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Star Trek

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Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Info non-talk.png The nerd wars are now Doctor Who vs. Star Wars. Star Trek is small time.
Star Trek: The Progressive Generation (this next remake will have a more accurate depiction of the future). Oh shit! It actually fucking happened and its called Star Trek: Discovery.
This scene is what attracted George Takei to play a role in the series.
Shatner's finest role.
Practicing in the mirror for 30 years.
Rampant homosexuality between a Ferengi and living anal lube

Been there. Been a subject matter there. It's like dealing with a fandom when you don't ship their ship.


William Shatner, On Encyclopedia Dramatica

I have seen a part of me no man should have to see.


— typical Trekkie talk

A Segment from a Typical Star Trek Episode

Star Trek (aka Virgin Trek) is a lulzy science fiction television show that went on the air at least 100 years ago. The Star Trek fandom, known as Trekkies, are rivaled only by Star Wars fans in terms of their ability to be basement-dwelling geeks. A debate between the two factions is devoid of lulz and is known to dry up decent drama in an inevitable shit storm of supreme nerd faggotry. This can be a useful tactic should you find yourself epically failing, as there are at least one geek of each variety for every square mile of internet. The ensuing argument should cover your back while you form a comeback macro!

The Prime Directive: Starfleet's highest law— they would rather die than break it (no, really)! In the idealistic future where anyone can have whatever they want (but still have jobs, to avoid hedonism and/or dead air) and where there is no need for money (except gold-pressed latinum), the goal is to "seek out new life and new civilizations", while at the same time not interfering with them. You can make peace with them, but you can't trade with them, or save them from impending doom. Much drama ensues. Note: Starfleet does, in fact, trade; but trade is not exciting, so more focus is given to morality and impending doom.

Who the fuck is "Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry" anyway?

He's been dead for centuries, Jim. But Roddenberry, a hack TV writer and former pilot and cop, created Star Fuck all the way back in 1964 and eventually managed to talk NBC into paying for production. "Wagon Train to the stars" or some shit like that. At the time, cardboard sets and tacky costumes made it one of the most costly TV shows of all time (since beaten out by "Murder She Wrote" and other crap made by and for old people). This made the Big R, who was even fatter than Lucas, into a HERO to all the lusers. Even though the fucking thing was canceled after 3 seasons due to low ratings, and after a write-in campaign saved it from cancellation after season 2. Because old people didn't give a rat cock about science fiction.

Oh shit, we almost forgot to say something about Roddenberry's legendary misogyny! Lol!!! He was a manly man at a time when manly men ate raw beef and smoked unfiltered cigs and died in a pool of their own shit from multiple cancers. So BFD, lots of manly types in Hellywood fondled their hawt female employees. It still happens today so MEH. The galaxy is full of tiny little dicks.

The search for answers initially began in a 2005 thread on a little-known Star Trek fan forum, where members speculated on his identity. Per the accounts of readers who read the book, Roddenberry was described as something of a sex addict, but at no point does Whitney identify him as her attacker.


Yeah, that's a "reliable source" suuure

If you want a laugh, look at this Oatmeal cartoon. It's true that Roddenberry was on Pan Am Flight 121 but riding for free as a "deadhead", not as an actual crew member. He did survive the crash (unfortunately), and he helped rescue a few other people. The rest of this is utter bullshit Oatmeal author Matthew Inman put in there because Roddenberry originally had it in his hokey auto-biography. Big R was famous for "embellishing" and Inman, one of the most popular web comic people on earth, regurgitated it as if it were totally true. And his fans swallowed the jism. Inman didn't even draw the airplane was one of the original Lockheed Constellations, a model notorious for mechanical problems and little things like crashing. The Oatmeal is shit because most people are shit.

And yes, that little prick Wesley Crusher was modeled after Roddenberry. an interview with Gene Roddenberry, he says that Wesley was built a little bit after himself at the age of 14, although Roddenberry admits he was never the genius that Wesley was. (Gene's middle name was Wesley).


