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Lol, I'd hit it!

Sub-chan, Layla, or HedgeCreature (formerly HazmatLatte), was an Artfag Indiefuck-Hipster Camwhore that posted sometime around June 8th or 9th of 2006 on 4chan's /b/. Once she stripped for /b/, onlookers pointed out her sagging tits, which, especially when viewed from specific angles, appeared to resemble torpedoes; with their sound judgment, /b/ attributed the name "Submarine-chan," which was then shortened to "Sub-chan." In spite of her sloppy tits, thousands of basement dwelling newfags drooled (and continue to do) over her as though she's a supermodel.

When Sub-chan first posted on /b/, a few posters doubted the OP in question was actually her, which prompted her to post video responses defending her claim to identity. Eventually, she left /b/, never to be seen again; extremely butthurt about her absence, newfags frequently attempt to amass personal armies to find her, often prompting bans and NYPA reminders.

Sub-chan Teh Artiste!

Also borrowing from the bank of Mom and Dad, Sub-chan has gone on to design shitty costumes
After blowing hundreds of dollars on the raw material it took to design an already shitty costume, Sub-chan received the weeaboo recognition she so craved, and was thus awarded this shitty piece-of-glass
A sophomore painting major at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts has been winning awards for her costume designs since she was in the 8th grade. While attending the Cooperative High School for Arts and Humanities in New Haven she entered costume conventions, consistently winning awards and gaining the attention of MTV. This summer MTV will be filming Layla in her studio at home working on both her paintings and costumes. Layla comes from a long line of artists including her great-grandfather who spent summers as part of the Old Lyme Art Colony in the early 1900’s and met her great-grandmother there. Her grandfather taught at the Art Student’s League in New York and specialized in spiritual art. Layla has also attended the Art Student’s League. Layla’s mother is a concert pianist, composer and teacher who consulted for the Dia Foundation in the Andy Warhol days


—Quoted from this site


LJ Drama

Before closing her LJ account, Sub-chan blogged about her unmedicated boyfriend Andrew.

Source of Drama (Google Cache works every time)

Being the sympathetic entity Anonymous is, they trolled her account. Unfortunately, Sub-chan did not feed the trolls and promptly closed her account


LurkMore Wiki Drama

The Original Uncensored article

Being the valiant defenders of camwhores the Lurkmore Sysops are, all information relating to Sub-chan has been censored, the hits count reset, and the main article edited; apparently, it occurs to them by removing information, they will earn brownie-points and thus seduce their precious damsel-in-distress to bed.

You can help by getting your ass behind a proxy and backediting it; GOGOGO.




—Sub-chan, drunk as usual (posted on Chris Prorock's profile on March 18, 2008)

Next time, I'll piss longer on your thigh


—Moar drunkenness (posted on Chris Prorock's profile on March 18, 2008)



—Even moar drunkenness (posted on Chris Prorock's profile on March 16, 2008)

Why were you posting photos of me on Robert's myspace WITHOUT ME KNOWING. THIS IS SLANDER ONLY NOT.


—Sub-chan is a 1337 spai (posted on Chris Prorock's profile on August 20, 2007)


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