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Name Ariel Rose Sapeda

I'm such a whore who's only had sex with one person in 3 years :( meanwhile none of you have ever been able to speak with a single woman on a romantic level, very sad :(


KF favicon.png Putrid

Putrid/paim6n/archangelsk/Silene (Powerword: Ariel Rose) Is a current admin on Aediots Encyclopedia Dramatica clone, a radical 3rd wave feminist, and a transgender internet prostitute. Ariel made waves and national news after she battered her grandmother and sold the video on her Onlyfans.

Ariel is a hypocritical bitch who loves to moral fag and ardently speak out against pedophilia while at the same time peddling her only fans content to 14-year-old boys on discord.

Onlyfans & Arrest

After being arrested and charged with 3rd-degree harassment and domestic assault for beating her grandma, the story went viral. Ariel then attempted to pull a "pro-gamer" move and attempt to justify her actions. On Twitter she admitted the beating was for the plight of the feminist movement, gram-gram was standing in the way of progress and Ariel would take down the patriarchy bettering one elderly person at a time, geriatric slut shamers beware, she is the modern-day Susan B Anthony but a bigger whore and with neck tattoos and botched plastic surgery.

Sorry Grandma, no ragrets

Feminist Hero

Ariel and Fake ED

Jacob, not seeming to understand the purpose of an "official" ED Twitter account, let Ariel, a random Onlyfans whore use it to blogpost and attention whore. Being one of the easiest people to bait, she proceeded to spend days arguing with peopleposting her unseemly criminal record and habit of shoving beyblades up her ass, while high on shake and bake, hilariously enough, her primary issue with her ED article is that it is "inaccurate" proving her feeble methed out brain has no idea what ED is about despite claiming to be an admin. Ariel decided it would be a good idea to go onto Kiwi Farms and begin insulting not only users of Encyclopedia Dramatica but also the humble kiwis, uniting the two autistic armies against her, Ariel began lashing out at the accusations that she in fact was a tranny and was reminded that she would never be a woman and should go dilate her axe wound. Quickly the internet detective of ED found that Ariel was not a tranny but a grandma beating internet prostitute feminist hero. She was then exposed for peddling her naked pictures to 14-year-olds after going on an hours-long tirade about how everyone but her was a pedophile.

Ariel's Dox

Name: Ariel Rose Sapeda

Age: 21

Address: 109 Seneca Springs Dr, Trinity, AL 35673


Okay, the last thing I'm gonna say unless I get bored again is that the only embarrassing group is the people here... You're quite literally all envious and incompetent millenials and boomers that are trapped in an eternal purgatorial circle jerk and thinking that it defines reality. Every insult here is extremely lackluster and underwhelming, especially because you can't come up with any insult or defense that isn't overused to the point of being said on every single page for over 70 pages. It's not AE and I's fault that nobody likes .online, but like I said on the official ED Twitter and not the failwiki one, it is your collective faults that ED has been dead for almost an entire decade. AE and I dislike you all and don't want you onboard to recreate ED because you're old, stupid, and have no semblance of loyalty; plus we don't like pedophiles. You should really all go to therapy or perform a self-lobotomy so maybe someone can help you with your self-awareness issues and autism. Now instead of bickering with you hopeless morons, I'm going to proceed with enjoying my hobbies and packing to see my long term boyfriend (which clearly barely any of you have been in an actual romantic relationship and know the experience) like a normal person. I can't wait to come back to see more projection and stupidity for 100 more pages because you're all so obsessed with me and AE that you have virtually no life or friends, have fun I guess being sperg fan accounts and stalking us outside of the farms as well everyday LMFAO. Look inwards and you can help yourselves.



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