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Double negative in practice: this logo pwns the other one
This website creator shows off his awsome skills, as this is the URL linked to by his clever, masterfully rendered logo
A Wikipedian shows their support!!! is a painfully lame yet heart-rending anti-ED site. Unfortunately the self-righteous little turd concerned doesn't even reveal his secret wikipedia identity, although he seems to have damnably terrifying powers(baleeted).

If you're big enough to have a site dedicated to hating you, does that mean you've arrived, already? If you listen to all the fags on TOW, the answer is no, because of WP:V and WP:NOR.

Why shut down ED?

The requested reason why shut down ed was not found on this server.

Additionally, a NOBODY GIVES A SHIT error was encountered while trying to use an IdiocityDocument to handle the request.

Guestbook also has a shitty guestbook that is brimming with faggotry and fail where members of the e-public can use as a petition to show their enmity.

Also of note, a number of the signers claimed to be victims of the RFJason CL Experiment. A+++++++++++++++++++++++.

Only spambots give a shit about ShutDownED anymoar. This is evidenced by how any outpourings of those who believe they have suffered serious butthurt (real or imagined) by the juggernaut that is ED are swamped under automated ads for "Paris Hilton Naked", "Interest Free Home Loans", Viagra, and "Nude Teens", just to name a few. Why? Because noone actually cares these days, and the consensus is that all these miserable shits should retreat back to their hugbox or Skinner Boxes, thus relieving the Internets of a great and terrible responsibility.

Quotes from the Guestbook

Ronald Reese: "Hello, I would like to see the ED people shot as we Wikipedias parade with their bodies, dancing in the middle of the streets. Fuck you, ED."

Linuxbeak: "I would like to see ED cease to exist. They have personally attacked me and sent people to harass me at my dorm and have orchestrated harassment over the phone as well. This center for libel and harassment needs to be shut down. I hope you succeed in your misson, please let me know if I may help in any way."

/b/: "This is the essence of /b/ speaking: $18million Interawebs in non-sequential, unmarked GBs deposited with Tiger (Caturday) Tom: will cement our 'friendship' (no nuance face). Once's a funny 'ole dog, isn't it."

TopMich: "Thanks discount airline tickets cheap flights cheap flights cheap flights discount air tickets airline tickets airlines airline ticket airline discount tickets cheap flights malaysia airline tickets air tickets cheap airline tickets london cheap airline tickets air line tickets dirt cheap airline tickets cheap LOL PENIS SIZE airline tickets air plane tickets airline last minute ticket cheap air line tickets cheap airline tickets london airline discount ticket military air cheap ticket travel first class low cost airline tickets cheap airline ticket dirt cheap airline tickets cheap international air tickets cheap flights cheap air tickets cheapest airline tickets asia airline tickets cheap international airline tickets really cheap airline tickets airline tickets cheap air ticket"

Stud: "Is this where I sign up to donate money to Encyclopedia Dramatica? I love that site, as everyone should. BTW, why are there so many ads for prescription drugs in your guestbook?"

Protest and its vile wikisexual agenda is a threat to freedom of speech, so, much like Anti-Encyclopedia and Anti-Anti-Encyclopedia, was created to protest this evil website, but was subsequently left to expire. No one bothered to create


The creator of the site is too much of a pussy to even reveal his wikipedia username, so instead he spams wikipedia with a sockpuppet called RIPLilo then gets warned by Ryulong. Even wikipedia doesn't agree with this dumbfucks ways.

Dan Glada points out the hypocrisy of it all.

Quotes Against ED

Encyclopedia dramatica is full of cowards and criminals alongside all else evil.


Rootbrian_ from Twitter.

Because the ED is totally uncalled for and false info, I hate that page because its got false stuff in there and I won't care for it


MeganSpeaks still cares for us.

Yeah because ED is a source of information. They have more bullshit on there than then on here. And you can put that quote on there!


—More of MeganSpeaks' hypocritical butthurt from 4chan's /b/ board.

You're a low life to be wasting your time on ED creating a BS article on a BS site that no one will believe. ED isn't a place to take serious so guess who's the butthurt cunt? You are and it shows it.


—LifeInATent as User:Keepitupfaggot whining against ED.

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