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Stop hand.png If you find lulz-worthy dirt on Sevva's online e-dramas/accounts/etc SCREENSHOT THE HELL OUT OF THAT SHIT. She's known to delete every trace of her online existence after she realizes that she in fact fails at life and the Internet.
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Cat eyes.JPG
jelly belly peeks out to say hellooo

Somewhere, deep in the bowels of the intertubez, a true star was born - a plump, bouncing SEVVA-PHOENIX. She first started posting her art on DeviantART under the eponymous alias of Sevva-Phoenix (And now under the alias "Area11") and tries to come off as a tough but lovable cunt who's quick to the punch, when in reality she's not much past a fat pushy Mexican whore with shit art. Judging by the pompous snobbery she vomits at anyone not suckling from her collective teats, we can only assume that she was spoiled rotten as a child. She is unfortunately victim to crippling delusions that she is a ravenous pitbull, that her boyfriend will hunt down her Internet enemies with a magical gun he possesses that can fire bullets across whole Internets, and that her bullshit is in any sense intimidating. (Watch out guys, she's logging your IP address.)

Additionally, she makes a damn good sandwich.

Eventually people started noticing straaange things about her TOTALLY ORIGINAL art...

Essence of a Phoenix

Just in case those first three weren't enough.

It goes without saying but the shit's crap and reflects the artist. Examples:

She's such a pleasant person! n_n


She uses the drama to expand her psychotic buttlove to levels previously unknown to humankind. In the past, she's even gone as far as to use Schkyzm's art AND alias on her MySpace in 2005, and on various roleplaying sites:


fucking beautiful

Sevva's "style" suffers from an acute case of schizophrenia due to the fact that she can't go more than 30 minutes without referencing the life out of someone more popular than her. She'll bite and claw to maintain that she is in fact a highly original artist and that she takes inspiration from noone, when in fact she lifts from artists she admires and respects the mostest.

Sevva once claimed to be leaving the internets forevaaaars...which really just meant she was shying away from deviantArt and dragging her fat ass to other online communities to air out her rolls. One of her favorite places to fester in her own waste was Gaia Online, where she attempted to solicit sex and hock off her prized works to other unknowing members. All was going well until a fellow gaiafag and Noomi pointed out some suspiiicious similarities to Hyung-Tae Kim's art. Lulz ensued on deviantArt shortly thereafter.

Backed into a corner she could only respond with threats of b& hammers and malarky,

If you're going to TRY to compare my art to someone else's, AT LEAST make sure they actually DO sync up, and they DON'T.


—Sevva, contesting the validity of the overlay (above right)

and, recognizing the futility of battling with such HORRIBLE LITTLE TROLLS, was forced abandon her beautiful thread.



—aids guys

nevar forget.

And yet, despite all of the evidence and screenshots piled up against her, she insists that she somehow more "original" and "SANE" than those trolls.


Part 1: Sevva vs Rai & co

noap no similarities here
oh she sees what you did thar.

It all started in March 2007 when Kytennish/Rai pointed out the obvious connection between her webcam image and Sevva's shitty rendition - in comments on the deviation which went unanswered and were sheepishly hidden, then in a note. Sevva overreacted to Rai's tone (which only worsened due to her frustration) and publicly attempted to smear her name like the fat bratty whore she is. She insisted Rai was ripping off jennadelle and schkyzm to shift the focus of the drama (when, funnily enough, she'd been "inspired" by the two for years). Her garbled spiel was a perfect display of maturity over her then 13-year-old rival, and included detailed insight to her understanding of creativity/influence/theft and why she's the best person ev4r, as well as harassing and flaming the pages of people who stood up for Rai. After being dragged in from the depths of wherever just to have her disapproving comments hidden, Schkyzm constructed a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong LJ entry. And being one of her biggest idols, that ultimately made Sevva h8 her least enough to dedicate her following months to talking endless amounts of shit about her while still fucking recycling her art.

The stupidity isn't limited to DeviantART, it follows her wherever she plops down, from LiveJournal, to MySpace, to Gaia Online, and even DA again where she repeatedly attempts to rally her LEGIONS, HUNDREDS of internet friends into backing her up and trolling everyone else. Judging by the lack of support on her half, they either don't give a shit or think she's as batshit as we do.

