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The World has suffered enough. A plague that has originated on the barren Canadaian tundra, down to the United States of America to manifest itself in the cunts of little girls and 16 year old girls to rage at his presence. Costing hard working American parents millions of hard earned cash to purchase his merchandise. This plague is known as none other than Bieber Fever. Justin Bieber has since delivered his payload all over the female youth of today. Everyone with a brain has gotten sick and tired of his incessant faggotry. Making appearances on TV shows, causing riots and chaos in shopping malls, touring the country, globe and even perhaps with your help...the dark territory of piss, shit, vomit, car accidents victims, lead based products, that is North Korea.

My World Tour

As way to milk the tits of lolis everywhere, Beiber's record label along with FAXO and Twatter, devised a diabolically brilliant marketing campaign directed to his horde of fans to get them to decide where in the world he should go next. Rejoice as the world, with the exception of Iraq and Iran (lucky bastards), will be able to see Bieber. Anonymous, being the upstanding citizens responded swiftly and decisively, as usual.

One of many threads on 4chan.


Be sure and don't vote for Jewfags!

It is at this time where Anons came upon the intel from funnyjunk HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. The intel was posted on /b/ first. Only newfags go to funnyjunk. Multiple threads concerning this contest began showing up on 4chan's and 7chan's /b/, sadly the last to know was 5chan (as always) and the other wannabe chan, 13 year old sites. It was no surprise that /b/ descended on site to cast the vote to send Bieber to North Korea. The operation soon commenced as many went to vote to send him to his ultimate fate, at the sharp tip of those Commie bastards' bayonets (don't act like you're not intrigued, faggots). Sadly, as a result of constant floods of people voting for North Korea, the site isn't functioning well. It seems that FAXO has never been able to obtain the mass of visitors before, so having all these voters come in has definitely taken a toll on the site. This operation is still going on as this page is made. The site will be functioning again, and when it does, you too can help by determining his fate. Do your country proud, vote to send Justin Beiber to North Korea!

Kim Jong Il is eager to meet teen sensation, Justin Bieber

LULZ yet to be had

North Korea, being a functioning contributor to the world, will most likely welcome him with open fire. But judging by his Public Relations and his career, they will probably fap to this little wigger cunt and scream like 14 year old suburban sluts. He will most likely overthrow Kim Jong Il and claim N.Korea as his own empire. But we all know that he and his people won't send him to N.Korea because they are all too fucking pussy to grow a pair of balls and demonstrate integrity.

BBC article

On 5 July, an article about the subject appeared on the front page of BBC News' website. Entitled Prank leaves Justin Bieber facing tour of North Korea, it confirmed lulz had been accomplished and many /b/tards claimed a flawless victory for the publicity it created.

A spokesman for the North Korean Embassy in London told BBC News that any application for 16-year-old Bieber to tour would be dealt with by its mission to the United Nations, although the matter would be referred to Pyongyang.


As old media started pulling it's head out its own arse following the traditional weekend news blackout (it is a known fact, that nothing ever happens around the world on Saturday or Sunday), other reports started to hit the newsstands and Interwebs including many major outlets. Additional lulz were had when reports began to surface that Anon had spent the July 4th holiday haxing YouTube vidyas featuring La Beaver and redirecting Biebians to hardcore pr0nz as well as announcing her death:

The Results

The vote ended on July 6th with Justine all lined up for a trip to a North Korean gulag. Now that Internets democracy has spoken and Anon's legion have spoken, perhaps some of us are putting our feet up thinking the hard work is done. The irritating little faggot will soon be performing his weepy, saccharine ballads in prisoners' garb on a chain gang in a rock quarry, to an audience made up of the North Korean World Cup goalie and whoever has recently pissed off Dear Leader Little Kim Jong Il. But not so fast!

It was a spoof site. This is not a legitimate contest.


Bieber spokesman

The faggot's reps have refused to honour the results of the totally legitimate and official referendum. So what now? The Online Pranking Group is currently in seclusion laying plans for the next step. Perhaps we could all chip in for a ticket and get his visa for him and then kidnap him and whisk him off in a limo to 4chan's private airfield. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, you can help by donning your V masks and protesting in front of his management and record labels' offices world wide. You can also help by telling the world that Justine is a racist who hates Asians.

FAXO credibility has gone down the shitter since this.

Justin Bieber Hates Koreans

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After it was announced that Justin Bieber wouldn't go to Best Korea, it was discovered that he's totally racist and hates Koreans. Everyone should know this.

The goal is to reach the North Korean news and troll an entire nation. e-mail this to Best Korea: [email protected] [email protected]

Justin Bieber is racist
Even Google knows it

Dear Sir/Madam,

In our country, we have a famous young, and very talented singer named Justin Bieber. He held an internet poll so that his fans could decide which country he should play in on his world tour. A lot of people thought it would be a great idea to let one of our best singers sing in the best country of the world: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the best Korea there is).

Maybe he could learn from your great singers, and, it would honor many fans of him, if he could possibly play for the Beloved Leader. But although North Korea ended first in the internet poll, Justin Bieber refuses to go to your great country.

In an interview he admitted that the reason for not going was, that he hated Koreans. I think this is an outrage! In my opinion the people of North Korea deserve to know about this racial discrimination inflicted upon them by Justin Bieber. Could this injustice be told to them via a press release? I would like you to know that we, the (former) fans of Justin Bieber, support the Beloved Leader and all North-Koreans in this case.

Yours truly,



Dear Sir, In the west there is a young man by the name of Justin Bieber, a very talented singer and performer who recently held an online vote for the nation which would most like him to tour and perform in that country. A movement started on the internet to bring the young super star to the Democratic Republic of Korea as we felt that the great nation gets bad press in the western media and the people of such a fine nation should have the chance to receive one of the rest of the worlds biggest stars, as this would hopefully bridge the Gap between your great nation and the rest of the world in a time where peace should be cultivated. However, upon finding out that he was asked to visit the DRK, he responded most offensively, being quoted as saying "I hate North Koreans" and "They eat F**King dogs, dogs are pets!" As a member of the movement online to try and bridge the gap and bring a great musician to your people, I believe it is my responsibility to bring this to your attention. I should hope that next time the west extends a hand to you, a snotty arrogant 16 year old will not tare down the olive branch. Thank you very much for reading.




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