has yet to Shut The Fuck Up.

Susan J. Elliott and Leah Remini

No doubt exists that all women are insane; it's only a matter of what degree


—W. C. Fields

A long, long time ago - way back in the 1980s when Susan was in her early 50s- she fell in love with a young actress named Leah Remini on a really terrible, piece of shit television show that spawned even bigger turds like Beverly Hills 90210 called Saved By The Bell.

Like all 16 year old girls, but really creepy because she was well into her 50's back then, Susan J. Elliott projected herself onto Leah Remini's character and saw only herself instead of Leah's character as she fantasised about hours long make-out sessions that included everyone: Zack, Screech, Kelly and even Mr. Belding. Everyone.

Now even older, more senile, and unable to employ logic or piece together a coherant sentence, Susan still worships her goddess Leah Remini much the same way a weeaboo defends his body pillow waifu from his Mother and the washing machine. Blindly loyal, like a fantard starting a flame war because someone dared call their favorite Animu Boku No Pico gay, she doesn't think or employ rationality and just climbs right up on her high horse of selfrighteousness attacking anyone who even slightly suggests Leah Remini's intentions against Scientology are less that altruistic and motivated by money or rather greed.

For all her claims to be a psychologist and a lawyer, logic doesn't compute with her or is of which she is incapable. She is always right simply because she is the expert and has degrees. For instance, if she were to say Scientology is stupid because they believe in the Xenu story, by pointing out that she or Leah Remini is a Catholic and believes that a man floated up to heaven to become G-D, you are automatically a troll and paid by Scientology. If Susan J. Elliott says that Scientology is evil because it protects pedophiles and you point out that Leah Remini is now a Catholic and the Catholic Church has a 2,000 year long history of molesting children and protecting pedophiles, you are a retard and a Scientology apologist. No matter how truthful these claims are against the Catholic Church or rather trying to point out that you can not point out the sins or flaws of one group and ignore these same sins and flaws of another simply because you have named one a cult. These arguments have no relevance to her because she only sees Scientology as an evil cult akin to Charles Manson's family and Catholicism is a religion and religions don't actively seek out to hurt people, especially children. Religions like Catholicism are there to help.

In an argument Susan doesn't even approach what you have said. You can write the most beautifully worded argument since Plato first decided to question his surroundings and apply a scientific method of thought and Susan will just ignore it and go straight into the Leah Remini, Scientology taught tactic of avoiding, or rather, ignoring the comment entirely and going straight into calling the poster a retard, stupid, crazy, psycho, brainwashed or whatever insult pops out of her dusty, man-starved cooch because any acknowledgement of a foreign idea is a chance to dispute her beliefs.

Susan J. Elliot's Logical Defense of Leah Remini

Susan J. Elliot's great logical defense or rather, leap of faith on why Leah Remini isn't just about the money and is above greed when it comes to her cash cows of books and TV shows "Exposing $cientology" is that Leah Remini already has enough money and doesn't need it.

Remember, this is even after Leah has admitted to dropping close to $6 million on $cientology lessons, paraphernalia and also having money problems before she sold her book to an estimated advancement of $5 million.

If we are actually expected to believe Susan's naive argument that Enough Is Enough then she discredits her own admitted libtard philosophy of The Rich are always getting richer, because if a C-List actor like Leah Remini has enough money and doesn't need or would want anymore then she already has how are we to believe it when fuckwit lefties like her say that the Robber Barons are greedy con-men that want to crush the poor because they can never have enough.

This whole statement of Leah, Having enough already, is proof of Susan deifying Leah Remini. She has already imagined Leah in her head and without even knowing her Susan makes these bold statements about her, to make Leah look like some Joseph Campbell style hero from a Greek tragedy that is incoruptible.

Much like Tom Cruise and being someone who claims to know psychology, Susan J. Elliott is jumping on a couch and missing the first step that comes with joining a cult in that she's ignoring the truth about a person and creating her own truth based on what she wants to believe that has no factual basis in the real world.

