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The Southern Poverty Law Center (or Stupid Propagandizing Libtard Commies) is an anti-conservative and "anti-racist" group in the United States which only targets right-wing people because of biased reasons. It was originally formed in 1971 in Alabama. It has in recent years become a mouthpiece of progressives spewing social justice faggotry. Apparently, the only hate groups in the US are right-wing groups, and if the left has any hate groups, it's perfectly okay and they're exempt from being listed. They gained notoriety in June 2017 when they condemned the anti-Sharia law protests going on in the United States, claiming they're Islamophobic. Yet, the SPLC is completely fucking clueless on the what happened in Orlando in June 2016. Liberal idiocy at its worst, right?

Their so-called hate watch is also notoriously biased. Hate speech by non-whites? It's "understandable" and cool, they can do that. Hate speech by White Devils? Dat's racist!

See Also

  • ACLU - Another SJW-hijacked group
  • NAACP - The nigger SJW version of SPLC
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