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Shen trying to make herself look like less of a buttery, acne-riddled ham, but fails at shooping.
Wanting to live in a time of no modern medicine, urban planning, or basic plumbing? YOU GO GIRL
Black is slimming, right?
TL;DR ultra emo version. No surprise she's fat.
TL;DR ultra self-fellating version.
What makes this picture amusing, besides the fact that she looks like a fat, homeless man from behind is, she's had that same coat since 1999 and is too cheap to replace the stained, ripped thing. But she can commission art from artists with her welfare money. Priorities.
Encyclopedia Dramatica. That plus unencyclopedia equals hilarious and disturbing reads.


—Kirielson on DA, voice of the people

Y'know, when I first heard about the site, I didn't like it. Mostly because I'm so sick of drama, I didn't want to read about yet MORE drama. lol But then I gave the site a second chance, and really, if you take what's there with a grain of salt it's actually a great "warning" site. lol I check it once in awhile for new articles and read up on ones of names I recognize. Great way to avoid drama by sticking(sic) clear of certain people! XD


—Shen lol, utter failure at life lol

Long time user of DA, Shentao has gone through more names than most people go through underwear: Sheika, Kiarana, Kiara, Gaeic (an account where she posted traced work in memory of her aborted "brother", even though there is no evidence to support that it was a male or female child), Kyasha Chae, Furred Snowpile, Shentao Kaiying, Silent_Incognito, Swastika-Sama, RIP-sama, SketchGEEK (not to be confused with Tyler Johnson, who is NOT comprised of fail and AIDS), VivaIndigo, Indigo Child, Tainted_Minds, SoulEatingDemon, Beef, Little Miss Sunshine, Electric-Indigo, x-ArtAppreciator-x, WriterHawthorne, most recently no-pizzazz and fucktons more. She's threatened to leave, has left or moved accounts on DA far too many times: once from Shentao to Swastika-Sama (but people rightfully gave her a bunch of hate mail about it), then to RIP-sama, then ever so briefly to SketchGEEK (where she thought she had a mole infiltrate her site and funnel information back to her oldest friends, when in fact coincidence struck and one of them found it via her changing LJ), then people were stealing her art whereupon she vowed never to enter DA again (but kept on haranguing the art thief through two separate, desperate sockpuppets), only to return in about 2011 as WriterHawthorne, then later changing her name in 2012 to no-pizzazz. Since the art theft, Shen has lost all her friends AGAIN (for quite literally the fourth or fifth time on the Internet) and found her savior, Pokémans.

Too bad we only get a look at her face, though if her hands are any indication, she is buttery as all hell.

She's a fat, over 30 prairie nigger obsessed with swastikas and trying to make everyone believe she's NOT A NAZI, YO. Like every weeaboo, crap anime artist, she can't take criticism of any sort, and will usually flail impotently and create a giant journal as to why you fail at life for pointing out that her shit sucks. Most amusingly, one of her pet peeves is poor spelling, but she can't spell to save her life, most notably placing apostrophes where there should be none and not adding them when they're required. She is into MLP and Pokémon due to a stubborn refusal to grow the fuck up, has no friends (her own fault), has no family (because they want nothing to do with this abortion), has no pets (she had cats till they contracted her fail AIDS, true story), has health issues that she will gladly talk your ear off about (read: she's just insanely fat), and is generally alone. But don't feel pity: she does it to herself. Pro-tip for trolling her: draw one of her characters, change one of its goofy markings upside down, then tell her it's your new OC.

Typical Shen

Most people consider "the basics" to be real human anatomy. That's the general thing I see a lot of people complaining about with anime artists. That we didn't study "real" anatomy first. But I don't believe in "real" anatomy, because that would mean that there is a specific way to draw a human, which is near impossible, because every single human is different. Some have longer torso's(sic), or arms or legs, or are shorter, thinner, heavier, lanky, muscled, etc. There can't be a set way to draw something when the subject your(sic) drawing is always different.


—Shen's logic on why using anatomy books is stupid

When confronted with any sort of criticism about her work, her ideas, her trite stories, or her fractured logic, Shen goes into raeg mode and writes threatening journals about how she's right and you're wrong. At the time of the images, Shen actually had a couple friends, and they'd hang off her every word, asspat her and agree that whoever was spreading these misinformed opinions needed to STFU, then clamor for more of her stories. Despite her epic journals of unwarranted rage, she always likes to say she tries to be a good role model for her fans, teaching them that critique is unhelpful and that you should always whine like a child if someone offers it. She PSA's: "I'm always willing to give my fans advice and can help you grow as an artist", but she has no decent advice to give and she's a terrible role model - tracing and stealing art is wrong, but let's act like a whiny five-year-old when someone steals my stuff! Shen also has a habit of deleting comments or hiding them when they don't fit in with her version of reality. Pro-tip: when trolling her, make sure you screencap EVERYTHING to point out her idiocy later. In the same vein, she has also been known to completely falsify information as it suits her needs.

Please also note her inability to control her typing: she absolutely under no circumstances can help herself from writing walls of text. Which is funny, because she always talks about her disabilities (her inability to sit for long periods of time comfortably, etc.), but she has the stick-to-itiveness to sit and write novellas to her adoring fans. Also of note is her inability to spell properly. She supposedly did well in high school and has a 147 IQ, but for the life of her she cannot spell to save her fat ass. In the next section, we talk about her disabilities; she mentions having Fibromyalgia "fog", where she types one word instead of another, or can't remember what she just read. Please be aware, her FM is only a recent development, so her not being able to fucking spell "apartment" correctly really has nothing to do with her infirmities.

Bonus: PDF of Shen whining about how Shikonki is FICTIONFU9UFSAPUFIOSAUOPIMFAT and CinnamonCat's coherent response as to why Shen harfs penises.

Her Disabilities (LOL), Health Issues, and General Fatness

I'm not posting anything else about my private life ever again. I mean it. Disability? Unabashed mental incompetence. (2005)
Telling people you're an invalid in the most douchey way possible. (Pasted on her current DA profile)
I can't post anything public about my personal life anymore because there are people lurking just to find something to harass me with.


—Oh sweetheart, ride with me to the top of the L-O-Levator, circa 2007

I didn't pay attention because I was more focused on my chocolate and didn't realize it was her.


—Shen, sounding as fat as she actually is

This is when she has no food in the house. She actually contemplates drinking water.
And this is when she does have food in the house. She bought healthy bananas!... to eat with her chcoclate ice cream and chocolate sauce. She's a fat fucking pig.
Oh how I wish I could just sit on my ass all day and collect a paycheck. Oh wait.

Shen admits she has Patellofemoral Syndrome (which she likes to call Patella Femoral Syndrome), scoliosis (debatable), asthma (going up a hill and being out of breath does not make you asthmatic), hypothyroidism (fake), high blood pressure (believable, because she's got double chins and can't see her own vag over her rings of fat) and most recently, Fibromyalgia (also fake, as we will now learn). Due to all of this she can't work, has no car, and lives off Canadian disability. Your tax dollars at work, Canada. In order to get on Canadian social assistance, Shen did a lot of research on FM to be convincing, self-diagnosed, then bitched and changed doctors until she found one that would officially diagnose her with it. Massage and chiropractic work eases the pain of FM sufferers, but Shen flat out refuses to utilize either, being afraid of someone else touching her body. It's the same reason why she refuses getting physicals or Pap smears, even though doctor professionalism goes up through the roof on both. New research is coming out suggesting FM deals with blood vessels in the hands, but none of her friends recall her ever once mentioning Shen having problems with her hands. Hmm. Anyway, with said welfare money, she somehow manages to commission artists for frivolous artwork and buy useless collectibles, further sponging off Canadian taxes. Shen prides herself on never doing commissions herself, not just because she can't because of her disabilities, but because she's an elitist cow who feels that taking money for art is morally wrong because her former friends have to do artwork for a living. She enjoys telling absolutely everyone about her various ailments, but ESPECIALLY about her Fibromyalgia, using it as an excuse to do nothing (read: no artwork for anyone but herself, play Gamecube/DS all day and/or watch TV) but drain the system and get fatter. "Fatter?" you ask? Her favorite foods (in no particular order): Pepsi, apple juice, hot chocolate, pizza, cinnamon buns, barbecue hot dogs, garlic fingers, maltesses, and ice cream. She fully admits to being a picky eater, so we can safely assume this is all the butterbeast eats.