Susan J. Elliott And Her Possible Problem With L. Ron Hubbard And $cientology

File:Susan J Elliott Free Xenu123.jpg
L. Ron Hubbard didn't have any fancy degrees but Xenu made him a billionaire while $usan J. Elliott is still trying to get her books in checkout lines at a supermarket
File:Susan J Elliott Hubbard456.gif
All you need is some hair brained, garbage can idea that claims to fix some made up, pop-culture ill. Make sure to charge the people coming to you an exorbitant price for a fancy light show that will bring about a temporary placibo effect and covince them you can heal them; then be sure to tell them that they need to keep coming back if they ever want to be better and you're either a $cientologist or a P$ychologist

If you have taken a good look at Susan J. Elliott you probably noticed that she's not very good looking. Like so many aesthetically challanged girls, Susan J. Elliot considers herself an expert on dating and relationships. Having penned a self-published book titled Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss Into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You. She even has a Pay To Better Yourself, self auditing, 6 week Heartbreak Bootcamp where people pay her to teach them how to move on from hiding in rose bushes and stalking their last lover to getting over it and finding that new special person that wants to be stalked and finds it endearing when dead bunnies show up in their mail box.

Most of her anger against L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology probably comes from the fact that she can't seem to get a strong foothold in the self-help market while, being a notorious hack and what she calls an insane idiot, L. Ron Hubbard had people throwing book deals and money at him for his horrible SciFi novels and even worse self-help, garbage can psychology while Susan with all her degrees and so-called knowledge has to self publish because no real publishers will back her cracker-jack ideas on relationships and she just can't find people really willing to drop obscene amounts of cash on a 6 week, self auditing, relationship class, $175 for a 60 minute Skype session if you live outside New York, $225 an hour to come to your house for an appointment (You most likely have to pay travel expenses if you live out of the area), $75 for a half-hour phone interview, $85 for 5 text replies, there's the money savers option of $150 for 10, $1,500 for a 5 hour class to teach professionals her break up theories or $150 an hour for a GPYB phone appointment.

Compare all this to the $150 - $200 an hour rate for auditing in $cientology or $7,000 for 30 hour courses ($usan charges $1,500 for a 5 hour course so a 30 hour course would cost $9,000) and remember, $usan J. Elliott has gone on record saying $cientology is evil because it sells itself as wanting to help people when it's actually all about making money. It should be noted that P$ychology is a lot like $cientology in that when you seek them for help you never get better and need to keep seeing them for the rest of your life. One visit and both own your ass with recomended books to buy, counseling, etc. Even more, you have to PAY up to $200 an hour to someone who is taking notes and recording what you say during visits in P$ychology, also you must obey every one of their whims about buying books, extra visits and all and all handing over your money to them If You want To Get Better.

She's jealous of L. Ron and wishes she could some how come to have what he has or rather had before he gave up his body to go live with Xenu. All in all she is a child thinking she's an adult playing the game of discredit the person who has what you really want most in life.

Much like the ugly girl rationalizing to her emo blog on why she's so much better than the pretty girl with the nice body, rich parents, huge tits and long legs by saying she's smart, has a personality and genuinely cares about people, all $usan J. Elliott is really doing is hating on L. Ron Hubbard because he and $cientology have everything she wants out of life: money, fame, a tax-free status and brain washed accolites who will do whatever is ordered of them and not because Scientology is an evil, money making, brain washing organization that makes the CIA's MK-Ultra program look like a kid's game of Red Rover or Simon Says.

Susan J. Elliott The Attorney

For all her self proclaimed liberal sensibilities and libtard beliefs it will do your heart good to know that $usan is a Malpractice attorney in New York.

Now before you go Ahhh and start dancing with kittens you should know that the firm she works for defends the doctors and protects the insurance companies.

Instead of following her leftist, liberal, Rage Against the Machine philosophy for a better world by punishing the rich doctors and insurance companies for their plotting against Obama Care - the firm she works for actively defends these so called Vampiric doctors and protects the insurance companies, that the left accuses of sucking away at the health of America, by defending the doctors in Malpractice suits and keeping insurance payouts down.

If you know anyone who had the wrong kidney removed and lost their law suit against the doctor, someone like her defended them. If an anesthesiologist gave your mom to much medicine and she never woke up, the reason you lost the case when you tried to sue is because someone like her was defending the anesthesiologist.

I think it was George Carlin who said, "The thing I can't stand about my own, liberals, is how they pretend to be disgusted by money even when they are making it hand over fist."

Susan J. Elliott The Psychologist

For starters she's one of the so called Experts for Psychology Today. No, seriously. This so called juvenile person that breaks into a flood of insults against any person that dares insult her personal heroes like Leah Remini is a psychologist and a so called expert for the Magazine Psychology Today.

