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The chick magnet in action (MidKnightCat is 13)

Spite170 is a 20 year old, part-time Tartlet, full-time attention whore. He spends all of his time on devianTART posting his shitty drawings of Eevees and telling everyone how he has cancer and only has until December to live.

Despite being terminally ill, Spite was able to post a journal outlining all of his serious problems. These claims were completely 100% true and not complete lies. Over 9,000 fans gathered at his page to wish him good luck in his miraculous, next-day surgery, in which both of his lungs would be removed and replaced with bio lungs

Alas, after several stupid fuck-ups, like the fact that there's no such thing as a bio-lung, someone soon called him out on his bullshit and drama ensued.

Stephen the Eevee

What would you do?

Like all normal people on the internet, Spite has a fursona, which he happily called 'Stephen' after himself because he shows that he was behind the idea of his sona!, an eevee flareon mix!- The twat can't make up his fucking mind. Stephen is even a ladies' man, getting it on with all the sexy Eevee girls girls that think the same of their sona's as spite does, Spite170 is now in a very serious relationship with one of his fursona lovers, or bitches.


How he received the news.
1 in every 10 victims of fake cancer an hero.

On the last day of the month of October in the year of 2008, the young English fellow wrote a new journal about the hardships of life; he now had cancer. While at work, Spite thought it would be a great idea to inhale battery acid fumes. Unsurprisingly, it made his tummy feel a bit icky and he passed out before being whisked away in a Waaaambulance. After just one blood test, Spite's doctor concluded he had lung cancer, because you no longer need an MRI scan or biopsy. No, now all you need is a simple blood test, or maybe the NHS had more cut-backs. But all hope was not lost! The day after he wrote the journal, he would have an operation to have both of his lungs replaced with a bio-lung.

It was at this point that someone smelled something fishy.

The following day, after just 16 hours, Spite posted a new journal telling all of his loyal fans the operation was a complete success despite the 70% chance he wouldn't survive. His fans were overjoyed that he pulled through and was able to type on his iPod.

Stephen wouldn't lie!
It's Stephen! now with biolung support

Unfortunately for Spite, AnthonyR70 was already on his case and started a thread in devianTART's Complaints Forum[1]. While everyone was busy raging on the thread, no one thought to screenshot Spite's journals. When Spite eventually logged back on, he saw several comments on his latest journal exposing him for the lying cunt he was. Being the little pussy he is, he deleted all the journals and blocked anyone who didn't fall for his bullshit.

According to best friend Frosty, Spite left at 4AM Saturday morning. It's 117.08 miles from Norfolk to London and would take 2 and a half hours minimum to get there. So if you add time for pre-op, the operation itself and recovery time what do you get? A journal at 7:07 P.M. of course! Not bad, considering he should have been in a medically-induced coma and not fiddling with his iPod.

Spite170's fans

Like any self-respecting Tartet, Spite has a personal army of devoted fans who swarmed around him with huggles and glomps, fanart flooded in (and by flooded I mean four pictures). So though the fanart drive failed, there were still plenty of comments to make up for it. And comment they did, expressing their joy that their idol had not fallen, how they had been sick with worry, how they had bunked off college the day of his operation...even though it's Saturday.

When Spite's fans saw what was being said about their beloved Stephen, they blindly fought back, refusing to accept anything that meant there wasn't light shining out of his ass. Even as evidence of Spite's bullshit began to mount, they just stuck their fingers in their ears and attempted to jerk off to Spite170's art with their elbows. It took awhile, but a few loyal followers realized that their dear Stephen might just be lying.

Spite's fans went from insulting AnthonyR70 to licking his ass in under 24 hours. Amazing.

The Truth About The Bio-lung/ Leaving dA

While it's true that a bio-lung does exist, they're still being tested on sheep. It is believed this is the main cause of Dolly the Sheep's death. As Spite's personal army fans friends began to believe less and less in his fictional bio-lung, he finally gave into pressure and admitted it was lie and dA...

Fan twat.png
He's not a child, he's 20.

I am leaving dA!

My reasons? Because the recent story of the bio-lung was false.

Everything else however was true. The reason I made that part up was to try not to get you all worried. The truth in that part? I was indeed on a waiting list. Waiting for something to arrive to arrive to help me. Why didn't I tell you that? I couldn't face telling you that at that point in time there was nothing there for me. Basically I WAS waiting to die. I couldn't make myself tell you that. I don't deserve to be forgiven by any of you, ever. I lied about one thing to try to keep hope, and it was a stupid decision.

I don't want to leave, but after this I know I won't have any friends left. The ONLY lie was the biolung, however i do have cancer. And now I hope I die from it because of what I done.

I understand completely about everyone that now hates me, which is why I understand if i never hear from any of you again. I am keeping my msn the same, for those of you that do not trust me or want to stay my friend anymore, you may as well block and delete me. for the few (if any) that want to remain my friend, keep me on msn. Spite170 is now officially gone, and its for the best. Because if I stay, those I care about I will just continue to hurt. Farewell.


