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Not to be confused with IMMA SINGIN LALALALASERS

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SHOOP DA WHOOP is making a comeback and the soyboys are butthurt over it!
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Lo Pan, world's first shooper
Use this for shooping jews.
Old School
Never relax around azns.

A /b/ meme introduced years ago in syntax error 2, a short Flash animation, featuring a picture of Imperfect Cell from Dragonball Z depicted in blackface shouting either SHOOP DA WHOOP or IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER. A third image features the so-called Nigra Cell firing the aforementioned lazer, sometimes referred to as a 'niggabeam' by the mentally handicapped. Since the meme's introduction, numerous spinoff images have also been created, featuring various characters wearing blackface while 'chargin' their lazers', or sometimes firing them as well. The firing of said lazers, especially in crowded indoor environments, frequently results in personal injury, massive damage and property damage - which, as we all know, is fucking hilarious and should be encouraged among today's hopelessly corrupted youth. Another popular shop is to simply paste Cell's gigantic mouth onto the 'chargee', instantly transforming them into another incarnation of Shoop Da Whoop. As of last Thursday, IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER is an old meme.

Shoop woopdance.gif

Shooping is the oral version of Falcon Punch. Concentrate win in your mouth, then release. That's why Tacos reverse the Beam, because everyone knows Tacos are concentrated phail.

It's fairly obvious to anyone over the age of five - or someone of equivalent intellectual capacity - that humans do not in fact posess 'lazers' which can simply be fired from one's mouth at will, perhaps after an invigorating round of lazer chargin'. One must consider, however, just what the world would be like if we did all have niggabeams of our own. While what this super crazy fun time future world of Universal Whoop may be like is open to speculation, we think it would be something like this:


Clearly, lazers make the world a much better place.

But, if you happen to be Kathera Lockharte (or completely fucking retarded), then here is an alternate theory on Shoop da Whoop's origin.

...for the record, you trolls did not start the shoop de woop meme, furries did, or rather one furry, one who I happen to know, I shall not name names, since he wishes to remain anonymous.


—Kathera Lockharte, proving once again she is batshit fucking insane

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A surprisingly well-made lazer video

OMFG its liek part 2

Part 3, coming atcha

5th times the charm

Video Game Shoopin

A little George Lucas

God can kill us with GM

Even Samus can Shoop

TeamFortress 2 likes to ShoopDaWhoop, edited by piranhamatt!

Lazers Get Fired

The Lazorz Weakness


Though the Lazer is indeed a powerful object of the IRC world, there is a weakness to it. That previously mentioned weakness is, while Nigra Cell is chargin his Gigantic niggerbeam, you are to place something to stuff his monumentally large orifice called his mouth, such as a taco, or Batman, as demonstrated in the pictures below. If you are successful, he will release the Royal Rainbow, and will swallow his lazor and grow to the size of a large airliner. Be wary, as his Lazer can charge very quickly, and will, without hesitation, Shoop Da Whoop all over your ass. Also, like all Niggas, Nigra Cell cannot resist Fried Chicken or Watermelonz, So use them to avert the crisis that is the BIG ASS LAZOR. If ze aforementioned lazah hitz ya, you will become severely Pwned.

In a rare instance of actually being useful, doing a barrell roll can be used to avoid incoming lazers. SHOOP DA WHOOP, FUCK YEAH! BIG FUCKIN LAZAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IRC Version


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