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Why so many little girls want his cock will never be known.

Remember how your parents used to tell you not to talk to people you don't know on the Internet, telling you how they're all Pedophiles? Well, they were right by warning you, because they knew that you would be drawn to the sirens song of SicMoP69. SicMoP69, or simply Mop, is a classic perverted fuck on the Internet who loves sweet, sweet loli pussy, but will deny it to the bitter end. Don't try to argue with him about it though, or you'll be blocked for ruining his wonderful Internet reputation. Too bad for him that it was ruined the second he uploaded his yiff to the interwebs.

Internet Personality

Much like Teruchan, Mop has an adorable Internet fursona which he uses to do his dirty work. Mop's fursona happens to be a cute little fluffy blue bear that just happens to always be around when barely legal girls are getting it on with each other. Sounds familiar, right? His fursona also has a final form, a large, muscular bear with an unnecessary amount of piercings, and is almost always drawn fucking some random fursona. But it's totally not pedophilia because the characters aren't really the people who they belong to, just their Internet-selves.

How Mop has so many little girls chasing after him is a mystery. At first some speculated that Mop actively pursued them and they grew a natural attraction to him, but after much research and looking through the eye rape in his FurAffinity gallery, it was found that all the pictures of him devouring sweet virgin pussy were requested by the girls themselves. This however may be a lie to make Mop seem like less of a walking penis.

MoP In A Nutshell


His Lovers

Oh fuck yeah, I'd totally go pedo too to get some of that fat emo ass!
The female character in this picture is 11. Mop is 26. Totally nothing creepy about that.
File:Love Has No Distance by sicMoP.jpg
MoP probably blurred this to cover up the obvious MAN-FACE.


One of Mop's fuckbuddies is his girlfriend Rachel, an emo 15 year old from the UK. The relationship could be considered cute if it weren't for the blatantly obvious fact that Mop is 26 years of age. Regardless of which, it is still considered cute by his ass-licking fanboys anyway, even though it's one of the most un-cute things to ever grace the face of the Internet.

How Mop and Rachel are even dating is another mystery. Far more attractive girls beg to fondle Mop's balls daily, yet he doesn't date them. The only probable answer is that Mop likes more cushion for pushin'; this, and he obviously likes butthurt emo retards who threaten to leave the Internet forever every other week. Everyone loves that!

Some people defend this faggotry by saying "It's just an Internet relationship! They don't even see each other! How is that gross?! He can't be a pedophile if it's an internet relationship!". This is obviously wrong, but also disproven as there's evidence that Mop and Rachel masturbate together and do other explicit things over webcam.

umm... i dont know if i should go much into details with this one ^^;

i guess.. it kinda explains itself .3. us two had a lil webcam "fun" i guess XD some "naughty" moments here and there.. but all innocent ^_^ i drew out a cute moment from that chat! <3333



Sadly, the girl finally found sanity and dumped the poor old sucker.


Zsofia (Sophia, for us non-aspies) is another blatant case of fat jailbait which MoP has decided he must stick his penis in. This ugly piece of work hails from Hungary and quite often Engrishes at people. Though, she might just be a moron.

Her age is unclear, though it is speculated that she is significantly younger than Rachel was. Her DeviantART accounts have been continually banned, leading some to believe that it is due to her being under the required age to use the site; 13.

This can only end in lulz, since juding by her art, Zsofia's sex drive is rather fucking high, and she wants all 3 inches of MoP's cock throbbing inside her. Should you find any evidence of sexual activity between the two, screencap at once for great justice.

Artistic Talents

I am 12 years old and what is this

There's no denying it, Mop is a pretty good artist, though it's too bad he only uses his talent to make yiff and Rule 34 of children's shows. Just about everything in his non-DeviantART galleries are pornographic eye rape. What he does upload onto DA usually lacks certain body parts — nipples and genitals — so he can use it as an excuse to post dirty pictures without having to apply the Mature Content filter over them; the most he does about these pictures is add tags like "WARNING BOOBS" on the title instead of using the filter, likely due to MoP being an attention whore and wanting more views for his porn. This adds to his perverted fanbase who will do anything for him and he will use this pseudo-personal army in order to remain untouched by any troll who dares to speak the truth about his faggotry and to prove the fact that he is simply another pedophile in denial. It is good to know however that most of his friends don't have enough brain cells to be a challenge as they will only BAWWWW and send crappy come backs at you, yet it is lulzy to see them trying to defend their "friend" so they can prove how much of an ass-kisser they are and earn some innocent art in return.

Real Life

Nipples? What are those?