The irony about her behaviour is if it was someone else calling one of her children or a relative this flood of insulting names with such obvious maliciousness she'd be marching into court, screaming to the high heavens how such behaviour damages our society, is known to cause suicide in teens and it is a shame Twitter and our modern society allows it to continue by doing nothing, conceivably right before she sues every single person involved including those responsable for the birth of the internet.

If $usan is what is representing psychology as an expert, I can see why actors like Mel Gibson, Randy Quaid and all the $cientology nuts like Tom Cruise are convinced it is a scam dealing more with imaginary pop culture issues than real problems like what actually leads to that spark of evil that can cause an 80 year old grandfather who has never done a bad thing in his life to round up all his neighbors into a barn and set it on fire, killing everyone inside because a soldier told him to.

Now before you accuse me of hyperbole, remember, if this biased, biggoted, angry and spiteful woman has a job at a hospital - she can lock your ass up, legally, for a 90 day observation if you do something, anything to piss her off. She has even said she would, almost word for word, lock a person up for no other reason than because she doesn't personally like them. She has even gone so far as wishing she could have these people in hospital when she was in charge of doing the psych evaluations so she could comitt them, Just Because.

Medical ethics my ass. These are the people in charge. You should, we all should be very afraid. These comments can't be argued away as jokes especially when someone holds this kind of power.

Susan J. Elliott: Whale Biologist, Telling It Like It Is

Determined to establish herself as some sort of go-to online expert, $usan J. Elliott moves faster than a obsessesed Fanboy patrolling fanmade websites to point out mistakes and enforce, through ridicule, fan-decided sexualities and accepted shipping combinations when it comes to her current undertaking to be seen as THE Authority on all things Political and Psychological when it comes to the internets and Donald Trump.

The structure of $usan's posts, in this area, appear to be modeled after an uninspired, unfunny Seth MacFarlane Family Guy joke with her saying something like, "Back when I was was working at Bellvue Hospital as a Psychiatric Intake Counsiler. . ." to follow it up with something that is devoid of any analysis or veracity and is simply said to serve only as an insult such as, "I saw people with that statue disease that did nothing but breathe and they still had more going on in their head than Donald Trump.

$usan, like so many women, kids and the autistic, believes that the internets is her own, personal soap box. She, like the current online mentality, has it in their narcissic interpretation of imaginary rights and made up laws that they apply to the internet, feels that she has an inalianable right to point out others faults no matter how reminiscent it may be to outright insulting them because she's, "Telling it like it is." Furthermore, should you do the same, avoiding the insults, and negatively comment on $usan's malice filled musings on all things political then you are just another bully that hasn't gotten the memo that negative comments regarding another's posts are no longer permitted on the internet.

$usan is a living, breathing reminder of why so many people believe that New York is the shit hole of the United States and should be nuked by Kim Jong-un the first chance he gets to the worship and adolation of the other 49 states.

Whether it be her Tweeting that Christmas time tourists should just go home because all they're doing is getting in her way and because "G-D is dead" or how she won't give directions to tourists and hopes that they get raped and killed in New York's back alleys and streets because they're not real enough and subscribe to her belief that TRUE New Yorkers refuse to accept the name change and it will always be 6th Avenue and not The Avenue of Americas. She can be found on her twitter preaching this in the same way; with the same vindictiveness and overbearing, pompous and xenophobic attitudes that could come from any militant White Supremacist refusing to acknowledge maps and recent city declarations announcing that their beloved Robert E. Lee Blvd was renamed Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. because change shouldn't be allowed to happen.

Some have said that if they didn't know better, they would say that $usan actually wants to become that face that people think of when people say New Yorkers are all irredeemable assholes.

Susan J. Elliott: $cientolgy, Everyone Is Out To Get Me

$usan J Elliott goes on and on and on About missing Pics

Remember, her defense is she only called people idiots.

Requiring fifty-thousand words to say something that Chris Chan can say in four, or rather Them Damn Dirty Trolls, $usan J. Elliott has tried to shirk off all responsibility for her actions of name calling, cyber bullying and being an all around online cunt to play the role of victim that follows her trash can, pop psychology, self-published, relationship advice that it's never her fault and she did what everyone should do and confronted her tormentors with enthusiasm to stand up for herself like a confident, modern woman should when she set out to castrate everyone on Twitter that dared question Leah Remini's integrity.

