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/Soc/ Where all the fatty 4chan Anongirls go that can't stand the /cgl/ fightclub.
Typical faggotry found on /soc/

For years a constant problem on 4chan's /b/ has been the massive amount of hookup, rate my pic, get in here, and other such faggy threads. Then one faithful day, moot decided to say "fuck it" and create a special board just for the attention whores that were overflowing in /b/ and other boards. Thus, /soc/ was born and 16 year old girls across the internet rejoiced.

The plan

Many boards, /b/ in particular, had been overflowing with attention whores and various hookup/rate my pic threads. Mods were receiving cumbersome amounts of reports, reposts of reposts were everywhere, and anon (and even tripfags) were getting sick of it. To lighten the load of mods so they could focus on more important matters, moot, remembering how effective /vp/ was at eradicating Pokemon threads from /v/ and /a/, decided to use the same treatment with this problem by creating a board dedicated to chubby sluts showing their floppy tits to skinnyfat permavirgins. /soc/ was set up and many tripfags, calling themselves /soc/ialites, quickly flocked to their new home.

The reaction

As it was a board designed specifically for attention whoring teenagers, those who frequent /soc/ like it well enough. To the rest of 4chan, though, it's about as useless as /vp/ or /po/ and is only good for keeping that shit out of the other boards. In particular, /fa/ and /fit/ do not like /soc/'s general tendencies of fatty love and do everything they can to ignore this newest addition to the 4chan fail train.

Typical threads

So you decide you want to try this socialization thing out but are too much of a chickenshit to start a Facebook account and instead opt to talk to people anonymously on 4chan. Just by entering /soc/ you'll soon see many of these frequently reposted threads:

Girls of /soc/

In case you couldn't notice, /soc/ has a very unhealthy obsession with fat girls. This is because most of the people who frequent /soc/ are incapable of meeting anyone who is not at least 100 pounds overweight and would piss themselves if a 4/10 girl even asked them for the time. Since fatties have low self esteem and will fuck anyone who even looks at them, these would-be permavirgins take it and run while thinking they're pimps because of it.

At the other end of the spectrum you have the girls with daddy issues who want a limp dicked beta kid they can boss around and treat like shit. Since this is the closest the fatty chasers would get to an attractive girl they leave their hambeast for the androgynous and insane hipster sluts and feed their threads with pictures of their cocks, unknowingly spreading GOTIS.

Gallery of interesting /soc/ialities

No one on /soc/ is interesting.

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