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Crossmack fangirl
typical emo cutter

Stephh Fkn Money is a fascist Jew cunt and mental dramallama. She is internets notable for mistaking Ian Crossland to be the second coming of Christ. Drama involving "Stephh" is considered to be vastly spread across the internets; however, remains somewhat of an unsolved mystery. What is known is that Stephh is an emo cutter, and is a huge camwhore who is currently "raging" over sand black persons somewhere on [3].

When not potentially raging over internet faggotry or Ian Crossland, Steph can be found cutting herself in her bedroom while quietly listening to burnt copies of Fallout Boy records.

Jack Deth

you can't put me into category not knowing who I am, you can't assume I am Emo


—Stephn Fkn Money

I paint on my eye brows because I'm cooler and more emo then Patricx. Boohoo. My mascara is running now..


—Stephn Fkn Emo responds

Life With Stephh

Stephh's boyfriend Trevor: warning, this picture was not photoshopped [1]
STEPH: living in Arizona is rough
inexmoto joined the room.
linexmoto: hey hot stuff ; )
Kyle Deth: dude
Kyle Deth: get the fuck out of my rrom
Kyle Deth: room*
Kyle Deth: i fucking hate *
Patricx joined the room. 
linexmoto: LOLOL
xmichellyx: are you talkingg too meeee
Patricx: lol line
Kyle Deth: no
Patricx: look at this kid
linexmoto: hes talking to me
linexmoto: go find your own man sweetie
Patricx: haha watch him kick me
xmichellyx: haha whatd he sayy
linexmoto: ohhh man hes so hott
Patricx: is it this cuteeeeeeeeeeeee guy again?!
linexmoto: YESS LIKE OMGG
linexmoto: BREE BREEE
Patricx: bree bree
Patricx: oink oink
linexmoto: lolololololollol 
Patricx: lolololol wut a hottie
Kyle Deth: michell
Kyle Deth: i'm giving you the choice to kick these kids
Kyle Deth: they make fun of me and sshit all the time
xmichellyx: hahaxmichellyx: both? 
Patricx: awww
linexmoto: michelle
Patricx: you gonna cry?
linexmoto: we could always share him 
Patricx: hes gonna cry line
linexmoto: ;)
Patricx: nonon line hes gonna cry
Patricx: cause we make fun of him
linexmoto: you dont want me to cry :(
Patricx: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Kyle Deth: i never cry
Patricx: oh thats hot
Patricx: ;]
linexmoto: oh man how hot :O
xmichellyx: dudee you guys are fucken faggots wasting y our time doing this shit
Kyle Deth: the last time i cried was at my mom's funeral 
xmichellyx: jealous that hes fuckin hott and you guys aren't
Patricx: thats right linexmoto: were fucking faggots and we are proud of it
Patricx: yeh
Patricx: so back off, fat bitch 
xmichellyx: kyles a sexybear
linexmoto: hahahahhaah
Patricx: hahaha
xmichellyx: go suck a dick or somethinggg
linexmoto: look how he plays those drums
xmichellyx: byeeee fucking faggots. 
Patricx: hes trying to impress you
linexmoto: SOOO HOTT
xmichellyx: :)
Patricx: hahahaha impress the fat chick
Patricx: ahahahaha *kicked LOLOL 


  • is e-pals with XxPrincessPunkxx
  • lives in Tucson AZ with her best friend "Patricx" (who is obsessed with faggotry) [4]
  • secretly hangs out with "Daniel" in order to make Patricx' jealous
  • fancies herself a 'ardcore neu emocore metal "fag hag"
  • has an extremely bizarre laugh that sounds something like a faint squeak
  • does have a sense of humor has proven by dropping "black person" and "fag" expletives at every opportunity
  • is argued to actually be an "indie" kid, or possibly one of the "cool" kids that dropped out of high school to pursue a career in designing clothes
  • oddly enough sports GayGod t-shirts in public

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