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SephirothPrincess941/Cybersex Chat

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Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: SephirothPrincess941.

I swear, I didn't know she was 11!

Lolis? On my dA?

Report #1- That's no big deal
Report #2- Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful

Once SP realised her pesky troll infestation wasn't getting any better, she became E-BFFs with dA's blocking feature. But even though she was growing tired of being relentlessly trolled every day, she was ultra badass enough to actively seek out blocked users talking about her and shitpost to them knowing they wouldn't be able to offer a response. Eventually once her profile page was trolled into oblivion, SP donned her tinfoil hat and began accusing fucking everybody of being secret trolls all along. Even long term friends were targeted if they so much as made a remark that might not be interpreted to be entirely in her favour.

As SP was employing the block/comment AKA the "NEENER NEENER, I GET THE LAST WORD" technique, the lulz were beginning to dry up. In order to prevent this prize winning lolcow from shrivelling up, reports were finally filed against her for graet justice. Not wanting to trawl through all of her rule breaking material, initially only a couple of posts were flagged.

Firstly, a report was filed over SP taking a virtual pounding from Orochimaru in the presence of an alleged 11 year old, TheBestJashinistEVA. Granted, the loli was also getting her freak on with some other faggot Naruto character, but SP failed to realise that:

The report was received and dA decided not to throw down the banhammer just yet for such a minor offense and decided that adding "OMG THESE POSTS INFRINGE THE TOS AND MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE" buttons to the posts would be an adequate punishment for now.

Secondly, another report was then filed over her being a voyeuristic pussy and encouraging a 14 year old girl to cut herself, despite the fact that her own "sacrifices" have only ever consisted of "scratching herself with a needle". Again, dA decided the best course of action would be to shield everybody's innocent young eyes and minds and employ the use of another "DON'T MAKE DIRECT EYE CONTACT" button.

To ensure this report had the desired effect, a TL;DR list of all of her faggotry was compiled. It consisted of all manner of occassions when she was UNLEASHING THE FUCKING FURY from saying Jesus is a faggot to threatening genocide and calling Americans scum. When the report was received, the cumulative effect of the triple whammy was finally enough for the dA mods to collectively rage and swiftly bring down the banhammer once and for all. But SP, being the paragon of virtue she is, wasn't about to be taken down by something as silly as the rules she agreed to. Like any good lolcow, Jashin's Little Angel was not deterred - she created account number 2 shortly afterwards. Of course, becoming SP942 wasn't fooling anybody, so that account was banhammered immediately.

Not satisfied with being unable to infect dA with any more of her asshattery, she created account number 3 only hours later, making no attempt to conceal the evasion and assuring her "happy people" that the ban was unjust and brought about by the work of assholes. Because SP is a sensitive soul, she decided to round off her time spent on dA composing another baaawww journal. Although she can be seen on several occasions telling trolls to get a life, she cried to her friends about how her original account was her life.


If you're interested in the full extent of her bannable offenses, the list of links contained within the previous reports can be found here:

[[Told You][WARNING: Long list is long]]

Bannable offense screenshots

If the prior list proved to be too TL;DR, this modest collection of tidbits should be satisfying enough.

SP's Gallery of B& About missing Pics


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