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  • Softpaw Magazine originally sold for $19.95, then $24.95 and eventually $29.95 - making it more expensive than any other furry comic or magazine. This goes to show that furries will spend almost any amount of money to get their grubby paws on some underage fluffy sex.
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If you're that desperate to fap just buy the magazine
The notorious magazine itself.

There are plenty of furries out there who will try to tell you that they are not obsessed with sex. They will try to tell you that this is a harmful stereotype and that they do not condone pedophilia in any shape or form. But thanks to Softpaw Magazine, we know this is all a steaming pile of horseshit. Perhaps literally.

Softpaw Magazine is a pedophilia magazine for furries made by two incestuous sick fucks; Jery and Kiffin Softpaw. This magazine was originally made for sad balding pedophiles who knew they had absolutely no hope of finding love in real life. Softpaw Magazine came to the rescue, giving them fictional furry children to cum all over, and page after page of child-like beings spewed out of Hell's asshole. While cub porn and furry loli/shota is common in the fandom, the fact that this glossy mag - including colored pictures - was available in public for so long instead of festering in the bowel of the internet where it belongs, makes it all the more creepy.

The Fandom

Softpaw Magazine contains comics, artwork and stories about "cubs" which we define as young looking characters who are entirely fictional and are over the age of 18. There's nothing wrong about publishing a magazine like that. Of course if you choose to imagine the characters are younger than 18, that's your business and there's nothing we can do about it. :D


Of course if the customers knew the characters were over 18 they probably would not buy it.

Half of the people aware of Softpaw Magazine are disgusted by child pornography. The other half are also disgusted by child pornography but find molesting underage animals to be a beautiful thing and God-given right. So basically saying that an older man fucking a child is bad but an older-looking furry molesting a cub is awwwright. Since furries are indeed retarded and have some sort of calling to spread their retardation, they will argue that just because they look young it doesn't make them equal to a human child. At all. The real thing is that they constantly lust over the small and innocent penis that they just wish they can see.

Whenever you say that cubs are actually furry children, they will start attacking you as if there were no tomorrow. In an argument, they will pull random shit out of their asses as a poor attempt to win the argument as best as they can. What they forget, is that they are a bunch of losers who actually paid for an entire magazine filled with CP.

Their most common arguments are:


Softpaw's fanbase is shit easy to troll. All you have to do is use your keyboard and type the words "cub" and "pedophilia" in the same sentence with no negativity attached to it. They will give you a TL;DR comment saying that if there's furs, then it can't be loli or shota. You can type the following:

  • Tell them that having sexual images of cubs means that they have interests in pedophilia.
  • Say that they like seeing older men banging children.
  • Say that fapping to anything that has animal-like features means that they're interested in bestiality.
  • Go with the goody; yiff in hell.
  • Ask them if they have children locked in their basement since they have interest in child-like animal.
  • Ask them if they're in a relationship with someone who is not under aged.

Quotes from their wonderful fans

Imagine that there is a crowd. Okay, now imagine that the crowd is only Softpaw's fan base. What were you thinking of? Were you thinking of shota fangirls, gay pedophiles, fur suits and creepy old men? Well that's Softpaw's fan base. And what would you think their fan base would say whenever they see a good old fashion cub yiff? If you don't know then just read the following quotes below. All of them are courtesy of SecretMoon, a shitty oekaki board aimed at cub porn.

Half of the people aware of Softpaw Magazine are disgusted by child pornography. The other half are also disgusted by child pornography but like cubs. So basically saying that an older man fucking a child is bad. But two furs can love each other even if one is younger.


A faggot who joined ED to vandalise this article who proves that all furries should be sterillised.

I was wondering what she'd look like with clothes on.

Okay actually I wasn't. But school uniforms are win.



Oh, God, me LOVES the horsecock! And young coon cock, too!


—Tyler Davasel

He looks very cute especialy with thr ball gag i also love the expression on his face.



Super cute!

What a lovely little boybutt.

Your art is a welcome addition.



Edis, you are my hero ><!! Here, catch mine *cumming*



ride it, baby! ride it hard till you feel my cum in your small butt hole!




Age: 10 Elementary School Student Hobby: IT, biology, chemistry Dream: play in school football team


—Seido-kun again, willingly admits he's an e-pedo.

I call his tailhole next!



I call dibs on his cute little cock!


—Siraj, wanting some fictional action too.

YES! My two favorite bunnies are back! Wow, Tas looks like he's really getting into the loving his big brother's giving him! Can't wait for the final splooge!!! *scritches head* Wonder if Tasie cums boyjuice yet? *grins & licks lips*



I'd love to nibble on her collarbone for some reason. Deliciously cute stuff, no pun intended. :)



Isn't that more: You can't play till your mommy is full of cum?



Awww! He's a cutie! i wanna suck on it to see if he has some more surprises! *giggles & wags tail*



*Giggling softly* And how does one get the blessing to use the Shota mana in magical endvors hehe.