—Aww, he's going for the pity vote.

Honey, I'm home!

With the promise for skipping the queue, Spite was sure to return...

Sadly, just 3 hours and 16 minutes later, he was back. [2] However, his return wasn't as warm as he was hoping and poor best friend Frosty found he was no longer on Spite's friends list. The cunt. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.

Com paired with his leaving journal...Oh dear

Now Spite just wants to forget this whole thing happened...

And stop talking about cancer now please. If someone mentions it, don't reply. Its as simple as that.


— STFU or I'll hid your comments and block you

The Truth About Cancer

With the truth about his cancer out, Spite170's intelligent fans ran away baawwwwing while the true fans stayed by his side, waiting to be manipulated and used once again.

...But was it over?

After failing miserably and being exposed as the attention whore (like all furfags are) he is, everyone thought it was the end of this dramafest... but moar lulz were to be extracted yet.

Spite, instead of quitting like any other normal person would have done by this point, went on to AnthonyR70's DevianTart and tried to sweet talk Anthony with shit like "I'm so sorry!" and several different ways of saying it.

Anthony, seeing this, cracked his fingers:

Do you really think you're going to get my forgiveness so easily?

You posted a bogus story about getting your lungs removed because you had lung cancer, a few weeks after you said yourself that you didn't even have cancer.

You then deleted your journals, hid every post that pointed out every single inconsistency with your story and blocked the people who questioned you to cover your tracks. Then you posted another journal admitting to lying, but still said you had cancer.

You have spat on the face of every single cancer sufferer out there, including their friends and family. You have been disrespectful to those with a genuine, life threatening problem. In addition, you have taken all your friends and watchers as fools, leeching out their sympathies under a false pretense. It got to the point where you had people praying for you and making deviations in your honour. Hell, you even had people crying over your fake predicament. All in the meantime where your devoted, fanatical Eevee zealots were so emotionally tied up to your fake omnipotence that they buried their heads in the sand while the facts were there right in front of their faces. It got so laughable at one point that some of them were saying your lying was a mistake?

A mistake?!

No. This was deliberate, planned and malicious.

If you want my advice, I'd suggest you post a new journal - come out clean with EVERYTHING, because we all know you don't really have cancer. Explain to your watchers why you deceived them, why you were hiding all those comments and blocking people who were even polite towards you and why you changed your story.

Then, you should post on this thread:


And face everyone on there, and apologise to them - and tell them the truth. You have hurt many, many people with your actions so it is fair enough to face them all and EXPLAIN yourself to them.

It will not cause "more of a mess" if you fess up. It will resolve it.

And while the very few watchers who trust you continue to lick the shit off your boots, you can go to a children's hospital and watch how kids as young has 5 have to go through painful chemo and radiotherapy who won't even survive long enough to see their 6th birthday, go to high school, have their first beer with their father while fishing, and grow into adulthood. Go and look into their faces at their child-like false hope and optimism, completely oblivious and too young to understand the concept of death. Then go and see the eyes of their parents who are fearing the worst at any moment, who understand that they will most likely not survive and see their kid graduate. Go into their ICU and watch as some kid as young as three has a dialysis machine attached to him because his kidneys have failed, where he has several tubes coming out of them just so they can survive another round of treatment, to live another day.

And you... you had the nerve to spit in those kids' faces, metaphorically speaking. To lie about something so serious that their aliments do not matter enough, to the extent where your fucking watchers "don't care" about the lie and even go so far as to call it "no big deal" or a "white lie". To the point where faced with undeniable evidence of your lying, continue to do so.

Yes, you are an arsehole.

Yes, you are scum.

I hope you admit your lying and feel real shame for actions, because if you don't... then God himself will be looking down upon you, shaking his head. Perhaps he will inflict on you that which you treated so trivially, maybe then you will fully understand. We can only hope. So go fourth and pick up the shattered remains of your overinflated reputation, and do the above... not only will you redeem yourself personally, but you will mend some of the wounds you have caused.

So fuck off, and shove that apology up your arse



—AnthonyR70, for great justice

There really is no justice on the internetz

Somewhere between then and now, AnthonyR70 was banned from devianTART for harassment. Or so DA says. No doubt from the many complaints of harassment to the helpdesk from naive, teenage sheep dressed in Eevee suits. This is the ultimate proof that their admin would rather listen to bitching teenage Eevee fans and taking their word for it, rather than looking at the entire chain of events. This incredibly stupid decision to ban a member for only telling the truth (and exposing a dickwad in the process) is consistent with their policy of not doing anything about stolen images or copyrighted material. All in the meantime Spite170 is still active on DA, even though he was supposed to be dead from lung cancer by Christmas.


Spite's Journals


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