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Subeta nose nagas.

Subeta (Korean for slut) is another cyberpet website ripping off Neopets with a user base completely made up of 16-year old furries. Subeta, in its very existence, is sewn together by lies, greed, site crashes and a Volcom Hypno Hat, thanks to Keith, site owner and giant faggot, and his spending. Perhaps the most notable highlight of the site’s dark and shameful history is the Longcat Crusade of 2007, Anon’s attack on Keith’s plagiarism of their beloved Longcat. Surprisingly, unlike other virtual pet sites, the main drama of Subeta is caused by the staff themselves.

Due to multiple DDoSes and hacking, Subeta has shifted from domain to domain.

The Site

Child friendly!

Don’t feel like reading this section? Basic summary: it’s a watered down version of Neopets.

Subeta is totally not like Neopets at all. For starters, you have a nifty bar that pretty much has everything: the time, news, games and a link to explore the world of Subeta. In this wonderful world, you can play fun text-based browser games which eventually cause you to time out due to SO MUCH CLICKING. Not interested in the games, why not go the shops and buy totally original items such as pixelated foods or pixelated plushies. But don’t go saying that it’s like Neopets, because you’ll eventually get your account frozen. Just like Neopets. Unlike Neopets, the worlds don’t actually resemble worlds but rather just go to a page with a common theme

Being a generally small community that relies on the user base for content, Subeta also includes an oekaki board for the artists. For the whining audience (all of them) Subeta has a forum to discuss about their real life. If you were to mention any other website that provides cyberpets will earn you an instant ban. Subeta staff wants everyone to know that there it is the only pet site in existence. Perhaps the true genius of the website is that two accounts under the same IP will earn an instant ban with no warning. Opposed to the guilds of Neopets, Subeta has cults. Healthy child fun!

But wait! The true joys of Subeta are only reserved for those with a gold account. For a small fee of five dollars, you can get the ultimate experience of the website!

The Staff

This man owns Subeta.

The following is a general summary of the main staff members.

  • YouTube Favicon.png Keith Kurson has owned the website since he was 15. He is known for stealing money to buy extensions, highlights and a dress. In exchange, the users will never get the gold account they were promised. He also owns homosexual adoptable sites such as Squiby and Valenth.
  • Deo (aka DNA, Chimaera, Leupstripes, Silence) is the head artist and known for being immature as she has pretty much just reached 18. She has worked on redrawing the artwork of the pets and ignoring complaints as well. It should be noted that she is a fat fetishist. That's right- the main artist of Subeta is a porn artist.
  • Mbif is the staff member that completely dickrides Keef, constantly defending him and will go to the extent of bann- excuse me, freezing a user who questions him.
  • Phyrexia is another talented artist whom Anonymous ruined. After hacking her email, Anonymous found a plethora of messages regarding bestiality porn.

In general, the staff are a stirring pot of drama, immorality, immaturity and greed. The staff only has one main artist, DNA, who designs every pets; each one uglier than the last. DNA files these horrid drawings under her portfolio hoping to get an actual job with her garbage. In general, the moderators do not care about the user complaints at all. Once they pocketed their money, they will be of no concern whatsoever.

Anybody who questions the doings of the moderators will get frozen. That means if they find a question that seems unorthodox to them, they will simply solve the problem by kicking the user out. In general, questions regarding the whereabouts of the money and the promised gold accounts which users paid for go unanswered. The truth is that, despite the many errors in coding, a small fraction of the money goes to fixing the website. The rest is shared among the staff. These doings were first uncovered by none other than Anonymous.

The Longcat Crusade

Serious Cat gets the record straight.

Subeta added a "longcat" clothing item sometime in April of 2007. The chans caught wind of this, and immediately politely asked Keith to remove it. Keith responded by relaying a message in comment tags on the front page HTML (something his stupid 12-year old userbase could never figure out how to read) which was a fake message from Longcat full of infantile swearing and insults. Bad move.

In response, Anonymous sent DDoSes and hacked the site, resulting in Subeta dying after barely a few hours on 4/28/07. Subeta was back up within the week but denied any such thing had happened, and that it was a "kernal error." Keith continued to lie to his userbase, saying that the chans were evil and didn't invent Longcat. Anonymous proceeded to leak Keith's address, parents' address, phone numbers, school records, social security number, and credit card number which were all attained easily and used in the stupidest way possible: 30 60GB Playstation 3s and ten DVD copies of the first four seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were ordered off of his account, which subsequently froze his bank account.