—Ask a nerd

Star Trek Throughout the Years

Some of the most desperate trekkies fap to this.
Another day of filming begins on the set of DS9.
James Cawley isn't IS Captain James T. Kirk.
Picard showing his love for the internets.
Spock, being AWESOME.
The average episode of TNG or DS9.
The porn trekkies fap to.
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series - Possibly man's greatest achievement, and the only good thing to come from this franchise since the death of its creator. It combined the sex appeal of The Shat Shit-Attack and his pet African Uhura, with the award-winning animation of early '70's hippies. However, Trekkies refuse to recognize what it did for America, and it is often a source of great debate. It includes a furry character.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation A New Hope - Actually a halfway decent reincarnation of the Star Trek universe. Starred Patrick Stewart (who is bald) as Captain Jean Luc Picard (also bald). Featured Boba Fett as a sad, blind nigger.

Considered by most as the best episode of Star Trek ever.

What the series was really about.

Trekkies often sperg among themselves over whether Kirk or Picard was the better captain.

  • Star Trek: Deep Sleep Nine (aka Star Trek: Let's Watch Paint Dry For Seven Seasons) - A spinoff of The Next Generation spinoff of The Original Series and easily the most dull, pompous, fatuous bastard step-daughter of the series everyone wants to fuck and have babies with. Rejecting the entire Star Trek formula for a series set on a space station, DS9 featured droning, barely distinguishable plotlines and later a four year interstellar war against the ugliest race of shapeshifters in the universe, the network executives. Despite being the most effective cure for insomnia to come along in the 20th century, it was widely either masturbated to by fans (all four or five of them) or cursed by Babylon 5 fans who screamed plagiarism as far as as Paramount ripping of Babylon 5's premise for the series. Because its meager but vocal fanbase (often referred to as "Deep Space Scientologists") love it and relentlessly attempt to convert others to its supposed greatness, Paramount executives HATE HATE HATE DS9 and like to pretend it never happened. Luckily, writer Ron Moore at least ended up on Battlestar Galactica, which bore far more of a resemblance to a real television show.
  • Star Trek: Voyager (aka Star Trek: Snorer) - The only ship to have a woman as a captain, and they got lost. Coincidence? I think not. The show is about an affirmative action female space Commander who gets her entire crew stranded on the opposite side of the galaxy and constantly refuses, out of feminine hubris disguised as "ethics", to take help from aliens who would help them get home. Since the captain is an incompetent militant lesbian, the show originally featured as its main T&A eyecandy Kes, a weirdo pansy alien who was so punchably fugly they fired her instead of the Asian guy who was supposed to be fired, until People Magazine included him in their 1997 "People who are pretty and who we'd like to fuck" issue. As the show was so full of fail that even Trekkies were calling for the deaths of the show runners, they decided to exploit the then still popular "Borg" alien race by creating a sexy, Nazi-clone female Borg called "C3PO". Subsequently, Voyager became more focused on C3PO's ass. Her tits, while ample and gravity-defying, were relatively disappointing since we never saw them so they launched no spin-off shows. Neither her tits nor her ass was good enough for her IRL husband, who was a state representative from Illinois who was forced to drop out of the Illinois Senate race when she divorced him. Her reason was that he took her to a sex club and wanted to fuck her while a bunch of other sick fucks people watched. srsly. This whole affair resulted in Barack Hussein Obama's reaching the U.S. Senate and ultimately the Presidency, which oddly enough was predicted in the person of Tuvok. The above is the view taken by many Trek purists. The show, however, was not as fail as the purists claimed. The plot was less episode-contained in format, the acting was more subtle, and it started afresh in terms of other races and their designs.