Apparently her shopping list consistently is thus: hot dogs, mini pizzas, french fries, spaghetti, garlic fingers, bread (of course not with any whole grain), apple juice (which is pretty much all sugar), Pepsi or other soda, milk, cake, ice cream, cookies, pudding cups (too fucking lazy to make her own pudding??), processed meat (like salami), mayo and sometimes apples, bananas and strawberries, which, while produce, are still full of sugar. Absolutely zero vegetables of any type. Tyu (her former high school classmate) would sometimes offer to take her out to a Japanese restaurant and pay for the food, and Shen would always refuse, hating anything she's never tried. Funny, coming from someone who once wanted to teach in Japan (she does, of course, love Pocky, possibly because it's starch covered in fattening chocolate). Interestingly, Shen does not really eat meat, save for pig anuses in the form of hot dogs, and never fish. Of more interest is that she never has what a normal person (read: not a fat fuck) would consider a meal. Plate of spicy fries with ketchup = meal. Grilled cheese sandwich = meal. Three mini pizzas (or three huge slices of pizza from a joint up the road) = meal. Perhaps if you, I don't know, ate a vegetable that wasn't fried potato or tomato ketchup you wouldn't have so many energy problems, you stupid pig. Same person who considers double sauce on her pizza a good thing because "tomatoes are veggies"... not caring about the salt content, supposed high blood pressure and all. BUT. She absolutely LOVES telling people she's lost weight. I suppose because it makes her seem like that much more of a role model to her fans that she's overcoming her obesity? In reality she's actually becoming fatter: at LEAST 230+lbs at 5'3" and the number keeps rising because she never moves and eats crap.

It is most likely that at least some of her pain can be attributed to her well-known weight issues and her extremely poor posture, as Shen mentions most of her pain is around her neck, back, and shoulders. When Tyu and Shen would walk to the store to get groceries, she'd be tired by the time she came back: her knees would be bothering her and she'd be hot, but she never NEVER once complained, and was certainly never in tears or anything like that if her pain is supposed to be all encompassing. Chronic pain, my ass. She loves to be contradictory when talking about her pain as well: "I love to walk everywhere!" gets sharply undercut by "Oh I'm so sore all over." If you ever hear her say, "I walk everywhere" by the way, immediately call bullshit; she is consistently on buses, even to her very nearby mall. The most she ever walks is either to the bus stop, inside the mall (possibly because they don't lend Segways to the morbidly fat), and to the pizza shop up the road. If you actually sit and read the purple abomination picture above, she does mention having access to pain killers and muscle relaxants to ease her pain, but she doesn't accept them. She'd rather whine, carry on, and throw the biggest pity party ever. This is doubly amusing and karmatically fascinating, since she always used to bitch to Tyu that Tyu never remembered anything and that she'd get distracted easily. Shen always used to bark at her that she needed to take her medication, and that it was her responsibility to do so, yet Shen can't be bothered to take her own. Oh, woe is her.

Oh right. One of her *other* disabilities is the inability to keep a clean house. Not only does she LOOK like a fat sow, she rolls around in her own filth like one too. Please notice in these pictures that there is also not a single window open, letting in, oh I don't know, natural light and fresh air. Her response to having such a pigsty of an apartment could be, "Pity me, I'm in pain and can't clean very well because of my infirmities," which we all know is hot fucking air. This is the only section with more than five images that I'm not putting in a collapsible gallery. You have to see this shit.

Her *hush-hush* Fetish

I once got my cat to lick peanut butter off my cooch, but I want a real man!
Disability... in mah PANTZ, hurrhurr.
Some PMs sent to Shen by people who wanted some fetish fun. Feel the bile rise in your throat. Embrace it.
I really enjoy drawing feet. I dunno why. I'm just amused by drawing feet. And people always tell me I'm good at it.


—This, coupled with this:

Shen's personal spank material.
... truthfully, tickling for me is something I've always kept very, VERY hush-hush. It's a little secret I have never shared. Quite frankly, my friends would think I'm nutters. lol So I thought, that maybe trying here would be something new, something different. I have friends that share other interests... it might be interesting to have a friend that shares something like this too.


—...proves that Shen is a doughy, retarded forest nigger

Shen is an over 30 virgin (true story), because no sober and/or self-respecting person would touch that pile of fail if they were paid to, Interestingly, even if they were paid to, Shen has a fear of touch from others (she refuses to get physicals and Pap smears because of it). Trust me, sweetheart, no one wants to soil their hands on your grubby rolls. She enjoys tickling, which is a sooper sekrit sekrit that only the whole Internet knows about since she posted about it under one of the names she uses. She says it's not sexual at all, but she'd like to meet like-minded people to get together and... what? Play cards? Why the fuck would you post to an obvious fetish site and not want perverts knocking at your door? "I want to meet new friends." Stay classy. It should be noted that in her long as fuck Shikonki Outline, Shen has listed her character Shentao's most ticklish areas. Why. Why would you care or need to know this information unless you were a sexual deviant. Seeing as how Shikonki's Shentao is a total Mary Sue, it can be inferred that Shen's most ticklish areas are her ribs (if you can find them), underarms (God no) and her ham feet. In Wayback Machine captures of her epic novel, Kodajin no Yogen, she actually lists the most ticklish areas of some of her characters under their profiles. Once again, why.

Original forum post can be found here, though she has since baleeted her profile info.

Shen: The Early Years

High school photo.
So her molesting, backstabbing, pay her 400$ a month since she moved out of their house grandparents wanted nothing more than a picture done by her for Christmas so they could show their friends.
Attributing human characteristics to inanimate objects. It's probably why she hasn't gotten rid of that butt-fugly 1999 era coat she's got because it's got a personality.

Shen lies. And lies. And lies some more. Here we chronicle some of her more wonderful lies and habits, starting when she was a young'un.

Shen enjoys telling people she was molested by her grandfather and beaten by her mother. In reality, Shen has privately admitted that her mother lied about the molestation, which makes sense because she moved in with her grandparents after high school. Obvious question: why would you move in with your molester? Hmm! As for being beaten by her mother, friends who have spent the night at her house for birthday sleepovers recall no flinching from Shen when her mother made sudden moves, and also witnessed no marks on Shen when she was at school. Shen at this point loves to tell everyone that, "She (her mother) was always careful not to leave marks lest she be found out to be physically abusive," supposedly hitting her often with a rubber-soled slipper. Well obviously she wasn't hitting you hard enough, you fucking moron. Had there been any actual abuse, Shen would have made marks on herself as a cry for help (she supposedly was sensitive to pain). In fact, at sleepovers it was noted Shen's mother only asked her to do typical teenager stuff (load the dishwasher, clean your room, etc), her mother drew baths for her right up until she was 17, she used to cook for Shen and feed her anything she wanted (which was of course all junk food), and it is common knowledge that Shen stole from her mother's purse on an unspecified number of occasions. Hmm indeed. Her mother also shelled out the money to not only get her braces to fix her fucked up teeth, but also paid for the high-end fillings so that Shen wouldn't have a mouth full of silver, seeing as how her diet is 90% sugar and supposedly the braces "ruined her teeth".

At sleepovers, her horrible, vindictive mother also used to put out pizza makings for them to make their own. Shen would half the pizza (half would be for her, the other half for whoever was staying over), and go double sauce ("tomatoes are veggies!"), 10 inches of cheese and pepperoni, literally doubling the height of her pizza over her guests' (true story). It should also be mentioned that during tenth grade, Shen would show up with little scratches along her wrists (akin to cat scratches), and tug at her sleeves a lot, making a big show of trying to be an hero without actually going through with it. Shen loves to tell people new to her bullshit that she used a butcher knife to make the scratches. Those who slept over at her house used these same knives and recall that while they were not the sharpest things in the world, they could definitely cut skin, especially the tender parts of the wrists. In reality she just used a fine-toothed comb and sawed at her wrists until they left marks.

Fuck you, I'm a... yeah.
I want to run through the forest and kill things with my claws and teeth, even though admittedly the most meat I've ever had is hot dogs and I'm a fat fuck.

On the subject of her horrid mother, Shen often likes to say that her mother wished for a pretty, popular girl: into makeup and dresses, that sort of thing, and that by being a fat tomboy, her mother hated her. In reality, her mother never cared about her weight, giving her whatever food she wanted and usually making it herself: buttered banana bread, grilled cheese sandwiches, passion flakie, 600ml of Pepsi a day, full pizzas for sleepovers, ice cream and other junk in the fridge, AND she gave her money for garlic fingers each day, whereas some of Shen's friends had to either make their own lunches or go hungry. And seeing as how her mother never gave a shit how heavy she was (Shen was fat and 5'3" or so, whereas her mother was 4'11" and somewhere around 90 pounds), it can also be inferred that she didn't give a shit what she looked like either. I mean, she DID buy Shen her clothes, right? Her mother also apparently threatened her life: "Imagine being told that she who created you, could just as easily take that life away from you if she pleased." So, she told you, "I brought you into this world and I could take you out"? Isn't that what 99% of all mothers have ever said to their kids when they're out of line? Her mother also probably raised Shen on a diet of "you're so smart", which is of course bad for children. Thinking she was so smart, she never wanted to do things the way they were "supposed" to be done, because what everyone else was doing "wasn't working" for her. The only reason she hated teachers is because they never saw her overly inflated sense of intelligence as anything other than hot air, which is also probably why she dropped out of university.