Or they don't exist.

While Rai apologized for her nasty tone and she and Schkyzm both have decidedly let the matter drop (and Jennadelle maintains noninvolvement), the cow chooses to be the "bigger person" (lol literally) by continually bringing it up, drawing hate art for Rai that looks like furry lesbian rape, saying/doing stupid shit that entices people to milk her for lulz, etc.

And now, a sparkling example of how mature Sevva can be!



She ain't kidding.

Sevva seems to be under some wild delusion that she knows anything about copyright law and will somehow muster the money through prostitution to place "copyrights" on her rivals' characters. That'll show 'em.

Part 2: New Account Failure

Trolls on my dA, neva!1!

Due to the drama circulating around her DA page, Sevva beat a hasty retreat and set up a new account - Dreams-Of-Rain. The temptation of ravaging her new account soon became too great for trolls to bear who quickly annihilated any hope of her saving face.

In reaction to the trolls, Sevva did the only intelligent thing - visited the dA forums to complain... in the wrong subforum, lol.

In the post Sevva claims she has no idea why she is being attacked:

Various people have been commenting rudely for no reason on my front page. This account is new, and I want it stopped.


—Sevva, whining in the DA Suggestions Forum

Yeah? and I suggested it be taken care of.


—agreeable as ever as we can see

Then she bluffed and boasted about reporting countless users in her journal afterward thinking DA's management would rush to her rescue:



On March 21, 2007, 7chan's /i/ instigated a raid on her page. Sweet lulz were had by all watching her scramble to swiftly delete journal entries soon after they were made ("I'LL REPORT U") and various images from her gallery.

Rumor has it that Ebaumsworld will be joining in on the lulz.


In less then 14 days Sevva's most recent account has been destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of DA trolls, 7chan's /i/, ebaumsworld, Schkyzm's Internet posse and your mom. Good job you guys. As of August 4, 2007, the whiny bitch is back for moar, so be sure to show some love to her userpage.

Weeks earlier, while lurking on 7chan looking for hawt lesbian furfag pr0ns, Sevva found herself briefly mentioned in a thread about hate art. She then took it upon herself to wrap up wanking and target her usual suspects: Schkyzm, Rikutida, and Rai, and even tried to rile up a boo-Schkyzm thread on 7chan, slyly leaving a friend's e-mail address ([email protected]/"Shannon"; pleasant how Sevva's GaiaFap account is PLAINLY VISIBLE on ReiAmoon's friends list) to disguise her true identity as the OP. The thread faced epic defeat and is believed to've lead to anonymous' eventual rape of her Friends-Only LiveJournal with the Pain Series. Either that or it was separate and random act - regardless, it brought the lulz...and so did her reaction! Being the genius that she is, she threatened Schkyzm's away message without hesitation and splayed sandwich crumbs all over her LiveJournal.


I don't know what the fuck you think you're doing, having your people send DISGUSTING vore to my livejournal, but now that you have it's fucking on. Consider everything you ever knew as yours to be gone now bitch.



As you can see (and read here in an entry she made following these events), in Sevva's warped mind Schkyzm has become either the head of the elite Internet mafia Anonymous, or the sole physical embodiment of Anonymous itself. Also, pain series is vore. Sevva argued there in circles with various people while clasping her tubby ass, but with no actual goal - it seemed she only wished her idol to know how deeply butthurt the attack left her, but not without demonstrating how intelligent she is as to not be foiled again, spitting out nonsense like,

+1 for human psychology.
If a person is guilty, they act guilty, no matter how hard they try to play it off.



—see she's a psych major

...completely "forgetting" the "THREAD CLOSED" stunt she pulled on Gaia just days before, or thinking nobody saw it. haha, GENIOUS

Lies, Lies, and Lies

This is awfully beautiful
"and i don't need anyone who isn't willing to be submissive to me" lol lol lol
filled with love, truth and subs

If you couldn't already tell by her "holier than thou/do no wrong" attitude and being a thief/fatty in denial, she tosses around the most outrageous lies trying to recruit new friends (you'd wonder, why would she need to make new ones?). For example, she likes to tell people paraaades that she's attending the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (left).

