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Sparx Traxx is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

"Twink little bitch.."
Note the broad shoulders, asymmetrical breasts, and bulging forearms. Clearly female.
"Some bitches have dicks, get over it lul"

Sparx Traxx, aka Hesk, Bass Husky, Nexus² Fennec, “Christine,” or Chris Dawson , and referred to as "the transgender monstrosity" by those unfortunate enough to encounter the train wreck of a transvestite IRL, seems like your average post-op tranny fur faggot with oversized titts that you’d see on the internet at first glance. The fake girl occasionally participating in rants against the furry fandom (like most furfaggots), posting lewd furry art with unpropotional tiddies, and sharing the typical art pieces that furries waste thousands upon millions of dollars on (yiffy goodies) with the furry crowd. But once you get deeper and deeper into Sparx's pitifully miniscule personal and social life, you’ll start to see that he's quite possibly one of the most disgraceful disgusting pieces of human scum anyone could ever be.

Sparx is a Canadian reject from Toronto, Ontario who's currently fagging up El Paso, Texas with his artificiality enlarged breasts and chopped cock-meat vagina. The tranny whore would prefer you call him “Christine” instead of “Chris,” but nobody's buying into that "muh pronouns" shit. Yes indeed he is the type of tranny that will completely go off on you if you use the incorrect pronouns. He's created two fursonas for himself that go by the names of Sparx and Nexus². And once again like most furfagots attempts to pass both of his characters off as being completely original, as if the cult of furfaggotry doesn't have enough Siberian Husky and fox fursonas in it already. The tranny is widely known in the fandom for being a slutty murrsuiter, "famous" DJ and lighting designer, "totally legit" photographer, "professional" fursuit maker, and most recently he's announced that he's a hermaphrodite, though no one's falling for it since the TRANNY just magically grew a pair of titties.

While the relevant and revolting Facebook page and Twitter account of FurAffinity state his gender as female, some believe this is not the case and that those titties are obviously fake. Or, you know... it's the pre-op hormones. Trannies have depressing, pitiable tits that most of the time don’t get anywhere past a B cup if they’re lucky enough. In this case, this tranny has breast augmentation and those $6,000 fake fun bags are now a whopping size 36DD. (Pics below and leaked info are from an unfortunate ex who had the misfortune to squeeze those latex melons!) Sorry buddy!

Sparx has posted publicly that he strongly disagrees with unnatural body modifications, yet has had a titjob, pens removal surgery, and his ears pierced for years now. Female furs love talking about their breasts on Facebook, but sparx has a clear obsession with his. As a matter of fact looking at the shemale slut's gallery on FurAffinity reveals that this sick pervert enjoys a distasteful hyper genetilia fetish. If you thought sexual objectification wasnt already bad, its pretty difficult to view this bitch on any website without him or others talking about his “natural” boobage. Any sane man would agree that a natural woman isn't all about breast size; Another thing that Sparx clearly lacks (besides female chromosomes.) Not to mention, he also likes to show off his disgusting and totally uncalled for mutilated mangina to all those who question his true gender, and enjoys raging like a little bitch about how hard his putrescent and frankly irredeemable life is due to his "disability." Yes, it's a mental illness and not a poor life choice, and he's doomed to live it out for the duration of his entire miserable transgendered existence.

He seems to take great joy in proclaiming how many other furries he's let fuck him where the sun doesn't shine just for the sheer thrill of it, but fails to ever secure a steady relationship due to the amount of times he's uncontrollably cheated on his significant other for some cheap fat cock on the side. He can be found on pitiful dating websites for furfags such as FurriesXtreme, displaying and talking about all of the cock that he’s suckled on and all of the money he makes from committing crimes against nature in fursuit pornos. He even has a gallery depicting his breast enlargement progress.

If you don't agree with the wretch's loathsome and abhorrent opinions, there's an entire fleet of furfags ready to get whiteknight at any given notice. The tranny packs an entirr army of fatass neckbeards ready to CAPSLOCK you to death. The irony of all this is that the majority of this content has been brought to you from his public profiles on the intra-webs, so please take the time to cap anything lulzy.

If you've read up to this point, you might be wondering "so where are said screen caps?" or "well, I know him from [insert website name] and he's not THAT bad..." Below are a couple of sites you can visit to see his public display of stupidity and drama for yourself as proof if you really feel the need.

The breakup insider

Chris who's name is now legally Christine, went through a glorious breakup with his mate. The mate of the filthy tranny promptly went and picked herself up a [|"real man"], instead of the mutilated skank who has sex parties at racy conventions.. Who would want to be with such a nasty tranny freak right? Exactly what the editor though, so we went and rescued said signuficant other from the monstrosity. Expecting lots of insiders soon from dating the tranny dipshit so be patient, maybe moar nudes.

