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Shanley Kane (a.k.a. "Kittenpies") is the psychotic co-founder founder and CEO (never mention her ex-partner who was creepily lesbo-stalked by Kane until she had to quit) of "Model View Culture," which she likes to call her company, but is actually just a blog, and consists of nothing more than whiny articles about how she never made it big in tech simply because she's a woman, instead of the fact that she's utterly incompetent and completely dependent on the financing of others.

Shanley describes herself as "ArchiveToday-favicon.pnga cultural critic, writer and feminist", but in reality she's a fat, batshit-insane Twitter bot who used to date weev and be a white supremacist, but now spends her days bitterly bragging about how much money male dumbasses throw at her Patreon in exchange for her calling them nerds, because she's angry that her plan to cover her pale skin and acne with seven layers of makeup and fucking her way to the top failed, as no amount of makeup could distract from her massive, 3x4-foot forehead. She does all this while secretly living off the allowance from her wealthy architect father and white, CEO boyfriend, because her blog is a joke and she needs to suck dick and beg for money from her dad to keep up appearances that she's a strong, independent woman.

She recently became internet famous when, after years of literally ending every argument with "fuck you" and asking her Twitter army of lonely white knights to defend her, she decided that she would try to somehow get the CEO of Linux fired by using the imaginary power of feminism, and in turn got her ass whooped by the entire internet.

On a related note, it's worth mentioning that Shan is also an S&M-loving pervert. Do her a favor and throw some "abusive" and "harassing" messages her way. As both a feminist and a masochist, she lives for that kind of thing.

Model View Culture

Shanley's campaign siphons donations from the far less oppressed trannies of color

When Shanley isn't spending her time shit posting on YCombinator, explaining to people who (unlike her) have programming experience on their linkedins outside HTML and Javascript, that she is not a successful software engineer solely for the fact that she's a woman, she is busy running "Model View Culture".

"Model View Culture" is Shan's spastic excuse for a website which she stole from some other chick by going just a step shy of raping her and according to her brings in over $1,500USD a month despite being little more than a WordPress blog.

The business model for MVC revolves around getting the stupid darkies that she secretly hates to come and write articles for her without paying them, a plan that attracts such respectable contributors as Suey Park, Adria Richards and Mattie Brice. As for the content, the articles featured on the front page as I am writing this include a piece on how certain coding languages are sexist and an article about how forcing women to learn to program if they want to work in the tech industry is discrimination.

The website itself was originally the idea of someone else. Another stupid, yet admittedly less stupid than Shan, cunt had come up with it, did all the work and invited Kane to be the "co-foundr" even though Kane had contributed absolutely nothing, which eventually ended in this:

working with Shanley felt like I was in an abusive relationship.. Each day I dreaded having to interact with her.. because she needed me so much, her demands that I isolate myself from my friends – as classic abuser tactics


Amelia Greenhall

Their business relationship lasted less than six months when Amelia was forced to quit because Shanley, who is a fake bisexual, began treating her like a jealous boyfriend and would abuse her and try to keep her away from her friends so she could have her all to herself. Greenhall ended up fleeing while her asshole is still intact before Shan could rape her with a strap-on.

Bitter with dejection, Shanley removed all trace of Greenhall's work from the site (recently reinstated it in an attempt to hide the evidence), changed her own title from "Co-founder" to "Founder" (and later again to "CEO") and began pretending like Greenhall never existed.


After not receiving any internet attention for a few days, Shanley publicly announced in May 2017 that Model View Culture was shutting down despite being "profitable and successful". She declared that since the shutdown the has been "aging in reverse" despite her endless stream of selfies showing otherwise.

The Fall: Shan declares war on Linux

Please go to the end of the line behind Nvidia, Miss Kane.
Shanley rallies her demoralized troops.

After their success in shaking down Intel at CES 2015 for $300 million, SJW's were shocked and appalled when Linus Torvalds dismissed diversity as "not really important" compared to minor issues such as the quality of the kernel code. He further enraged them by suggesting that programming skill and accomplishment, rather than the possession of a vagina, was the most important prerequisite for hiring kernel programmers.

Undeterred by metaphysical questions of how one gets God fired, Shanley launched a twitter campaign of blasphemy and sacrilege against Torvalds and the Linux Patriarchy. Like a screaming rabbit in its death throes, Shanley's tweeting attracted the predatory attentions of brogrammers, neckbeards, misogynist shitlords, and every vile thing that creeps among the various chans. Her wild blasphemies against their patriarch roused the wrath of innumerable Linuxfags.

