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Disambiguation: SRS may also refer to The Internet is serious business
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SRS's fat bird logo.

SRS is an abbreviation used for /r/ShitRedditSays, a subreddit on reddit inhabited by social justice warriors, white knights and trannies. On /r/ShitRedditSays one can see retards singling out reddit posts and being offended about absolutely everything on the internet. The most hated being on ShitRedditSays is the white male even though a subreddit poll revealed that 85% of it's subscriber base admitted to being white and male. This proves that the majority of SRS's audience are pussywhipped and most likely suffer from Stockholm syndrome. The moderators running /r/ShitRedditSays tend to be very ban-happy and will ban people who disagree with their rhetoric. They are the moronic white knights of the internet who think that being armed with a tumblr is going to give them partyvan powers.

Shit Reddit Says (SRS) is reddit's annoying retarded whiteknighting hivemind. The subreddit consists of horrible nerds, strong and independent womyn, and male white knights who act as self-proclaimed social justice warriors by going absolutely ballistic when they stumble upon any material they find offensive. One of SRS's most prominent posters, Sarah Butts, is a self-proclaimed pedophile, trannie, dog fucker (in a literal sense) and scammer.

A brief history of SRS

Shit Reddit Says History

SRS history is somewhat unclear but it's known that SRS was started by /u/reddit_sux who originally used the subreddit to cry about reddit's racism/etc. Original SRSers never invaded any threads or had a clear ideological motive to push a weird modified totalitarianist agenda as they do now. Before SRS became a batshit insane community of feminist retards, subreddits such as /r/anarchism and /r/feminisms were the main goto subreddits for these types of people who banned any dissent against the pro-feminist, ideology-policing, politically correct rhetoric. Eventually, an /r/anarchism redditor, /u/queercoop brought a full-out internet war against the /r/mensrights subreddit because of the concern that anarchist MRAs would subscribe to /r/anarchism and dare to disagree with him on his insane feminist stance. This was brought to the attention of /r/mensrights who jokingly poked at the subreddit's hornets nest. In the end, /r/anarchism became and absolute laughing stock of reddit and the cadre of idiots from /r/anarchism and /r/feminisms created the /r/againstmensrights subreddit.

Because /r/anarchism looked horrible to the rest of reddit, some of their mods decided to try to do the same thing to /r/MensRights. People like /u/dbzer0, went around to meta subreddits posting links to comments in /r/MensRights hoping it would make MRAs look crazy. He focused on places like /r/worstof and /r/subredditdrama, and in his butthurt fiasco, he discovered /r/ShitRedditSays. This became the tipping point for the anti-reddit circlejerk, as users who began collecting quotes from reddit to mock people, started to participate in SRS. The amount of SRSers increased dramatically with the /r/feminisms and /r/anarchism subscriber base and the subreddit which started as a joke to poke fun at reddit became a place with an ideological motive.

At that time /u/reddit_sux, the creator of SRS, had abandoned reddit entirely. The subreddit was pretty much left without any moderation.

SRS Something Awful History

With a new community in place /u/TheRealbarackObama, being a politically opportunistic little cunt, made a request to the reddit admins for control of /r/ShitRedditSays. He then modded all of his cronies from Something Awful and used SRS as a platform to annoy the fuck out of reddit. Eventually, the LF forum at SA ("Laissez's Fair"), a stronghold for Social Justice goons, was shut down because it eventually grew a serious ideological SRS-type motive rather than remaining satirical as it once used to be. SRS eventually became the primary platform for the LF goons who, along with the rest of the SRS community, opened up a variety of subreddits under the SRS name.

SRS now sits around forty thousand subscribers but this number is largely misleading as many of the accounts subscribed to SRS are inactive dummy accounts, due to the fact SRSers break down and delete their internets on a daily basis.

SRS and the ViolentaCrez Shitstorm

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Violentacrez.

SRS, along with SJW goons at the time, had brought a major scale campaign against redditors.

For a few months, the subreddit /r/creepshots, a subreddit dedicated to candid pictures of women in public, has been a source of controversy on Reddit and in even the mainstream media. A high school teacher who posted pictures of girls in his classes was caught by a user who recognized one of the posted girls. His subsequent arrest gave CreepShots and reddit mass media publicity. After the teacher’s arrest, many blamed SRS's anti-Reddit Project Panda campaign, a campaign to take down several subreddits. Several subs freaked about about the /r/CreepShots existence, and /r/CreepShots submissions started getting inundated with downvotes and new members.

Eventually, YouTube Favicon.png another subreddit /r/jailbait was brought to attention by Anderson Cooper on CNN (srsly) who criticized reddit for hosting the content. Other media companies started covering the /r/jailbait subreddit and it was promptly b& by the admins due to the negative media attention and the requests for [CP] purposely planted by SA goons and SRSers who wanted the subreddit to be b&.

/u/ViolentaCrez, a major reddit contributor who ran the /r/creepshots and /r/jailbait subreddits, deleted his account. It was alleged that VA (ViolentaCrez) deleted his account because ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghe was doxed by Adrian Chen a whiteknighting attention whoring blogger at Gawker. VA lost his job and received death threats as a result. It's exact details are unknown but most people assume that SRS gave VA's information to Gawker prompting the exposé.


A list of things they find offensive:

story of feminazi losing her fiancé
A smart man


The only person who could be offended by this

It is a safe assumption that they must suffer from chronic anal pain, as they find 99% of the content on the internet to be offensive. This even somehow includes the watered-down content that gets posted on reddit; SRS makes this very clear by attacking threads and subreddits every fucking day. The irony of this is lost on redditors.