In her giant autobiography, Shen writes:

It was about a year after I left that I moved to another town where I happened to have other family. But see, my mother kept me seperated(sic) from any other family. I never knew cousins or aunts or uncles or grandparents. She kept me away from everyone so she could do what she wanted and no one would stop her. BUT. After I was away from her, family members approached me. Then I found out that ALL OF THEM knew what she'd do to me. They all knew that she would be abusive and WAS abusive towards me and did NOTHING. They couldn't tell the police because "they just couldn't be bothered dealing with her". A bunch of adults, who were my BLOOD FAMILY, "couldn't be bothered' helping a child who was being abused? I was pretty damn pissed and completely sickened by their behavior. To me, that's not a family. Family doesn't let a small child go through that. So I moved away, as far as I could afford to, and pretend none of them exists. I do miss having a family, especially when I see everyone else with theirs. But I'd rather have no family than the one I had.


But once again, Shen's lying: after she was estranged from her mother, she lived for a good time with her grandparents (you know, the same ones who molested her) and they deposit 400$ in her account every month as an allowance, even after she started living on her own, which by the way, THEY found the place she's currently living in. She didn't just escape, like she's trying to say she did. All this is funny, coming from people who supposedly let supposed abuse happen. She certainly doesn't return her grandparents' money, so they must be doing something right.

Shen used to trace, and trace, and trace: she used to have binders packed to the gills with printed anime and cartoon work. In fact she used to trace from Xianjaguar, who put out a "cease and desist" on her. Of course, Shen crocodile teared the entire way through, denying and lying, two things she is awesomely good at. She insisted she had no idea who Xianjaguar was and how everyone on the Internet is a bully, which at this point prompted her hate-boner for furries. Yet in early journals she classified herself as a therian (FUCK YOU I'M A JACKAL/WOLF/RAVEN BECAUSE I CAN'T MAKE UP MY TINY MIND) and even got into a raeg about the infamous CSI episode, threatening to write them an angry letter for portraying furries in such a horrible light.

Shortly after moving out of her mother's house, she stayed with her friend Jess a few days, then moved in with a family that treated her like one of their own. They paid for her room and board, and encouraged her to save the money her mother was giving her along with her father's child support checks. Needless to say, Shen spent all of said money on useless shit. One such useless purchase was a cheap 250$ color printer with expensive cartridges (55$ for color, 35$ for black), that would maybe print 10-12 decent pictures before shitting the bed. To offset the costs of the cartridges, and to fuel her printing off anime for tracing/print shit she was selling, Shen let Fae and Tyu (two of her former high school classmates) use the printer for a small fee. Of course, Shen is a 147 IQ idiot and did no math as to how much she should charge to recoup the losses. This turned into an imposition quickly, of course, and Shen used it as a way to lord over them, saying they were only friends with her to use her printer. Sick of the bullshit, Fae and Tyu combined their commission money and bought a better printer, leaving Shen to shit her pants because she no longer had something to hold over their heads.

Speaking of printers, Shen has an unhealthy obsession with anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, usually giving them names and attributing personalities to them, and has a tendency to keep them until they practically blow up or are torn to shreds. It took her forever to upgrade her computer, until Tyu bought her a new one (some bully, huh?) because she wouldn't shut up about it being slow. She enjoys telling people she's emotionally dead, but is in fact the opposite, being ruled by emotion and lacking logic, even finding emotion in inanimate objects.

She is well-known for her stubbornness, always crying, "Normal ways don't work for me!" when confronted with any sort of problem that she can't handle: art, stories, life, you name it, as if she's some sort of special snowflake that requires different tools than everyone else to thrive. Her problem is actually that she doesn't try normal ways long enough to see a difference. She just goes, "TOO HARD!" after trying once, and that's it. Similarly, this is why she won't eat anything that she's never tried, because her pessimism is all consuming. Another serious character flaw she has is constant bitching, then when someone tries to get a word in edgewise it becomes, "THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU, WHY IS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU". See her "Where Did All Of Her Friends Go?" sagas for more crazy.

Another awesome story: Shen was gifted a car from one of her family members, around the time she turned 20. It wasn't a Porsche, but it was a good, running car. It is at this point that Shen loved to rub everyone's nose in the fact that she had a car and they didn't. Tyu recalls doing driver's ed with her and lightly freaking out: Shen would run lights and stop signs and was very slow to brake. It was a miracle this woman got a driver's license. At any rate: gifted a car. She managed to pull out of a parking spot and into the road, and a person doing 30mph down a turn had no time to react. The entire front end was obliterated, and it is amazing Shen wasn't killed. Mind you, this was an area well known to be dangerous, but Shen is special and doesn't give a shit. She never got another car because she was found at fault by the insurance company and because no one was stupid enough to give her another car.

Shen Had A Boyfriend???

Oh gooey gooey gosh, he's so dreamy! Also she's 100% heterosexual. Uh huh.
No he's not, he's a dick and all men are dicks. How dare he show maturity and reason and not give in to my insufferable emo rants!
And true, I joined those dating sites, but only because I wanna meet people. I don't want a relationship now! Fuck no. I can't deal with that idea at all.


—No one joins a dating site for friends, dear

Why yes, Shen actually had someone to fawn over. "But she's a virgin!" True; this was a long distance relationship, a guy by the name of Bryan - met him in high school, he was a jock from Australia. Admittedly, Shen was not quite the hefty butterbeast she is today when she was in high school correction: sorry, yes she was, but all the same, he sent her a jersey and she lied about her size to him. Her friends had to help her out of it because she got stuck.

Shen's friends recall him as being actually a really nice guy, intelligent and with a sense of humor. Except... well, she didn't care for sports (Captain Obvious strikes again), and he didn't care for her stories or artwork. So it was a relationship with barely anything in common. Wow. Just before they broke up, Shen was whining about how shitty her life was, he told her to grow up and get some perspective, signed off and never came back.

She also had a guy named Gabriel that seemed like a pretty good match: he was also pseudo-emo and liked her. Notable quote, "He lives in Ohio. I think that's somewhere in New York state." According to her, he became too clingy and she told him off. I mean it wasn't like they were in a relationship or something. Oh wait... so, the relationship thing, since they had been together for months and he flirted with her constantly and she didn't say no, doesn't mean they're in a relationship? My bad.

There was also a guy in the Navy that she met IRL, whom Shen had a girl-boner for, but he just wanted to remain friends. Talked to him for a long time, even after he got transferred out west, but he made an innocent remark one day and Shen flipped her nut and stopped talking to him. In the second place she lived after being estranged from her mother, Shen had a crush on one of their sons, Ricky. Fucking gasp - Ricky actually liked her back, but this was when she had Bryan, so it never went anywhere. Then Ricky got a girlfriend and stopped spending so much time with Shen, and it added fuel to the fire of her man-hate. As far as she's concerned, whenever any of her friends got a significant other and stopped spending all their time with the doughnigger, they were automatically branded traitors. How dare they want to spend time with their love interests! An interesting article about Shen's outlook on friends in general, with commentary from Tyu (one of Shen's high school classmates), can be found here. "Beef" is a pet name they have for Shentao, both the person and the character. Funny also is how she enjoys telling absolutely everyone she hates men, how she's not lonely at all, yet has dating profiles trying to get someone to try to love that sack of sad. Also funny is this quote within the PDF: "Even when they know the truth, 99% of the time I can't even get a few words of encouragement half the time."

Clutch the pearls: it is suspected that Shen had a lesbian lover for awhile, as she was witnessed holding hands with an obvious crack whore, while sporting a buzz cut and a flannel shirt. However the two were never seen together again, so we can only assume that once again, someone got tired of Shen's bullshit.

Why She Calls Herself Indigo Child

So, same bitch who loves LJ quizzes because they make her out to be a 147 IQ genius, also apparently loves taking other quizzes too. Shit only the morbidly retarded take to heart. One in particular made her hyper-fucking-ventilate and prompted her to start calling herself Indigo Child, Viva Indigo, Electric Indigo, that sort of thing. This site told her she was Violet, Indigo, Lavender with Red Overlay Aura, and of course, purple (and black) is her favorite color, so naturally she flipped right out and took it straight to heart. Even wrote a drippy poem about it. She's not suggestible or anything.