Her refusal to humbly submit to a male programmer, serve his bed and table, and give birth to new Linuxfags was an affront to the natural order and endangered the future of white supremacy, patriarchy, and FOSS. Even as her banishment to the kitchen was being prepared, she bravely blocked and tweeted on.

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Shanley inspires her followers.
Linux Fanboys Defend the Masculine Purity of The Kernel from Defilement by C++ faggotry or Wimminz.
Shanley's Twitter army of mindless drones, ready to mobilize on her command.

But that wasn't the end of it because, when they heard her assertions that "OMG LINUX IS RACSIM", the unix-loving neckbeards at 8chan first doxed every single person she ever knew and then made a parody github for "ToleranUX", a feminist-driven coding project, not unlike C+= or "Linux for Niggers™", where women will code using feminist ideals without regard for patriarchal glass ceilings such as "skill". Shan responded by claiming that making jokes is literally harassment, which was so hilarious that even the SJW infested shithole that is Gawker Media couldn't help but ArchiveToday-favicon.pngpublish an article mocking her (which she also claimed is harassment).

ModelViewCulture CEO Shanley Kane has asked me to describe her not as a "diversity advocate" or "diversity activist" and to instead identify her as the co-founder and CEO of a media company that is better than the one I work for. I've updated the post to reflect that.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngDan Lyons

She's the CEO ... of a blog.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngDan Lyons

Shanley vs. Milo

Milo drapes himself with the flayed skins of his vanquished enemies.

In late 2014, god of yellow journalism and receding hairlines, Milo Yiannopoulos, began an ongoing feud with Shanley during which he beat her half to death with his massive e-peen.

Round 1: A cunt is exposed

The drama began when, during GamerGate and following the Linus Torvalds fiasco, Milo posted on twitter that he was going to write a profile about Kane to which she responded by calling him names and refusing to cooperate. However, when the article itself came out regardless and discussed what a cunt Shanley is, her long history or rage-quitting websites, rich daddy, white boyfriend and her going into a panicked frenzy whenever someone who she agreed would interview her made the slightest attempt to look for information about her, Shanley responded by crying harassment, going apeshit and finally locking down her twitter.

Milo received over 70 "thank you" emails from women in tech who also think Shanley is a retard.

Round 2: Shanley posts Milo's dox

Despite claiming she is in fear for her life due to the article (or some shit like that), when no one cared or gave her money and when Milo reached out to her for comment about a second article, Shanley posted Milo's phone number online.

Less than 40 people retweeted it, someone reported her to Patreon because doxing violated their new ToS which her SJW friends helped set up and Milo spent the night sexting with people who used the dox to send him their nudes.

Round 3: Milo exposes relationship with Weev


On January 17, 2015, Breitbart Media published a second article in which Milo interviews the infamous master troll weev. In it, Weev claims he dated Shanley after she was highly aroused by his IRL trolling of some race-baiting nigger in a bar who thought he was a programmer. According to weev, Shanley was a giant racist who learned trolling from him and described their relationship as a byproduct of her desire to be "defiles". This was all corroborated with emails were she refers to weev as "Daddy".

but she only fucked him shamefully

Shanley immediate responded by corroborating ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) the story on Twitter before it was published in an attempt to steal the thunder and claim that she had "Evolved" since then (it's only been 2 years) which, much like in the case of Jim Sterling, begs the question of "when?". But due to the fact she had no way of knowing exactly what would be in the article she ended up exposing even more information about herself saying:

about my past being a misogynist, slut-shaming, queer-phobic, abusive, racist, ableist and classist [sic]...

...And to get a few other things out the way: I’ve f–ked a bunch of assholes, I’ve practiced sadomasochism and there are nudes out there.



Round 4: Shan is retarded and still wants Weev's dick

Weev: It was all for the lulz.

Still scrambling to do damage control and salvage what's left of her reputation, Shan accused Weev of being mad at her for breaking up with him, calling him an abusive blackmailer and posting a long rant trying to justify herself by claiming she has anxiety and OCD, that she has been raped about a million times and that she was "a victim of statutory rape", which anyone with a brain knows is just consensual sex with a minor, meaning she was a victim of being a giant slut. The tl;dr attempt at PR continued by accusing a fellow feminist that she has been stalking of actually stalking her and of being jealous of her because she's younger and more pretty and with saying people are trying to shame her for her fetishes even though it was her who stupidly exposed them. Finally, the letter ends with a long, boring segment about social justice where she says all men are babies and declares "Misandry for life!" (Zig Hail!).