Fortunately, as the cunts behind SRS are intellectually equivalent to spoiled ten-year-olds, their tactics are crude, ineffective, and often laughable. SRS presence is marked first and foremost by shitposting; these shitposts will most likely start off as something along the lines of "how could you not agree with my opinions? SHAME ON YOU!" As it inevitably becomes clear that nobody gives a fuck, they will shit out half-baked personal attacks and made-up "facts" so that they can prove the opposition wrong; this phase may go on for quite some time. When desperate, they will switch tactics and pretend to be the opposition so that they can samefag and try to look smart. A more extreme variant of this has been seen in the constant attack on 4chan's Politically Incorrect board, where SRS users would create incredibly cheesy threads (ex: "I hate everyone and will blow up this building. Believe me! I'm really going to do it!" and "I love being a pedophile. Let's talk about having sex with little girls") and complain to 4chan's head faggot about them, with the ultimate goal being to have /pol/ deleted. This too has failed, as even he isn't retarded enough to fall for it.

dead babby trolling
/pol/ pride worldwide!

Other ways to detect the presence of SRS are to pay attention to the language of shitposts. Because SRS believes that making fun of faggots and niggers is the worst thing that anyone could ever possibly do, they will never use those words. Instead, they prefer to use "weenie" and "shitlord." Often times, they will coordinate attacks and show up in groups of 3 or 4; this is marked by how any opposition is instantly pounced on by multiple users who say the exact same thing, and by mass le downboating on Reddit. They love to ignore any actual facts that are posted, but as pretty much everybody does this, it alone is not evidence of a cunt invasion. It is also worth noting that, since their worldview is the only correct one and nobody could ever possibly disagree with it, all opposition is really Stormfront and MensRights members who sneak around and shitpost everywhere to try and convert people to their sick and twisted ideologies.

Of course, SRS users deny that they do any of this, and will always attempt to insist that they're normal members of the community while you are just a loser, a retard, small-dicked, etc. This sometimes leads to rather hilarious threads where someone mentions SRS and five simultaneous responses will say "What's SRS? I've never heard of that. You must be paranoid."

Trolling SRS is easy, and is often used to get them to fuck off. Simply mention anything they don't like, but calmly take an extreme stance on it. Don't refute what they say; just dodge their shitposts and spew your own shit (make sure it's of a higher quality than their shit. Eat properly). Making fun of them is also effective. Rape jokes are critical hits; bonus points if you bring up the "orgasm during rape" study.


A sad person with no life
Cuckfag hard at work

Cuckfag is a particularly notorious and pathetic shitposter. He spent all day making cuckold threads on /pol/ and talking about his cuckold fantasies. These consisted of mostly photoshopped images of niggers fucking white women, along with copy-pasted messages about how he dreams of watching his wife being fucked by an AIDS-infested niggerdick. Anons who were brave/gay enough to scroll through the threads would notice that he would post an image every two or three minutes for hours on end, and would stick around and argue with people the entire time. It was calculated that he spent at least 50% of his waking hours posting about cuckoldry... that is, until he was finally banned after several months and /pol/'s rules were amended. He continues to make these threads on /b/.

It is unknown whether or not he was working with SRS before his ban. It is known, however, that he currently works with SRS. He has switched his subject from cuckolding (though he returns to this from time to time) to how white people are weenies and black people are strong men, and he has replaced his porn with shit-tier image macros and clippings of news stories; the latter are posted by a spambot and are usually a response to threads he doesn't like, but the post titles give him away.

Trolling cuckfag is easy but unrewarding, as the only sign of his impotent rage is the fact that you've made him show up to your board/thread in the first place.


Tesseraction is a genderfag white knight of the Shit Reddit Says cult. It is one of their leaders. One time it called the police about a neighbor's house being written on. It is unknown whether or not this white knight is actually a separate person from the Shit Reddit Says king, since they are constantly found sucking each other's dicks. Tesseraction is from the land of bronies and autists, where they are usually found being banned for being a complete waste of space. It apparently supplies the upper echelon of the Shit Reddit Says cult with IRC shells and hosts their websites for them. It is supected that they would not be welcome if they stopped hosting everything for them.

The Great /pol/itical Jihad

Sometime in early 2013, a strange thing occurred: /pol/ had grown so full of shitposting that those who aren't even vaguely familiar with the board's content knew that somehow, by some bizarre twist of nature, it was even more objectively terrible than usual. There were threads calling for raids against people who trolled trannies, there were threads unironically asking everyone on the board to check their privilege, and there were threads denouncing /pol/acks as nothing but neckbearded redneck Stormfags. While this was obviously due to the increasing popularity of Tumblr SJW's as both a target and inspiration for trolling, and of /pol/ as a place of refuge for former /b/tards, /pol/ had the Unwarranted Self Importance to assume that there was an SRS conspiracy to take over their board, the "last bastion of free speech on the internet".

To drum up support for their cause, /pol/acks and opportunistic trolls started spamming /q/ and demanding moot delete /pol/. An actual mod took the time to kindly request that the alleged SJW's fuck off, prompting lawsuit threats, threatening to raid 4chan, and threatening to press charges against moot in Great Britain for hate speech. Every idiot who seriously believed this wasn't just a case of Trolls Trolling Trolls joined in to laugh at their pathetic attempt to do what everyone from Chris-chan to Kimmo Alm has come closer to doing, not realizing that they themselves were being laughed at by moot, who created /s4s/ during the shitstorm.

A few weeks later, fake screen caps surfaced of an attempt to get one of SRS's cancerous landwhale rape-victims-to-be into a mod position on 4chan, despite this subtlety being completely uncharacteristic of their "rush in and down vote everything" modus operandi, and requiring a significantly higher level of intelligence. Everyone panicked but nothing fucking happened.


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