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Sema JayHawk

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Sema with some furfag
Those aren't the only balls she has!
What the hell is this thing?!
Sema goes out on her first date. OF COURSE she gets laid afterwards!

Lj-favicon.png Semjay, also known as Sema JayHawk (who has a shitfit if you don't spell her name JUST RIGHT), is a Polyamorous Christian furry drama whore who is also a furry elitist and thinks she can draw. As if being a fucking ugly furry wasn't crime enough, her internet crimes include making ugly fursuits with her just as ugly boyfriend, attention whoreing, general jackassery, and thinking anyone gives a shit about her.

Sema's vagoo was designated a national park after speleologists discovered rare stalactite formations in its cavernous interior. She was a veterinary technician at University Animal Hospital in Arizona, which, being a furry, allowed her to molest and rape little animals at work. Regrettably, the partyvan does not distinguish between regular dogfuckers and those who try to repair the ravaged assholes of their tranquilized victims, and her employers were equally unimpressed by her hijinks. So they fired her. Sema can now be found working the streets for her next hit.

Sema's shitty artwork can be found at Old Stinky Dog Productions, named in memory of her various deceased sex slaves.

Sema's childhood was marked with ridicule as furries often are and her only friend was a dog named Stubbs. In fact, it was her lover. Seriously, when this dog died, she fucking put up a shrine. Every month, for several years, she whines about how she misses him because she hasn't had a real man since. It wasn't until she discovered the Lion King and wished she could have sex with Simba while being asspunched by Timon that she realized she wanted to have sex with animals. However, Simba cheated on her with Nala, so she declared that she would Never Trust a Pridelander! How sad.

Her bizarre and elaborate version of BDSM involves prohibiting gay marriage with a constitutional amendment and jailing faggots, only to "reward" them with prison sex. From her zealous claims to the contrary, we can infer that Sema has a closet full of fursuits stained with spilled alcolol and bodily fluids. Her fursona was a pit bull until it was shot for showing weakness in battle. Sema is secretly gay and even has a gay fursona to have gay fursuit sex with other people. It's a pit bull, which she tells other people are so nonviolent, in fact they're soft and cuddly. Which is because she has sex with them. The star that appears on her fursona's stomach indicates that she loves and craves nothing but anal rape because she's nothing but an anal sex fiend; her practically asexual boyfriends who think they're dragons will only fuck her this way because they can't satisfy her in any other manner.

Fox News, long renowned for introducing furfags to fascism, has sown the seeds of self-loathing in Sema's laughably transparent mind. Her political attitude can only be described as a fursuited orgy among all of the repressed homosexuals in Congress, including a lemonparty tableau featuring Robert Byrd. Despite being a furry, which automatically means you're gay, she has openly admitted to hating gays and opposing gay marriage, even though her best friend is gay. Some best friend.

Sema will openly bash people on LiveJournal, including her ex-boyfriend, but if you disagree with anything she says or just not like her, she will ban you from both her and her boyfriend's LJ and YOU DO NOT EXIST. This way, she can pretend that everyone likes her and she's popular. Because everyone is her BFF. I know she thinks I am!

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