For "Being the one with the degrees," $usan doesn't seem to understand that when you contribute to a magazine, website, any and all forms of media publications that you are personally representing them in everything you do and say and many, such as Psychology Today have ethical rules for their contributers to follow because the last thing they want is to publish an article about children committing suicide because someone called them fat, Stupid or ugly and then have one of their contributers running around and calling children fat, stupid and ugly. In other words, language and actions that someone such as $usan uses as evidence to argue that our Great god emperor is an immature child and should be impeached, but when it's from her, it's a G-D given right of free speech and self-defense.

"Hostile, rude, or difficult attitudes toward fellow contributors, editors, readers, and commenters. Please be friendly, on the site and the Internet in general. Since you are a contributor to our site, it is important that you carry on any online disagreements respectfully and not in a manner that reflects negatively on PT."


Psychology Today Guidelines

Like most Left leaning, west coast educated, self proclaimed Strong Women - it isn't her fault. Nothing is ever her fault. This all happened only because there's a conspiracy against her. $cientology has set their sites on her and are out to get her because Leah Remini liked a post $usan made on Leah's Twitter that $usan believes succinctly describes $cientology as an "institutionalized mental illness.". Allegedly, this whole conspiracy against $usan is happening because, as she claims, her articles on Psychology Today kept its website alive as they received thousands upon thousands of readers each day and $cientology wanted her articles taken down so that some poor, abused woman trapped in a $cientology church, or Tom Cruise's most recent wife, wouldn't be able to find strength from them.

Much like a Child Molester trying to excuse their behaviour by claiming that it was the 3 year old girl who seduced him, $usan tries to reduce her involvement by claiming that she did nothing, despite above images proving that she took an active, aggressor involvement in trolling everyone, anyone with a male name, that she believed was insulting Leah Remini, or rather, anyone who $usan claimed was a $cientology hired troll of Leah Remini's who dared to do the untinkable and disagree with Leah Remini. In $usan's very own words of "I. Do. Not. Take. Abuse." and using the tried and true trolling tactics of pulling rank by reminding everyone of her education. Outright Insults, calling people idiots, stupid, morons and insane. Playing Grammar Nazi, calling people stupid and making fun of them because they misspelled a word because everyone knows that spelling counts on the internet, $usan went on the offensive and started actively attacking everyone she named a troll.

Perhaps this is what another ED editor suggested as being $usan's last attempt at a Troll Shield or the real life game of resume misdirection as she tries to play 21st century, Feminist Martyr by claiming that she was fired because she committed the unpardonable sin of being a Woman trapped in a Man's world that decided to express an opinion rather than $usan's outright attempts at trying to defame our Great and mighty god emperor with libelous tweets stating that the Trump Family kills animals.

Remember, if you can't we're pretty sure $usan J. Elliott will remind you ad nauseam in the same way a 17-year-old crater faced male has to remind every girl within listening distance that he drives a Corvette that his Daddy the doctor bought him, she's the one with all the degrees and is an attorney.

Susan J. Elliott: The Consummate Victim

Sometime during the great Morphine addiction epidemic following World War One Susan J. Elliott was born to a mother who, after taking one look at her, quickly put her up for adoption by leaving her in a dumbster behind a High School because nothing restricts a life on the streets more than an unpreposessing child.

Unadoptable, Susan quickly fell through the cracks of our social systems as she was made to work as a chimney sweep, a child laborer working as a press operater in an aluminium factory that ended up taking 3 of her fingers, a courier that delivered toys to more fortunate children and as a canary in an Allegheny Coal Mine. It wasn't until, she suggests, she was eight that she was adopted by a China Town Brothel and made to lance the boils of the more sickly fille de joies that Susan claims she finally found a home.

But it didn't last.

Finding herself surrounded by lifestyles of debauchery, self indulgence and out and out immorality Susan found herself giving in to the vices of her adopted mentors and started living a life of Self Injury, drugs and sex with blind men that some claim would beat her for the smallest of transgressions like burning the toast. One way or another, she found someone desperate enough to marry her and to her dissapointment as a future Feminazi, Susan had 3 sons and finding herself staying married, like how all women are taught, for their sake so they can learn to take their places at the head of a male-centric world where dominating women is a prerequisite.

