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Shirtgate or Twitter-favicon.png #shirtstorm is the natural result of feminists constantly bitching about how women need to interest themselves with science and technology, rather than fashion and what the fuck people wear. Thus, it was only natural that they concerned themselves solely about what some fat fuck wore (a shirt designed for him by a female friend, no less) when talking about landing on a comet, a first for mankind (not womankind), instead of being interested in the landing and all that clearly superfluous bullshit. Naturally, this omega male issued a tearful apology for his fashion faux pas rather than pursue the obvious choice, namely, tell these blog jockeys to deal with it because he just made fucking scientific history.

The other shirtgate

The Daily Mail for once actually did their job and researched some shit, and found out that "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirts were made by slave workers earning less than a dollar an hour. Of course no news source decided this was an important story, as it is more interesting that a loser wore a t-shirt with half-naked sluts on TV.

Well, who cares about those people working as slaves for my shirt? That doesn't affect me. I mean, why should I care about them, they don't even contribute to my Patreon


—A feminist


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