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NOT spectrophilia. Sarah Palin is still alive, so this must be OOBE-philia

Combining the two most popular topics on the internet - religious debates and sex - Spectrophilia is sex with ghosts. Ghost sex does not, as most people think, involve people dressing up in sheets with a vanishing dildo, but being molested by the spirit of someone who has died. Having little success with the living, spectrophilia is the chosen orientation of psychics and otherkin enthusiasts while allowing them to remain technical virgins.

It is NOT Necrophilia - it is Inter-Paranormal Relationships!

What are they so worried about?

Both involving sex with the dead, ghost-fucking is automatically associated with corpse-fucking. Spectrophiliacs (or spec fucks) however adamantly deny that there is any connection between their fetish and necrophilia.

First, like animals and small children it is often the ghost - most likely the spirit of Ted Bundy - who makes the first move. Most ghosts prefer to masturbate their victims although others will throw them down and have full asstral sex with them. Admittedly, it is difficult to imagine how it is possible to rape a ghost due to their terminal lack of body. For the same reason it's hard to imagine how a ghost can rape a human.

Second, spectrophilia is often preferable to necrophilia as dead bodies smell bad and are gross. They also tend to break apart and liquidate like soft cheese if pounded too hard. Specrophilia by contrast is a deeply spiritual experience.

Third, necrophilia is actually possible, while ghosts are not real, making the whole thing a bit like arguing whether fucking a unicorn is bestiality. (hint: it is)

In summary, it's the same bullshit incubus/succubus demonfucking delusion that was a famous form of assburgers up until 100 years ago. Only satanists and their LARPers are into it these days.


Since having imaginary sex with a corpse wasn't retarded or creepy enough there are several fetish extensions to add a little spice to an otherwise dead sex life:

  • Haunted Doll: Remember Chucky from the Child's Play movies, or those scary-as-shit ventriloquist dolls? Somebody, somewhere is masturbating to them.
  • Katoptronophilia: An unsurprisingly common fetish which involves fapping in front of the mirror in the hopes a ghost will appear behind them. This rarely never happens and they have to settle for their own reflections. This is also known by another name or simply twincest.
  • Paranormal/Spectral (prefix): Any fetish - but with ghosts. Got a fetish about being pissed on, but by ghosts? Paranormal Urophilia. Do vampires make you wet? Paranormal Haematophilia. Like masturbating to yourself in the mirror? Spectrophilia. Fetishes such as these exist despite the fact that ghosts don't have cocks or cunts, cannot produce body fluids and, most importantly, are already dead. Yes, Paranormal Necrophilia is possible.


  • Having sexual fantasies of a loved one shortly after they have died. This sometimes includes the family pet.
  • Many report having intense sexual feelings and even an orgasm despite the fact nobody was with them.
  • Most spectrophiliacs experience ghost sex for the first time shortly after reading about it online. This suggests the ghost was reading over their shoulders and started getting ideas.
  • Ghosts rarely masturbate people in public - except at cemeteries, funerals or during murder tours. They will however attack while at home, particularly if their victims are watching snuff movies.

Despite such compelling evidence concrete evidence for ghost sex is scant. If however you have ever mysteriously popped a boner at a funeral or woken up with the sheets all sticky you can be sure you have been visited by a paranormal pervert.


Frequently men think it was just a sexual dream that brought them to orgasm that they cannot remember. I have had a few clients that tell me of female ghost that sexually have pleased them more then the living.


—Psychic Micky of Miami, on why some men prefer imagination to real pussy.

Their are heterosexual, Homosexual and bestiality ghost sex acts as well as S&M, B&D and host of others that down right might turn any prudes head. I had a woman tell me that her dead dog comes back and has ghost sex with her female cocker spanial and she has photos to prove it. She also told me that several guest can feel her dead dog humping their legs when they enter her home.


Bestiality? Paranormal bestiality.

Sudden through my clothes I felt something in my genital region. And the two hands still holding my shoulders to the bed forcibly. Then it moved against my penis slowly at first. I was in a panic now I started to yell but an unseen hand heavy and seeming very solid went over my mouth. I then realized that the pressure of what wad that of feeling like a large man was now on top of me and his ghostly penis was now diving in between my tightly closed legs.

The feelings stopped abruptly after about 20 minutes had gone by as I felt the heavy body collapse on top of me. And then abruptly it was gone. And I was shaken and shaking from this ghostly homosexual contact. The fear was that I was raped in essence by a very real unseen strong malicious force. I am not homophobic or was not even at that time in my life. But if to me forcible sexual contact with someone living or dead is not pleasant unless that's your personal fetish. At the time I personally asked the ghost to have sexual contact with me to see if the Harp's were telling me the truth of their haunted sexual experience's.


Isn't it great to have another man suck your cock and not be gay?


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