Haha, nice try.

Remember how she dropped a friend's name on 7chan as a clever disguise? Judging by the OP's e-mail address, Schkyzm at first assumed (-5 pts!) Sevva whined to a loyal and gullible "Shannon" and suckered her into making a vengeance thread. Turns out she was giving Sevva the benefit of the doubt thinking for a second that she had any friends at all (source LJ comment thread here).

Friend on gaia?
No idea what you're talking about.
I have lots of friends there, and I don't spread anything to gaia, kthx.



—but she'll viciously harass former friend, Mouwku, and report RP threads she frequents

(Not to mention, you've already seen how she's taken the drama off DA to LJ and Myspace.)

No, I'm not lying, but think what you like.
Just because Jessy is my friend doesn't mean shit.



— -5pts for assuming schykkkcjchzm

Anyone with a set of eyes and a brain can see that shows she and "ReiAmoon" have a connection. Wait, I thought she had no idea what Schkyzm was talking ab--

Me and her are best friends you fool.
I made her the gmail account and we both use it.





Also, further proof she's not in fucking MCAD. Lol, nobody loves her.

She's also now claiming to be a dude:

I'm a little afraid too


40 things that piss sevva off
less hate, equal lulz

Sevva posted a lulzy meme in her DA journal on the topic of 'what pisses her off'. She could not possibly anticipate the potential lulz that entailed when she posted her innocent little meme. So, three guesses what Sevva haets most. Did you say niggers, niggers, and niggers? You're right! But wait, there's MOAR! (Before you continue, Sevva would like to warn you: If you can't handle racism, or can't keep your MOUTH SHUT then DON'T READ IT. Golly gee wizz, guys!)

For the sake not letting this become too TL;DR, we've picked out the highlights of the two. You can find screenshots to your right, kthnx.

The 40 things that you hate/piss you the fuck off. Meme:

1.2. Black people who use their color as a means of getting welfare.
1.4. Ghetto Black people who think the way they talk is attractive.
1.5. White boys that try to be black. Fucking pull your pants up or I'll staple them to your goddamn ass!
1.6. People who suck and kiss ass to get to the top. (sound familiar?)
1.7. Hicks. (Her current residence: Lake City, MI. ROFL)
1.11. People who can't MAKE UP THEIR FUCKING MINDS. Yes, you indecisive assholes, that's you. (see #6, p#13, #23, #34, #35, #40)
1.12. People who give LONG assed answers for questions that only require a YES or a NO. EXCUSE ME FOR NOT WANTING TO HEAR YOUR LIFE STORY.
1.13. Fat people in miniskirts and tight clothes. (hahaha christ no comment)
1.16. Bad Grammar.
1.17. Coupled with 16, Bad Speech. You know what I mean. "O he are mah baby daddy. He gun take care off us gewd. Like, I think he be da best pimp out der, an ma baby needz a nigga like dis man around ta show him how ta shoot n thangs." Uhm, should I laugh or cry?
1.18. Speech impediments. ex. People who slur their S's. Rawr. (LIKE THEY CAN HELP IT. Of course they do it on purpose just so Sevva has something else to HATE)
1.23. People who say they are original but aren't because no one is original anymore.
1.29. People who think they are really animals. i.e: Furries. (Don't fuck with a pitbull, guys.)
1.33. Overly perverted, openly horny, insanely obnoxious men who think they can just fuck me because they seem to think all women are easy. (Because we know she fights off swarm after swarm of these horny obnoxious men in her day-to-day life.)
1.34. People who degrade themselves by being passive little animals for society to throw around. (Because it's right to hate them for it - and how many emo fits has she posted about how life isn't fair? About how her life just...FALLS APART?! sob sob sob baw baw /wrist)
1.35. People who enjoy being mediocre and pathetic slabs of meat, and do nothing with their lives.
1.37. Pitbulls. They should all be put down. Violent aggressive dogs that often turn on their owners. oh my god
1.40. Sports. We pay fat black men to run across a field for 3 hours chasing a pig skinned ball millions of dollars. Why aren't we paying teachers this much? After all, who would teach people to be lawyers and the like without teachers? PFFT.

the other one:

What's your favorite:
2.11.) Music genre?
Bleh. Hip Hop, Dance, Foreign, Classic Rock, Ro-- (oh who gives a fuck about the rest.)

