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Selucilia thinks that pursing her fish lips and wearing ghetto eye make-up means that she is a "hot furry."

Selucilia, or Patricia Hurst, is a furfag who has somehow achieved the elusive trifecta of skank, art thief, and camwhore. When Selucilia is not too busy being an internet slut and drama queen, she is also a single mother, accepting pornographic commissions under the same roof as she keeps her writhing brood. "She's a cold, domineering, cliquey, snotty, snobby, 'holier-than-thou' sort of a person." (-- courtesy of her FA page)

if i dont got haters i obviously aint doin it right ;)


—Selucilia, only has to prove this to herself; the rest of us know she's a crazy whore.

Great Golddigger, or Greatest Golddigger?

Selucilia slithered into furry popularity thanks mostly to the pimping of another member of Furaffinity-favicon.png SecreT. The two supposedly had a long distance relationship. Now see, SecreT was the winner of the Auction of Love, a large furry community auction to raise money for another member (or members) of FA. With this auction, SecreT won a boatload of art from artists such as Meesh, Tsampikos, and Scappo... Therefore, one could consider it a pretty decent collection of furry art, and also a pretty decent opportunity for Selucilia to stick her over-glossed lips to his proverbial side and leech a couple of good drawings of her unoriginal characters out of the deal.

Interestingly enough, when the long list of commissions from the Auction of Love nearly came to an end, SecreT and Selucilia ended up splitting for reasons that were probably not, "I'm going to slobber on Faint's knob now." Now that Faint and Selucilia are a thing, the creepy mouth-breathing manwhore of an artist has an excuse to draw his steroid-guzzling beefcake jamming inches into someone who actually [supposedly] his girlfriend this time (i.e. NOT Arctic-Sekai).

At least until she gets tired of the free art.

Her Moment of Fame: TRACING

Within the last year, Selucilia was caught tracing art by the well-known Deviantart-favicon.png Frisket17. Thanks to the FA admin, we now have the entire collection of traces side-by-side with the originals, that we know of.

Totally Original Artwork right there...

Gallery of Shame

Camwhore? psh, whatchyou talkin bout, bitch?

Recent discoveries of 'Bambi's' account at have brought up questions of camwhoring

Does this look like it?

As if this singular picture wasn't enough, there is an entire GALLERY devoted to her 'sexyness' at

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not so private

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Nonudes selu.png
screenshot of your worst nightmares

In case ya wanted a closer look, you perverts

We'll never watch that cute little deer jump through the woods the same again, you bitch.

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