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The post that started it.
Trying to drive the lulz away from him only made them come back and hit him in the face.
Not a furry? His LJ interests seem to disagree, amirite!?

Normally, if someone told you that there was an artist out there who was so pretentious and elitist that even furfags would ridicule and make lulz from them, you would laugh in that person's face. Well, despite all odds and common knowledge, such a person exists. SundereredMoon or Midnight Dragon is a Lol-cow of such pomposity he posted a set of rules telling everyone else that they are not artists because of one reason or another, in the lame attempt to make himself feel more professional in the face of his obviously mediocre art skills.

Of course, since furries are never immune to drama, angry comments and lulz are both currently in epic quantities in the original journal. Already, furfags have taken it upon themselves to make official certification labels and Put Boobs on Tigers. In other words, it's business as usual.

Also, according to SunderedMoon, he is not a "furrie". It can only be assumed that with his /b/elow-average level vocabulary he means he is not a furry. This is made totally apparent by the fact that he draws tigers with boobs and posts them on FurAffinity. No, this man could not possibly be a "furrie".

No, this certainly isn't "furrie art". PROTIP: note the superb blending of animal and human features, and the delicate detail on the tit which makes it appear to be printed on a T-shirt.

1000 Get!

In quite possibly the swiftest uprising of furfag drama in not-that-recent memory, SunderedMoon has managed to get at least 100 furfags to stop looking at their furry artwork long enough to read and comment on how much of a retard he is. Despite having made the initial journal post a month prior to the first comment, the real fun started when a user named Wereblood finally cared to post something on August 12th. This (and SunderedMoon's almost immediate response to Wereblood) saw the thread grow with a deluge of angry furfags and a good dose of hate rage. Failing to see when it is better to cut and run, SunderedMoon also continued to defend his stance on Actual Art and 'Artistic Skill' with dismissive insults, thereby cementing his status as a massive douche. The thread continues to grow, now having broken 1,000 responses, with even more lulz and drama expected to ensue.

The journal he probably wrote to make himself feel like hot shit has worked against him and now that he is hated by what looks like all the furfags in all of furfaggotry, he will probably become An Hero.

The 'Artist'

Directly from Sunderedmoon's amazingly and technologically superior website:

"Official Web Site: Location: Virginia, USA J. M. Harris, alias Midnight Dragon, was born on March 30th, 1977. Six years total Tech Schooling in Graphic Arts, Advertisment, and Computer Illustration make up the artistic background of Midnight; though the training only fueled a partial desire for an already unstoppable need to place one's mind upon page. The true talent and inspiration came from life and the love of it, as well as the alien dreams that plagued Midnght's every night with their visage."

So there we have it. Midnight Dragon, AKA Sunderedmoon, has dreamed about relations with aliens. Surely a perfectly normal person.

There also apparently those who certify art, such as Thewielder.


Icon Certification

While MidnightMoon/SunderedDragon/WTFever is made of too much fail and AIDS to be a meme, the idea of certified artistry depicting tigers with boobs is taking FA by storm. At this point, it even threatens to spread faster than Krystal Can't Enjoy Her Sandwich.


The lulz generated by his intelligent assessments of art of course spawned retaliation of all sorts, naturally including parody. A parody of his user page was soon born, as "Sauntered Moans" showed his horrible darkened face on the earth's surface, bringing with him extreme faggotry such as over-analyzed, poorly drawn art and an epic theme song for SunderedMoon. Also, crawling from the depths of hell, Sundered Moons art teacher, coming to rid the world of unlicensed artists and crap art, such as not-Tiger-With-Boobs. Despite complete awesomeness, the users were soon banned on grounds of slander, since, you know, clearly it isn't SATIRE, and it wasn't totally uncalled for.


Like many victims of trolling, Sunderedmoon felt the Butthurt, going so deep it was coming out of his mouth, a net improvement from what was coming out before. In a brilliant attempt to protect his ass, a journal was dedicated to the cause, claiming that it was all an elaborate scheme in order to get replies. However, this is obviously a Lie. Anyone who believes this journal, and that he actually received emails and support from some people, should immediately contact their local doctors in order to become An Heros and put an end to their stupidity.

Some might assume that this "test" was the reason Sundered stopped replying to users; it would be after all an overwhelming amount of work that even God would have difficulty with. However, a short (yet conclusive) study you can perform yourself shows that his logging-in pattern is irregular. On submissions, the original comments ( "Omg oh wooow kewl diz is amazin i cnt get over it i ttly came lol!!!!" ) are replied to on either the day of submission, or a few days later. The same applies to Sundered's journals (both on FA and on LJ ), and it is so safe to assume that he had originally not even seen the comments, (replies were made on the 12th, but it was the first commentator's posts. A few more came on the 13th, and then everything went fucking nuts on the 14th) and logged on a few days later in horror. After remaining in the fetal position for hours (maybe days???) and considering suicide and/or deleting fucking everything, the butthurt journal was birthed, amirite? Also, it should be noted that the journal which started the whole srs bsnss was submitted exactly a month before the first post. HOW CREEPY IS THAT?!!?!?!!??

Last Thursday, Sunderedmoon realized that i did it for the lulz just didn't cut it for the furfags as an excuse, so he went ahead and baleeted fucking everything, including journals and comments left on his userpage.

Then suddenly, without warning, Sunderedmoon started spamming his own page with images of mating animals


and completely destroyed his own website to show how butthurt he is and how he's abandoning furdom.


How to Become a Certified Artist


1. Pretend to art all over something, then show it off to anyone that cares.

2. Call almost every other artist on the planet 'Not an Artist', watch ensuing batshit insane Dramafest

3. Maintain being a pretentious asshole, all the while fapping to tiger boobs

4. ????



After being talked about, ridiculed, shunned and forgotten, Sunderedmoon still attempts to call attention to himself one way or another. This includes getting AIDS, Auto-pwnage, banning himself and enduring the worst company ever, that is SunderedMoon himself.


Remember when Cartoon Network used to be commercial free and show the old ass cartoons? Remember when they used to only have cartoons and not shit like that mike and bobs super-awsome show great job or whatever the hell those retarded flaming fags call that shit? What about Saul of the Mole Men? How the fuck did ANY of that garbage get on Cartoon Network? Now its getting worse. They are starting to show movies on their "Cartoon Movie" that arent even cartoons.

Maybe they should rename the channel to "Your only going to see one show that isnt gay as hell or stupider then Pee-Wees Playhouse."


—Sunderedmoon, fucktard

Clearly i am better then you.


—Sunderedmoon, butthurt

Im still better then you.


—Sunderedmoon, still butthurt

If your looking for three foot cocks on pokemon, perhaps you should find a furrie site and direct yourself to their tallents.


—Sunderedmoon, Epic fail guy


The below furfags have all been certified. Certified by lulz®.


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