Refer back to #1.2, 1.4, 1.5, and especially 1.16/1.17 - AND HIP HOP IS THE FIRST GENRE SHE LISTS FOR 2.11. Now look at 1.11. Are you feeling the lulz yet? We sure are.

westside lolz

(Wait, okay, hold the phone, check this screenshot to the left. Look how she tries to say she didn't say or do any of these things, lmao. Okay back on track.) Sevva LIVED IN THE GHETTO FOR 15 YEARS. But wait, didn't she just claim to come from a wealthy family in this post on Dramachan?

Don't you DARE question her, she KNOWS black people, she got JUMPED in 6TH GRADE by some LAZY BLACK MEN. But not before her lip finally started looking normal again that same year, since her mommy's pitbull savagely mauled her when she was only two years old! Don't bother questioning her on dogs either, she obviously knows her shit - labrador retrievers certainly weren't bred to aid hunters by retrieving their kills instead of eating them, as their name would imply, but instead were bred to be popular family pets for all the little American children. Evidence of the trauma she endured from the pitbull attack and reconstructive surgery's completely healed since then, so she says... Fat chance. Head back up to some photos and tell us if you see any imperfections around her mouth or cheeks that aren't acne or cellulite. She'll still swear it happened.


Notice that tl;dr response to pyromancy in there? And you couldn'tve forgotten about 1.12 so soon, about "people who give LONG assed answers." EXCUSE HER FOR NOT WANTING TO HEAR YOUR LIFE STORY. But here, and screenshot at right, you have to hear HERS, the mother of all tl;d-motherfucking-r bawing tragic life stories. The lulz couldn't be sweeter. And she doesn't bother to mention EITHER assault by the gang of roudy nigras or her mother's pitbull anywhere in this melodramatic tripe (it's probably all bullshit anyway), but they were traumatic enough for her to slip into debate later as excuses for being a prejudiced bitch. She does however say:

..I guess the internet was my stress relief. That and the drugs. Who would have ever thought that triple c's and alcohol would make a person so numb that they felt nothing. (...) Hardly ate, hardly slept, almost always drunk. (...) I'd stay out until the early morning, and come home trashed.


Look back at her hate list again for "25. People addicted to Drugs./26. People addicted to cigarettes./27. Alcoholics". (Boy, those three sure aren't a little redundant.)

So we'll give Sevva the benefit of the doubt yet again and assume she's not bullshitting us on those alleged assaults. Why the hell would she pridefully compare herself to an animal she so furiously detests and wishes to see completely obliterated from existence in order to intimidate people she hates just as much, you ask? We couldn't be arsed to find out, but it's funny enough. Why the persecution, you ask? BECUZ SHE IZ A CRACKA? Nah. Probably because she thinks she's a furry, white dragon-shit with a blue star on it's forehead. Due to these fateful encounters, Sevva now harbors a very deep-seeded hatred for pitbulls (but what of her lawyer???) and all African Americans and their popular culture, fashion and vernacular (but not their music), and isn't afraid to voice it publicly. She doesn't give a fuck what you think. But she'll throw up a diversion entry to bump it off her front page once she starts receiving negative feedback. She probably wishes she was black so she too could cash in on those government checks, which, according to her, is a unique nigra phenomenom (like Hurricane Katrina).


Other contradictions and shit that just doesn't add up include #1.8 and 1.38, 1.30 and her recent use of /b/ memes (AIDS, longcat, etc), 1.35 and her existence in a nutshell, etc. See if you can spot your own!

As we know, Sevva DOES NOT CONTRADICT HERSELF. This is obviously a lie, as the screenshots below exhibit. Not three days after the long, lulzy meme of haet and a pathetic diversion entry, Sevva once again resorts to her DA journal to raaaaaaaaaaaant. During the process of going batshit insane, Sevva blatantly shows the World Wide Web what sort of fucked up, concieted whorebag she truly is (though she denies it!).

