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Anon conquers
How does i bel-aired
haha, oh wow

PROTIP: If you run a series of popular sites, it might be a good idea to have your username something different from the site name (stile), and a password that is harder to crack than 'p3n1s'


On August the 24th 2007, Anonymous obtained Admin access to the StileNet[1] websites. It gave anon the ability to fuck with the sites, including messing with site members and/or changing the thumbnail pictures


This started a huge opportunity for lulz, and Anon made sure to take advantage of it. Memes were spread on the front page of stileporn, making it the property of the *chans. There was no need to give ebaums the credit on this one, since the majority of stile members already knew about 4chan, before and after threads were created by the users during the raid

Stile Forums

Messing the front pages of the stile website series was a raid that went down in the history of the chans; but 420chan, however, had different plans

Due to stilefaggots being butthurt on the forums, they thought it might be a smart idea to attempt to fuck with the chans, hence a small forum raid also took place. B&hammer was laid out strongly on anyone who attempted to do anything on the forum. It wasn't in the great interest of Anon to raid the forums anyway, front page was the main attraction

Stileporn's Gallery index was also deleted by Anonymous


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