Ow.! Tough break bitch your never going to see her again.

Bitchstine also moved on to another poor soul on his treacherous journey to give his next partner HIV. That's right, he has AIDS and if that's not hilarious then I don't know what is. AJ Shepherd or AJ (who cares shes prolly dead by now) contracted AIDS from the would be husky jugalo in an attempt to get pregnant. It's not clear exactly how this happened, but everyone knows that AJ saw through his narcissism and popufur antics finally to get it over with and leave the sorry cunt. AGAIN tough break Christine, hopefully this time it chokes on a muffler which we were hoping last time he would finally succumb to his inevitable fate of Sudoku (Japanese for le suicides.) Look at this silly slut trying his best to win back the "love of his life" but instead watching it burn to the ground. Good job AJ, we salute you on breaking this worthless bitch into a shape he should recognize. A coffin.

Or maybe it's the other way around, since he has AIDS lololololol

Furry Conventions & Room "Parties"

"Make me your pet."

Sparx, being the filthy cock-gobbling tranny slut that he, she...whatever... is, normally attends furry conventions such as Anthrocon, Midwest FurFest, Arizona Fur Con and Texas Furry Fiesta like any other basic furfaggot on a yearly basis. What's funny about this section is that it's mainly written by tons of other furfags who all share the same unbiased opinion of the tranny slut. If you're gay enough to attend such conventions, be leery of Sparx walking through the hotel hallways engaging in conversations about how many dicks he's sucked dry and/or sharing his personal experiences on how many guys he's got in line to fuck the tranny fuckjob until he bleeds.

Take it from him in person if you're special enough to attend AnthroCock. He'll happily be there waiting to brag about how much unprotected sex he's receiving and how much more money he's making than you (from willingly giving blowjobs, of course). Due to the growing amount of people who know the truth about his fake titts and slut attitude (or "haters" as he calls them), the delicate tranny most likely be surrounded by big bodyguards who he's kept in close contact with on Facebook to make it appear as though he's tough and using protection (Not) despite the hormones making him into a fragile bitch-like creature.

He acts as though he were a king/queen, and that it's nobody's intention to fuck with him at a convention, when everybody knows how badly someone just wants to go up to that freak of nature and give him a swift kick to the balls. (Or whats left of them.) You might even see him in what looks to be a baby blue jacket and a very loose tank-top, showing maximum tranny cleavage, which incidentally is his signature tranny look. The faggot prefers to be completely original so if you wear a boob-showing blue jacket to the same party; you'll be sued for copyright and slander!

The filthy fuking transgender whore also enjoys being extremely under-dressed and indecently exposed in order to give everyone a cringe fest, occasionally showing those rock-hard nips resembling Satan's horns from the depths of hell and that camel toe bulge from heaven's highs... well not really, it just looks like somebody stuck a roll of used toilet paper in those skinnies).That's another thing no one should ever do: wear skinnies to a lame convention, especially ripped, black jeans. You might receive a lolsuit from mimicking this hideous style, but the biggest thing you'll likely receive is a theoretical slap in the face from his fanbase as they act as a form of damage control, attempting to keep you from speaking the truth of what a piece of shit he really is.

In the event of you catching him alone, you should definitely do one or more of the following:

  • Run far away.
  • Kick him in the balls. (Mutilated vagina thing)
  • Squeeze those fake saggy titts until they fall off.
  • Walk away slowly and pray the creature failed to notice you.
  • Assuming you're a furfag, throw silicone dicks at him from a safe distance as a distraction.
  • Stand completely still, as he might become distracted by the bulge of someone's cock in the distance.

Some select Facebook & Twitter posts by the tranny creature from beyond the fursuit include:

Come to room 42 if you boys want a good time ;3


Soo driunk , need some bug h0rny stud to come fuick me silly.


Alot of people judge me, but I just like to live my life in the now.. #yolo right?


I could really use some big fat canine cock to come fill my tiny fox hole.


Chris hid the facts!
Ask the slut a question.
Sparx awaiting a porno with 6 guys.

Sparx is known to be the main event of the yiffy orgies that are held at all furry conventions. Like most of its art, the tranny particularly enjoys being double even triple dicked. Keep in mind that furries are not renowned for having good taste in anything at all sex wise. Many people have attended these blasphemous room parties that he throws with the help of his buttbuddies known as "Room 42," so named because the intellectually bankrupt love to be edgy, and have witnessed the transexual crimes against nature within.

Offhand reports from drunken freaks foolish enough to attend suggest that the unhallowed thing will take three or four furs in the ass and makeshift "vag," if one can truly even refer to it as such. Furs have reported hearing the tranny moaning in pleasure in hotel room closets and then coming out covered in cum. He's regularly been seen drunk off his penetrated ass at furry conventions, shamelessly engaging in public sex with other furfag hobos. It comes as no surprise that there's no footage of these instances, only the sad cries of other furfaggots to read up on; such vulgar displays of half-fur, half reconstructed "human" are not fit for public consumption.

