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Seth Macfarlane at a typical creative brainstorming session.

Seth MacFarlane is an arrogant prick who 13 year old boys worship for his immature potty humor driven shows, college students worship for his mainstream liberal/anti religious driven claims, and that insecure girls worship for his love of musicals and pretty boy face. He took typical scenarios and skits, made them offensive and anti social,labeled it all as an "animated tv show" and has since expanded the empire 3x over with an almost mindless fan base serving as an ego for it all. Think of him like the Shane Dawson of Television with singing and politics added to the faggotry. His initials stand for Stupid Fuck

Early Career

It should be noted Seth MacFarlane has no creativity (or talent for this matter) when it comes to thinking up and designing an animated series. The animation and character design is bland and the ideas are recycled to the point where you only have to watch two five minute segments of one of his shows to realize this. The attention and budgets he gets for his shows and so called "work" greatly upsets other cartoonists.He started his career of trolling the animation industry at Cartoon Network where he put out his first made for TV short film titled "The Life of Larry" and "Larry & Steve". Life of Larry was family guy, but with Peter as short balding man named Larry, Chris as Chris but more scary looking and named Milt, Lois with black hair, and Brian is named Steve and is brown and black. Larry & Steve were the same as the former, except only Larry and Steve. Now some say that this was perhaps the highlight of his career. For the characters actually looked well designed and had some personality. Sadly, Seth just couldn't bare the fact there are Republicans in the world and thus was always managing to stir up some highly controversial rants with his co-workers. This greatly got on the nerves of everyone else at Cartoon Network for they just wanted to STFU about it all and draw some FUCKING CARTOONS GOD DAMNIT!!!!11

Family Guy

Typical episode of Family Guy.

Fed up of his constant rants about the government and overall unlikeableness, Cartoon Network made the obvious decision and banhammered his ass out of there. Butthurt over the fact he just got pwnd by The Man, Seth thought he would use the ideas he sold off to them to make a show of his own, only he would modify the characters and plot a bit, and throw in a few adult situations. This was later known as Family Guy. Now, some say he just ripped off the Simpsons, but this is not true, since it is widely known Matt Groening just took his time machine into the future, saw Seth's success and empire, and thought he would just take a slice of the pie.

Family Guy was created as a Jewish Psychological Warfare platform to destabilize the minds of Americans and the greater world to casually accept sin such as Homosexuality, Beastiality, and Pedophilia.

American Dad

After seeing the obvious success of Family Guy due to the Y2K aftermath of 13 year old boys. Seth decided it just wasn't enough. He needed to get his oh so valid facts out that Republicans and hard working religious families are the root all EVIL!!!11 And more money and attention, DUH! That's when he took Family guy, changed the dad to a stereotype of EVERY evil person in the world, and thus, American Dad was shat out. Believe it or not, this is actually just a fraction better then Family Guy, for it lacks the constant unfunny cutaways and flashbacks that act as the Hershey Kiss cherry on top of his other steaming pile of dog crap. This time, not only the 13 year old boys came for more, but EVERY single college student joined the religion as well. Because the very mature and unimpulsive college students understood that Daddy telling them to turn off the xbox, get off their asses, and actually work for once in their life is the absolute reason why they are in debt and lost all their friends to drunk driving.

The Cleveland Show

OMG, AGAIN! This time Seth needed an excuse for his blatant racism and insensitivity. So, what better way to do it then dedicate a show to black people? I mean, that makes you totally not racist. Right? So, anyway, Seth MacLazyass not only just took the family guy characters, and inked their skin darker, he took a character from his other show and made him the dad to save him some time on inking. That's right, just took him out of one show, and plopped into the driver seat of another. It's called a spin off. Seth now has three shows, which are essentially all the same, and is now on a one hundred million dollar contract with FOX. Srsly. LOL CANCELLED! (Albeit 4 seasons too late)


As if three goddamn shows weren't enough, FOX decided to let this hack slap his name onto another show for the network created by his asskissing friend Mark Hentemann. Oh great, Seth decided to be edgier by having two families involved instead of one and took one of the Bob's Burgers animators hostage, forcing them to design this piece of shit show for him. Did these jerkoffs at FOX not learn anything from the godawful Cleveland Show? We'll see next year if this show somehow ends up being half-decent or if it will go into the fucking trash bin like that Flintstones reboot, which would have sucked balls and been exactly like Family Guy, but set in a cave. The reviews are in and it's not looking good at all and 35% on the Tomatometer and a 2.8 rating on IGN means to stay away from this as much as possible. It's only further proof that Seth MacFarlane is like a hemorrhoid on Rupert Murdoch's asshole and that they will do anything to cater to his talentless wims.

