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One of her most prized works

SilenceGotttlos a Furfag with a knack for trolling random fantards even though Silence is part of an even worse and hated subject, Yiff. Her Yiff gallery on Deviantart is almost as bad as another one of her gallerys thats full of Yiff fuckfest.

Yiff vs. FanTard

Silence Gotttlos at one time went trolling on another fucktard's page begining an internet drama with Zathina-Mage, a fantard fuckoff who can't draw worth shit. Apparently he had already been butthurt by an onslaught of trolling morons, whos art was either chicken scratch or World of Warcrap bullshit. The prior trolling had amounted to a major LOL as the attack had been done by an even more pathetic Duck-Fucker, and was easily outsmarted and turned on by Zathina-Mage's followers. Even then, the counter-attack on Spencer001 was from built up anger from another deviant who went on a spamming rampage that extended even to Snapesnogger but was so pathetic and LOLZAR that even Snapesnogger's followers didn't even give a rat's ass and gave no response. It finally ended in the deviant's banning almost a month later after requesting another deviant to report her.

Following the troller and the spammer, Silence Gotttlos posted "I just died a little." on Zathina-Mage's front page. When the fantard responded, Silence Gotttlos went on a fan art, fantard rant about how his chicken scratch was "refrigerator art" that was destroying Deviantart. The two persisted to argue, and extended to both Zathina-Mage's followers and enemies got involved and ultimately handed a can of whoop-ass to Silence Gotttlos.

'Quote from OpenConstant'

A day in Silence's Life

"If Aylap was really clever, she'd have taken that stamp you have on your dA account which says, "Grammar Nazi!" and posted that in response to your run-on sentence.

But, honestly, you need to upgrade your trolling style. If you're trying to do this from a 4Chan (or, juding by your page, an fChan) /b/tard style of attack, you're using way to many words and not enough spam, plus you're posting from an actual account with a real gallery, unlike the last few ghost posters.

And if you're trying to do it from an intellectual style of attack, you're reversing your opinion and making arbitrary, hypocritical reversals of opinion. First, you're a grammar nazi who doesn't care about grammar when you make the mistakes. Second, you're allowed to be an interfering busybody that butts into things that don't concern you but Aylap isn't. Third, you consider him spamming crappy fanart to be an abomination to dA, when your own page is rife with furry art, which is (without any good reason) more reviled and despised than any other fandom, so it's the pot and the kettle. You can't even directly attack Zathina on his biggest weakness, that being his obsession with including the self-insertion character Crie in almost every picture he draws, as a big swath of your own pictures are just your own self-insertion Fursona.

Here, I'll help you out. Here, just ignore everything else that has been said up to this point, and I'll revise both side's opinions here.

"Zathina, a real artist doesn't post everything he or she does online. It's not a place to dump everything you draw, it is a place to put your good works, the things you are honestly proud of. Quit throwing up (in both the uploading and the vomiting meanings of the phrase) everything that comes out of your crazed mind, and save your account for REAL art."

Now, I'll save us a step and do Zathina's response.

"Look, I don't know or care what you use this place for, but I use dA as a way to let my friends see my drawings without having to go visit them in person, or wait until they and I are online at the same time so I can link a Photobucket. By using dA, I can draw a picture, upload it, and have Shindigs see it whenever she comes by. If someone else seems my work and likes it, that's good too. And if someone else shows up and gives me some real criticism, I'll listen to them and see what I can do to fix my posts. Now, if you have some real criticism, please post it. Otherwise, go away."

Now, since I don't know you very well, Silence, I can't respond for you very well again, but what the hell, I'll give it a try, because this is my style of trolling. I make needlessly long posts which, in fact, actually say something the entire time, regardless of how absurd it gets in the end.

"You bring up a fair point, but I do still find it disagreeable that you do this with your page. If your only goal is to have a place to for friends to see your artwork, why post around so much? I could never have found your page without you commenting over 1,000 times."

And Zath.

"Because I do still like looking at other people's artwork, and if I feel they did something good, I believe they deserve to be told that I appreciate their works. If that leads people to my page, that's their choice, not mine."

And some more Silence.

"By interacting with the community, you volunteer yourself to be a part of the community, and that gives anyone the right to comment on your page."


"But participation in this community is actually participating. Just coming up to someone and saying, "Sux. U fail," doesn't really count."


"I believe that you are old enough and intelligent enough to realize what is wrong with your art without my help."


"While I appreciate that you have respect for my intellect on such a level, is it possible that the things you see wrong with my art are your opinion, and since we do not share the same opinions, it is impossible for me to figure out what you are having issues with?"


"That could be the case. However, since OpenConstant has no idea what I actually find wrong with your work, this little charade he's been running for a dozen paragraphs must, sadly, come to an end."

Well, that's my performance for the evening. Good night everyone, you've been a great audience!"

In Silence's Journal there is an entry asking for help finding a program to help color her yiff crap.

Picture in Silence's Journal Entry

Following the journal entry shortly after was a deviant's complaint about it being pornography. The arguement featured two deviantart members who complained one after another. The first, stated "i wont help, its a naughty picture. Bad picture, i shall banish it to the place where other naughty pictures get banished to." only to get the reply "f u" from Silence Gotttlos. A real LULZ from her as this stamp is clearly visable in her journal.

During the entire episode several of Silence Gotttlos' Yiff and crap Furry pictures were removed from deviantart, after Zath and his followers went on a reporting rampage, resulting in the loss in a shitty StarCraft porn pic and more some more crappy Yiff.This was of course after she had teamed up with the spammer who had previously failed to get any attention with her spamming any of those she went after. The spammer had at this time acquired a new DA account CetusFetus and had returned only to continue her arguement with the fantard. When a new player, someone who had priorly posted on Silence Gotttlos' journal, Gilramos seemingly jumped in with needless babble, not only making an ass of himself but appearing to be a new account of the Fantard, Zathina-Mage. This drama, finally ended with zathina-mage/gilramos blocking the trio who had converged on them. Ultimately, there were no lulz to be had, just a retard circle-jerk of anger and fail.


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