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The 30 year old virgin is in the house
No one knows how hard it is to be Asian aside from the billions of other people that are Asian

Skimlines, real name "Sandy Kay" is a delusional, weeaboo SJW artist who can usually be seen at cons selling her god awful anime prints. Sandy is known for frequently accusing "white people" of "cultural appropriation" for watching anime and doing the exact same things she does. Despite all this raging about cultural appropriation, she also accuses people of being racist for not buying her manga. That's right, boy and girls, liking anime is "cultural appropriation", but not liking it is racist. The most hilarious irony in all this is that Sandy IS NOT FUCKING JAPANESE TO BEGIN WITH. She's Korean. Thus, everything she sells is "appropriated" from Japan. She also denies Japanese war crimes against Koreans and often argues with her people about it on twitter. Sandy clearly wishes she were from a more kawaii country that doesn't eat dogs, thus she supports Pan-Asianism because all Asians would be considered "one", thus making her a kawaii jap.

Interesting Facts

Chipotle actually replied to her

To no ones surprise, her Twitter is a massive stream of first world problems and whiny butthurt. Let's take a look at what we've learned from her twitter, shall we?

  • She believes that "only PoC can write their own race" yet has a black girl as one of her main characters
  • She seriously thinks that people don't buy her manga because she's Asian. That's why Japanese manga and anime became a big hit internationally, right?
  • She thinks conventions should give Asian vendors priority over other races because they invented animu
  • Despite all her raging about cultural appropriation, she's often seen wearing a Kimono, despite being Korean, and is never seen in a Hanbok. But that's okay cuz asians all rook same!
  • She's 30 years old


Artist Alley Drama

Apparently, some of Skimlines's friends didn't get accepted as a vendor in a con. This is FUCKING BULLSHIT because cons should should be prioritizing picking Asian artists. Skimlines's asian friends clearly were not accepted because they're asian, as everyone knows that cons ckeck the ethnicity of all their applicants so they can exclude asians from selling their Chinese cartoons. Skimlines made effors to boycott the con on twitter by using the hashtag #whitewashedout. However, this was ineffectuall as no one retweeted but her friends and there's no way in hell Fanime is going to give certain races priority over others. Despite her strong beliefs of the matter, Skimlines went to the fucking con anyways to sell her shitty merch.




At best, Sandy's art is mediocre. Her comic book is filled with anatomical issues, lacks backgrounds, and looks like something you would find on Smackjeeves. Rather than improve her art, Sandy would rather just blame her lack of success on her race.

The story is bland generic shoujo, and the artwork is even more bland and generic. It also contains quite a few grammatical and spelling errors, which Skimlines will get massively butthurt over if you dare point them out and call you racist.

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