Sevva lies1.png

Sevva lies2.png


LOL WUT? Yes, you heard the dumb bitch. She has NEVAR cared about SUCH TRIVIAL NONSENSE! Poor Sevva still doesn't understand that her statements wouldn't fool a pack of autistic kindergartners. To your right is a screenshot of the entry (lulz is highlighted) - note HOW SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE TIME to sit around and pull up links, and twist words, and TRY HER DAMNEDEST to INSULT a person, then CLAIM it was for their own good. SORRY, she doesn't roll that way OH MY GOD CAPSLOCK MAKES ME FEEL SO ANGRY AND IMPORTANT!11!!

However, when you LIVE THROUGH WHAT SEVVA HAS, only then will your intelligence and knowledge of art SURPASS HER. Until then, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TINIEST of rights to speak to her. How DARE you insult Sevva on her front page?! What AUDACITY you have, to try to confront SEVVA, in HER area, in HER little world, not even in a note. The world is COMING TO AN END.

Because Sevva's journals are made of fail and TL;DR, Sevva then attempts to calm herself by blaming her rolls of fat on a disease she doesn't have. This makes her feel so much better knowing her cholesterol clogged arteries are not due to the fact she spends most of her life in front of a computer insulting people and making up lies while eating whatever the fuck she eats (not cock, rofl zomg). Sevva states that she hopes she has Hyperthyroidism because then a lot of things would become normal in her everyday life. FOOD STAMPS AND GOVERNMENT BUTTER, PLZ!

Part 5: Sevva haet Cloverfield!11

A recent flood of drama has arisen since the release of the movie Cloverfield.Which begins with a tartlet deciding that they leiked the movie so much that they would draw a picture of the seemingly "elusive" monster(Now deleted) for other tartlets to see. Though, much to the chagrin of this tartlet, Sevva decides to let everyone know how crappy the movie is when she herself has never even seen it. As seen beginning here. The artist and her bum chum decided to politely give their opinion on the matter, causing Sevva to explode into a massive fit of noitallism, and bitchyness.

What J.J. Abrams thinks of Sevva. YUM.

Of course, when an argument begins to fail, she relies of false facts, over 9000 imaginary reviews, and crap quality YouTube videos to make her point, and even resorts to childish name calling. You know, it would be so much better to play critic if you would have maybe actually... seen the movie?

For lulz, the tartlet behind the image posts Sevva's stupidity on a number of communities causing a mass amount of trolls to flood Sevva's inbox with comments thwarting her apparent bullshittery. Sevva became extremely butthurt, and posted her own drawing of the monster (which looked like a blob with an eye, due to her lack of artistic talent.) and pretended to play internet tough guy.

HOLY SHIT! Sevva is the Cloverfield monster!

How very big of you Sevva, too bad you were too cowardly to turn comments on.

When the shitstorm died down, Sevva made it known that she was "ignoring everyone" commenting on that image. This caused them to move onto to her userpage to make comments in which she promptly hid. For an added butthurt bonus, even blocking them. Good thing anon was quick enough to screencap them for your viewing pleasure.

Sevva KNOWS Cloverfield!

Part 6: Sevva vs Dramachan

As we all know, Sevva always does the exact opposite of what she claims when pretending to be holier-than-thou. When she says she's "ignoring the drama and trolls" it really means that she's spending her time browsing Dramachan and keeping up to date about what her rivals, the Internet Mafia are saying about her. Already there is a thread that has gone on for 12 pages, documenting all of the foibles Sevva makes and then proceeds to try to cover them up.

Sevva first reared her ugly head in a thread dedicated to camwhore furfags comparing themselves to their fursonas, after Rikutida posted a picture of herself. Sevva took notice, and of course, couldn't think of anything better to say other than, "Riku is ugly!", showing just how bitter she still was over the incidents in the past.

The next incident occurred on a thread about trolling where Mouwku mentioned Sevva in one little sentence. Funny TL;DR drama proceeded as Dramachan's trolls jumped all over Sevva and it extended well into the second page. (Deleted) Even more of Sevva's glaring contradictions and lies were pointed out and lulzed at, as well as a few questions that were sent her way. They were of course, ignored. She later reappeared in her epic thread after Dramachan's denizens discussed how Sevva originally didn't credit TEH JENNERDELLEZ on her latest image until the similarities were pointed out on the image board. Seeing this, Sevva added credit in a sarcastic manner and then decided to remove it again. More lulz ensued as Sevva once again proved that she is a dumb, racist fuck (Deleted) and threw herself to the masses, promptly making an even bigger ass of herself.

