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The day that 4chan received chemo; Again.

EDIT: Everything below this edit is false. What happened was, one little Anon bruteforced Sharecash's ftp client (Username: Axe08 Password: Axe08Axe08 LOL) and then when he changed the password, the anon blasted the forum with a 32k botnet. That's why the site was fucked that night. It had nothing to do with the idiots 'LOICing' the site.

Between December 18 and December 22, 2009, a revolution that started on /s/ would become one of the greatest 4chan wins since last Thursday. as a result of this, the shitstorm of spam has now stopped, and many people now hail moot again (even though he's a furfag homo).

Before the DDoS

4chan, as usual these days, was filled up with spam, fail, and rate my cawk threads. Sometimes, you could start lurking and find a whole page with pure CP spam. No OC, no lulz and the destruction of /hc/. Shitty, right?

Many people claimed this spam shitload was made by moot, since no one did shit about it, and it kept going on for months and constantly growing.

Usually servers would go down for hours, and /b/tards had to escape to /x/ (only oldfags know that /x/ is /b/ when down).

Something had to be done. But what? Who? How? Keep reading bitch

moot acts

Suddenly one day, moot posts on /s/ (greatly affected by spam). (Divided in three parts so you can read while you read this article)

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The original thread. (Click image to view thread if not shown above entirely.)

Operation Legion/Sharecrash

Eventually news of moot's on-going crusade against Sharecash reached the /b/tards of /b/town and immediately shit got real. What followed was one of those rare occasions where the internet hate machine actually wakes up and decides to take the fight to the enemy, and thus Operation Legion/Sharecrash was born.

Turns out yes he did need to spell it out, but at least it worked.

Co-ordinating all their efforts into a mass DDoS pile-on, anonymous made short order of forcing Sharecash's forums offline. Amazingly, this was all the warning Sharecash needed and a swift addition to their rules has seemingly left anon free to troll another day. Failed like everything /b/ does and needs to be addressed in more depth by the tech savvy /i/nsurgents at HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS!!!


Sharecash responds

Sharecash describes their rapage in their own words on their blog. Like any rape victim, they deny they were raped.

One method our users have used to receive downloads has been to post links on Over time 4chan users have complained about the spam, ultimately leading to the 4chan owner, a man who goes by the name of “moot”, to create a topic on how to fix the spam problem. Many 4chan users took this as a “call to arms”, as they called it, and created many separate groups with the aim to destroy our website. This quickly spread over many different websites, and soon enough there were thousands of people attempting to attack us.

We stayed on top of the attacks and watched as they attempted to break in. We set up a fake login script and spread it so we could log all the attacker’s IP addresses, and we watched as they all tried to gain access to our fake page. Eventually we posted the IP address log on our main page, which prompted many 4chan users to email us apologizing and offering to help us solve the issue. To see the log of IP addresses, go here: [1]

As they unsuccessfully tried to gain illegal entrance to our server, others attempted to simply crash it. Many used poorly made flooding tools, which our DDoS protection quickly blocked. A certain member of 4chan, a 15 year old from West Virginia, attempted to flood our servers with a botnet he had created, which he claimed had 30,000 zombie computers. While he used many proxies, we still managed to retrieve his real IP address:, which has been reported to the authorities for botnetting. Even with his attack, the server still managed to stay up. We ended up taking our server down for a few hours voluntarily to add extra protection and wait until most of the attackers had grown bored. When we brought it back up the flooding and DDoS’ing started again, but there was little to no effect.

Other attackers managed to get personal information of one of our administrators and some of our advertisers, and attempted to harass them. This did not do much, but we did manage to get a nice list of phone numbers to report. Here are a few for the curious: 418 516 2342, 703 819 4502, 481-516-2342, etc…

We had decided to ban 4chan link posting in order to appease the attackers. However, it became apparent that they did not care about the spamming, but simply wanted to harm us. Even after we changed our policies, they escalated their attack attempts and continued to try to take our server down. After we sent an email to moot he placed a notice on 4chan saying to not attack/harass us, but the attacks have continued all day long. We have also continued to receive email after email threatening us.

So until further notice and until we speak more with moot, here is our new policy on posting links on If you are caught constantly spamming on 4chan with the intent of receiving downloads, and we receive a report of this, we will first delete the files you spammed as a warning. If you fail to comply with our rules and warnings and continue to repeatedly spam, you will then be permanently banned.

The new policy is currently pending and may be revised further after we talk with moot. Thanks for bearing with us everybody!


Spammer dox

João Bernardo was one of the main 4chan spammers who contributed to the cancer. He wrote an e-book about how to make money spamming 4chan with child pornography, and made the grave mistake of releasing his personal email address ([email protected]) in the book. After a few wanna-be spammers bought his half-assed ebook and posted it on public webforum, 4channers seized the moment and hunted down all their d0x, available here. The lesson? Don't fuck with 4chan.

Declaring victory before victory is declared

Incase you have the IQ of a muffin or any similar sweet snack you will have noticed that sharecase is still up. However you can still help by suggesting intelligent ways of fucking with the admins mind dox are found here

Moar ways you can help For all you lazy anons, this is the perfect way to raep Sharecash without even doing anything.

ShareCash Owner, Pavlos Bakoyannis

The owner of ShareCash is Pavlos Bakoyannis, a 17 year old Greek kid from Flushing, Queens, NY. He was a comment spammer and computer hacker specializing in SQL injection around age 14. He had a couple credited SQL injection exploits, wrote a well known SQL injection tutorial, and created a few security tools such as a SQLi vulnerability scanner. Below are his possible details.

Name:                    Pavlos Bakoyannis
Street:                 45-62  193rd Street, Flushing, NY 11358
Street:                 45-612 133rd Street, Flushing, NY 11358
Phone:                  (917) 892-5643
Phone:                  (718) 463-4823
Phone:                  (781) 854-6264

DOB:                    1992

IP:            ( )

Photo:         (circa 2006, age 14)

School:                 Archbishop Molloy High School '10
School:                 William Spyropoulos Greek-American School (K-8)

Church:                 St. Nicholas Church, Flushing, NY (Greek Orthodox)

Email:                  [email protected]
Email:                  [email protected]
Email:                  [email protected]
Email:                  [email protected]

Facebook:               admin.cfm
Google:                 pbakos92
Yahoo:                  pbakos92
Youtube:                pbakos92
Twitter:                pbakos92
Fleud:                  pbakos92
Digg:                   pbakos92 (removed)
BlackHatWorld:          stealthisblog
BlackHatGeeks:          StealThisBlog
Pakbugs:                fpsgamerNYC               BaKo

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