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Silsor is a young Wikipedia administrator out looking for the love of his life. He is a student at University of Toronto at Mississauga in Canada.

Silsor has a real sweet tooth and enjoys snowmen, Slurpees, and protracted edit wars.

Silsor's favorite article to babysit is Something Awful Forums, which he watches like a hawk to make sure that nothing critical of Lowtax is ever added to the entry. With the help of this kind king of NPOV, the article now reads like an advertising circular. Silsor was particularly upset when someone edited the meticulous list of unimportant forums and subforums to add the heavily trafficed but ostensibly secret file forums which were responsible for many of SA's new registrations until January 2005. According to Silsor, removing valid information in an otherwise excessively 'informative' article is NPOV as long as it protects the reputation of a commercial webmaster.

Silsor is a failure and a fundamentalist Christian when he feels like it.

Silsor's name is a contraction of "Silicon Sorceror". One of his hobbies is poetry, as evidenced at [1]. Silsor can generally be found lurking on IRC in "elite" channels.


Lol, the little bastard changed his username to Astronautics in 2011 to hide. Since then he's done the bare minimum of useless "edits" to keep from being desysopped for "inactivity". The little shit.

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