HAH! to those who might not know me C:

my name's George Lewis, but poeple usually call me MoP C: im 26 years old.. im an artist and a metal musician? D: if u can call that music lol C: Hardcore MetalGuy for all eternity!

Im a random easy going guy who may seem to have a hard outer shell at first glance, but if u take the time to know me then u probly wontbe able to let go X3 (at least its what im told)

I get along better with girls than guys since i grew up all my life surrounded by females.. this is probly the reason i understand girls very well.. my brother is the only other "male" in the family.. so yeah. 2 guys vs like 20 girls lol.

oh yah! i work out C: Gym is an important part of my life <3 but i cant scratch under my arms >:[ so it sux sometimes

Came here to share art.. instead I found love im in love with my Fufi.. Love that will last a lifetime ^_^

Thank u for the visit C: NOW TAKE A SEAT! ... over there pls '3' next to the garlic >:C


Whether Mop lacks the mental capacity, or is just lazy is not known. What is known for certain is that his spelling is horrible. Some argue that Mop hasn't even finished school due the fact that his spelling is beyond the standards of being bad. He doesn't use proper grammar, even for a serious situation, thus proving himself to be the master of Spelling Faggotry.


Mon Aug 10, 2009, 2:05 AM

this is it guys

Rachel and I have broken up my reputation has been tainted and i no longer have a reason to continue here

yea, this means you've won Marco. You and ur army of trolls got what u wanted. You destroyed my relationship, my integrity and reputation, my page is spammed with hate, i've lost it all.. the love of my life is gone, taken away from me.

and on top of that, im ill. Great huh? its like some1 did some serious voodoo on me, and it worked.

But i will not fight back, i dont need to. THis will be the last journal i will make and the last time you guys will hear from me. And trust me man, you and your trolls will get what you deserve some day for all the damage and pain you have caused to not only me, but others as well.

This journal is dedicated to all you wonderful people who have been with me through thick and thin. Kim, dont ever stop talking to me sweety. I have made so many friends over the past 2 yrs, its been so wonderful here. i still remember all the good times i had, all the smile i was able to give to so many people. All the friends i was able to make, and i was able to keep. It has beed an honor to please all of you with my crappy little drawings and my funny random personality. My heart goes out to all of you. My pain is for you.

THe people who i love can still talk to me in mesenger. Enjoy you last laugh. If there is any fairness in this world, it wont last long.

Goodbye guys

Goodbye rachel.. this is it

My last Farewell

This page is so gona be spammed with hate and insults, so i wont even bother coming to chek on left coments.



my spelllings r quite fain



its ok sur c:


uve been spaereded d >>


i LVOE the way u drew it!



Mop seems to have finally realized that not everyone on the Internet wants to kiss his ass; in fact, practically no one on the internet wants to. This is why he seeks to block everyone who doesn't lick his balls in his journal comments.

Yes, the Trolls have finally gotten to him. He claims that they haven't, but why the BAWWW journal and art then? He's obviously crying and cutting himself; he's just pretending to be an Internet Tough Guy. Though he insists that he doesn't care about trolls, he still felt the need to put up a journal whining about how everyone secretly hates him and that anyone who thinks he's a pedophile is a meanie and he'll block them. Of course this led to a flood of comments about how the 11 year gap in his and Rachel's relationship isn't gross at all and it's actually the cutest relationship EVER. These people were then put up in his journal as "true friends" which was Retarded and as a result stretched out his page horribly; it can only get lulzier from here. Also be aware that Mop's main weakness are his fantards; lately he will mostly ignore all your insults by childish responses, but there is nothing else that makes him more butthurt than losing his "friends," so if you find any way to bring down as much as you can it will be welcome, as these people work as gasoline for him, and are the only thing that will make him continue with his faggotry.

Mop Bawww Journal.jpg

u can throw ur stones at me all u want.. ull never take me down >:3

.. just blowing off some anger here

the reason for this pic.. is NOT what u might be thinking the trolls.. and the accusations they make about me being a pedophile only here to pray on innocent underaged girls.. its all bullshit.. i never had to prove to anyone who i am .. i always THOUGHT poeple knew i wasnt a "sickfuck" like they like to call me..

the reason for this pic is because people who i thought were my friends have actually turned their backs on me and joined in their sick lil troll game.. backstabbing me ... and im talking about people ive known for over a year..

Their LIES may have gotten to some.. and now is when true friends come through.. and fake ones are revealed for who they are

this is just the frustration ... call me a pedo.. lose my friendship 4ever.. simple as that.. pointing at me like some kind of shit .. without knowing the real me.. making up their minds and judging without knowing the truth..


SicMoP BAWWWWWing about how everyone hates him


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