Hundreds of Subeta users' names and passwords were hacked. Many users lost their accounts not just on Subeta, but on other bastions of faggotry as well - Photobucket, email, eBay, PayPal, MySpace, Gaia Online, and other important sites. How did this happen? More importantly, why do some of them stay on the site in spite of this? Nearly a month later, after countless message board spams, DDOS attacks, stolen user accounts, Subeta moderators quitting, and a mini-rebellion among his users, Keith still wouldn't give up a tiny picture of Longcat.

Finally, on May 21st, some brave Anon hacked Keith's GoDaddy account, and forwarded to an image of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Keith wrote an apology and removed all Longcat references.

Exposure of staff's spending

Some ballsy anon killed her pet, in the name of Longcat.

Sometime after the end of the Subeta War, an Anonymous acting out of pure hatred was able to infiltrate all of Keith's information. In this information was proof that the staff of Subeta were paid - very highly paid for a website, actually. Let's go back to the beginning for a bit though - didn't Keith and his other admins say none of the staff were paid? Yes, yes they did. His staff constantly denied getting paid. Yet something didn't add up. Subeta's servers were slow constantly, and his MySQL errors were just getting worse. With all the Gold Accounts ($5 a month), shouldn't Subeta be making enough to pay for more servers and perhaps a programmer to fix errors? Well that wasn't the case... Keith only pays a few hundred dollars a month to keep Subeta barely afloat.

Most of that money was going personally to Keith and his staff. Keith buys things like $250 sunglasses, and even a new car. He has no formal job and sits at home all day, on the days he isn't out partying, with his Valium and watches his own hair grow. Why were you never told this? Easy. Tax fraud. If it was kept under the radar, his ass wouldn't be on the line. He constantly denied paying anyone and banned any user who kept asking too many questions.

Please note that the below is an edited Payroll given to Keith by 'Kandy', a person who helps run Subeta and has close relations to Ender/Simon. It is not 100% accurate but it is still proof of Payment.

Keith's response to the article.

Going through his email, Anonymous found shocking stats of Keith's spending. It was originally posted on OverNineThouasand, a blog of a group's trolling. The website is gone along with the screencaps, however, the article was saved on Pastebinfavicon.png pastebin.

  • 30 donations for Fall Out Boy concert at the Honda Civic Tour 2007 costing $150.20
  • 59 donations for clothing costing $294
  • 64 donations for highlights and extensions costing $315.53
  • 113 donations for two pairs of sunglasses costing $565
  • 167 donations for a Volcom Hypno Hat costing $835

That means that 430 donations all went to Keith. That's $2151 on fucking tickets, sunglasses, extensions and a stupid hat.


Boo ED!

Keith’s GoDaddy account was also attacked by Anonymous and deleted his domains three times. Keith then decided to move the site to Subetax. By July 25, 2007, Subeta was revived. Nobody expected it to last. Keith offered a half-assed apology in the news section after Anonymous ruined their lives and leaked their info all because Keith refused to delete an image of Longcat. The site went down again, and two days worth of data was lost.

Good girls LOVES Gurochan!
Virtuals Pets List declared war on Subeta after staff members refused to give him explanations. RIP

By April 2008, two bored users placed cookie grabbers on staff profiles. Keith told everyone to change their passwords and shit began to scramble. By July 11, Subeta’s domain moved to and Keith posted on Pownced forum begging users to go to the new domain. Users began to question why Ketih posted this and he claimed that two people who were involved with the April 2008, enderfuck and shironeko, debacle hacked the website, banned the forums and deleted posts regarding the admins leaving for the new domain.

Users refused to move to the new domain and Keith posted a (deleted) video on his YouTube begging people to move. Nobody gave a fuck. The next day Keith edited the new domain’s front page stating that enderfuck and shironeko were holding the old domain hostage. The folks that did move to the new domain kept complaining about their old account’s lost information.

July 13, 2008, Keith’s domain went down. “SubetaTeam” which resided on the old domain posted the following:

Use scrollbar to see the full text

You've heard the rumor that Mr. Kurson is no longer in charge of That rumor is currently true. Other rumors have been flying around -- some started by Mr. Kurson, some started by others in his circle. Some have a ring of truth to them, some do not. This post will hopefully clear some things up and give you a more "whole" picture that you may judge for yourself what has happened.