You are an idiot, Shen.

On the subject of names, Shen has always wanted to change her name, supposedly so her parents and shit couldn't find her (which, if they didn't care about her, they wouldn't be looking). Early on, she wanted to legally change it to Shentao. Stupid, but at least not offensive to the senses, right? Recently she took it several giant steps too far, wanting at first to rename herself (legally, mind) Writer Hawthorne. See, she didn't want her first name being equated to any particular heritage, and she wanted to drop Muise because it just didn't suit her batshit ways anymore. Also for some reason she wanted to be named after a profession... which... why. She's an awful writer too, so it would have been wonderfully ironic. But it gets worse. Then she wanted to name herself Writer Shentao Saffron Locke Hawthorne, in honor of her three wonderfully crafted characters, Shentao, Saffron, and Rip (whose real name is Locke), whom she said were more like family than her real family. "But that's not goofy enough!" cried the maiden fair. Her ultimate name? The name she decided on after countless hours of short bus thinking and pondering?

Writer Indigo Star Hawthorne, aka W.I.S.H.

Religious Beliefs (Spoiler Alert: LaVeyan Satanism)

LaVeyan Satanism is a cop-out "religion", basically requiring you to be an atheist in order to follow its tenets. It differs from true Satanism in that Satanism proper requires belief in both God and the Devil. It also attracts very Shen-like people: people who want to get others with the shock value of the word "Satanism", people who want to feel special for believing in a lesser known religion, and of course people who are just generally buttholes. It is a collection of values with a label attached to it. An anti-religion religion. Nothing more. Essentially it is about self-responsibility: that you are responsible for yourself, that you are your own "god", and that you don't need an imaginary sky-friend to blame when something goes wrong or to pray to when you want something. It is of course exactly what Shen would latch onto mostly for the "taboo" nature of its name; it has honestly good values, but of course she doesn't follow them because it's easier to say you're a Satanist and act like a pimple on the ass of society. Interestingly, she was raised Catholic and some of this has not gone away: she's constantly bitching about how God hates her and how there's an afterlife, not to mention practically praying to her imaginary characters for advice and friendship. In reality she's practically begging for a god to worship, but would rather have the 3dgy feel of telling people she's into Satanism.

Here we will catalog why she's doing it wrong, though if you told her this she'd whine that she's doing it "her way".

The Nine Satanic Statements:

  • 1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence! - Well, she's got that one down. She doesn't know how to abstain from anything, certainly not junk food or Pokémon or spending money on crap.
  • 2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams! - She missed the boat on this one. She is not working towards creating anything tangible for others to enjoy, just sitting on her fat ass, consuming, and daydreaming.
  • 3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit! - Totally missed the boat on this one.
  • 4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates! - I don't think she has any concept of kindness or respect to people. She's only kind when it benefits her, not because someone deserves it.
  • 5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek! - Check. Though she takes way too far with her lies, and knows no subtlety.
  • 6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires! - Basically, not blaming people who don't deserve it. Which she does, so she missed this point also.
  • 7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all! - Sometimes she acknowledges this and embraces it (when SHE can be the vicious animal in order to survive in this boo hoo hard world), other times she is shocked/angry when she sees an instance of it (noticeably when it inconveniences her or is directed at her or someone she admires).
  • 8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! - Considering as she was raised Catholic, I think some of the "sins" are total hangups for her.
  • 9. Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years! - Nothing really to say about this.

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth:

  • 1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked. - She just can't control herself on this one.
  • 2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them. - Or this one.
  • 3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there. - She threw a shitfit in a tattoo/piercing parlor named Sin on Skin because they wouldn't pierce her with a certain material because she's allergic to nickel. She totally does not respect this.
  • 4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy. - Yeah this one is pretty harsh, and it's exactly what she does, though she does it behind people's backs like a sneaky, vindictive bitch.
  • 5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal. - She has nobody to fuck, so this one is n/a. Though if her rape fiction is any indication...
  • 6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved. - She totally never steals stuff.
  • 7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained. - Shen believes in magic despite her upbringing and generally stupid belief system. But I think their meaning of "magic" is pulling strings/manipulating people/taking advantage of situations to get what you want, so that could be more plausible, and to an extent I agree as long as your manipulations aren't hurting or deceiving anybody.
  • 8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself. - THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. God I wish she paid attention to this.
  • 9. Do not harm little children. - Change this to pets, and she broke this one too. Really no idea how she'd deal with real kids, but I wouldn't trust her with any.
  • 10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food. - Don't think she'd kill animals intentionally, but I can see them dying from her neglect/stupidity.
  • 11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him. - She keeps to herself when she goes out for the most part, so I can't say about this. Though if Faeore, her former high school classmate, had gone to her door just to talk, Shen would have simply tried to kill her, no talking required. She'd break this one in a heartbeat for certain people.

The Nine Satanic Sins:

  • 1. Stupidity— Check. So much.
  • 2. Pretentiousness—Very Check.
  • 3. Solipsism/Egotistic Self-Absorption— Check.
  • 4. Self-deceit—Check.
  • 5. Herd Conformity—That she feels the need to label herself and fit in with a group? Check.
  • 6. Lack of Perspective—She's got no perspective at all.
  • 7. Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies—Total check.
  • 8. Counterproductive Pride(That first word is important. Pride is great up to the point you begin to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The rule of Satanism is: if it works for you, great. When it stops working for you, when you’ve painted yourself into a corner and the only way out is to say, I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I wish we could compromise somehow, then do it.) Figured I'd leave the explanation in, because she is the epitome of this sin.
  • 9. Lack of Aesthetics—Oh god this.

Also suicide is "anti-Satanic", since the most important thing to a Satanist is their own life. The official website, which she either never read, forgot she read, or just dismissed.

And amusingly enough, here's an example of her "wise advice":

You want wisedom(sic), CHILD? Stop shooting your mouth off.

A wiser man walks away from the fire. Not back into it. It takes a stronger person to keep quiet, than it does to flap ones lips.


—Shen, never taking her own fucking advice

About Why She Lost Her Cats, aka Pet Abuse


I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Joedie Muise. About 3 1/2f weeks ago I emailed you about my cat Tooya, who had become ill. Nancy came to my appartment(sic) and got him, and took him to your vet, and he had to be put down. I feel like such a horrible person. The other two cats, Kuro and Ayer have been fine. They have been eating and acting normally. I got a new kitten about 1 1/2 weeks ago, which they both accepted warmly and washed her and seen to her like she'd been a part of this household forever.

But starting yesterday they all barely ate anything. I'm giving them the same food and water they've always had. Usually they eat their food very happily and empty their bowl every day, all 3 of them, but yesterday they only picked at their food, barely eating anything at all. Today has been the same thing. They still play occassionally, but aren't eating and drinking that much. Today, the ktiten's eye has been really watery and squinty, and she's been sneezing a little. The older cats haven't been doing those things, but I can't seem to get them to eat a good meal. They just look at it and walk away. She (the kitten) was tested for Feline Lukemia(sic) and was negative, so I know it's nothing serious, but I myself haven't eaten or slept in 2 days, worrying sick about them. I've tried different foods (same brand, different flavors) and they only meagerly pick at them. They don't even want treats anymore.

I'm on social assistance/disability. I can't afford to take 3 cats to the vet. I got some feline eye-drops for the kitten, but they don't seem to be helping.

Please. These three are my world, and my family, as I'm alone and don't have friends/ in Halifax and I don't have family at all. I love them to death and it kills me that I can't help them the way they need.

I can't believe I'm saying this...I love them so much, but they deserve an owner who can pay for them medically if they ever need it. All of my love can't help them if they're sick.

Can I...can I give them up for adoption? Can you take them, give them the help they need, and maybe they can be adopted to families more deserving of their love than I am. I can give you everything I have for them. All of the food I bought them this month, almost 2 bags full, and their kennels, litter box, toys....I just want them to be happy and healthy and I don't know what's wrong or why all of this is happening. Kuro and Ayer have never been sick a day in their lives, and while Gin (the kitten) has a watery eye and is sneezing a bit, she's still eating way more than the older two are.

I just don't want them to be hurt or suffer because of me. And I don't want to think this is just a cold and have it get worse.

I feel like the worst owner in the world. I love them so much, but love isn't enough. I just want them to be safe.

Can you help me, please? Nancy came to my appartment(sic, omg she did it AGAIN) before. I don't have a phone right now, so I can't call.

My address is:

I don't really want to say goodbye to them, but they may need help that I can't give them. And it's not fair to them, no matter how much I love them. I'd rather give them up for adoption where they can get the help they need,

Can someone help?