Sadly, the 12 page long thread about her documenting this drama has since been deleted when dramachan went down.

Dramachan Part 2

After dramachan's revival, anon wasted no time with the creation of a second thread that documented more of Sevva's hilarious shenanigans. Since the first death of dramachan, she had deleted her art and started anew on a different account going by area11.

Later on as the thread began to grow, someone posted screenshots of Sevva's art blog, and a few of the resident anon happened to take notice of a few drawings that looked a little too similar to schkyzm's and Rikutida's work. Comparisons were posted, and of course, Sevva denied everything and lulz were had when evidence was brought fourth, but sadly, yet again, dramachan suffered another death before anything else could be posted, luckily, it was all archived here

Sevva/area11/adiago has a new thread on the newest dramachan, and it can be found here

Sevva Today

As of today, Sevva, (now under the name Adiago) has abandoned her old sevva-phoenix account and started anew on Area11, where she at first tried to pretend that she was some cunt from Spain. This of course was easily debunked by trolls as they could compare obvious similarities between the art on both accounts. Most notably, the fucked up hands.

Seeing as how her lies didn't work this time around, she finally came out and admitted that she was in fact Sevva on another account, and gave a half-assed apology to everyone thinking that she'd be in the clear.

I can't live with this lie anymore!!1

Which she was for a while. Most anon had forgotten about her, since there were "no lulz" to be had at her expense anymore. Some even thought that maybe she had stopped eyeballing from other artists and thought up her own original ideas for once. She lived out a cozy existence for a while, comfortable enough even, to make a brand new FA account and post her horrible flockdraw porn all over lulznet's flockdraw threads. She had even changed her attitude, and acted more like how a sane person should.

Holy sameface batman!

But despite all of this, and all of the time that had passed, her characters are still complete ripoffs of Riku, and Schyzms', and is suffering a hilariously bad case of sameface syndrome. She had also found new sources of "inspiration" to draw from. One of which is Onta from Furaffinity. One anon discovered a few fishy things about Sevva/Adiago's ever changing gallery and style, which held an uncanny similarity to Onta's work. One could even say that she was directly eyeballing from a few choice pieces. But this, of course, could just be speculation.

Onta isn't the only one that is being ripped off of course. Another source of Sevvadiago's inspiration is from eelsleeves where she's copied characters, plot lines, and even the species name of Eelsleeve's critters (Eelsleeve's Lanx species V. Sevva's "Senx") for her own retarded, fucked up story.

You'd think that after all this time, Sevvadiago would learn to draw on her own for a change, and think for herself. Nope, wrong. After all of this, Sevva will still be an unoriginal, peabrained cunt. Anon must warn anyone wanting to come in contact with her to stay as far away from her as possible, or they'll see bits and pieces of their ideas and art stolen away and mixed into some kind of horrible concoction of unoriginality and sameface.

Anon also encourages others to go find any other possible sources of Sevvadiago's eyeballed art. Since her anatomy tends to jump from something completely shitty and backwards to suspiciously decent not even a few days apart from each other.

Memes and Hate Art

Because Sevva is a fat fuck who thinks her hot air is intimidating, she has become somewhat of a theme for a variety of phrase memes, image macros, photoshops, and haet art:

Gallery of vore, guro, memes, and macros. All made by adoring fans! About missing Pics

FoxNede's meme: One member of Dramachan's Anti-Sevva army is FoxNede who actually had to deal with the agonizingly ordeal of talking with Sevva. According to Fox, all Sevva did was belittle and insult her, meanwhile pressing her "I AM RIGHT AND U R RONG" attitude on her. Fox illustrated their conversations, a drawing which became an amusing meme.

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Home Address:

  • Trish Henderson 1230 NE 3rd Terrace Apt 133 Homestead, fl 33030

Phone Number:

  • 786 351 6722


  • Myspace "Body type: 5' 3" / Athletic"




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