The two ex-staff members in question are indeed, currently keeping the website, on and functioning. This is not to steal anything, as the rumor goes 'round. As a matter of plain fact, the Cash Shop paypal address still goes directly to Mr. Kurson's PayPal account. Mr. Kurson made posts, sent emails, created news, etc. to move to before said staff members were notified of their termination. it would more appear that Mr. Kurson abandoned and did it in such a way as to create as much backlash and drama for the ex-staff members as possible while creating a pocket of sympathy and protectors and defenders for himself.

The site stolen? Hardly. Abandoned? Yes.

Then there is the question as to why said staff members are now ex staff members. Rumors range from they were holding Mr. Kurson and hostage to them stealing The reasons are hardly as dramatic as this. Mr. Kurson terminated the two ex-staff because he felt strongly that they no longer fit in with his plans for Subeta and could not match the growth rate of it. The two ex-staff did not object to or even fight against his reasons, whether they agreed or not. If that was the way that Mr. Kurson felt, then that was the way it was. All that the ex staff members wanted was what was owed to them by Subeta. What could Subeta possibly owe two ex-staff members? For the duration of their employment, they loaned a considerable sum of money monthly out to help offset the operating costs of running Subeta, always being promised to be reimbursed when profits picked up. Well, within the first year, profits picked up over 50%. Instead of taking the opportunity to not only begin reimbursing themselves, they decided that the money should go into paying the staff better -- to increase their practically non-existant payments to some with a bit more to it, something that wouldn't be as laughable and exploitative as they were, previously and to purchase hardware to help further increase users and, as such, profits. In a campaign to do so that lasted several months of them fighting for the staff, eventually changes started being made. While staff payments are still low for what they should be, the increases and bonuses facilitated by the ex-staff were welcomed by all, even those who opposed the ex-staff. All of this, instead of getting reimbursed. They continued to assist in covering operating costs -- this time also with the promise of stock. So while the two ex-staff did not and do not wish to fight their termination, with the actions of Mr. Kurson who has told them outright that he is not only not going to pay them what monies they have invested into Subeta, but also the monies for the time they worked for the past two weeks and their severance pay and the other contractually obligated payments he is required to pay to them, coupled with his premature accusations of them "stealing" the site, they find themselves custodians of

All they can do at this point is continue to keep the site alive and secure until a peaceable resolution can be found that will make all parties happy. Thus far, all attempts to come to one have been met with silence and//or demands that are impossible to meet at this time, as they are being held hostage, themselves by the need to have the loans repaid to them and being told in no uncertain terms that they won't be.

So this is Your accounts and your items here will be kept safe and secure. There can be no guarantees of what will happen to your accounts at so if you choose to continue here, we urge you to change your passwords here and elsewhere on the internet as a security measure. You will be updated as often as updates are to be had.

SubetaTeam at

Keith responded:

Use scrollbar to see the full text

Wow! Well, this has been an interesting day or two, no? Apparently the "owners" over at feel that if they put their hands over their eyes, things will just go away. They can take away all of the social aspects of the site, and users won't notice that things aren't right. They're wrong, and don't give users enough credit. The entire time they've been with Subeta, one thing that has been shown over and over is they're lack of understanding in loyalty. They didn't understand how loyal the users would be to me in this situation, and they didn't think that certain staff members would be loyal after all that has happened. More than anything, they don't understand the trust users have in me, and how long it takes to earn that. I have nothing but your best interests, and that of Subeta, when I think of what to do next. While this is my living, and it's my job, it also means the difference to more than a thousand people daily. They come here before they do other things, they talk to their friends on Subeta, they dress up their avatar, they battle with their pets (sort of o_o). The only way those two over at see users is as giant dollar signs, that can be replaced right when one goes away. That's why I know, even if it'll be hard to pay the bills this month, or if we have to take out a business loan to pay those bills, you will still be behind me, and the real Subeta. I hope that you don't feel like I treat you like paper bills, that are only here to pad my bank account - because you aren't (or I'd be driving the corvette I want !). You are all very, very important and special to me. Now, right now there are a lot of problems with this situation. While the dictators over at have the domain, that is all they have. We have the staff members, the artists, the writers, the user admins, and the users. We have the community. They are trying to hold out and create a hostage situation (ie: extortion. Highly illegal ) in hopes that I'll crumble to all of their (insane) demands. I hope that you understand that all of this was for the best of Subeta, and for us to more forward.

Keith at, to this day, still belongs to Keith. However, the faggotry lasts forever.

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