In the traditions of a bad Lifetime, Woman's network, story designed to elicit sympathy $usan suggests it was when her youngest son finally left his basement apartment at 30 that she finally grew tired of being victimised. She had grown sick of the drugs, the abuse, the abandonment and being made to be a second class citizen simply because she had the misfortune of being born without a penis. Even her sons played a role in this victimisation with their expectations of her role as a woman, demanding that Susan feed them three meals a day, wash their clothes along with other duties children expect a mother to take on.

It was some time ago in the 1980s when $usan became empowered after watching an episode of Saved By The Bell, featuring Leah Remini, where Leah's character chastises her father for bribing the judges of a beauty contests so she could win that Susan felt it was finally the time for her to divorce her husband, take half the trailor and empty beer cans so she could set out to conquer the world and defeat the oppressiveness of the phallic regime only by educating herself.

Much to the fashion of every Late In Life women trying to compete with Men by seeking an education - Susan quickly subscribed to the path that nothing was ever her fault. Somehow, if she were to look hard enough and became more than willing to rationalise, it would always be a man at the source of all her troubles and pain. Such is the case with every female psychologist, that is a fan of Oprah, Susan decided to capitalize on these ideas that nothing is ever, can ever be her fault by self-publishing books that promote these same ideas and maybe, one day, even star in her own reality show teaching these same juvenile, shuck responsibility tactic of always putting the blame on someone else.

The Freudian age is over. It is now the age of $usan J. Elliott. No longer can we blame Our Mothers because she was the primary authority figure in our young lives, being a part of it some 90 percent of the time. All the blame belongs squarely with our fathers for abandoning us every day he left for work.

Susan J. Elliott: Fabulist

File:Susan J Elliott liar 345.png
$usan won't call you a nigger but insults like asswipe are fine

There are two kinds of liars. Those who claim they have never said the word Nigger and those that say that they will never say it again.


—Al Sharpton

In an obligatiry, liberal minded Martin Luther King, Jr. day Twitter post, $usan J. Elliott felt the need to brag to the world that her White Guilt and Liberal Sensibilities are so powerful and extend back in time to when she was in her mother's Womb that she has always been PC and NEVER used the word Nigger. Not at all. Never when she was a kid, while quoting a Richard Pryor joke or as a stuck up New Yorker upset that her black waiter accidently dropped a scalding cup of coffee in her lap.

Being the abbrassive, name calling, Cyberbully that she has become known for, it is rather hard to believe that someone who can so easily let insults fly when she feels the least bit offended and is so quick to remind people of their place relative to hers, such as a proud Southern, Confederate Plantation owner would do with whip in hand and a slave tied to a post, it is hard to believe that $usan J. Elliott has never used the word nigger when she feels the need to end her Twitter post with an insult by calling Trump supporters ASSWIPES.

As people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have said, "There are two kinds of liars. Those who claim they have never said the word Nigger and those that say that they will never say it again."

$usan has claimed that she is the first, being the type that claims they have never used the word Nigger. As $usan is the type that likes to remind people of their place and lack of education in comparrison to her, there is no need for her to call a black person a Nigger anymore.

As blacks are statisticly not as well educated as whites and have a much lower percentage of their population going on to College and graduating, $usan J. Elliott has no need for the word nigger. She can do what she always does and call them Stupid, retarded, uneducated, no where near her equal and BOY when she wants another cup of coffee like so many Social Minded Democrats did from the 1860s to the 1970s when they were promoting racist ideas and passing racist laws such as when Republicans voted for The 15th Ammendment which granted blacks the right to vote, not a single Democrat voted for it.

Susan J. Elliott: Fabulist Part 2

File:Susan J Elliott Tv Producer4810.png
Screenshot from $usan J. Elliott's Facebook page

The question at hand is, who the hell is writing $usan J. Elliott's press releases? Either she is paying extra for one hell of a sycophantic Public Relations Person or she, as some would suggest, is making all this shit up herself because most people, if someone referred to them as "A cross between Judge Judy and Dr. Phil. . ." due to their "Shoot straight from the hip" style, the first thing they would do is name that source to Hell and back for all it's worth and then have it printed up as posters to mail to everyone they know. What it sounds like, most probably, is $usan is creating a character for herself that she wants to be and wants others to believe that she represents and she's going to play it up for all it's worth on sites like twitter, Facebook and her blog, while she plays Whale Biologist and tells it like it is, because like a chronic masturbater that was sent to a new school after getting caught, by a junior classman spanking it in a bathroom stall, it's a safe assumption that $usan is trying to recreate herself as someone that she desperately wants to be.