-Joedie Muise


—And the Academy Award goes to..., (2010)

Apparently after she lost her cats, what does she do? Goes out and gets another cat, this time a Siamese from a breeder who gave it to her at a discount because she sob storied losing her former cats. She gave it up shortly afterwards, however, apparently not doing any research beforehand that Siamese are loud and obnoxious. So she dropped her cat just like she dropped her friends: it became too inconvenient for her.

Blue's cage and Shen's fat fucking finger. Notice he has barely enough room to stretch and his flight feathers aren't clipped.

She would feed her very large cats half a cup of dry food in the morning, crate them if she went out to work (or later, to her room when she went on welfare), return, let them out so they could eat, drink and go to the bathroom, then crate them again when she went to bed, this time giving them a little wet food in their carriers. Notice, this is about 16 hours in a cage, she would never crate them with food or water, and they had to "hold it in" as she was gone. And she wonders why Tooya got sick with a urinary tract blockage. Listen, dipshit: CATS NEED WATER. Cats also need to have exercise and food and attention. And yet she claims her cats were well-behaved and she was this 1337 cat trainer. No, stupid, they just were crated so often they never got into trouble. And when they did, you crated them as punishment. She treated her cats like children, even worse than children arguably. Lord let this woman never be able to adopt or pop one out herself.

She also had a budgie named Blue. Budgies need constant attention: they're flock birds and will literally die of loneliness if not given proper attention and care. She had Blue in a TRAVEL cage (one for taking in the car or using to clean the main cage out, so in other words it was small as fuck and he could barely stretch out) and had him in a corner on top of a small metal cupboard. Hardly any attention was given to him at all and his flight feathers were never clipped, ensuring Shen could not take him out of the cage and put him back in safely. Shen loves to say Tyu's cat killed him by knocking over his untethered cage MONTHS earlier, but in reality she probably kept him even more cloistered after the incident and he died of loneliness. Nice pet owner, right?

Her commentary about Blue:

I don't know what happened, but I just now, about 10 min ago, lifted Blue's towel and he was...gone. Not out of the cage gone, just...gone. I can't say it. I just can't say the other word.

I don't know what was wrong. He had food, he had water last night before I went to bed (I was just about to refill it now). He was active and chirping last night and even this's not unheard of for him to be quiet, so when he was for the past couple of hours I didn't think anything of it...sometimes he sleeps in the evening because he plays all morning.

He wasn't lethargic over the past while, he'd get puffy once in awhile but he normally did that when he wanted a bath. He'd been eating his news paper a bit lately...I dunno if that had anything to do with it, but I suppose now it's far too late for that now.

2 years was all I got with him. It was far too short.

RIP Blue. I loved you. I'll miss your songs. My beloved, little bastard budgie.


Shen, my darling little idiot, you only put a towel over a bird's cage when you are putting them to bed to simulate nighttime. You don't put a towel over a bird's cage just to shut them up/not see them rotting away in a corner. Your bird died of loneliness. Never held, never paid attention to, stuck in a tiny cage and thrust into a corner of a room. The average age of a budgie is 6-8 years. 2 means you were a startlingly stupid pet owner.

On the subject of Tooya, perhaps if their water dish wasn't empty half the time, Tooya wouldn't have had a blocked urinary tract. Also it's amusing to note that shortly before Tooya died, Shen was trolling for a new cat (shortly being a couple of weeks, not days). She gave some bullshit excuse later about how her mother taught her that it's best to grieve over a pet by immediately replacing it with a new one. Sage advice, mother who never loved her. She almost got a FOURTH cat after that. Canadian tax dollars at work.

Notable Quotes and Overreactions to Nothing

  • "From this point out, anything I have to say about the FM will be under it's own setting, 'since I'm well aware people don't want to listen to me bitch about the same things over and over again'. Thing is, if I DON'T talk about it, I'll just make it worse for myself by keeping it inside. If you WANT to be put on this new setting, please comment and let me know."
  • "People bitch and whine and moan about drama, especially those who post to drama_awesome, yet if you spend your time reading drama, don't you really LIKE the drama? I don't like drama, so do I read the community, post to it, or participate in the flame wars? No. Seems like common sense to me."
  • "First off, it was an hour doodle, and a half hours(sic) coloring job. So f-you. Secondly, how does one go about tracing an image OFF OF(sic) A TELEVISION SCREEN?!"
  • "I think it's age. lol I'm almost half way to 30!"
  • "I didn't get to walk as much as I'd have liked to. I'm aching for the spring. The fall/spring are the perfect times of year for me. Because the extreme heat of the summer nauseates me (heat botheres(sic) FM), and the extreme cold makes my muscles ache (also an FM thing). But fall and spring? I don't ache or get sick at all. I walk all over the place. lol Love it! I walked almost every night between the middle of October to the middle of November. I long for it. :3"
  • "Pet peeves: nagging, whining, being called petnames(sic), overly sexual commentary towards my characters, and really horrible spelling."
  • "I don't act smart, I just am all the time!"
  • "Even when they know the truth, 99% of the time I can't even get a few words of encouragement half the time."
  • "And yes. I was just TOLD that my grandfather molested me. I don't really remember. But then, I don't remember MOST of my childhood. I can't even remember what my mother looked like anymore. I'm quite certain I've blocked out about half of my life. There are things in highschool I don't remember."
  • "I also think there's a bad stereotype that virgin = naive. I may be a virgin, but I'm VERY sex savvy. The Furry community has made sure I'm tainted for life. lol"
  • "See, I don't buy that though. From what I've seen, and the pressure I get, admitting your a virgin nowadays is SO MUCH WORSE than admitting you're sexually active. I can't count anymore how many times I've been told that I'd "like it if I just did it", or got strange looks, or was told I was "stuck up" because I was 24 and a virgin."
  • "But everyone has quirks in their style that may make things seem wrong to other people, but aren't necessarily wrong. If that makes sense. The Mona Lisa (sp?) doesn't have dead-on perfect anatomy, but does everyone point that out??? It was the artist's STYLE."
  • "I have little respect for my art and it has nothing to do with how many comments I can get outta someone."
  • "I can't afford to take lessons, I don't want some university teacher telling me how to draw (I've heard the horror I don't wanna be forced to draw something that means nothing to me...I've already covered that area), so really, in the end my only means of learning and furthering myself, just leaves me worse off than I was."
  • "I think it's half of why I don't care if people were to trace offa me... I care more that they would steal/copy the written work or take the idea behind the character." Lulz
  • "Half of the part of being a success of society is lying, cheating and being a huge fake! I don't like it, but if I wanna survive in this life, I'll damn well do it!"
  • "I didn't pay attention because I was more focused on my chocolate and didn't realize it was her."

Shen Defends Snapesnogger


Gee, let's take a notorious view point. Snapesnogger. Forget what you may or may not think of her. I personally like her art and I think she's a an exceptionally strong artist, especially where it REALLY counts in art. She draws what she loves, improves when she wants to improve, and just seems to want to draw to make herself happy. That's art to me. REAL art. Forget whatever attitude you may or may not think she has. I know what people complain about. I see 10 TIMES more people telling her "You suck! You don't deserve 2million pageviews because your art is crap!". Um, excuse me? Where is HER freedom of expression? She's got half the art community on her ass all the time. I've caught people being mean to her JUST because she has lots of pageviews for her art and style. People complain "oh she's got an attitude". Please. If that's so true, why don't I see you all complaining about that? Why do I see you all complaining about her ART and not just plain old HER? Maybe because you're making excuses? Because that's what it looks like from my viewpoint.

So wait, you hate her....because people like her style and the way she choses(sic) to express herself artistically? You hate her because she got popular by doing what she loves, in the manner and style she loves doing it?


—Shen showing that she fails at both judging character AND judging art, credibility meet toilet

Bonus reading material. Shen makes an entire 8-page sermon about LEAVE SNAPESNOGGER ALONE!!!~ while cramming as many dicks into her mouth as she can, managing to later tangent into a hate-boner for furries (as opposed to anthro artists) and her feelings on art theft (which have varied wildly throughout the years).

Art: Human Stick People

Managed to break her neck. Bonus: shitty poetry!
Self-made stamp. Swastikas make you look like you know what you're talking about.
Her foam-at-the-mouth rant about why fat people get fugly clothes and thin people get all the glitz. So... why not draw fat people in your little fantasy world?
Keep in mind: she wants to be a fashion designer. For plus-sized fatties. But she models her goofy-looking crap on stick models with no tits. Logic.
I dislike critiques... because I just don't care. I don't care if I get better. I don't care if I stay the same. I'm completely comfortable where I am and don't want to change because someone else thinks I should. To me, you're not helping me. You're trying to change me when I don't want to.


