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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Pray for Japan! From, the cringeworthies and the furries.

shineofrain or Shine for short is yet another shitty autistic weeaboo inflation artist since April 14, 2005. His main fetish is inflating nurses like living balloons while his other fetishes involves furry, little girls, farting, scat, and other sick shit you see in DeviantART. Wasting over 11 years of his life, shineofrain has been busy fapping to his inflated nurse drawings in Mspaint and not focusing on improvement. Like some people that can't take criticism like real artists, shineofrain refuse to listen to criticism and focus on praise by other untalented autistic furry deviantarded friends of his. But how bad are his drawings? His skills of a artist are so shit terrible he had to ask other artists if it's okay for him to trace their drawings! That's right folks. shineofrain is a certified tracer that takes shortcuts and stealing other people's characters and art styles instead of using his brain to focus on learning on his own.

Original Characters DO NOT STEAL

Behold. His original characters gone horribly wrong. Vanessa and Taressa.

After shineofrain is butthurt from being accused of stealing other people's characters as balloon nurses and had to delete all his drawings from 2005, he went back to the drawing board to come up with original characters of his own. And so he did. He created two shitty nurse characters name Nurse Vanessa and Nurse Taressa. He's so proud of his original characters he had to throw away his allowance money his parents give him to make other inflation artists more talented than him to draw his original characters.


Can I copy your drawing for my next inflation art?


—Common shineofrain tracing question.



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