The Artists

Just another day in Edis's gallery

To an unbelievable extent, the creators of the magazine are even more retarded than their customers. As stated before, the magazine is controlled by Jery and Kiffin Softpaw, two incestuous furries. Jery, the “brother” of the two, willingly admits that he loves cub porn greatly and finds it perfectly acceptable for the reader to “imagine” that they can be under 18 years old. Gee, who would think that? Jery co-owns two websites related to sick cub porn. One shitty drawing board where, you guessed it, their contributors also gather and share their sick fuckery. Another site he co-owns is Cub-Central. Basically like FA but it mainly consists of cub porn.

Then there is Kiffin, the sister of the dynamic pedo duo. In the first two issues of Softpaw, Kiffin had a vagina; however, in the third issue she was a trap and had a panty snake hiding in her skirt. More evidence is provided here, where she explains that she has a penis, hates pride but has so much and can’t save the world. This either points to one possible answer that she might be a hermaphrodite or an ugly man who wants to be a little girl.

Let’s not forget about their contributors. One contributor is Lando, a gay furry who begs other users to commission him. He loves pikachu cock and fat furry boys; let’s not forget to mention that he also has pictures of a fat emo pikachu with hawt piercing on the red cock. Then there’s Inuki, another little boy loving cock wrangler who’s trying to find the person responsible for banning her precious shota magazine. Apparently she has a fat loli fursona all sexed up as a gift for other sick fucks. Surprisingly, she does not draw any sex pictures of her fursona. [1] There are only a few, but are usually censored.

Edis Krad (EE-DIHS KRAWD)is probably their most fucked up contributor yet. His gallery is filled with cub porn; scat, bondage, blood, cum, mpreg and too much more. I shit you not. Edis is also from Japan, and logically, he must be an awesome artist! FUN FACT: Edis refers to shota as “human cubs” thinking that they're exactly like furries and that it means that SOMG THEY ONLY LUUK YUNG.

Know your enemy

Fact: More than half of the artwork in Softpaw is gay. No surprises there.

Believe it or not, the contributors of Softpaw can be identified of which of the four (or three, since the last one sucks so bad that there's barely any of it) categories they best fit in.

Jesus Christ, there are way too many of these contributing to this shit hole of a magazine. Of course, most of the Shota fangirls are into kawaii animu. In fact, they make the majority of the contributors. Seriously, there is just too much fail in their contributions to Softpaw. Don't forget that more than half of all the artworks from Softpaw are gay.
Basically, they love drawing two furry boys fucking each other in the ass. Hell, they practically live on drawing shota fur. Not to mention that more than half the time you think that the boys are girls until you see what's under the hawt lingerie. The best example is, without a doubt, Inuki.
Very few of them. Seriously, with a magazine aimed at an audience made up of pedophiles, you'd think that there would be a lot of creepy old men who loves looking up the skirts of young school girls. Yet for some reason there isn't as much of them. Most of the comics made by these people love seeing small girls have a huge dick shoved up their tiny vagina. If you want an example of a person who's in this category, then I'm sorry. I was serious about how there was barely any of these people involved with this magazine.
Oh god, here we are. Not to be confused with the fangirl equivalent of this, but this is a group that is made up of men. Their submissions on Softpaw concentrate on how their imaginary penis is shoved up the shota ass. A majority of the shit from these people shows large men inserting their amazing cock up the ass of a little cub boy. In second place, we have cub boys having kawaii yaoi shota furry lol buttsecks.
Lando is a perfect example of a lover of cub boys yiffing with each other since he's a giant Pokefag while Edis Krad is a mix of the two.
  • Straight fiction fangirls
Not exactly the equivalent of the loli fanboy, but they do draw cub girls. This is barely even considered as a category since there's just too few of them. The comics drawn by them usually involves two cubs of the opposite gander, well, yiffing! There is only one actually comic (as of now) than involves an adult furry woman paired up with a cub boy, and that was in it's latest issue. Example? Well, I could only find Deviantart-favicon.png PurpleKecleon, just browse through her gallery, you'll see.


Although they seem happy to tolerate adults dressing up in animal costumes (and occasionally diapers) this magazine has been banned on two occasions - Eurofurence 13 in 2007 and A.A.E. in 2008. It all started when some dirty Portuguese man named Dktorzi announced that he will be selling the magazine at Eurofurence. Basically there is a German law that does not tolerate any publications that involves pedophilia. If they were to continue selling their magazine, they would get pwned by the law and sent to jail for selling CP for profits. Apparently, cub porn makes conflicts within the furry fandom attracting more trolls to it, so Eurofurence had to go with the decision to ban it. However, Softpaw only appeals to small portion of the crowd and they didn't need them at the convention in anyway. Cheetah also stated that the hotel in which the magazine staff resided in wanted to keep up a good reputation, therefore, they wanted to pwn Jery and Kiffin to get out of their hotel.