—Shen acting like a five-year-old

The primary irregularities at her art are, as mentioned, retardedly long limbs, a sick obsession with pointing all faces to the left, and omitting one eye. She's worked really hard at making her style, you guys, and prides herself on being a self-taught, unchanging artist who still uses a paint program from the late 90s to do her art. As an aside, giving her even the barest amount of criticism is like pouring salt on a snail: she WILL lose her nut and scream "IT'S MY STYLE" at the top of her lungs until she turns blue in the face. She honestly believes that she is filled with the pure, loving spirit of a true, original artist who draws solely for the love of art, while others who draw for money and actually try to get better at what they do (usually the ones who are critiquing her) need to STFU.

All of her humans have never eaten a meal in their lives (unlike her) and will always have ribcages showing, legs like spaghetti sticks, thin :3'esque mouths, never have a right eye drawn in, and will always ALWAYS be in 3/4 view. Occasionally she will slip a person in looking in full profile view, but this is so rare it might as well be fiction, and she has NEVER drawn a person looking directly at the viewer. Tits on female characters are completely nonexistent and chests on male characters are lanky and cookie-cutter. Male characters also have absolutely no penis, with pants that tight fit their Ken-doll frames, possibly because she has never witnessed a penis outside of secretly reading hentai manga. She has a stupid sense of style, throwing scarves 400 feet long, headphones, baggy pants, and oversized busboy hats on people who are also wielding samurai swords. AND OH MY DEAR FUCKING GOD BELTS. She has a fascination with shoving millions of belts on pants, arms, asscheeks - anywhere she can get away with it. Buckles and cords everywhere, never thinking that perhaps, in her cutesy ninja fantasy world, someone might have to take a piss on occasion. Once again, everybody's wielding a samurai sword in this shit. 3dgy. She has always had dreams of being a fashion designer, constantly whining that plus-sized girls never have any decent clothing to wear unlike thinner girls, yet all of her designs are impractical and/or butt-fugly AND are worn by stick thin women/men. What. In the section regarding KissGravity, Kiss actually created the horrible love/valentine pants seen on the character on the right. Shen foamed at the mouth that someone stole her idea and was going to try to make money off it, but in reality was probably just pissed it didn't come in size "extra fat" so she could stuff her lumpy ass into them.

Also she has a fascination with swastikas, insisting that people not think of them as Nazi symbols, but symbols of luck. But she doesn't want to start drama or anything. It is suspected this is the only way she attracted so many teenage fanboys as friends under her RIP-sama account: God of Knowledge knows the true nature of swastikas from a five-minute jaunt on Wikipedia?? Holy fucking shit, SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING

Art: The Ananke

If anyone saw this coming at them, it would be hard not to die from the lulz.
THE ANANKE AREN'T SPARKLEDOGS. One of Shen's fantards gets ultra sensitive over a fucking drawing. Free hint: if someone points out that your dog has too many markings, tails, and ridiculous clothing, chances are good that it actually IS a sparkledog, no matter what cutesy name you give it to denote its uber-special and unique species. Get over yourself.
A more accurate representation of Shentao the Ananke if she were more modeled after Shentao the person.
This is basically everything Shen shits out these days, except this was original work... not stolen from some sparkledog generator.

The Ananke. A made up canine-equine-lapin abomination with longer back legs than front legs, horse ankles, typically jackal heads that are WAY too small for their bodies, and for some reason ribs in their throat (seriously). She made them to feel special about herself, and to have something to cry ART THEIF about if someone draws a tail the way she does. They're sparkledogs with fluff fucking EVERYWHERE, wonky back legs (how do they walk???), tiny eyes, patterns out of hell, and colors found in only the deep recesses of the 16-million color palette. They are also apparently serious business, because you will get hounded to the ends of the earth if you draw a dog with impossibly large back legs and neck floof. Interestingly, the Ananke are the only thing Shen will consistently draw in profile view, though, SPOILER ALERT: they are always facing to the left.

Shen's Impossibly Long-Winded Stories

Microsoft Word says "fuck this shit".

Ananke-Ka - Self-fellating story about her self-insertion main character meeting someone as equally overpowered as she is. Even manages to put her sob story upbringing in it.

SoulThesis Evolution, aka Kodaijin no Yogen - No. I have shit to do. 302 pages of pure masturbatory drivel. Also a complete rip-off of the anime, Fushigi Yuugi, example being her main character Tomakhomii is a near perfect rip of Tamahome. Really? You couldn't name him SOMETHING that didn't start with T??

Shikonki - Indescribable self-insertion story again. Once again, manages to tell about her personal life in excrutiating detail. Did you know she has scars from when she tried to slit her wrists? She likes to talk about that a lot.

Shikonki Outline - Every tiny detail you'd ever want to know about Shentao the character and the wacky people she encounters in her intriguing and gripping tale. Keep in mind, Shentao the character is a complete Mary Sue, so pretty much every detail that isn't obviously fake (having white eyes, seeing ghosts, being 19 years old and being under 120 pounds, etc.) is basically describing Shentao the person. Spoiler alerts: Rip cuts his hair to "fit in", yet dresses like a crazy flamboyant freak; the skull on his crotch is Jack the Ripper's soul... and Jack decides to look after Shen when Rip goes away (woman killer decides to look after woman... what); Shentao demands sex from Rip out of the blue (not before "punishing" him by saying he can't tickle her for a month, *gag*) meaning Shen the person secretly wants to be bent over a sofa and fucked sideways, but would never admit this because she's asexual and having sex at all means you're a slut.


Her Poetry: SPOILER ALERT - it's awful.

If you honestly sat through all of this, go find a fucking hobby. That was perfectly good time wasted that could have been spent either looking at porn or getting laid.

A Wish Granted, A Fat Bitch's Christmas Ruined

So for awhile, Shen was part of "wish" LiveJournal groups: someone would wish for something, and someone would grant it if it was in their power to do so. Simple, right? So some girl asked for some markers, and Shen sent her her entire stash of Prismacolors. As a thank you, the girl promised to make her a picture of Shen's character Rip as a female. She took her sweet time making it: almost a year went by with no thank you art as promised, so Shen just sort of wrote it off as an empty promise. Then suddenly in December, Shen gets this note with attached pic. Here's what transpired:

Rip's ref sheet. Please take note of the crappily drawn penis. She has obviously never seen one before in person.
Shen's depiction of Rip as a girl.
Granted, this looks nothing like Rip: his hair color is wrong, he's not pseudo-emo enough, etc. But it was a gift, and Shen doesn't know how to accept those like an adult.

I'm so so sorry this has taken so so long! I have felt so guilty every day this year I haven't drawn you something nice -- you asked for female Rip, so here she is! I couldn't help giving her a bit of a retro Vargas girl vibe; I hope you're not offended by the small liberties I took with the original costume!

If you like this one, I can send it out this week, and if you're not interested in Rip anymore (which I totally understand after all this time), I can give something else a shot :) Just let me know!



—Girl trying to be nice

At this point it should be noted that Shen reads too much into the girl's reply here. She didn't mean "You're not interested in your characters anymore", she meant "You might have other characters that you are more into at the moment." Later on this tidbit becomes crucial, because Shen throws a shitfit that the girl is even insinuating that she's no longer interested in her own characters. It's like she went out of her way to be a bitch and read too much into what the girl is saying.

I'm sorry, but I am offended.

Rip is such an important character to me. I put SO MUCH time and effort and sweat and tears into his design. This doesn't look like Rip at all, even as a girl. He doesn't have purple hair, he would never have purple hair. The only thing in this picture that's even remotely similar to my character, is the bodice. It feels like you just drew what you wanted and ignored my character completely. You had asked me if you could put Rip in a different outfit and I had expressed that I'd prefer you didn't and used the reference I gave you. That if you didn't want to draw her, I had other characters. I guess you didn't care. It certainly feels like you didn't care.

I'm actually so hurt by this that I'm near tears. That's just not Rip at all. If you took off that bodice, there would be no similarities to him/her whatsoever. He means so much to me and I worked so hard on him over the years. I'm really, really hurt. Especially after I expressed how I felt about you changing his design.

I hope you enjoy the markers. Thank you for your effort.


—Fucking... waaaahhh....

In private, this is what Shen had to say about her poor character being raped by someone who was giving her FREE, THANK YOU GIFT ART.

Yeah maybe it's a cold ass, fucking snobbish reply but I'm really having to work hard not to burst into tears. I've never seen one of my characters so utterly disrespected. Even that insulting image Faeore drew of Harwick resembled him more than that picture resembles Rip. And what I said was true. She specifically asked me if she could put Rip in a different outfit and I specifically told her that I would very much prefer it if she didn't and that if she didn't want to draw that outfit, I had lots of other characters. She could choose one with an outfit she'd rather tackle.

