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In some ways, Sil the Wolfdragon (Robert O'Dowd), variously known as Seriphstar and Silverstar, is much like any other furfag. He'll fuck anything that has a penis, preferably with fur. He never knows when to keep his sick fuckery to himself. He is an uncompromising attention whore, yet is still shocked when he becomes the center of drama. Like all his deviant brethren, he is, of course, a colossal faggot. Much to the horror of the already beleaguered mass of humanity, however, it only gets worse from here.

Oh, the bitter pain of rejection

For the love of God, someone, anyone, acknowledge my existence!

In 2009, Sil flounced on the cult of fur after one ManicMog, a fellow deviant ripe for the purging, informed the former that he would not, in fact, care to engage in furious, fursuited yiffing with him. Given that those of the furry persuasion are attracted to attention and drama in much the same fashion as flies are instinctively compelled to make nice with bug zappers, this noble, self imposed exile lasted all of one week. Given the circumstances, it's astonishing that he held out so long. He promptly rejoined the fur fray by revisiting an IRC channel that is whispered direfully among hushed circles as bearing the name #NorthernFurs, from which he had been previously expunged by his own degenerate brethren.

As of 2014 his name has officially been changed by deed poll to Silver O'Dowd however his Modus Operandii remains unchanged.

Your monies, pls

Having been driven to the edge of the furry cesspool, Sil embarked upon a quest to carve his own throne from which to better survey and gain acceptance from his inglorious fellows. Along with "Darkus," who is rather dull even by furry standards, he created the "business venture" Geeksit. This marvel of corporate enterprise was characterized by the latter as an endeavor to "help unpriveledged, living at parents, furs that wish to make something out of their lives." Wonderful. How could such a fucktarded "business model" generate revenue? Surprise surprise, it didn't. Geeksit was abandoned almost as soon as it was shat out of Sil's wolf semen encrusted ass.

The latest cum stained reports from #NorthernFurs would indicate that Sil is some £30,000 in debt... to his grandmother. Truly, a class act all the way. Worse still, he has been known to make somewhat curious remarks regarding dear grandma.

can you atleast kill my nana first? I really dont' wanna deal with awkward questions


—Questions such as "Why is there a dead dog in your closet?"

there's no point trying to give her a heart attack, she doesn't have one


—Because, quite clearly, a woman who lends large sums of cash to her degenerate grand-progeny is twisted and evil.

Satisfying his desire for cash, attention, and to stroke his mighty dragon phallus simultaneously, he has "performed" for under the above aliases.

His dearest grandma finally passed away late 2015 granting his wish of financial security for the next year. Though most of it will be spent on alcohol and drugs. He pretends to show sorrow and loss, yet the last several years of wanting her dead for the inheritance suggest otherwise.


"what you see is what you get." Seriphstar Gaydar profile. Is it ableist to envy the blind?

As with many Livejournal users, Sil thoroughly enjoys regaling all 3 of his readers with tales of his fursecution, how he is unfairly judged and mistreated because he's obviously a great guy, and how he goes out of his way to "re-home" the poor, unfortunate furfags who have hit rock bottom... which is a nice way of saying that he invites them over just long enough to partake in an ass-thumping fuck. He's so misunderstood! Should anyone decline his most generous offering of furry cock, he becomes more than a bit agitated.

Be honest, how many of you think I slept with you for no reason other than to have sex?


—Typical entry.

I'm always complaining about something or other... Which is true... but my life only knows Sex, Yu gi oh (not together...), Cartoons and furmeets....


—As an inferior genotype, his thoughts never stray from instant gratification.

He likes them young, submissive and with low self esteem. More than ever now he's fat and old. His own self esteem is so low it's only overtaken by his lack of morales so it's becoming a challenge for him to find regular cock fun without retreading the same gullible victims. He is happy to tell them how grateful they should be and what they should think. However he will never let on about all this to the masses in case his supply of new vulnerable conquests should dry up. As soon as they start to think for themselves he will then denounce their ingratitude and whine to anyone who listens.


Fuck you, da Vinci, this belongs in the Louvre.

Sil seems to very much enjoying creating a sort of Mary Sue depiction of himself and... his "pack." His favored form of shameless glorification appears to be drawing himself as a hulking, muscle bound furfag, or scalie, or... hell, what's the point in splitting hairs? Sick fucks are the same all over. Another healthy and highly productive pastime is drawing hate art of those who have fursecuted him, or, worse still, those who have denied his most noble of requests for sweet, young cock. "Where might I find these talented illustrations?" you didn't ask, and certainly don't wish to know. Why, Furaffinity, of course, the noble bastion and final resort of all those who share a burning passion for fur and penis in equal measure.

One last thing

In the event you haven't yet been sufficiently offended, here is the crème de la crème, Sil's crowning achievement, the moment of his greatest glory:

that image of me wanking is copyrighted to me



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