I'm afraid, the board of directors has decided not to allow the sales of these kinds of materials.

1) This is a large legal grey area in Germany. There are very draconic laws against anything that even remotely smells like pedophilia, and the interpretation of the laws unfortunately relies more on the personal viewpoint of individual judges than the words of the law. Willingly letting you sell this magazine could send us to jail, and even if the possibility is small it's a risk we do not want to take. (And customs letting you import this is not a reliable proof of legality, sadly, it's quite possible they simply didn't take a closer look.)

2) "Cub porn" has also lead to rather diastrous conflicts within the fandom, and we do not want Eurofurence to be a place where this controversy is being fought out.

3) The art show rules explicitly ban cub porn, and it would be rather hypocritical to forbid it in the artshow, and then allow it in the dealer's den.

4) Apart from the legal situations, we are dependent on a good reputation among hotel and staff. We're already stretching the limits by having an adult art show at the hotel at all ... if hotel staff gets a hold of this kind of magazine (e.g. cleaning staff accidently seeing this in someone's room), this might cause huge damage to our convention in the long run.

Softpaws only appeals to a small fringe group of the fandom, so we do not see it as a vital contribution that would make it worth of taking the above risks.

So, I'm sorry to say, we cannot allow the sale or distribution of Softpaw magazine at EF. Please do not try to circumvent this decision. Security will be instructed to look out for banned materials.

This decision is final, and we will not discuss it. Sorry.


—Cheetah's TL;DR post.[2]

A year later, Anthropomorphic Arts and Education banned Softpaw, since their rules clearly stated that no fucking child porn should be sold. Since furries are still fucking stupid, the fanbase kept bitching about it and saying that Softpaw is absolutely nothing like child porn because there is fur attached to their skin. Let's not forget that there are dozens of stories that contains school children yiffing with their teachers and characters that even have their ages stated.

Reactions to the Ban

Naturally the furries were furious that their innocent fun had been ruined by political correctness.

They have misinterpreted a U.S. law that bans depictions of human children, not furries. It will affect all artists who draw “cute” or “young”-looking art. The A.A.E./F.C. have not provided a description of what they consider a “furry minor” under their new rule, so no one knows what art is really banned.


—Jery, being a furry and being a minor should be a good definition.

It's just a classic chilling effect of law interfering with private matters, that's all.


—It's not a crime if nobody knows about it.

We had a lengthy discussion with German customs (border and import control) about our mag. They know what's in it, they looked right through it, and then sent us on our way with it. No problems. ... Cub art has been drawn, displayed and sold at all major cons since they all started. It's not new and Softpaw is just the most public and organised display of it so far.



Getting discriminated in my own country sucks like hell ... EF is great anyway and I will be there but its just a side of the con I wish I had never discover -.-;


Inuki, being the same crybaby she is.

Willingly letting you sell this magazine could send us to jail, and even if the possibility is small it's a risk we do not want to take. ... Sometimes you just can't afford to risk the fun of 600 people being ruined by the kink of a handfull ... or not by the kink itself, but by how it is perceived by our hosts and our attendees.


—Cheetah, while pwning Jery and Kiffin.

What the Board is NOT doing is passing any moral judgment on the material in question, nor stating that the content in question is illegal, only that it is a reasonable possibility that action could be taken.


—AAE's response to the fan base's faggotry.

Softpaw is one of dozens of furry magazines with adult content sold at furry conventions. Each contains material that is likely to be disturbing to an outsider. Fortunately, nobody's forcing them to register for a convention they're not interested in, or purchase a magazine that squicks them.


—Greenreaper, the white knight.

All pedophiles have to start somewhere...


It seems that the Paedos at Dream Field Comics, the publisher of SoftPaw, Have finally called it quits on the sick fuckery they produced and have realised that what they have been producing really is nothing more then child pornography, you think they would have gotten the hint sooner when entire nations like Germany wouldn't allow their shit into their country. The furry fandom are now a little closer to cleansing their community

The reasons for Soft Paws demise? The furry fandom finally having standards?, There are actually very few paedophiles in the furry community?. The likely reason is because Sick Fucks on the internet no matter how desperate they are, are unwilling to pay $25 for something that they can get for free on Fur Affinity. Given the vast numbers of pedos in the furry community you would figure selling a magazine containing cub porn would be easier than scoring Lindsay Lohan, it was a perfect business model for making a shit load of cash but this just goes to show how retarded furries are when they cant even sell something the whole fandom seems to want.

It is theorized that Most of the contributors to softpaw and many of its devoted readers have moved on to InkBunny, another shitty art site that solely caters to furry porn, like there aren't enough already. Inkbunny offers artists the ability to sell their Awesome art to other fursuit wearing retards with too much cash, on the internet. So before you go on thinking that the Crumbling of soft paw magazine was a step in the right direction, remember that they have simply moved to somewhere else on the internet where they can make even moar Jew Golds.


Here we are, Softpaw's CP About missing Pics

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