However, the equally subtle and incessant preaching contained in every second episode was srs fail.
Some of the things the writers bitched about during Voyeur's run:
  • America
  • Animal testing
  • Colonialism
  • The justice system
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Nuclear winters
  • The Prime Directive Which has been violated 1000 times throughout the Voyager series
Patrick Stewart flips the Great Bird of the Galaxy at Star Trek.
The little-known Adorable Kitty Division (AKD) of the Börg lasted only two months, before it was found that cats are incapable of saying "WE ARE THE BÖRG, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE."
In spite of all this, the show was highly prized by Hollywood's professional critics.
The show took a different direction, different plots and different formats and presented the fanbase with them. The fanbase did not accept this, seeing as how all they cared about was masturbating to Worf and wishing that they were able to kill thousands of Romulanfags and Cardassianfags.
  • Star Trek: New Voyages - Star Trek fan James Cawley began collecting costumes from The Original Series when he worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He went on to spend over $100,000 constructing the U.S.S. Enterprise in an abandoned car dealership in New York[1]. Funding the project through his successful career as an Elvis impersonator (no really), Cawley has shot a new series of Star Trek, modestly casting himself as Captain Kirk[2]. (Also notable for the fact that the actor playing Scottie is even less convincing than James Doohan.)
  • Star Trek: Of Gods and Men - The bastard child of actors from The Original Series and crappy fanfic. Some jerk goes eliminates Kirk from the time-line, so suddenly the Federation and the Klingons are all buddy-buddy. And everyone's an even bigger jerk than the jerk who offed Kirk.
  • 2 Trek 2 Furious: SYLAR'S SPOCK AND HE'S GOING TO EAT KIRK'S BRAIN!!!!!!: A "reboot" of the originals, directed by former basement dweller J.J. Abrams, it's actually a faggy sequel which involves two Spocks, more space niggers, and villains with no logical motives. Kirk mary-sues around a bit, jerks off to a green ho, and almost has his brains eaten by Sylar. Twice. And OH MAI GAWD THEY LYK TTTLY STOLE DA CAR CHAS E FROM STAR WHORES!!!!11!!!oneoneone!!1
  • Beyond: third film, dunno.
The newfag films are Abrams' attempt to appeal to Generation Y viewers by turning the franchise into a series of Michael Bay-esque action scenes with explosions, overcooked and non-lulzy "comedy", tilted camera angles with the shakes, extreme closeups, high-speed chase scenes every 90 seconds, tits, and planets being destroyed by surprise supernovas or giant cunts even though IRL supernovas take millions of years to build up. Kirk is still a smug dick and still gets to bang green chicks. Someone who was butthurt about the movie resetting the entire Star Trek storyline might say that this about the only continuity in the series. But let's be honest, Star Trek pulled this shit all the time, even in The Original Series. There wasn't much continuity left even before the second film came out.
  • Star Trek: Discovery better known as STD. Long after CBS bought all TV rights from Paramount they put up a "streaming channel" thing and decided the best way to separate millions of idiots from $100 per year was to "reboot" the Trek, most of the ideas was stolen from some Egiptian Indie-developer's game called Tardigrades. Featuring a negress named Michael (lolwut), a faggot engineer obsessed with taking hallucinogenic mushrooms that cause him to believe he can jump the ship anywhere instantaneously. His gay boyfriend is also the ships doctor and is big on prostate exams. Also known as "Cucktrek" and "SJW's in Space". The precious fandom hated it because it was also fucking with their precious "canon".