In response to her response, Breitbart published another followup where more of her former colleges expose the fact that she was still a raging racist up until just recently, that she regularly made up lies about her career and that, despite claiming she dumped him and that he was abusive to her, Weev provided them with proof that she was still sending him hundreds of dollars when he was in jail and begging him to come over and give her some dick literally the moment he got out (but despite being raped in prison for 2 years weev still declined to fuck her ugly ass).


It's enormous.
Tweet's n' Shit About missing Pics

Round 2: Shanley Vs. Sam Altman

The day of June 15, 2015 began pleasantly enough for one mister Sam Altman. Unfortunately for him, but to our great amusement, it wouldn't remain as such, due to the following introspective tweet.


Naturally enough, the supremely stable Shanley didn't take kindly to this, as it (somehow?) diminished her status as Internet war veteran, replete with PTSD. So, she did the only logical thing; she flipped the FUCK out.

white male vcs, journalists, founders literally have a violent hate group that responds WITHIN MINUTES to silence anyone who criticizes them Jun 16, 2015

how can VCs complain that they are being silenced when hate mobs will literally rise within MINUTES to attack anyone who criticizes them? Jun 16, 2015

lol @ literally dozens of men in my mentions demanding i be involuntarily institutionalized for talking back to a venture capital . Jun 16, 2015

it's an act of PRETENDING TO BE SCARED AND HURT in order to justify getting rid of the source of discomfort Jun 15, 2015

powerful men in tech acting like they are SO SCARED & OPPRESSED by shit that isn't harming them incites violence against marginalized people Jun 15, 2015

and start screaming and acting terrified of the mouse, you can motivate the group to bring harm to the mouse which really can't hurt anyone. Jun 15, 2015

if there's a tiny, defenseless mouse in a room with a lot of people, and you can get a number of those people to point at the mouse Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] is participating in what i call the Mouse In the Room Strategy. Jun 15, 2015

RT @anildash: (To be fair, some are merely people who don't want to be held accountable for what they say.) Jun 15, 2015

RT @anildash: These are not smart people. These are people who don't know how to communicate and don't want to learn.… Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] you and your rich little friends who gather nothing but endless praise and occasionally a tweet of criticism around here can STFU Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] deal with PTSD from sustained online violence. this is my daily life online. so you complaining about how YOURE being silenced? is BS Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] i have had to leave my house due to online violence, i have had my entire family doxxed and threatened, i am on anxiety meds to Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] trying instigate a hate group to attack me, and making thinly veiled threats. this will go on for days. Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] your mentions are full of supportive powerful rich white men. mine are full of people calling me a cunt, making fun of my looks Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] FYI i want you to observe the inequality at play here in "sensitive topics" online. Jun 15, 2015

@ConcertoMates oh i thought you meant that operating mvc costs less than a normal startup Jun 15, 2015

RT @docroscoe: @shanley when the laborers aren't value, the product is not valued. See also: food service, Uber, art, and teaching Jun 15, 2015

@ConcertoMates uhmmm operating it on a full time basis year round? Jun 15, 2015

yeah, i did once, but it didn't match my personality so here the fuck we are. Jun 15, 2015

@ConcertoMates how would you know? Jun 15, 2015

this is how gatekeepers are planning on keeping this whole diversity thing in line. small amounts of money, demanding submission & silence. Jun 15, 2015

CONSTANT pattern. CONSTANT. "i now control you because i bought your product." no. that's not how this works. Jun 15, 2015

100% of the time i go through the roof when people try that "well i bought MVC so you owe me your silence and compliance" shit. Jun 15, 2015

  • me when gg posts pictures of me trying to make fun of me* oh good thanks i needed a reminder of how stunningly attractive i am Jun 15, 2015

ah great and now gg is having a great time making fun of my looks because none of this is about sexism lol jesus christ so predictable Jun 15, 2015

and discarded through these weird paternalistic, controlling, abusive, non-negotiated ideas of WELL I DID SOMETHING FOR YOU Jun 15, 2015

nor dissing non-profits and charitable foundations but there's something really up with how people's labor and products are devalued Jun 15, 2015


you know like a financial exchange of currency for products? through my FOR PROFIT company? somehow you did me some kind of charity? Jun 15, 2015

also like i hate the assumption that during the FINANCIAL EXCHANGE of you giving me money and me giving you a GOOD Jun 15, 2015

