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Distributors of software cracks.

A software crack (pirated software, or just crack) is a downloadable file that contains a program, usually a video game or desktop application, that you can get for free off the internet without having to pay a single cent. Some cracks exist purely to fuck up your computer by introducing warez into the CPU and shutting it down permanently. Other cracks are legitimate and actually contain useful information, but these are unfortunately taken down by the cyber police who patrol the internets for pirated content. Websites like ThePirateBay, Torrentz, and TorrentFreak are common places for software cracks that miraculously haven't been shut down yet by the FBI. You can either torrent these files, or download them regularly off a file-hosting website.

The Myth Surrounding Pirated Software

One of the most common myths about using pirated software is that you can actually "get caught" using it and have the partyvan knocking on your front door almost instantly. This is completely false, as its simply a silly story told by those who are against pirating software to scare you into conforming to their standards and not take anything that is given out for free on the internet.

Types of Cracks

  • Programs - Pretty self explanatory. These include entire software applications that you would otherwise have to pay for.
  • Keys - These can either be serial keys to verify the use of software, or activation/product keys to "unlock" certain features of a program. For example, AVG markets the shit out their antivirus software, and even calls you out for using an "illegal" copy, yet all someone has to do is Google "Free AVG serial keys" and boom—several working keys that, once entered, give you the entire full version of the software for free. These keys are often used with free trial versions of software.
  • Patches - These are packets of information used to update a program if it goes out-of-date. Usually used with programs that go out of date every year.
  • Video - Shit you watch on your computer, mostly porn.
  • Viruses - Although not a type of software crack on its own, a lot of promised "free services" are indeed, viruses and warez. Example: people were actually stupid enough to download the "PC version of GTA V" via a torrent months before it was even announced. People fall for this more commonly than you might think.

How to Crack any Software you want

Tired of paying for shit you can get for free? This video will show you how to crack any software you want.

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