Your Average Trekkie; many happen to be plushophiles.

Teh Epic Battle with Star Wars

Trekkies are hard-core fans of Star Trek, in all its various televised and movie forms. A good majority of Trekkies are basement dwelling nerds who spend far too much time on the Internets writing fanfic and slashfic, and who frequently dress up like Star Trek characters and attend conventions and speak Klingon to each other thinking they're 1337. Most of the people consist of 40 yr. old loser-nerds who never had the chance to grow up ;-(. Interestingly, this description also fits that of the typical pedophile. In fact, Trekkies have become, in the eyes of the old media and the NORPs, the standard of nerdiness and basement-dweller-dom. Some will argue that Star Trek is better than Star Wars (however in recent years its shown that it's not as big as it used to be so really Star Wars and Doctor Who are better than Star Trek). You can help trekkies by viewing the list below.

Cringe worthy trekkie wedding
Typical Trekkie --- Warp Factor Love
Picard on his day off


Enterprise/DS9 Strategic operations officer and official ship's cock-wiper. That's what the knee pads are for.

One of the best security officers of Star Fleet getting WP:DENYed

The Enterprise operating system is just an advanced version of windows

Ways to Troll Trekkies

Bitches don't know about mah overrated show!
Star trek.jpg
  • Ask why the Federation can travel faster than light but still can't fix male pattern baldness or obesity.
  • Invent an episode of random shit that you can't remember the name of. Now pretend you can't remember whether it was DS9 or TNG and ask for help in identifying it from a fan.
  • Say that Star Wars and Doctor Who pwns Star Trek and/or the Death Star could pwn the Enterprise in a matter of seconds. Because Trekkies have nothing better to do (except masturbate to naked pictures of Kathryn Janeway), saying this will usually spark a totally pointless flame war that will last for years, possibly decades.
  • Say that Battlestar Galactica pwns Star Trek.
  • Say The Original Series is a piece of shit. As above, this will spark a seemingly never-ending flame war.
  • Ask why Professor X was in The Next Generation and why the hell he wasn't in a wheelchair.
  • Point out the irrefutable evidence of a connection between Star Trek and pedophilia (e.g. this Slashdot post).
  • Tell an Enterprise fan that watching Trip and T'Pol's theatrics is like watching a piss poor soap opera. Srsly, that works quite well, even better than flooding the shipper fansites with the pain series.
  • Explain the Federation uses a Communist economy and the "utopia" portrayed in the show is little more than a totalitarian regime.
  • This link.
  • Claim that the Börg are ripoffs of The Cybermen.
  • Refer to Worf as Teal'c.
  • Demand to see Vorlons.
  • Go on and on and on about how Picard's head looks like a penis. Bonus points if you convincingly pretend it turns you on.
  • IRL TROLLING: Make the "Live long and prosper" hand gesture while saying "May the force be with you." Proceed to act like it was an honest mistake. Wear a "BattleStar Galactica" shirt while doing this. (Note: Teh nerd may BAWWWW and may also try to apply teh Sleeperhold on you, which always fails.)
  • Show up at a Star Trek Convention dressed as a stormtrooper. Bonus points if you bring a lightsaber.
  • Photoshop Börg cubes into goatse.
  • Walk up to a Trekkie and explain why Sheridan was way better than Kirk.
  • Refer to the new movie "Spock" as "Sylar."
  • Show up at cons dressed as elves from LOTR and say you have pointy ears- doesn't that count as Vulcan?
  • Call them Trekkies.
  • Make fan videos insulting their favorite character.
  • Say, "Oh, I love Star Track, too!"
  • Refer to Wesley Crusher as Mary Sue.
  • Point out that the new franchise is dead along with Chekov.
Geordi's Illegal holodeck program

Fun Star Trek Facts

The Future can be a bleak.
Ferengi IRL
  • Star Trek broke down two important racial barriers: an azn navigator (azn's can't drive!), and a black communications officer (when was the last time one of them payed a phone bill?).
  • Kirk proceeded to snog black communications officer, becoming the first man, on tv, to snog a black person onscreen.
  • William Shatner recorded music! Not only was he known for his terrible Beatles covers during his Star Trek days, but he recorded an album in 2004 that is masturbated on by indie fucktards frequently. And Khan kicked his ass! For one of the funniest things you'll ever see, watch Bill Shatner sing Elton John's "Rocket Man" here on You Tube.
  • Patrick Stewart was actually a Shakespearean actor, but decided to sell out and go the Star Trek route. He played the evil Sejanus in the BBC's version of I, Claudius....with hair! This show is actually quite watchable, since it among other things portrays the greatest IRL troll of all time, Caligula.
  • Gene Roddenberry created (lookup and download Forbidden Planet) the series. He also wrote the lyrics to the theme song and may have been a pedophile and Freemason.
  • Wil Wheaton was never popular in the series or IRL because even the weirdest Trekkies hated him, barring the pedofag fans. Oh well.
  • Klingon, the language spoken by a type of furry character on the show, can actually be spoken. Geeks and nerds often have discussions with each other in Klingon IRL.
  • Phasers are actually just barcode scanners and Geordie's miracle glasses are a spraypainted banana clip.
  • All Azn people in Star Trek were fags, especially Harry Kim.
  • Anton Yelchin who played the navigator of the Enterprise on the most recent re-re-re-remake of Star Trek, somehow managed to run over himself with his own car in the driveway of his house. Debate continues on whether he was an hero or just self pwned. Such an epic fail that it defies explanation except for the fact that Yelchin was Russian.

Typical episode of Star Trek: Voyager

To Boldly Go Where No Gallery Has Gone Before

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