That's just not Rip. Not my Rip anyway. Not even half the colors are right. The buckles on his arms aren't brown. They're black. He has ONE red glove and ONE black glove. The heart lock around his neck is SILVER. He doesn't even have his checkered sleeve. But it's the hair that hurts the most. Not even dark purple hair like the few dark purple streaks he has. But light purple hair. Completely light purple hair. That's not even artistic license. That's 100% completely and totally and utterly different than Rip. And Rip, as a girl or not, wouldn't have a flower in his hair. He also wouldn't revolve his look around some bar girl from the 1950's. Rip is quite modern save for some of his slang. No matter what time period he was in, he had the best of the best and the most up-to-date. He never wanted to be behind in style. His ONLY exception is his Japanese wardrobe that he keeps at his house in Hokkaido. It's old-time Japanese.

What's more is that she ASKED ME for personality and I gave her a very in-depth explanation. Nowhere did I say anything remotely similar to what she drew.

Looking back, it was more than obvious that she didn't want to draw what I showed her. What makes me upset is that I offered to show her other characters so that she could pick something she wanted to do and she said it was okay. And that I'd told her to stick with the ref I gave. Not to change him.

And not interested in him anymore? I've never lost interest in ANY of my characters. Even when I don't draw them in forever, I think about them all the time. I have my art rotating as a screen saver. I look at all those characters every single day.

Merry Fucking Christmas to me. Can't I have one year where things can actually be happy and not a depressing disaster?

I'm going to delete that picture from my computer now. I never want to look at it again.


—Shen, unhappy and proud of it!

Moral of the story: Shen is a thirty-year-old crybaby who can't stand that someone might take artistic liberties with a free piece of gift art. Thus, go out and draw her characters like complete tools for the lulz.


Shen's ridiculously marked character ShenTao.
Kiss's equally ridiculously marked character Virus.
"Tracing/Copying/Eyeballing my work is not allowed." Proof that Shen is a talentless assclown who somehow fails at "eyeballing".
What Shen does every time a teenager draws neck fur the way she does.
Shen's ultimate fantard Lalique's (mttw-artistic1) fursona.
Not "inspired" by Fushigi Yuugi at all. Nope.

Sometime in 2009, a 17-year-old aspie named KissGravity (who also went by KissxXxGravity, AcidicRhapsody, Shenanigans, Fooled_And_Betrayed11, and Forlorn-Memories) came onto the scene and began to copy Shen's Ananke, calling them Canoi. One in particular, Virus, was believed by Shen to be modeled after Shen's character ShenTao, and Shen threw a shitfit, called out her friends and began to viciously harass Kiss about why her crappy sparkledogs were modeled after Shen's crappy sparkledogs. Kiss went so far as to start calling herself Shen, saying she had the same ailments Shen does, and mimicking her shitty art for reasons unknown (other than the fact that she's an honest-to-god 17-year-old sped with assburgers). It is speculated that Shen was also mildly jealous, if not because Kiss's art was in fact better, but because Kiss was what Shen was not: stick thin. Also, notice Tammi, aka ArtAppreciator. This is the only time we ever notice dear Tammi. She never appears in Shen's friend lists during her RIP-sama days, nor does she make any appearances during WriterHawthorne. She's totally not a sockpuppet. Speculation, but "Tammi" was probably Shen's way of posting to the web during non-library hours so people wouldn't know she had internet. While all of Shen's at the time friends were out for blood, it should be noted that Lalique (at the time mttw-artistic1) was the most vocal, the most asinine, and the biggest dipshit - posting journals defending Shen's honor and fighting with Kiss's own fans, possibly thinking if she screeched loud enough Shen might have drawn gift art of her blue dog fursona abomination. Screencaps below. Anyway, let the witch-hunt commence!

  • "For years she (Shen) did the exact things she accuses this person of doing. Ran off hiding under new names when caught tracing, and ripping down all the galleries to get rid of the "proof". The Hypocrisy Pot met the Karma Kettle, and didn't like what it saw." -- Faeore on DA, Shen's former high school classmate.
  • "It pisses me off to see artists who used to steal from others go "MINE MINE MINE DO NOT STEAL" ...seriously, you have no room to talk and need to calm down NOW." -- Shen's EXACT words, coupled with:
  • "Yes I traced in high school. Yes I did it because I was a stupid fuck and I wanted to feel special and be popular and wanted to fit in with friends I saw as a BAZILLION times more talented than I could ever be. I felt insecure. I felt completely and utterly unspecial (is that even a word?). I felt like nothing. That was my pathetic attempt at being something." -- ...confirms that she was once in KissGravity's shoes but selectively forgets her own history, circa 2008.
  • "Now, I suppose to SOME this is not caring about theft. But let me clarify something. A character with the same stupid mark on their forehead as yours is not theft. A character of the same species as you is not theft. A character with the same color stripe down their back is not theft. A character in a similar pose as yours is not theft. A character in the same style as yours is not theft. A character with the same name as yours is not theft. Art theft is taking your image, via copy+paste and reposting it and claiming it as their own. Art theft is tracing your image, changing nothing, and not giving credit. Art theft is completely redrawing the exact same image and again, not giving credit." -- Shen's outlook on thievery turning on a dime, circa 2007.
  • "I really need help with this girl. She won't listen to me alone. If you want to email her, her email is [email protected] If you want to post comments on her DA page or these websites I've linked you to, feel free to do it. No need to be nice either. I draw the freaking line at trying to copyright and sell MY DESIGNS. I don't care if she was 15 when that was posted. Even at 15 you know that copyrighting something that belongs to someone else is wrong. You also know that selling something that isn't yours is wrong. Her age isn't an excuse." -- If a teenager other than Shen steals art, they're fair game!
  • "YOUR designs are they? YOUR pants, are they? You are nothing but a pathetic little thief. What you're doing is bordering on IDENTITY THEFT and if you really want to go there, I'll put you in your place so fast your head will spin. I'm done putting up with you. STOP stealing my designs. STOP stealing my ideas. STOP stealing my characters and STOP stealing my name. If you EVER try to get the design for those pants copyrighted and if you dare to try and sell them, I will sue your fucking ass off and make sure you never again have a single cent to your name. This isn't funny anymore. I'm not playing games with you kid. If you insist on doing this crazy shit, I will make sure everyone knows just the REAL person you are. I've screencapped EVERYTHING. I have PROOF of what you've done. If you don't take all this shit down and do it soon, I will show all of your friends and watchers just who you really are and make sure they never respect you again. I also have screencapped the part in which you say that you love money, and will do almost anything to get it. What will everyone think of you when I show them the TRUTH? TAKE ALL THAT SHIT DOWN. IMMEDIATELY. I'll give you one week to clean out your accounts. If you don't, I'll start contacting everyone and showing them just who you really are. If you think I'm kidding, just try me. I refuse to let you steal from me any longer. You're nothing but a greedy little child who can't do anything for herself without taking it all from someone else. None of your attention comes from you. It's all attention you're getting because you parade MY WORK around like it's yours. You make me sick. TAKE THE SHIT DOWN AND STOP PRETENDING YOU ARE ME. I'll also start filing reports with your ISP and all those websites. If you don't take the crap down, I can promise you that *I* will. -The REAL ShenTao" -- Shen being the internet bully she accuses everyone else of being.
  • "After all this shit I've dealt with from her, I would definitely never post my work online again. Not until I get things published anyway. And that won't be for quite awhile. She's just raised the bar. I'm never posting personal work online again." -- Uh huh, just like you won't talk about your illnesses or anything ever again.
  • "I just told (omitted) and (omitted) that I've got the net back. I trust them to know." -- Were you able to finally pay off your bill, seeing as how you're on welfare and probably had to make a decision about whether or not to have ice cream this month or internet?
  • "And I want to bring hell down upon this girl. -_- There's no where your'e 15 years old and don't know that copyrighting someone elses work is wrong. If she's old enough to KNOW about copyright, she's old enough to KNOW taking what's not yours isn't right. And in that email she sent me, she told me point blank that she never posted any stolen stuff publically and never claimed anything she copied as hers. Obviously that's a big fat lie. Want her email? lol [email protected] Feel free to tell her what a psycho she is. No need to be nice anymore. Nice went out the window a long time ago." -- Internet bullying is only when it happens to Shen, mind.
  • "So.....(omitted) and (omitted) won't do anything anymore. I'm starting to feel like everyone is abandoning me to deal with this alone. And it's not worth it. Everyone wants to SEE my art, but no one wants to help me when it's being destroyed. It's not worth letting my art out of my sight if this is how things are going to be. If I've got to be the only one protecting my art, I don't see why I should share it with these people. I feel violated and used and abandoned. All I want to do is cry and then crawl into a dark hole and die and take my art and idea's with me. My heart is broken and I'm tired of it all. I'm never worth anyones effort. Jessie abandoned me to Tyu and Faeore because it was easier for her to let them do what they did to me, than to step up and take some of the hits herself. She abandoned me to save herself. And now I'm being abandoned all over again to KissGravity. People would rather ignore the fact that it's happening than take some of the stress on themselves to help me out a little. I don't even need people to flame her. Just a "Hey, not coo' yo!" is good enough. But I'm not even worth that. If my work means so little, I dunno why everyone even wants to see it in the first place." -- She ignores the screencaps below, where people came to her rescue NUMEROUS times. After awhile, dear, even the witch-hunters realize that this shit is stupid.