Not only have there been witnesses at conventions, but anonymous sources go about sticking to the same story of the damn able tranny thing being the "main event" at cons and what most furs like to call a "cumdump," wherein there's a straight and orderly line of thirsty males and females proceeding to the door, while that veritable chimera of discarded and reassembled flesh is bent over the nearest couch taking as many loads as he possibly can. He only allows certain sizes of dicks because of the gaping canyon his asshole has became from literally fucking horses.

The result of teaching acceptance for everyone in society.

If you think all of that shit was frightening, just wait until you figure out his next voyage through the furry fandom. It's pretty scary to think that such a malicious piece of shit tranny could be elected as staff at these furry conventions, but he's been fully employed for putting events together, organizing pre-registration, handling website design, audio visual, and piecing events together with that peanut-sized mind full of original ideas, some of which include helping fill slots for the disc jockeys that are too "cool" to show up at conventions.

He quickly grabs the shittiest DJs and music producers in the fandom and pieces them together to form the ultimate pile of shit dance party 9,000. This was exceptionally obvious at FC and TFF last year. He says he doesn't consider money to be a significant factor in his employment, despite the fact that everyone knows he's in the entire business for it.

Check out Skrat for moar lulz on this particular subject of interest. The furry god elitist Uncle Kage has appointed him to run large dance events and rent out equipment, because trannies know best! Especially when it comes to furry conventions. It's plausible to say that he probably felt sorry for the slut and is most likely taking excerpts from this fucking article right now just to try to defend what he thinks is a female. In his defense, Kage has made rampant comments having to do with transsexuals in the fandom and Sparx being one of the sluttiest strikes high on his list (of dislikes, of course) because having a decent conversation with this slut is pretty difficult due to his inability to talk about anything that doesn't have to do with sucking your cock.

Furry Art

Sparx is a talentless tranny hack and can't draw for shit. Sometimes, as payment for all the dick sucking he does, he receives a lot of free art from random furs who fantasize about banging the living hatchet job senseless in a dark street alley. You’ll probably see his image around the fandom once or twice on the homage of FA and/or fur-porn site e621.

You can observe all of these lovely pieces made especially for him on his public Fur Affinity page. Most of the art you see of Sparx & Nexus contain horrid fetishes and absolutely appalling body parts in places that they shouldn't be. The sick fuck is deep into vore, cum inflation, and unbirth, which by furry standards are actually pretty mild. Below you can see some of the shitty and almost recolored art that he’s been gifted.

Music Production, Lighting, & Audio

Example of some of his fucking terrible music.

Sparx is a David Guetta-style producer and a wannabe "freestyle" DJ where he can be seen faking all of those supposedly "live" mixes at conventions. The contemptible creature currently works a nightclub (or so the wind blows), acting like a major tease most of the time or giving cute boys cheap blowjobs for spare change.

Sparx Traxx believes he's a pro at producing underground music. He also does remixes on SoundCloud. In other words, he has absolutely no talent to go about producing any original fucking music but likes to put it out there anyway. If you for whatever reason use FurAffinity, you can find the tranny's shitty "work in progress" music all over the place. Sparx also does lots of useless collaborations with other shitty music producers in the furry fandom, not surprisingly gaining all of the attention of his winning fanbase. If you're planning on being Sparx's friend on any third party website, plan on being completely engulfed in an array of shitty unfinished demos and singles that he consistently and annoyingly uploads seeking approval from his peers.

Sparx claims to have had a lot of experience with music and that he attended college for theory, but we know that all the harpy ever did was suck frat boy's cocks for extra cash and popularity on campus. He's also been known to completely FAIL at reading music, and people also deride his abject failure at writing it as well. The fuck uses complete knockoff music creation programs such as Apple's Garageband, Abletion Live, Milky Tracker, and Mad Tracker to compose those "masterpieces" which flood the sane mind with disturbing sounds of dogs being fucked by horses and massive pieces of shit being flung at drywall for sport.

If you try to criticize his production in any kind of way, he'll go off on you and start various rants about you to his personal army of blind faggot followers. He'll also rant on SoundCloud, Fur Affinity, and BeatPort. Leave a comment or any form of constructive criticism and you'll be shot down faster than you can refresh the page.

Lighting, Lasers, & Other Fails

Home of subpar ear rape and horrible vantage points.

Sparx thinks he's an expert at this, claiming to be a part of a huge local theater that puts on shows demanding professional light shows. He does commercial lighting for furry conventions, local gay bars, nigger clubs, and whore houses. Many have witnessed his shows and have all agreed that they all cordially suck massive donkey dick. Thing is, Sparx takes that's a compliment.