Everyone knew this show was gonna suck balls and it all speaks for itself. It was so shitty that FOX waited more than two years to air it. Lol. The likelihood of cancellation after just one season is also high, so the joke's on Seth again. All he did was take Peter Griffin and made him sound like Comic Book Guy with a cold and a grudge against Spics. CANCELLED XD!!!!!

FOX and Seth love to troll everyone.
This show shits on gays and Latinos at the same time for cheap laughs. Just give up, Seth.



In complete Jewish tradition, minutes after the death of her husband, Carl Sagan, Anne Druyan looked greedily to cash in on his name just ass other Jews like Mrs Dr. Seuss did. More so, in wanting to keep with Carl Sagen's memory and causes, and also being Jewish, Anne Druyan went straight to the bargain basement and decided that Seth McFarlane would net her the most Jew Gold if Cosmos were rebooted.

Don't believe this shit,

It will be broadcast 2014 and my best analysis about the upcoming show is, "Memories mean nothing when a shit head and Jew gold become involved." So expect gay jokes, reminders that the Jews killed Christ and the ever popular, "Remember that time. . . "


Seth at home, celebrating himself as per usual, with his collection of life sized dolls.

By now, you should be getting the idea that NOTHING is ever enough for Seth MacFarlane. He always wants MOAR! MOAR shows! MOAR money! MOAR attention! He does not care how much it lacks quality or what it will do to his reputation. As long as there are places where bottom feeders lurk, Seth will be there to take full advantage of it. So it is no surprise when Jewtube rolled about, Seth was one of the first ones there to make an account and hog all the attention from independent video makers for his own network and add funded tripe. Well, you might think, "Hey, at least he is generous enough to put episodes of his shows for people to watch on their own time." Well, guess again. The videos consist of 3 to 12 second Family Guy cutaways that didn't even make it on TV. And that's after you watch the 30-40 second mundane commercial for Priceline or Burger King. We're seriously not shitting you here, just watch one of them and tell us that is not just that.


ED giving your hero (who you thought was indestructible) some well deserved overdue pwnage.

Let's see. We have a talentless hack when it comes to animation, heading an empire of three shows and web shorts with success solely due to do to pushy gross out potty humor anyone could think of and flamboyant characters who commonly dress in drag. Sound like anyone familiar? On top of this, he is a liberal political activist, and we're not talking actually studying philosophers and forming ideas of his own that could be considered "liberal", we're talking shouting the typical mainstream Hollywood rhetoric through every Mega Phone he can get his grubby hands on. It gets worse. He seems to have a talent for singing, which you would wonder why he has pursued a career in uncreative mundane cartoons over it, but what ever the reason, he occaisionally makes a public break out singing old musicals. This has caused a rage of the fugliest 16 year old girls never to even consider getting laid, obsessing over his pretty boy face and then killing themselves when they realize he will never even acknowledge their pathetic existence. So taking all this into consideration, let's go over his famous fan base. every fucktard on the planet. The reason this is all under "trolling" is because you can not troll Seth MacFarlane, and to this date that theory is yet to be disproven. Why?

Because just like Shane Dawson, his army of fantards is out to find and flame you to cinders the moment you lay a feather of criticism on their god. Write a blog post, Facebook wall post, YouTube comment, Tweet e.t.c. Anything putting Seth in a light other then the crown for king of kings, and they will turn your day, week maybe, upside down. Angry response after angry response, pouring their meaningless days away, trying to fill their void of angst and insecurity with satisfaction from typical tactics and insults, often presenting themselves illiterate. Chants like "Your a idiot" and "FUK U, Seth is awsome". They are EVERYWHERE,even ED isn't safe from the wrath. In fact, the first writer to make this an article, was absolutely sure this page would be deleted, redirected back to Family Guy, or go through a retarted butthurt edit war the moment it was discovered. All on grounds "it is not funny" or "some worthless attack page", all with no explanation on exactly how and zero attempts to make it any better or more lulz worthy. faglane is one of the top ten leaders, if not number one, when it comes to the world of butthurt fandoms.

Here's some moar trolling with MacFarlane's participation, made by God himself, and is probably the greatest example in history to actually validate MacFarlene's rhetoric that "GOD IZ STUPID N NOT RAAELL!!11!!". It is videly known that on September 11, 2001 the fucker was scheduled to fly on one of the planes that later changed its course, but his travel agent gave him an incorrect departure time infos, thus letting MacFarlane live to see more days in joy, glory and with EVEN MORE hilarious ideas. Thank ye, o God Almighty!


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