More Art Theft

Shen made a journal cataloguing all the things that MODEthewoulfiE has done.
In the end, when someone steals art, they aren't stealing your character. YOU hold your character. They have stolen 1 picture of your character. Okay, so perhaps sometimes they steal like, 20, of the same character. If your(sic) so inclined to have the ability to create 20 different images of the same character that they would like to steal. Still, they are just images. Not the character themselves. Unless the person creates a machine to read your mind, and another one to steal all your artistic skill, then they cannot, I repeat, THEY CANNOT, steal your character. Only YOU know your character inside and out. Only YOU can draw your character just right. Heck, all of these people stealing art can't draw anyway. So they can't even pull off a half-assed version of your characters(sic) image. Yes, you put a lot of hard work into the image I'm sure. But in the long run, that's all they've taken. Time. Are you really going to let them take even more of it by throwing a volcano sized fit at them? Yes, maybe your character is a representation of your soul. Still, it's an image only. They didn't steal your soul, or the part of your soul that the image represents. Not unless they are God. And personally, I think God has better things to do than steal your artsy soul.


—Shen contradicting herself again, because when a teenager takes your shit it's srs biz

Quite recently, someone took her Ananke character Wish, flipped it around, traced it (poorly) and called it Joker. Lulz were had on all fronts: the poor trace, the awful colors on said trace, and Shen's reaction to having her character "stolen" - because imitation as flattery is not in her adult repertoire. Oh Internet. She also had the Wish character pretty much outright stolen, pose, markings, that godawful wtf bell around the character's front paw, the works, see screenshots above.

Update: Apparently the thief in question is a MODEthewoulfiE, and they've made a wonderful career of stealing from Shen.

Where Was She?

She was also on ArtAttack, ArtConspiracy, Side7, ArtWanted, Y!Gallery, Storm-Artists, SheezyArt, GaiaOnline,, Neopets, Furcadia, Wajas, LiveJournal, and FanartCentral. Did we mention she was on DeviantArt? She also had a Twitter account, but, quote, "Yeah, I've never gotten into Twitter. I'm a long-winded typist. lol I cannot be limited to a mere 140 characters! XD" No. Shit. She tried getting into Yerf back in the day but was flat out rejected, possibly because her artwork was and is terrible. She has had at least three separate personal websites:,, and In addition to the Tickling Media Forum, she also had an account at,, and, desperately trying to find someone who could put up with her shit long enough to have it be called "a relationship". Point of lulz: on all three sites she listed herself as having only "a few extra pounds". PDF of that file can be found here. Notice she uses the one picture where she actually looks like a female mammal instead of a giant tub of lard. Supposedly it is at least 6 years older than her profile age at the time (24), so not only is she lying about her current looks in terms of age, she's also lying about how feminine she actually is, being a self-proclaimed tomboy.

Where Is She Now?

Her gallery used to be viewable to the public until recently when someone told her she could block off images to non-members with a checkbox. Of course, Shen is special and doesn't get that any idiot can just make a free account and view til their heart's content. Watermarks, pages and pages of "DO NOT STEAL", and now an image blocker to try to deter art theft. She simply does not understand how teenagers, Deviantart, and the Internet work: the only way to win the game is not to play.

Update: OHNOEZ. She has baleeted her DA page once again, making this the seven millionth time she's ragequit over probably nothing at all. Don't worry. She'll pop up again in a month, in a year, moaning about how her FM is ruining her life, how she still hasn't gotten laid because of it (nothing to do with her grotesque weight issues in the slightest, or the fact that she's a complete knob of a human being), and how all DA users need to hug, hold hands and not post too much about themselves online (BAHAHAHAHAHAHA). She is a complete friendless waste of carbon, who simply cannot thrive without attention and asspats.

Her exact words to Faeore shortly after ragequitting, who neck deep in irony had nothing to do with this page:

I don't know if you'll ever sign on again to read this, but I'll send it anyway.

I don't know if you, or Tyu, or any of your group of friends is responsible for this: (links to this article) But none of you will ever have to be plagued by me ever again. I will never show my face online again, my art will rot in a closet, and I will be gone. None of you will ever have to worry about seeing me ever again. And if it was any of you, I guess you'll now have one last, final hurrah with this note. You've won. Thank you for the membership. I enjoyed it while I had it. Sorry I'll be wasting six months of it.




OH OH OH, UPDATE, now she's going to really for truly ragequit!


When I came back to DA a year ago I swore to myself that I wouldn't be chased off again. So even if you had started flaming me, I wouldn't have taken anything down. In the past I was on DA to make friends, so I cared about what others thought of me and how I was viewed. This time I'm just here to be here (and a little bit so teenagers will stop pretending to be me). I have no expectations, nor anyone to impress.


—Shen, in love with contradicting herself

I'll give you a hint Shen: it wasn't any of your RL friends, though admittedly they did fill in a lot of the gaps I was missing. Don't shit where you sleep, you stupid cow.

Update: Apparently the "bringing all of the truth to the surface" thing really made her weep into a tub of ice cream, because now she's talking about ending her life. Over an ED article. And because everyone is a bully. EVERYONE. Including those with proof that in actuality she dumped them. It is absolutely amazing and a marvel of human capacity that she believes - for honest and for true - that she's the blameless victim and that several sets of friends have all been out to get her. Not one friend. Not two. AT LEAST ELEVEN. Eleven people all have something wrong with them and decided to use and abuse poor blameless Shen. She always enjoys rubbing her age (30) in the faces of anyone who will listen, saying how she's learned so much in her old age and this and that, but of course she acts like a spoiled teenage brat when it concerns people she's had a falling out with. I'm not sure how, aside from tattooing it on her fucking face, one could get it through that thick, fat skull of hers that the problem ISN'T THEM. PDF of her raeg journal here and link to the original journal here.

You aren't going to kill yourself, Shen. It's more drama to make it seem like you're going to, drama which you are inexorably drawn to. You're even getting comments on that journal with people pleading for you not to do it. Because that's what you want: attention and asspats. So have fun getting fatter, and can't wait to see what name you'll pop up with next! Also, since I haven't called you a racial slur in awhile: you're a forest nigger. ♥

Suicide Note

The note in entirety.

Suicide is not a laughing matter. Someone taking their life (especially over something as retarded as the internet) is not funny. Well actually I suppose that is a lie, 'cuz when someone takes it over something as stupid as the internet they deserve to be mocked mercilessly for being a sped. ... but it IS completely funny... if said butthole fakes the entire thing to get sympathy. It is also incredibly selfish and you should be caned for having people who care(d) about you get put through the ringer because you're having a ragequit shitfit. In this particular instance, we will catalog each and every section of this gripping note with commentary. I think this has been said in just about every section on Shen, but... she lies. A lot. I don't even know if she's doing it anymore, it just rolls off her tongue. Maybe she believes half this stuff is real. Who can say?

Seriously. No snarking. No joke here. Shen, get some fucking help. Stop researching fucking mythology and religion and fuck knows what else, and go out and find a fucking therapist and someone who can diagnose you and give you some medication. You are seriously fucked up, and you fucked up a lot of people with this. Remember "The Boy That Cried Wolf"? Faeore (fucking Faeore, who totally hates your guts, wanted you dead since she was nine, and is your ultimate bully and should go die for all she's ever done to you or for you) might not be there next time to save your ass from yourself. But of course, hindsight is 20/20: you just wanted attention and to see if anyone actually WOULD check up to see if your bloated ass actually went through with anything. You didn't get any help. Unless Neopets is help. You know that's a site for teenagers, right? Like... young teenagers too... not older ones. Read a book that isn't Goosebumps or Harry Potter, FFS.

Also, yes of course it's TL;DR. Did you expect anything less from Shen?

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Straight from the sow's cavernous maw. Having her address is totally okay by her.

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