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The original exploitable Strutting Leo.

Strutting Leo is the newest “exploitable” meme to have cropped up from the likes of 4chan and Fark’s photoshop contests. The image is taken from a screen capture in the movie "Inception" and it depicts a very happy Leonardo DiCaprio as he struts himself through any number of dire, funny, disasterous, or inane circumstances. Of course, this sort of thing is lapped up like candy-coated cocaine by newfags and “internet artists" and then shat back out as quickly as possible.


Just like Blockatiel, Michael J. Fox, the HA! HA! Guy, and countless other photoshopable exploitables, you can put Strutting Leo into just about everything, and you probably will!

Meme Predictions

Meme prediction: this will be played out by next week. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing Strutting Leo t-shirts, mouse pads, and coffee mugs for years to come. It is a certainty that some Jew will come along and make the next I Can Has Cheezburger? out of this and then manage to parlay this terrible meme into a fortune.


Strutting Leo's About missing Pics


The Leo Strut

Saturday Night Strutter

Just a happy song to hum along…

Some faggot put a Strutting Leo on his xbox.

Leo Strut Lyrics

Put your elbow up tight.

Take a step with the right.

Tilt your head to the side.

Smile real, real wide.


—Jay Kila

See Also

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