In another of her quotes, $usan refers to Perseus/De Capo as a major New York publisher. According to Wikipedia, Perseus/De Capo only did $2.5 million in business during 2008. In comparrison, Random House did over $2.5 Billion is sales during 2012, more than 1,000 times the amount of what she refers to as a major publisher. Most people would refer to the figures from Perseus/De Capo as a minor or small publisher at best. To put this in perspective, in July 2006 both Marvel and DC Comics sold over 7.4 million units combined. At 5 bucks a pop, on average, that comes to $37 million. Remember that in 2006 comic book sales were hardley selling like they were in the late 60s and early 90s.

Finally, $usan claims to work as a consultant for "Several reality-television series" yet does not name a single one. A Google search and a search on IMDB using Susan J. Elliott and Susan J. Elliott consultant returns no results for this yet a google search using Isaac Asimov Consultant produces a return of Science Consultant for Star Trek while after looking up Cosmos, Owen Gingerich is listed as the consulted and a search of Owen Gingerich Consultant on Google returns Cosmos.

For all her complaints and attacks accusing L. Ron Hubbard being a liar that created his own past, lied about his military record and lied about his academic skills and even claimed to be a a nuclear physicist to make himself look like a Hero and a genius, $usan is doing the same exact things by, what some would best describe as misrepresenting facts and doing what others might call creating a complete fabrication that is supposed to represent her life - she is doing nothing differant than that of L. Ron Hubbard.

Susan J. Elliott: Almost Raped

Following the currently popular Twitter hashtag confessional of #MeToo where women try to get men fired from their jobs with stories of how they were Almost raped by a dirty joke or an ass pat, some are saying that $usan's current twitter post of "SexualAssault" is a lazy attempt by $usan J. Elliott to reclaim her lost online following with feminist stories of how men are all one-eyed, heavy breathing sexual monsters with an eternal erection ready and willing to rape every woman they can grab and drag into a secret room. Readily taking to the currently internet popular, heavily altered, V.C. Andrews plot device consisting of, "As a female I was empowered when I was almost raped," $usan has suggested that one of our National heroes representing the U.S. Military tried to rape her.

$usan has made the claim that as a wide eyed, naive 18-year-old female ready and willing to conquer the world with her feminist ideals, by joining a male dominated profession, that she was taken into a backroom by a U.S. Army recruitment officer where she was Almost raped when she tried to join the Army, because like all men, he rationalized his attempted rape with the excuse that any woman who would want to join the Army is a whore because all they want is to be surrounded by men despite over 265,000 women serving their country during the Vietnam War and women having a long history with the U.S. Military, going back to the Revolutionary War such as Sybil Ludington who is known as the female Paul Revere and Deborah Samson who actually served as a soldier.

As one person has suggested, $usan is only using her Almost raped, #SexualAssault story as an attempt to reclaim her online following by playing the victim in what, right now, is a somewhat popular scandal piece in the media.

Currently, sexual assault against men and women, in what some news sources are saying, is being covered up by the military. This current story is starting to gain some traction in the media and is beginning to trend as people are tiring of stories of priests or Democrats getting an underaged boy delivered along with their pizza.

As another has said, as someone who claims, in her bio to have "involved herself in dangerous, destructive relationships as a young adult," it is hard to believe her when she says she was a virgin at 18.

If, as the person mentioned, $usan was Sexually Assaulted as she suggests, wouldn't she be naming the recruiter in her tweet like everyone spamming the #MeToo hashtag is doing, such as Heather Lind naming former President George Bush, as his name is only right there on his nametag. That's something you wouldn't forget if you went through what is being claimed as a "traumatic and life changing event."

$u$an J Elliott Prepares To Sue The Internet Again

External Links

  • Twitter-favicon.png Her Twitter Deleted because attorneys don't like leaving proof of things that "THEY" do that they sue people for
  • Her Wiki Page The interesting thing about her Wkipedia page is it's not locked because angry Scientologists were vandalizing it but rather because normal people saw it for the self interest, self promoting piece of shit it is and tried to make it more truthful
  • Psychology Today This angry, abrasive, name calling, mean spirited woman is an expert for Psychology Today. Remember, she's the expert. It's people like her that are crying to elected, liberal officials to enact laws about being mean on the internet because kids are killing themselves. Politely asked to leave.

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