"i got your magazine, but the side of EVERLASTING REDEMPTION didn't show up in the mail." Jun 15, 2015


And then they get mad when they realize that's not what they bought. Jun 15, 2015

And hilariously, people really act like if you are a founder from an underrepresented group, that is your actual product. Jun 15, 2015

NOTE: Giving money to diversity in tech does not buy you a "SAY IGNORANT RACIST, SEXIST BULLSHIT WITH NO CONSEQUENCES" card. Jun 15, 2015

it's like, your job is to understand money and you literally pretending like you don't understand math . Jun 15, 2015

VCs: "My firm has discriminated against minorities for decades resulting in the loss of billions of $$, but I gave you $100 once so STFU." Jun 15, 2015

anddddd if you want to know about being scared into silence watch my mentions fill up with abusive threatening violent GG filth for this. Jun 15, 2015

i have specifically developed model view culture's business model so that i can tell any VC to fuck off at any time and still be OK. Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] don't get all upset now, but we'll be JUST FUCKING FINE without your $100. so go fuck yourself. Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] and i'm refunding and canceling your purchase because i don't need abusive customers who use their purchase to escape accountability. Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] then don't fucking predictably throw that in my face like i should be grateful to you when i call you on being full of shit. Jun 15, 2015

"diversity in tech," where venture capitalists give you a hundred bucks (literally) and expect you to shrivel up and die from gratitude. Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] and i will happily take your money for a subscription and STILL tell you to go fuck yourself. Customer Service With a Smile, bitch. Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] guess what? you buying 3 books from my org doesn't even cover the FREE CONSULTING i've given your ass about diversity in tech Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] i'm super not surprised that you would pull that out. "I BESTOWED MONEY ON YOU YOU YOU SHOULD THANK ME" Jun 15, 2015

RT @Blackamazon: Black women are the ones who cant get in and get practiced on Jun 15, 2015

RT @Blackamazon: There is no lynch mob in your industries for white men. Thats the women , the black people are the ones who get canabalized Jun 15, 2015

RT @Blackamazon: You don't like the discussion,it's uncomfortable . Fine SAY THAT but the lynch mob? is actually an ignored CUSTOMER BASE Jun 15, 2015

and yet, you co-opt these experiences that you otherwise ignore and pretend don't exist to position yourself as the victim. RAGE Jun 15, 2015

like you actually have no fucking idea what it is like to experience online violence because you never have. Jun 15, 2015

i HATE HATE HATE that venture capitalists who are massive apologists for online violence somehow pretend they are the victims of it. Jun 15, 2015

these are the people in charge of changing things and it's fucking terrifying. Jun 15, 2015

@dilettante YEP Jun 15, 2015

the very THOUGHT of accountability to these people is terrifying. "oh, people might push back on our total domination of the internet?" Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] supposedly on a huge mission to reverse decades-long pattern of discriminatory funding yet its leader just spewing this shit. Jun 15, 2015

this is how fucked we are. Jun 15, 2015

@BlackGirlDanger lmao Jun 15, 2015

RT @BlackGirlDanger: +These folks actually think society is losing out when they STFU. When it's the total opposite in reality. Them shutti… Jun 15, 2015

RT @BlackGirlDanger: "Ugh the internet is making ignorant assholes like me afraid to say fucked-up stuff for fear of getting fired!" I mean… Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] when y'all were coming out on top without a word it's a meritocracy and when anyone stands up to you it's oppression. FFS Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] we've heard your voices TOO fucking long and all you have to say is ahistorical violent trash about how you're being "silenced". Jun 15, 2015

[email protected] If you want to fucking support diversity in tech like you're getting so many articles for, LESS TWEETING MORE GIVING MONEY. Jun 15, 2015


[email protected] SHUT YOUR FACE, READ A BOOK, LOG COMPLETELY OFF. Jun 15, 2015

RT @BlackGirlDanger: @shanley I mean...good. I'm 100% behind the people he knows shutting the fuck up. Jun 15, 2015

fuck i beyond hate venture capitalists. Jun 15, 2015

TL;DR SHE'S THE VICTIM HERE because he gave her $100 and she gave him some "free" diversity courses. Not at all ironically, his original tweet was proven to be beyond true after he was subjected to her psychotic frenzy.

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Consistently stands against discrimination, eh?

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