Last year he was hired to do the lighting for the main events at Anthrocon, Texas Furry Fiesta, and Midwest Furfest, and all he ended up accomplishing was providing a fitting soundtrack to a gathering of social outcasts celebrating their pitiful existences together.

Being a Pseudo Lesbian Transvestite Whore

Sparx desperately wants to be a real woman, yet is incapable of realizing that even with surgery, he will still be a tranny man who mutilated his body as a result of failed wiring in his fucked up brain. He is attempting to become pregnant and bear a child. His steady Facebook status updates contain complaints about "period symptoms" which everyone knows aren't real and are just his sad attempt to get everyone to believe he has a vagina.

The dumbfuck tranny gets butthurt when anyone sees past his "clever" ruse and mentions that he cannot conceive, and/or does not use the proper pronoun to identify himself, and people like to use this as an effective way to inflict butthurt on "her." It's very easy to see that almost everything about "her" is a biological nightmare and a "should've, could've, would've been prevented" type of scenario. Just like the mother of Chris' failed abortion, you could've prevented this monstrosity of a being!

There are many furs who have attended the lesbian parties of dark legend and witnessed "her" completely nude and ready to be hard-pressed by all the horny males that were invited to the party. Furs have reported touching those malformed tits and hormone-shrunken penis and having to bleach their filthy paws immediately after. The monstrosity never objects to guys feeling around as much as they please, and isn't shy to ever ask.

3 times a day!

From wall posts to art on e621, FurAffinity, fChan, and Tumblr, Sparx carries himself like a slutty tranny bent on participating in threesomes, foursomes, and almost any type of furry fuck pile, cause why the hell not? Get AIDS and die, right? You can look at his active history or favorites on his FA to display all of the disgusting fetishes that he's shamelessly into and the types of disgusting people he enjoys having sexual relations with.

Some people may try to call the wannabe a pornstar, which is not the case because the fucker is just a flat out skank, taking anything with a tip that it can possibly find and gracefully cramming it up his gaping asshole.

He's also very keen to admit to having a strange "cum inflation" fetish, that is to say filling himself up with liquid to simulate being pumped full of semen.

I Just wanna be filled with hot wet cum. Filled up until I can't take any more of it. Like a cum balloon.


—Sparx, recent Failbook status



—Sparx, begging for dick

I wanna suck you down and then let you feel my tongue on you tip sucking pre out.


—Sparx, eloquently telling Skrat what it's going to do to him at MFF

Rumors still have it that people believe he recently got breast implants in an attempt to be an "average" woman. Sparx's Facebook states he likely shoves Legos, dragon dildos, and pretty much anything else he can find at a convention up "her" "vagina."

Sparx Traxx publicly begging for cock. Notice how he blames "hormones" for his personal problems.

Penis Removal Surgery

On March 11, 2014, Sparx Traxx got his disgusting dick removed/inverted into a set of sloppy, HIV-infected beef curtains.

Breast Augmentation

On August 29th the tranny had its tits pumped up with saline, the cheapest method available, to a whopping double E.

The whore with flappy fake tits trying to support something HE knows nothing about lol.

Some time in 2012 it tried begging another furfag over facebook for sex.

As of November 2015 he now hates his breasts and wants to bind them to pass as a male, claiming that "as an intersex individual" he can switch between whatever gender he wants.

Army of Asskissers

Screenshot of Sparx Traxx's original Facebook page. He recently changed his name on there to "Sean McGee" after discovering this article.

Sparx has a platoon of ass-kissing wannabe popufurs who are always on constant alert and ready to defend Sparx from actually doing anything about the drama, and instead sit around and watch as the Hamnigma's little army of faggots rages on in a lulzy flame war against "hater trollz," as he likes to call them.

A typical Sparx ass kisser would typically try to defend his supposed music making abilities, sexual orientation, and overall sanity on the internet, despite cold hard facts standing against his claims. If you plan on befriending Sparx, be leery of... "just as a hilarious, out of the blue, playing around joke to make people laugh and take a break from the drama created by annoying assholes from today's world." ...which are all ignorant retard furs trying to get his attention.

His popufur attitude is only reaffirming that he also enjoys pretending to act like a little child on the internet, which makes his random explicit posts even more mature demeaning as fuck.

How to Make Sparx Cry

  • Tell him he has small tits.
  • Ask about his mom. Tell him that she never loved him in the first place.
  • Make fun of him for being an amateur music producer. Call his music shit.
  • Bring the fact that he can't ever have children into the light.
  • Message him something offensive. He'll share it on Facebook so his fan club can eat at it.
  • Ask him about why he whores around instead of being able to find anyone to ever settle down with.

Shamefur Display Gallery

What? You wanna see more of this stupid faggot's bullshit? WARNING: You may get AIDS. About missing Pics

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